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Two months ago I met the most wonderful guy. His name was Colin and we instantly hit it off. The sex was good if not great and we bonded like no one I have ever met. It all seemed to be going well - too well perhaps.

That is until I met him. Colin's father. Colin invited me to meet his Dad at a restaurant in town. I agreed nervously and we headed off. I was not prepared for what was about to happen. The man was a god. At 41, he was only 18 when Colin was born. In fact he was closer to my age than Colin was. He had just returned from abroad and the tan was incredible. His blue eyes sparkled as he smiled at me with shiny white, unnaturally perfect teeth.

Dinner was nice. David, Colin's Dad had divorced from his wife almost ten years ago. No-one ever told me why they had divorced so I let it go. He was funny and intelligent and an all-round great guy. Colin loved him and he was obviously fiercely proud of his gay son. I admired him and fancied him like hell. The real trouble arose after three bottles of wine. Colin excused himself and headed to the toilet, leaving David and me alone. He smiled. I blushed.

"So, do you love my son?" He asked as soon as Colin was out of sight.

"Erm...I don't know.." I felt awkward and a little like a fraud.

"I hope not." His comment caught me off guard.

"What do you mean?"

"Well if you loved him I would not be able to tell you just how gorgeous I think you are." I went red in an instant. So that's why they divorced.

"Thank you for saying so but..." He interrupted me by placing his hand on mine.

"I know you have been thinking the same all night." He pulled his hand away as Colin returned.

To cut it short, Colin left for a two-week course soon after and his father arrived at our door one evening. I wanted to say no, or at least I knew I should say no, but I couldn't. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. So he stayed for the whole time Colin was away.

"I think I am in love with you." He said one night as we lay together. I tried to speak but he kissed me. His lips were warm and his tongue probed every inch of my mouth. I wanted him badly. All day I had waited for him to return so that we could make love.

David's hands were rough from his work as a builder but as they caressed my naked shoulder, they were smooth and loving. His hands moved down my back and held me close like a child. I felt loved and protected and fiercely aroused. His lips moved from my mouth to my neck and then to my shoulders. He nibbled on my ear and then moved down my naked body. I shivered with excitement as his fingers played with my nipples and his tongue licked my navel.

David wasted no time. I liked that about him. His mouth enveloped my quivering penis and he began moving up and down my thick shaft in soft fluidic movements. He would squeeze his lips together as he moved down adding more pressure to an already tender cock. His hands would touch and play with my hairy balls and he would moan as he tasted my bittersweet pre cum. He would lick the purple head of my throbbing manhood allowing the clear liquid to rub on his lips.

His mouth met mine and I could taste my own juices but I didn't mind. I liked it in a strange way. It was my turn and I couldn't wait. His cock was larger than Colin's, and much fatter. I tasted him and wanted more. His crotch, hairy and strong, smelled of a grown man. I licked each ball and took both into my mouth to make him shudder with anticipation. Moving gently to his shaft I toyed with him. He shook all over but I carried on. Taking him in my mouth I immediately moved quickly up and down bringing him to a point from which he could not return.

He tried to pull me away but I wanted it. I wanted it all. I wanted to taste him and swallow him and have him fill me with all he had. His entire body, strong and muscular shook in ecstasy as he came in my mouth. Streams of thick, hot bitter cum filled my mouth and I gladly received it all. I swallowed quickly as more spurted from within him. Above me he groaned and moaned as more and more of his man juice poured into me. His hands gripped the back of my head holding me tightly. I was in heaven. My own hands were on my dick wanking frantically to bring myself to the same point. But David stopped me as he emptied the last of his cum into me.

"Fuck me!" He gasped through clenched teeth. I didn't need to be asked twice. It was what I had wanted all along.

David rolled over exposing his tight smooth arse to me. I climbed on top and prepared him and myself for what was to follow. In one swift movement I penetrated him and was banging my balls of his tanned cheeks before he tensed his ass muscles. His tight ass gripped my cock and I felt the pressure in my balls rising. In and out I moved. Slowly at first but building in speed. I moved my hips in time and he moaned with each thrust. Each time I moved in I increased in intensity. He moaned louder each time and I saw him bite his lip. We were both exploring new territory.

After what seemed like forever I could feel the pressure reaching unimaginable heights. I gripped his shoulders and gave one last thrust. The explosion from within me was like nothing I had ever felt before. An intense feeling of desire overtook my entire body. The cum splashed out of me and I thought it would never stop. My body shook as my cock shock within him. David cried out as felt me shaking on top of him. It was several minutes before I could say anything, before I knew it was over.

"Oh my God!" I shouted and David laughed.

"Yes! Oh My fucking God!" We both knew that the voice was not our own. I turned my head. Colin had arrived home early to see his boyfriend buried deep in his father's ass. We never spoke again. David remarried two years later.

The End




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