The bus driver came into the restroom and stood right next to me at the long urinal trough. As he unzipped and reached in to fish out his dick, he leaned over uncomfortably close to me, staring down at my exposed dick, and whispered in a husky, emotion-filled voice, "Boy, that's some great looking piece of meat you got, there." And with that, he hauled out a man-sized, already partially erect, perfect penis, sort of hefting it for my inspection. He turned slightly towards me as if offering the cock to me.

The jolt of electrical current I felt swirl through my abdomen and tug on my balls, making my cock throb noticeably with excitement, left me lightheaded. The closeness, the intimacy, of this large, remarkably handsome man, who had given me a big smile and a bold once-over as I had gotten on the bus, overwhelmed me with both lust and flustering shyness. As I glanced down at his growing, lengthening cock, I mumbled, "Uh... You, too." It's all I could think of. I was worried that he would turn out to be one of those guys who exposes gays by teasing them with big dicks but then bashing them when they prove interested.

"I'd sure like to suck that big thing," he whispered with a sigh.

"You would?!" I asked in astonishment.

"Fuck, yes!" he replied with a grin and a stifled laugh. "I've been hoping we'd get together, here at this rest stop, ever since you got on the bus back in Chicago."

"You have?" I asked naively.

"Sure! You are too sexy to ignore," he sighed, sounding turned on.

"Sexy..." I repeated softly, almost in a trance. I glanced down again at his cock and, to my surprise, found that it was fully erect and he was slowly jacking the huge pole. As he noticed me look down, he slid his hand to the base and waggled the marvelous erection at me. I looked up into his eyes. They were wide with anticipation. "You're the sexy one," I admitted quietly.

"Com'on," he insisted. "If you're through here, let's go into a booth and get to know each other better. And call me Dave." A clear sexual invitation! I was delighted with his open and honest approach.

Let's face it, at just having newly turned eighteen and on my way back for my senior year in high school, I had had better than my fair share of approaches. I knew what was up, so to speak, more or less. I had agreed to almost all the various advances, from friends, classmates, teachers, coaches, and strangers because I liked the attention and the quick sex. But I was always inhibited and careful, letting them come on to me. And the truth is, from the first I had given them the impression that I would let them do something, rather than doing anything for them myself. I had held back, partly from apprehension but mostly from not really having had a good enough opportunity to see what taking charge would be like. I thought about it a lot, especially when jacking off, but I did hold back. Mostly I just got quick hand-jobs or fast blowjobs from nervous guys who were only after their own hurried enjoyment. But I was ripe for adventure and instruction, although still cautious.

"What if someone comes in?" I asked hesitantly.

"Look, it's real late. I checked and everyone aboard the bus is asleep, and they're mostly women anyway. We both look so horny that this won't take that long. Whadda ya say?" He paused, then added softly, "Com'on!"

He reached out and took my left hand with his right hand after releasing his cock. His hand felt sticky. I noticed that the cock stiffened and stayed firmly erect as he saw me glance down. I allowed myself to be drawn into the end booth farthest from the door. It was big enough for two. He immediately laughed, pointed, and said, "Look at that!"

My eyes widened as I saw that he was pointing to a large glory hole between the two booths. I guess I blushed.

"You've seen one of these, before, haven't you?" he asked with a smile.

I nodded. I felt my cock stiffen further, still sticking out of my fly.

"This is a busy place, but we'll be safe here. Now, let's get a good look at..." his voice trailed off as he reached for the hem of my T-shirt. He stripped it off with ease. "Wow! What a sexy frame! You've got a great build!" As he reached out to hang up the shirt with one hand, the other hand touched my waist and then slid up to cup my pec as his thumb and finger tweaked a nipple, sending waves of pleasure right down into my balls. "And look at this cock!" he added, sounding impressed.

I looked down at myself to see that my cock was as stiff as I'd ever seen it. Besides that, it was already leaking clear fluid. I was delighted by his flattery and completely turned on.

"Let's get these pants off you, too," he instructed huskily. While still playing with my chest, he undid my belt and opened my pants, letting them fall to the floor. "Man! What big balls!" he exclaimed excitedly.

My whole body was vibrating with pleasure. I loved the touch of this big man, and I really liked hearing him sincerely admire my body.

