Craig and Joe had been friends for several years. When they first met at a bar, they went back to Craig's place and fucked around but after a few more times they realized they were better friends than fuck buddies.

Both men were considered hot, Craig was 27 and Joe was 29. Both were 5'10". Craig weighed 180 pounds and had dark brown hair and green/grey eyes. Joe was 165 pounds with dirty blond hair and blue/green eyes. They both wore clothes that were tight to show off their physiques which they both worked hard to keep. At least three days a week you could find them working out together at their gym.

They had been there for each other through bad relationships, fun hookups and dry spells. No matter what was going on in their lives they always went out on Saturday night in search of some fun, whether that be dancing and drinking the night away or searching for some hot guys to go home with.

Craig was basically a top but liked his share of cock and cum now and then. Joe was all bottom, he only wanted cock in his mouth or ass whenever he could get it. A lot of their friends considered them both sluts but they wore that designation as a medal of honor. Long live the sluts!

Most Saturday nights the two usually went to one of the gay dance clubs in town. Both typically had luck getting laid and then they would get together for brunch and talk about cock size and ass quality. However, every once in a while they would change things up by going to a leather, karaoke or drag bar.

One Saturday night they decided to do something different and go to a hotel bar. They had heard that there was a medical conference in town and thought there might be some hunky, married doctors in town that would want to spend some time and money on them. A nice dinner, good drinks and good fucks sounded good to both men.

As expected, the hotel bar was filled with men having drinks. While most of the men ignored Craig and Joe, they were getting some attention by some. A few of the men even sent drinks over to the two of them. No matter whoever sent the drink, Joe and Craig would nod and mouth "thanks". However, if the guy was hot they would both smile and lock eyes with the sender.

After several drinks both Joe and Craig were both buzzed and enjoying flirting with the men who were on either side of them at the bar. At one point a man stepped between them and asked them if they each wanted another drink. The man was about 6'2" and had that George Clooney look with salt and pepper hair. It was obvious that under his tailored suit there was a hard body that would fit a 20 year old than this man who was probably in his late forties.

After two more drinks arrived, the man asked "what brings you boys here? I have to be here for work but you two should be out somewhere having fun."

Craig put his hand on the man's hard, suit-covered arm. "We were just passing by and thought we'd have a few drinks."

"In that case let me buy you boys another round." The man waved down the bartender who nodded his head and then brought back two more drinks.

"Aren't you going to join us?"

"I already had a couple and want to keep a clear head. What are your names?"

"Craig and this is Joe."

"I'm John Porter. I'm here for the conference, I'm a pharmaceuticals salesman."

This time Craig but a hand on John's bicep, "it's nice to meet you." Craig squeezed the doctor's bicep and was amazed to feel how hard it was. He knew he was taking a chance. Craig thought it might be fun to fuck this hard bodied doctor.

John moved in closer between Craig and Joe and as inconspicuously as possible but his hands on both of their upper thighs and then began to move his hands up to their crotches. "I think you two came here for more than just some drinks."

Craig's cock was starting to grow in his jeans and he guided the doctor's hand to the piece of meat that was growing down his left leg. Joe took ahold of the doctor's hand and moved it so that it was just touching the area where the upper thigh meets his ass. Joe thought he might get fucked by this guy and it started making him hot.

John moved his hands from both of their bodies, grabbed a hand from each and placed it on the bulge in his slacks. While Craig didn't move his hand, Joe started to move his hand slowly over the growing bulge in the doctor's slacks.

Since it was apparent that the doctor was looking for at least a blow job, Craig removed his hand from the doctor's body indicating that he was going to let Joe have the doctor for the evening, but the doctor seemed to have other ideas as he put his arm around each of our shoulders.

"Why don't we grab one more cocktail for each of you and head up to my suite. We might even crack open the mini-bar when you are done with these."

Craig and Joe looked at each other, they each shrugged their shoulders. "Sure."

When the drinks arrived, all three men started walking toward the exit. Neither guy noticed but the doctor smiled and nodded his head as they walked past a couple of other men.

The three men rode the elevator to the top floor of the hotel. When they stepped off the elevator, Craig and Joe saw that there were only four doors in the hallway. They walked toward the one that was at one end of the hallway. As they entered the suite both Craig and Joe were blown away by the size and the way it had a living room, two bedrooms and a kitchen.

"Let me get you boys another drink." The doctor went into the kitchen area and made a couple of drinks using those little bottles of liquor you find in hotels and on airplanes. After a few minutes John brought out a small tray with several drinks, more than just the three of them needed. John handed a drink each to Craig and Joe. Both guys had been drinking vodka tonics and that's what John made for them. Without saying anything to each other, both guys thought that the drinks had an odd flavor but that didn't stop them from drinking them down.

As they placed their drinks down, they both noticed that John had taken his cock out. His cock was not only long but also thick. Even though Craig preferred to have his cock sucked, this cock looked too good to pass up. Getting off the couch they had been sitting on, Craig got on his knees and began to lick the shaft of John's cock. Joe wanted some of the cock as well, so he got on his knees and started to lick the other side of the inviting dick. They both moved their tongues toward the big mushroom head of John's cock. Their tongues did battle to be the first to lick John's piss slip and get the head into their mouths. Craig and Joe battled back and forth to capture the rigid piece of meat.

"Boys, boys, there is enough to go around and more cock on the way". John pulled back his cock causing both guys to crawl forward. Both guys had become so horny they started to push the other away so that one of them would get John's cock first but John wouldn't let them but he was amused at how they were fighting for his cock.

