Tyrone is a tall skinny black guy 22 years old and his Mel is short and pudgy.

I am an older white sissy. I wear female clothing under my regular clothes all the time.

Saturday morning I went to the small house they rent and brought an overnight bag. Tyrone opened the door and I walked in. I sat down and we talked about him being single and his roommate and then his job.

I had brought a small bottle of whiskey and took it out of my bag. Get us a couple of short glasses and this will get us in the mood. Tyrone told me he was always in the mood as he got up and went into the kitchen. He came back with a glass of water and two small glasses.

Tyrone lit a joint and puffed on it for a few minutes then handed it to me.

In fifteen minutes I'll be pretty trashed I told him. A few quick tokes and I gave it back to him. I told him I was going to get really fucked up and he smiled. I got a buzz off the weed right away.

My head began to spin right away.

He sat there puffing on the joint and stared at me.

I slid to the edge of the couch and pulled my sneakers off then my jeans. I pulled my sweat shirt off and stood up. My short dress hung down and I bent over to fix my hose and adjust my small cupped bra.

Tyrone asked me if I had a wig and I knelt down and pulled out a brunette long flowing wig. I snapped the clasps in my hair and was ready.

My cock stuffed between my legs was rock hard.

I turned towards Tyrone and walked over to him. I reached down and moved his knees apart and knelt down between his legs and rubbed his crotch. I felt his cock begin to grow in his pants. A minute later I just rubbed my hand up and down his long cock. I wanted to suck him.

Tyrone put the joint in the ash tray and unbuttoned his jeans. He lifted up as I tugged on them and pulled until his black cock popped out. Far enough for me I thought.

Sliding my hand onto his cock I stroked it for a moment then pulled it towards me me and looked at how stiff and strained the skin was. I licked his round black balls then licked the black shaft.

I kissed and licked under the head of his swollen cock head as I ran my thumb over the opening of his cock head.

Tyrone moaned as I teased his dick in my mouth. I pulled his black cock down towards me and slid my wet lips over his drooling cock head. Tasting the clear liquid as it leaked out of him.

I sat up and worked the head of his cock in my mouth and slid my hands under his shirt to his tiny nipples. I pinched both of them as I sucked on the head of his cock.

Bitch this is roll reversal. We gotta get this going and he slid back then stood up. He reached to me and I grabbed his hand. He led me down the hallway and into a small bedroom in the back.

I laid down and he sat down and took off his clothes. Tyrone stood up at the foot of the bed and looked at me.

I looked at him. Tall young black guy with nice chest muscles and a skinny black frame. A nice good sized black cock hanging off to the side. He stood there stroking himself as I pushed my hands between my legs against my aching cock.

I wanted to cum so bad but I knew before I would get to he would. I also knew in just a few minute that black dick was going to be in my ass pussy.

Tyrone knelt onto the bed and laid down next to me. He kissed my neck and felt me off. He began to feel my chest and then up my legs to my thighs. I thought I was just going to have an orgasm right then. My cock felt like it was pulsating in my panties.

We began to kiss and then full blow out french kissing. I felt his round bubble butt and he held onto my butt.

Tyrone told me to roll over and he stuffed a pillow under my hips. He then flipped my dress onto my back and grabbed at my hips. In two or three pulls he had my hose and panties down below my butt. He slapped my butt cheeks a few times then pulled my hard white cock out from under me.

He sucked my cock then ate my ass. He sucked on the head of my cock for a moment and then back to my ass crack. I was so horny and what he was doing to me felt so good I began pushing my butt up and trying to open my cheeks for him.

I wanted him to enjoy himself because I damn sure was enjoying what he was doing to me.

He had his hands on my cheeks and pulled me open and I could feel him trying to get his tongue in my ass.

He whispered to me. Yaa bitch your ready it is time to fuck.

A little lubrication and we will get it on he said.

I felt the coolness of a liquid running down my crack. I reached back and Tyrone told me that he had it going on and not to worry.

The next minute he ran his fingers up and down my crack and slightly inside me. Then he told me to just relax and he pressed the tip of the bottle to my hole and squeezed some liquid in me.

Perfect he announced.

Tyrone nudged my legs and I moved them as far apart as I could. He moved up close to me and as he leaned to put the bottle on the night stand I felt his cock slid onto me. He sat back down and then leaned up against me. He put one hand near my hips and I felt him slid the head of his cock up and down my crack.

I reached around and took his cock in my hand and guided to my wet slippery hole.

I played with my wet hole with the head of his dick and just as soon as i got the head of his cock in me I told him to gently push.

Tyrone pushed down against me and his cock slid into me about an inch. I reached around and told him SLOWLY in me.

I got it he told me and I let go.

He pushed down gently and my ass opened as his cock slowly slid deep in me. As he inched slowly in me we both moaned. I told him that his cock felt great and he told me the same.

Sweet white ass he said as he pushed deeper in me.

Oh god you feel so good I told Tyrone.

Tyrone told me that he was almost completely in me.

I told him I felt really stuffed and wasn't sure if I could take anymore of his cock in me.

My cock had shrunk and seemed limp as he slowly pushed deeper in me. I was afraid his dick was going to hurt me and I began to ask him to stop. Naa baby you can take it. Relax he told me.

I relaxed and then I felt him begin to grind his hips against my butt. I thought damn it's all in me. He ground his hips from side to side and began pushing against me.

Yaa baby you took it all he told me. Now we going to fuck.

Tyrone pushed hard against my butt with his black dick deep inside me. A couple quick thrusts against me. Yaa bitch you be fine it is all good now.

Tyrone's cock slowly slid out of me.

Some of the feeling I had deep inside I thought were part of me but it was his cock.

Strange feeling as my body seemed to close deep inside me and push him out.

Tyrone's cock popped out of me and I quickly reached around an felt myself. I looked my fingers and was still clean. he poured lubricant on my crack and I rubbed the liquid my my hole.

Tyrone moved around a bit and he told me his cock was real slippery and rock hard.

I moved my hands out and laid my head on the pillow. It was time and he had prepared me the best he could.

Tyrone moved the head of his cock to my hole and in me just a bit.

He then leaned forward and put his hands up near my shoulders.

He pushed down gently and my wet slippery ass opened for him.

In a moment he had his cock buried deep in me.

Tyrone lifted up and just as his cock was going to pop out he pushed down and deep in me.

Oh you feel great I told me.

Tyrone then fucked me deep and hard for the next twenty minutes.

He used my ass to jack himself off.

Soon he would cum in me and not into a sock.

I was thinking about the day so far and here I am an older white guy dressed like a girl getting fucked in my ass by a young guy that works in a store that I buy candy at. How strange life is as it seems.

Wondering how we will react in a few days when he is at the store and I am buying discount candy and soda.

Then back to reality a sissy getting fucked by this horny black guy and Tyrone jerks. Lost his rhythm only mean't one thing.

I braced myself for Tyrone's last few minutes. He pumped his cock in and out of me like I was a whore. Slapping my ass as he fucked me. Then he shoved his hips against me so hard that he hurt me. The pain was so deep in me that I peed a little bit. My insides squeezed up as I peed and he pumped me a few more times then buried deep in me he held still..

Holding still he let out a moan and he came in me. His cock was spurting black sperm deep inside my ass. I knew I had survived the ass fucking and in a minute his mighty stiff cock would be limp.

He was done. The last droplets of sperm leaked out of his cock and in my ass as he slowly pulled out. I tried to squeeze my ass and force all his semen out and in me.

Tyrone laid on me and his limp cock between my legs.

He got off me and went to the bathroom and I laid still enjoying the feeling.


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