When he said, "Man, I wanna get naked with you," as he pealed off his company shirt, I thought, This should be interesting. His shoulders looked muscular in his tank top and his frame looked thick but surprisingly fat-free. As the tank top was drawn up, covering his face, he asked me, quietly, "Wanna help me get these fuckin' pants off?" It was a very arousing question. I reasoned that he wanted to keep me involved.

"Uh... Sure," I agreed hesitantly. I reached out and, almost touching his tall-standing cock, unbuckled his belt, opened the top button of his pants, and let them fall, just as he had done with mine. I let out a small gasp of pleasure and surprise. He was not wearing underpants. Talk about BIG BALLS! "Jeez," I sighed, "you're really BIG!"

"Ya like 'em that way?" he asked with a grin.

I grinned back, not knowing what to say. But my groin was churning and my brain was trying to stay focused in order to decide what to do now.

He put both hands on my waist and pulled my naked body against his with loving passion. "You feel great!" he sighed.

"You, too," I agreed honestly. The feel of his naked flesh against mine was enticing. I realized that our cocks were throbbing against each other. I felt the liquid seepage from mine. Or was it from both? I felt the tingling pleasure of both ballsacs and they lightly pressed together. Right then, I melted into his arms, wrapping mine around him and returning the emotional hug with great pleasure. This was truly unlike any quick hand job or hurried blowjob I'd ever had. This had real masculine enjoyment to it, real muscular strength.

"Why don't you touch my..." he asked as he relaxed and moved slightly away from me. It was actually a question I had never been asked before.

Before he had completed the sentence, I felt my fist slide around the thick tubular column that was his cock! The touch of it was magical! Without instruction, I began to jack the large organ with a knowing stroke, having stroked my own so very often. I knew how it would feel to him, but was surprised by the pleasure it was giving me. As my strokes grew longer and bolder, I realized that his cock was leaking slippery lines of goo, too. I broke the contact and brought my hand to my mouth, without thinking. I had tasted my own precum so often, I almost needed to taste his. I looked up into his eyes as my tongue licked at his juice. He looked entranced!

"Tastes good, doesn't it?" he asked smiling. "Like your own, I'll betcha," he added, as if reading my mind.

I nodded in agreement.

"Why don't you taste my cock?" he suggested suggestively. It was another question I had never been asked.

"I've never..." I started to say.

"You'll love it!" he interrupted, insisting knowingly. "Just try it. No need to worry. No one will know and no one will care, but I'd really like you to give it a try, 'cuz you've gotten me so hot! And you're so damn sexy!"

Suddenly, I had to wonder why I had never done it before! I had watched so many guys suck me off, or jack me off, while they themselves jacked off, that it now puzzled me to realize that I had not even tried to do the same for them. They were obviously enjoying what they were doing. Why had I stopped myself from enjoying the same things? And then I wondered why shouldn't I enjoy tasting this wonderful, handsome, hung, guy's cock! These thoughts whizzed through my mind in a flash, convincing my to go down on him with no further delay!

Without fully realizing it, my hand had re-grasped his cock but was not jacking it. Rather, I was holding it at the base and waggling it at myself just as he had done to me at the urinal. Inviting me! This time I had no intention of holding back!

Leaning down, I lapped at the broad expanse of juicy cockhead. The tastes of sticky fluid and hot, flavorful, male cockmeat was so overwhelmingly wonderful I thought I would reach orgasm immediately. My lips encircled the meaty crown and I sucked lightly, receiving such a large quantity of liquid into my mouth from his long tube that I thought he was coming. I reacted by straightening up.

"Oh!" I exclaimed, "I'm gonna come!" I knew I would not be able to hold back.

His reaction was immediate. He squatted, grasped my hips, and pulled my body towards himself as he rose slightly, slipped his mouth over my cockhead, sucked vigorously, and slowly pulled my body so that my cock slid into him completely with stopping. I watched in fascination. When his lower lip touched my tightly drawn up balls, forcing me to recognize that he had me in to the bone, I fired off into complete orgasm! It was the best orgasm of my life! My body shuddered and shuddered, over and over and over, blasting cum-shots deep, deep, deep down into him. He hummed with delight, swallowing tightly several times, but did not whimper at the strength, urgency, or even what might be considered the brutality of my lengthy orgasm pounding, pounding, and pounding into him. My body kept it up for an amazingly long time, finally sending me into a haze of well spent delight, my cock aflame with dizzying sensations. I wanted to pull back, to reorganize, to relax, but he maintained a strong hold on my ass with both hands, and kept my cock buried to the hilt.

