The story begins when 23-year-old Jason, a cowboy from Waco, Texas, is driving across country to take a construction job in San Diego. Jason is driving a 1990 Buick with old worn tires with little thread remaining from the trip.

Jason is traveling on I-8 and has passed through the Imperial Valley as well as a mountain range when his car overheats and stalls. He manages to get the car to the side of the road. It is now late Friday afternoon and he is scheduled to begin his new job on Monday. He is down to his last $100 creating a problem for seeking a tow truck even though he is only 10 miles from the San Diego city limits.

After about 15 minutes, a green Ranger jeep with three gorgeous U. S. Marines in their sexy green fatigues stop and ask if they can assist this stranded cowboy. Jason is more than grateful. The Marines call a tow truck and pay to have Jason's car towed to a garage in San Diego.

They learn of Jason's financial plight and the fact he has no where to stay until Monday. Jason shares his problem: "Guys, I have a job starting Monday but I have no where to stay until then. I am down to my last $100."

The three Marines are off duty for the weekend and have rented a suite at one of the high rise hotels in downtown San Diego. They invite Jason to join them for the weekend. These three hot and horny Gay soldiers find this cowboy to be an extremely hot stud and are hoping he might be Gay.

The Marines are from the U. S. Marine Base outside of San Diego. They have a weekend pass until 5 P.M. Sunday.

The profiles of all four guys would heat up the crotches of any Gay or bi-sexual man. Jason stands 6' 4". This cowboy has a rock hard body from his strong neck all the way to his muscled legs and thighs. He weighs a solid 195 pounds; shoulder length curly red hair and sky blue eyes; a monstrous 11" hairless cut cock with a 6" girth; and strong cheek bones. He is a hunk developed from his years as a cowboy on the range in Texas.

All three Marines are equally gorgeous and well endowed. The Marine training has produced three guys with hard muscled bodies featuring huge necks, arms, biceps, chests, stomachs, abs, legs and thighs. These are men with hot bodies.

One of the Marines is Rafael, a 23-year-0ld handsome stud of Hispanic ancestry. He is 6' 1" tall; weighs 175 pounds; has black hair and dark brown eyes; dark complexion; and endowed with an 10" cut cock and 6" girth.

Chet, a 22-year-old Marine, is a gorgeous African American. He stands 6' 2"; weighs 180 pounds; black hair and brown eyes; dark complexion; and sprouts an uncut 11" cock and 6" girth when rock hard.

Jon, a 21-year-old Marine, is a stud of Scandinavian ancestry standing 5' 11", weighs 158 pounds, and has short curly blond hair with light blue eyes. He has an 8" cut cock and average girth.

These four studs are hung like horses and are as horny as a female dog in heat.

After picking up Jason, they go to a drive through restaurant and pick up burgers, fries and drinks for all four guys. Then they ask Jason if he is OK with them going to an adult xxx video store to rent some Gay adult movies. They notice a large bulge in Jason's crotch as he responds: "Hey, Guys, I think that is a great idea. I should tell you I am a Gay bitch. I have not been able to satisfy my cravings the last few days while traveling if you know what I mean"

This news causes the three Marines to develop huge cocks. Everyone starts rubbing their crotches. It is clear what lies ahead for the evening. Jason ask if he can help with the rental expenses. The Marines say no. Chet says: "Jason, you will need your $100 until you get your first pat check. You can pay us in another way tonight."

At this point, Jason reaches over and starts rubbing Chet's crotch, unzips Chet's pants, pulls his rock hard cock out and jerks him off. Jason rubs his fingers across Chet's leaking cock head. Jason takes his now precum covered fingers and feeds the cum to Chet and Jon who are seated on each side of him. The guys all yell "Right On!"

It is going to be a great weekend for a hot orgy. They rent three hot Gay movies and head for the hotel.

They put on one of the sizzling xxx movies, taking off their clothes and start playing with their cocks and assholes. They have Jason take a shower as he has been on the road for days and needs to clean up.