"When I was in the bar I thought that you" looking at Joe "were a bottom and liked cock." Joe nodded yes and lunged again for the cock.

"Craig, based on the way you moved my hand over your cock, I thought you were more into feeding someone your cock, was I wrong?"

Craig shook his head, "that's true but your cock just looks so inviting."

"That's good to hear, I want to make sure I've got the correct boys here. Joe start working on my cock." Craig was disappointed but John had bought them a lot of drinks so he got to make the call.

John took a small brown bottle out of his pocket. Craig and Joe both knew that they were poppers and both took hits when they were given the bottle. Along with the increased heart rate and rush of heat it also make both guys hornier than they already were.

"Craig why don't you show me how you fuck. Get behind Joe and slide your dick into his cute ass." John pushed Joe off of his cock. "Get rid of your clothes." Both guys took off their tight jeans and shirts. "You boys have great bodies." Joe got on all fours and took John's dick back into his mouth while Craig got behind Joe.

Joe's mind was cloudy but he did remember that one of the reasons that he and Craig had decided to just be friends was that Craig could be little aggressive when fucking Joe. Out of nowhere a bottle of lube was in Craig's hand. He lubed up his dick and spread some on his friend's asshole. He remembered how tight Joe's ass was and it got him even hornier. Craig liked nothing better than pounding a nice, tight ass. In one swift movement he slide his cock all the way to his balls into Joe's ass. Joe wanted to yell but his mouth was so full with John's meat he couldn't make a noise and was having a hard time breathing.

Craig grabbed Joe's hips and started moving Joe back and forth on his cock. This is what he loved, making someone feel his cock with each thrust. Craig's mind was getting foggy too, he didn't remember it was his friend that he was fucking, just that it was a warm, man pussy that was all his to use. His thrusts were becoming animalistic just as Joe sucked the cock in his mouth like he had never worked a cock before, all he wanted was to feel his mouth filled with the man's cock juice. He wanted to taste it and then swallow it all.

There was a knock at the door "room service".

John told him to hold on as he filled Joe's mouth with a think load of creamy cum. Joe greedily savored the flavor as he slowly swallowed it, he wanted to savor it as much as he could. John pulled his dick from Joe's mouth and stuck it back into his slacks and went to answer the door. Craig continued to pound Joe's ass.

A young man pushed a cart of food and liquor bottles into the suite and stopped short when he saw the two naked men fucking on the floor of the suite. All he could do was stare at the brutal way that Craig was fucking Joe.

Handing the room service waiter a crisp $100 bill, John asked "I assume I can count on your discretion young man." The waiter nodded his head but had also reached down and was rubbing his crotch. "Ahh, maybe besides the money you might also like something else. What do you prefer, a mouth, an ass, or a cock?"

The waiter thought for a second, "I don't have much time, I'll take a quick blow job."

"Joe, if you would be so kind as to give this young man use of your mouth."

Joe's eyes had glazed over but opened his mouth. As the waiter moved closer, he started unzipping his uniform pants and pulled out an average sized cock and quickly shoved it into Joe's mouth and started to fuck it.

Craig had thrown his head back and closed his eyes and was lost in the tightness of the ass he was in. Whose was it? He couldn't remember, all he knew was that it felt good. Craig was getting close so he picked up his pace giving each thrust as much force as he could. Joe grunted as best he could with the new cock in his mouth.

Soon Joe got his second load of cum, seconds later Joe's ass was filled with the hot semen of whoever was deep in his ass. Both felt wonderful. When Craig pulled his cock out of the man he had been fucking he fell back against the couch trying to catch his breath. The cock left Joe's mouth leaving him empty. No cock in his mouth or his ass. The waiter left thanking John.

"I think you boys are ready for another drink." John went behind the bar and returned shortly with something other than vodka tonics. In addition to the glass, John handed Craig a pill telling him to take it since it would help him the rest of the night.

Both guys were in a haze but they did realize that a group of men came into the suite and John was thanking them and saying that since they were some of his best clients he had some special entertainment for them.


The sun coming through the opening in the curtains woke Craig up. He realized that he was spooning his best friend. His mind was still hazy. What happened, why was he in bed with Joe? Whose bedroom was this? The last thing he remembered was coming up to suite with a guy named John but that was all he remembered. He could tell that his cock felt raw. He nudged Joe who slowly woke up.

"What? Let me sleep."

"Wake up asshole. Where are we? What happened?"

Joe rolled over on his back and put his hand across his eyes blocking the sun until he became acclimated to it. His asshole hurt like hell and his jaw hurt as well. "The last thing I remember was us going up to suite with that guy we met in the bar. Hold on, I think I may have given him a blow job. No, we both tried to give him a blow job but then he had you fuck me. We haven't done that since we first met."

"You know, I think I remember you giving a blow job to a room service waiter while I was still fucking you."

Joe sat up in the bed, "shit, I think I may have been fucked several times last night while I was giving blow jobs to a bunch of men."

"Now that you say that, I might have fucked a series of guys who kept coming into a bedroom I was in."

The door to the bedroom opened and the man named John came into the room. "Boys, you were great last night, all my clients seemed very happy with your services and I was able to close some important deals. You also were great test subjects for some new drugs my company is thinking about bringing to the market. I've made arrangements for you to have this suite for a couple of days. In addition here's $1,000 for each of you. I'd love to see you when I'm back in town next month if you'll give me your numbers."

Joe and Craig looked at each other and then handed John their numbers.

Sluts rule!

Be Well,


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