I leaned over his back, sliding both hands against his firm flesh, and gasped for breath. He had gotten everything out of me. Or so I thought! But, rather than relenting and releasing me, he began to move his head up and down, sliding my cock through his tight, rough throat. The movement became lengthier and lengthier, until his was riding my cock with his face from balls to cockknob and back. Up and down. Up and down! Up and down!

In amazement, I felt my cock rapidly reinvigorate to steely readiness! It was clear that he could feel my hardening sexual reaction in his mouth and throat. He began to hum and to swallow, causing incredible sensations along my entire cock, and in my balls, too, and I began to realize that I was being lifted to an immediate second orgasm by the devotion to cocksucking and the overwhelming sexual skill of this handsome bus driver. That realization was intense! It caused me to start working with him. Counter-thrusting to his sucking power. Humping cock into him and pulling back. Humping, jarring, and thudding my balls against his chin. Freely giving him what he wanted as he began whimpering in complete sexual pleasure.

My second orgasm came upon me with such complete, overpowering intensity that I thought I would collapse. The strength of this orgasm seemed to take everything I had out of me: my ten semen-shots, my breath, and my consciousness. This time, he took my cum in his mouth, using his tongue roughly yet lovingly to send unbelievably strong waves of emotion throughout my entire body, but especially through my abdomen, balls, and thighs. The so-called "ropes" of this orgasm were longer lasting and more extreme than any I had ever before experienced. From that very moment, I knew I would cherish this experience and would search for the same high quality cocksucking for the rest of my life! For me, this was the pinnacle of sexual pleasure! And I knew it! For the moment!

We both finally sensed that my orgasm had wound down, my erection was at least relaxing, and I was starting to breath again. He gently, slowly, released me.

I stepped back feeling well spent.

He slowly rose in front of me, in all his glorious nakedness. As his face came level with mine, he sighed, "That was the best EVER, man!"

It's hard to say just how strongly the word, "ever," with its sincere emphasis, hit me.

"I just knew you would come twice in a row, like that." He paused and smiled. Then he said something which, again, I had never heard before from a sexual partner. "Thank you!" he said softly but earnestly.

He continued rising up. When he stood, my eyes were about even with his mouth. I could see semen on his lips. Unconsciously, I licked my own lips, mainly because my mouth had become dry during my sexual exertion. He smiled.

Slowly his face neared mine. I realized he wanted to kiss me! Although this had never happened to me before, a deep desire to kiss him began to burn inside me. I lifted my face to his and our lips slowly slid together. His lips were full and strong, yet at the same time soft and pliant, with the familiar scent of sperm and the slipperiness of my cum. His mouth opened, so I opened mine. My tongue licked his lips and I tasted my cum mixed with his flavors. It was a delightful taste. His tongue pushed mine back, driving forcefully into my mouth. He swiped at the roof of my mouth with in his tongue, whose stiffness astounded me! It exploded nerve endings I never fully realized that I had, and sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. I closed my eyes with enjoyment.

"Hmm," he sighed knowingly. "You like the feel of something hard in your mouth, don't you?" He smiled as my eyes flew open. It occurred to me suddenly that he had not jacked off when I came, as the others usually had, so he was still horny. And I had put my mouth to his big cock and sucked juice from it, so reciprocation was both expected and probably demanded. But after two orgasms I wondered if I was really up to it.

"Look at this!" he whispered huskily.

"Wow!" I exclaimed excitedly, as I looked down at his erection. It was so completely engorged that it looked almost purple in its extreme rigidity. It seemed to looked twice as huge as before, with giant balls completely flattened against the wide base, telling me from my own experience that this guy was really on the verge of orgasm.