When Jason comes back into the room with a rock hard cock standing straight out and leaking cock, he excites but shocks the Marines with a story. Jason says: "Hey, Guys, for the past three years, I have been working on a Texas ranch with five other horny cowboys in the back country using horses to round up cattle. There were no women available for my five heterosexual cowboy mates. They soon learned that I was a Gay bitch. After a long day on the range, we would return to the bunkhouse, and these well-endowed horny cowboys would use a card game to decide whose wife I would be for the night. I have lost count of how many times I have been fucked by those five cowboys."

As the Marines became even more aroused from this story, Jason continues: " So Marines, I have a huge wide open man pussy for you tonight. I also am a pro at blowjobs. I often gave all five cowboys a blowjob before serving as the wife of one of the guys for the evening. I have tasted a great variety of cum flavors."

The guys are lubed up and begin wildly jacking off their red hot aching cocks while watching the xxx video and so horny after Jason's story. They all are leaking precum as well as dripping strings of spit from spitting on their steel hard cocks. The room is filled with the steamy smell of cum and man sweat.

The Marines stop jacking off and come over to Jason. One by one they begin pouring spit on Jason's huge cock producing string after string of salvia running off his now soaked cock. The Marines take turns kissing, licking and sucking Jason's over heating cock. Everyone's face is covered in wet spit and precum. When Jon is the third Marine to suck the cowboy's cock, Jason can not hold out any longer as he erupts in Jon's wet hot mouth with load after load of warm cum.

When Jason is spent, Jon Pulls off the cock and spits his mouth filled cum into Jason's mouth.

The ejaculation intensifies the Marines hunger for Jason's body. The Marines line up and order Jason to go down on his knees and begin kissing, licking and deep throating each hard cock.

Jason starts with Rafael's huge 10" boner. Rafael's cock is slick from Jason's over flow of spit as string after string slides off Rafael's cock and onto the floor. The sound of Jason's wet mouth on the slick cock is causing the other guys to commence jacking off. Jason, the professional cock sucker, is violently sucking as Rafael moans and pants with pleasure. As Jason finishes he says to Rafael: "You have the sweetest precum I have ever tasted."

Next Jason takes Chet's 11-inch cock and services him with the same rough kissing, licking and deep throating. Again there are gobs of wet slick juices flowing while Chet moans and breaths hard from this unbelievable blowjob. When he finishes, Jason says: "Chet, your cum is the most salty tasting cream I have ever had but I love it."

Then Jason takes Jon's smooth and slick cock in his hands, jerks him off and begins to swallow the 8" very hot cock. He bobs up and down on Jon's cock until Jon gives him a mouth full of load after load of warm semen. Jason swallows all the cum and says: "Buddy, you have a mixture of sweet and salty cum that I find to be delicious."

Jason is now ordered to eat each Marines asshole. Jason starts with big Chet's beautiful dark and hairy man pussy. Jason spits into the ass, plunges a finger deep into the ass to lubricate the inside of this hot pussy and finally licks and sucks the pulsating asshole. Chuck is bulking like one of the cowboy's horses. It is a pure erotic scene.

Jason moves to Rafael and begins lubricating his dark brown lightly trimmed asshole with gobs of spit. He too finger's Rafael's asshole and licks up and down the ass crack. Rafael is panting and begging for more.

Finally, Jason takes his mouth to Jon's light colored and hairless asshole featuring a very pink entrance point. He puts lots of salvia in the asshole, fingers him and sucks on the pink entrance. Jon is also bulking and pressing back on Jason's mouth. Jason sucks and eats the juices to finish the job.

The Marines are now ready to fuck this cowboy's worn, used and wide open pussy. They put Jason on his back on the bed while Jon and Chet hold Jason's legs high in the air and invite Rafael to have the first fuck. Rafael pours lots of lube on Jason's pulsating asshole. Rafael rubs his large precum leaking boner up and down Jason's asshole and with one thrust plows all the way into the man pussy. Over come with lust, Rafael pounds Jason's hole without any mercy. Jason mutters: "Rafael, baby, your cock is so great and it is burning hot in me. Please fuck me hard and cum." With those words, Rafael explodes at least six huge bursts of cum into this experienced ass. Rafael pulls out and takes Chet's place holding one of Jason's legs.

