Two weeks before my first time, I met the man for the first time. He wore nothin' more than Snakeskin cowboy boots and a black Cowboy hat. He was muscular and hairy, the kind of man I liked. He was also older and taller, another plus in my book. I wanted to make the irght apporoach. Problem was how to. I mean I considered myself decent wit my rust colored haur and sideburns. I was a little overweight, I guess more stocky than husky. But my biggest humiliation was not my cock size, it was aver age in length and thickness, but the fact I was one handed. I lost my right hand in a gruesome Lumberjack accident five years before. I had a metal hand to make myself look 'normal'. But still it was awkward. Before I could decide to haul ass, the naked Cowboy was coming toward me.

'Hey.' he said. He had that deep slightly husky voice.

'Hi.' I managed to croak, feeling the ultimate of embarassed. I just wanted to run away fast. He seemed to read my mind cuz he position himself a way that I was pinned to the concerete wall behind me.

'What's your name, stranger?' he asked, doin' a damn good Clint Eastwood impression.

'Felix Patterson. I'm from Portland originally. I just moved here i Austin bout two months ago.'

'I'm Benjamin Ross, I seen ya round. You live just down the street from me. You always look so lost.' he said. I turned bright red. I had a habit gettin' lost easily and was always too embarasssed to admit it. I happen to look down, surprised that I was gettin' hard. Ben's dick had to been at least 9-10 inches long.

'Are there a lotta Lumberjacks in portland?' Ben asked.

'I'm not sure.' I replied. I kept to myself a lot so I never notce what goes on. Ben reached out and squeezed my good hand. Half of me wanted to ride him, the other half of me wanted to get away fast. He relased my hand finally. 'Well I gotta get goin'. hope to catch ya later.' Ben walked to his pickup truck, which I had now just seen it, and drove off. I stood there feelin' both happy and embarassed at the same time. Damn the fact I easily embarass! Ever since that day, I met Benjamin somewhere in town. Whether it was in front of the building where we first met or the porch of our houses. We taked and got to know each other. For the first time, I actually felt comfortable around him. I had just left work and then the interdimensional of embarassment happens. My metal hand popped off my wrist and Benjamin was around the next corner. Saw me with my one good hand, my metal hand in the grass in front of me. Without thinkin' bout it, I ran. Ran as fast as I could, out of fear, humiliation andoddly enough some relief. I was bout half a block away when I got tackled from behind. I tried to regain balance but the pursuer pinned me down and flipped me on my back. to my relief and fright, it was Benjamin.

'What's wrong wit ya?!' Ben demanded, his voice wasn't angry, a little shocked and upset maybe, but not angry.

'I..... I.....' I stammered, unable to get any words out.

'What's wrong?' Ben asked, his voice more calm, soothing and concerned. I tried to move awaybut he hooked his long arms around me, pulling me close to him. I noticed in his hand was my metal hand.

'I got embarassed. I didn't want you to know.' I finally said, trying hard not to cry at that point. When I Was younger I was accident prone, and my stepfather would never let me cry. From slamming my hand in car doors to stabbing myself once or twice, I learned to take the pain. Even when I lost my hand I didn't cry at least not out loud. Inside however, I was bawling. Ben probably saw it in my eyes and held me tighter. I finally just let all the pain and tears run down my face. I had held it in all my life. I may have left Portland to be on my own. That was only part of it. The major one was to get away from my stepfather. He was an evil man and believed that people don't cry and he hated me cuz I was gay. I don't remember what happened next but I found myself at Benjamin's house. He had made sure that my hand was secure and that it wouldn't pop off and if it did, he knew someone that specialized in hand reconstruction. I told Ben bout my horrible life after my father passed away, the accident and why i moved from Portland.

'Wow you had one chaotic time after another.' Ben said.

I was still tryin' to keep it together. 'I guess so, I never had any friends, they all call me a freak.' I gestured wit the metal hand.

'You're no freak. Because if you were, I'd be freakier.'

'How so?'

Ben smiled. 'How many guys you know like workin' in the nude? Doin' everything what normal people do but in the nude?'

'None till now.' I replied, feeling better. The bad moment had passed and gone. 'Thanks.'

'For what?'

'For being such a good frtiend to me but I want to tell you somethin' but don't freak out, ok?'

'You have my word of honor. What's on your mind?'

It's now or never. I thought. 'Ben I like you, I more than like you. I want you, I want to stay and be with you if that makes any sense.'

'Makes plenty to me so far.' Benjamin replied.

'I... I... I don't know how to say it but I guess I'm in love wit you. I don't know how cowboys talk.'

'Are you gay?' Ben asked.

'Yeah.' I admitted, turning red again, hopin' this wouldn't lead to a confrontation. shut my eyes, waiting for the bashing.

'I am too.' Ben said.

I opened my eyes slowly and let out a confused 'Huh?'

'You heard me, I'm a gay Cowboy and here's something else. I want you too.'

'Why would you want a one handed Lumberjack?'

'My Mother once said the outside don't always matter. It's the inside that's important. I can see that you got nothin' to hide. You spilled your guts out tonight, Felix. That says a lot. You've been through hell most of your life and you haven't killed yourself.'

'I tried once.' I muttered.

Ben's eyes grew more sympathetic. 'I can tell.'


'My cousin's a psychologist. She tells me things and as a result I know most what she knows. She even explained that once one of her classmates had commited suicide.' Ben's voice revealed his emotion. 'Promise me Felix that you won't kill yourself.'

I looked deep inside his eyes. 'I promise.' I stayed at Ben's most of that week. It was obvious that he wanted to make me as comfortable as possible. About a month later, I moved out my house and just lived wit Benjamin, figures it make it easier on us. But one night, I was extremely horny. I didn't know how or why. I crashed on the couch and clocked out. I didn't know how long I slept but when I woke it was pitch black dark and I couldn't move. It took me a whole 30 seconds to realize I was tied up more than likely to Benjamin's bed and blindfolded. I also felt something else, but this felt amazing.

'I can see you're awake.' Benjamin stated, he was below me at the foot of the bed. 'Ever had a blowjob before?'

'No I haven't. But hoooooooooooooooyeah! Best one ever! Damnit I'm all horny and probably leakin' into your mouth!'

Ben laughed. 'That's ok. I want you to! Now you relax. I'm takin' you for a ride.' He mounted on my now steel hard dick. He untied my hands on the condition I didn't take off the blindfold. I agreed to this request. I massaged his chest as he went to town on my cock. He'd go all the way to just the head was there, then slam all way down my shaft. I moanedas I felt his hairy belly and started jerking his cock with my good hand.

'Jack me off!' he hollered as he continued riding the hell out of me.

I'm gonna cum!' I shouted.

'Me too!' he shouted back and both of us erupted at the same time. He got off and lay beside me and kissed me. I held him close but he insisted on suckin' my man tits. I allowed him to and noticed he too was blindfolded. But his felt different than mine.

'Damn, you a hot Lumberjack.' He muttered, by then I figured he was gettin' tired. I did manage to get to rub his beard which was now fully grown out and thick so I pulled and chewed on the end of it for a short while till he growled meaning for me to let go. I pulled at it one last time and let it go. I was still semi hard, I never was blindfolded before and someone once said blindfolded sex was more intense and boy was he right! I felt Benjamin's blindfold again and recognized it as a pair of Hanes boxer briefs. What a kinky bastard! But still I loved him anyway and that's all that mattered as I started my 'new' life with my Cowboy Bear of a boyfriend.



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