I wasted no more time. I wanted to suck his cock! I needed to suck his cock. I bent to the task with an enthusiasm that surprised me. I made a real effort to duplicate the pleasure he had given me. We joined into the mutually enjoyable experience of me sucking as he humped away heading toward orgasm. As I felt the first powerful spurt of sperm jet into my mouth, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Someone was shoving an erection at us through the glory hole! It didn't stop us. We worked together completely delighting in Dave's orgasm.

I sputtered, "Geez!" as I released Dave's cock and straightened up. I stared at the big cock standing proudly through the glory hole.

"Someone caught us together," the bus driver exclaimed, sounding miffed.

"Yeah," the voice said cockily, "and I'm real glad I did. Watching the two of you got me so hot I'm gonna blow in a second. Now, who's gonna help me with this big hardon?" The big hardon seemed to waggle with a beckoning familiarity.

"Nice lookin' cock," my partner said calmly.

"Uh... Yeah," I agreed hesitantly.

"Why don't you give it a try," he suggested. "It's a different kind of experience when it's done with a nice big cock pokin' at you through a nice big glory hole, like this one."

It was a lewd idea, but it really turned me on. I felt my cock twitch.

He saw my reaction and said, "To tell you the truth, I'd really like to watch you take care of him. It would really turn me on. And besides, the more cock you suck, the better you'll get at it and the more you'll like it, and so will your partners." He grinned at me but I knew he was serious.

There was no good reason not to suck this great cock standing so tall through the glory hole. I had just sucked a cock, and here was another one longing to be sucked. The guy on the other side of the wall had watched me suck cock, so he expected me to want to suck more cock. And I knew I wanted to suck more cock, too! After the thrill of the first one, I knew I wanted to suck more, and more, and more! I realized in that rest room that I was born for cocksucking and I determined to become a great cocksucker. To give head like the best of 'em would be my goal.

"It does look good," I muttered as my head was drawn down to the big cock.

"Yeah, do it," the bus driver said huskily, sounding turned on, "Suck his cock!"

"Yeah, man, suck my cock!" the voice pleaded from the other side of the glory hole. "Ah! That's it!" he sighed as he felt my mouth slide over the fat cockhead and suck it in. "That's it. Suck my cock! That's it!"

I looked through the glory hole as my head lowered onto the fat cock. I saw the hem of the blue naval blouse of a sailor, and realized that the sailor I had seen as I boarded the bus had quietly followed us into the rest room and had sneaked into the booth to watch, and to get involved.

Dave squatted down next to me, his head right next to mine so he could get a great view, and he started commenting on my cocksucking.

"Relax," he instructed softly, although loud enough for the stiff-peckered boy in the next booth to hear. "Take your time. Do it nice and slow. Let that big cock slide in as deep as you can take it. That's it. Remember to breathe. Swallow when saliva builds up so you don't get too slippery. Man, you're getting me all hot again, you look so sexy with that big cock in your mouth. You like it, don't you?"

I hummed my agreement, vibrating the cock I was sucking.

"Oh! Fuck! That's got it! I'm gonna come!" the sailor hissed through clenched teeth. His body stiffened and slammed into the wooden wall between us as he pressed to get every bit of his cock into me. And, suddenly, a thick, heavy, aromatic spurt of cum burst into my mouth. Hot and delicious! I savored it, rolling my tongue, and then swallowed. Immediately, another strong spurt more voluminous that the first filled my mouth. It was heavenly!"

"You're taking his load, aren't you?" Dave asked with a voice strained with excitement. "Show me!" he demanded.

I knew instinctively what he wanted. I held the cock down with my fingers, swallowed the current spurt of sperm, opened my mouth, backed off a bit, looked down at the wide, fat, wet cockhead, and watched the next big spurt jet out of the slit and soar straight into my mouth. I closed my mouth over the big cock and swallowed, receiving another huge spurt as I did so.

"Look at that!" Dave exclaimed excitedly as he watched the sperm spurt into me. "Man, what a fucker! What a great lookin' cock!"

The sailor kept on shooting for an amazingly long time, it seemed to me. Finally, he tugged back gently, letting me know he was done and needed release.

"Shit, man," he sighed loudly, "you two fuckers really know how to make a guy feel great. I shot a giant load! Thanks."

Well, we still had a long way to go before we got to our destination. I was certain that Dave knew of other rest stops along the way where the three of us could get together. I smiled as I thought of the road ahead.


Jack Sofelot


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