Chet gets between Jason's legs as he is about ready to bust a nut. He quickly slides into Jason's extremely cum wet pussy and pounds away. Jason cries: "Oh, you giant of a man. I feel you in the depth of my hole and rubbing against my prostrate. I love your cock and the smell of your body." These words cause Chet to spew a huge load into this already cum filled pussy.

Chet takes Jon's place holding one of Jason's legs so Jon can fuck this wet pussy. Jon is a top and knows how to make Jason feel like the bitch he loves to be. Jon plays with Jason's asshole, licks, fingers and kisses the wet asshole driving Jason crazy with lust. Jon takes his hard cock and plays with Jason's asshole before finally sliding all the way in. Jon has a special technique of how he moves his hips as he fucks this beautiful asshole. Jason is almost unconscious with the erotic feeling. Jon ask Jason if he likes it? Jason says: Oh, yes, fuck me." Jon explodes the third load of cum into Jason.

The guys watch as load after load of cum seeps out of Jason's man pussy. Each guy runs his fingers through the ejaculate and taste the sweet semen while also feeding some to Jason.

The guys are all exhausted. They take a communal shower and go to bed for the night.

On Saturday they spend the day swimming in the hotel pool, play pool and take in the sun by the side of the pool.

After dinner, they return to the room for a night of more exotic sex. The sex session will be much shorter but very steamy. They divide up for 69 blowjobs with Jason and Chet teamed up while Jon and Rafael engage in a 69 wet sucking session.

They are now ready for a wild team fucking orgy. Chet gets down on all fours at the head of the bed, takes his hands and spreads his pussy apart. Jason moves up behind Chet's dark hairy ass, lubes Chet's ass, lubes his own cock and thrust his big boner deep into Chet's ass. Rafael climbs up behind Jason's white ass, lubes Jason's asshole, lubes his own aching cock and plunges deep into Jason's wide-open pussy. Finally, Jon moves up and lubes Rafael's ass, his own cock and plunges deep into Rafael's ass.

The chain reaction of fucking is unbelievably erotic. They get into a rhythm as each guy is pushing forward and backward at the same time. Everyone's ass is being drilled except Chet, the front man, who is wildly jacking off. The room is filled with moans, panting, breathing hard, sweating and yelling. The room smells like a factory producing man cum candy and manly odors. The fucking continues for at least 20 minutes with all four guys at the end bursting loads of cum into the other guys man pussy except for Chet who soaks the bed sheets.

On Sunday as they return to the base, they sneak Jason into the barracks as he has no where to stay until Monday. They bring him food from the mess hall. They also introduce Jason to the other seven Marines in their barracks.

Following dinner, the three Marines and Jason share their weekend story with the other Marines including Jason's sex encounters back in Texas. The stories are so hot that everyone is once again rock hard. Lust over takes all the guys and they decide to share their built up cum loads by fucking Jason. They have Jason lie down on one of the bunks, put his legs over the edge and lift his ass in the air so each Marine can access his huge asshole. One by one they take turns fucking his large pussy until all ten rock hard cocks have pounded this cowboy without coming.

When they are finished, they line up on each side of Jason, jack off and shoot huge loads all over his face, chest and stomach. When they are all finished, they each reach down and lick the cum off of Jason's body until he is clean.

On Monday morning they slip Jason off base and he heads to meet his new employer at the construction site.

Jason arrives at the work site with a painful walk and greets his new boss. The boss is a huge muscled hunk of a man. He notices Jason's painful walk, smiles and says: "You seem to be having some trouble walking. Is there a problem?"

Jason smiles and replies: "My first weekend in San Diego was a killer on the ass but I survived." The boss lets out a big laugh and suggest: "I think I have seen that walk before and I know how much fun such a weekend can be, young man."

Still wearing his cowboy hat and boots, Jason says: "Sir, I am glad you recognize that walk and maybe we can have dinner one night and I will tell you all about this past weekend."

His boss, a big strong body builder type, says: "You can count on that happening soon. Jason, I can tell you are gong to be an excellent employee. I can hardly wait for that story."

Jason ends by saying: "Sir, you name the date and time."



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