Terry was busing tables at the local honkey tonk. The day was over and all the farmers got all gussied up after a long day of working in the fields. Most of the farmers were old. 50 or older. All except for Cade. Cade was the young farmer who had recently inherited his fathers farm after he passed.

Tall with sandy blond hair, brown eyes that sparkled whenever he laughed. He was lean and muscular, pure catnip for the young girls who hung out at the bar. "Bar Bunnies" the locals called them. Young girls with tanned skin, bleached blond hair, big busts and too much eye liner.

Terry watched as they flocked around Cade when he came in. He politely chatted with them but Terry could tell that he was not interested in them. None of the "Bar Bunnies" ever had anything to do with Terry which suited him just fine. He didn't like women anyway. He had his first gay experience when he was 17. He was in the barn with a friend from school. They sucked and fucked eachother.

The jukebox started to play a romantic song by Mark Wills and Terry watched as the mirrored disco ball dropped from the ceiling. It cast thousands of tiny specks of light all around everything. Terry watched as one of the Bar Bunnies dragged Cade out onto the floor. He looked bored. Terry found himself wishing he was the one holding onto Cade but it was useless to dream about things like that. He sighed and finished cleaning the tables.

He saw Cade grab his baseball cap and head out the door. At about 10 most of the customers were gone so terry decided to close up. He was looking forward to a quiet night of tacos from Taco King and watching Brokeback Mountain on DVD. Heathe Ledger made one hot cowboy!! He had put the chairs up on the tables and had just started to mop the floor when he heard the door open. When he turned around his jaw droped. There standing before him was Cade.

"Hi!" Cade said in a deep baritone. Terry smiled. "Hi". Cade walked twords him. "I know you're closed but I just wanted to see you." Terry looked shocked. "Why would you want to see me?" Cade smiled and moved closer. They were only a few feet apart and Terry could smell the muskyness of Cade's body. "Why do you think?" Terry swallowed. "I um.. dont know." Cade smiled wickedly. "Let me show you." He put a hand behind Terry's head and pulled him into a hot passionate kiss.

"Wow!!" Terry exclaimed when they finally parted. "What was that for?" Cade laughed. "I've wanted to do that since I first saw you!" Terry smiled. "Oh yeah? What else have you wanted to do to me?" Cade's eyes twinkled. "Follow me." They walked over to the pool table. "Take off your shirt" Cade ordered. Normally Terry didn't take to kindly to people bossing him around but he found it very erotic when Cade did it. He lifted his shirt over his head revealing a smooth chest and flat, chisled stomach.

Cade laughed. "Nice." He kissed Terry passionately, pushing his tongue against his lips until Terry opened his mouth. They frenched for a few minutes before Cade moved down his neck to his nipples. He licked and gently nibbled on each sensative bud. Terry closed his eyes and sighed softly. This is what he had been dreaming of for a long time and he could hardly believe it was happening.

"Off with the pants!" Terry kicked off his shoes and unzipped his pants before pulling them down. He wore a pair of white cotton briefs. Cade nodded. "Climb up onto the table on your hands and knees and face away from me". Terry climed up on the table and faced twords the wall.Cade got a perfect view of his crack and smooth, firm cheeks through the white cotton material. He ran his hand down Terry's muscular back.

Cade hooked his fingers in the elastic waistband of Terry's underwear and slowly pulled down, revealing his smooth, firm ass. Cade's cock twitched in anticipation. He massaged Terry's cheeks and parted them. There in the middle was his pink bud. He blew on it and felt Terry jump. "Liked that did you?" Terry smirked at him. Cade took off his shirt. He was hard but didn't want to reveal all of himself to Terry just yet. He teased Terry with his tongue starting at his sac and moving up to his tail bone. Terry moaned softly. "Yeah!"

He felt Cade's strong, calloused hands pry his cheeks apart. He moaned louder when he felt his wet tongue lick the inside of his ass. "MMM! Lick my ass!" Cade went to work, lapping at Terry's anus like it was an ice cream cone. Terry was loving every moment. Suddenly Cade stopped. "Turn around." terry turned around and Cade took his hard, throbbing cock into his hand. He stroked it lovingly for a few moments before devouring it. "FUCK!!" Terry yelped as Cade's hot lips worked up and down on his knob. He leaned back and closed his eyes. "MMM! Yeah, suck my cock!!" he moaned. Without missing a beat Cade took off his pants and was stroking his own raging hard on.

Terry smiled. "Why dont you climb up here with me and we can both pleasure eachother. Cade smiled. "You read my mind." He climbed onto the table and positioned himself over Terry's lips. Terry put a hand on each of Cade's cheeks and pulled him down. Cade yelped with pleasure when he felt Terry's lips start sucking on his aching rod. They sucked eachother until both came to a roaring, intense climax. "UUUHHH!!!" Cade grunted as he exploaded into Terry's mouth. He felt his own cock twitch as it fired his hot, seed down Cade's throat.

Cade lay ontop of Terry as both men tried to catch thier breath. After a few minutes Cade climed off the table. "On your feet." Terry got up and watched as Cade retreieved a pack of condoms and a travel size bottle of lube. "You came prepared didn't you?" Terry asked. Cade smiled and knodded. "I always do." He sat down on a chair and Terry knelt infront of him. He tore open a condom and rolled it onto Cade's already hard cock. He kissed it before squeezing some lube into his hand.

He worked the lube up and down Cade's cock. Cade smiled. "You have no idea how awsome that feels!" Terry smiled. "Just wait." Terry stood and generously lubed up his ass. Cade held his cock steady as Terry lowered himself onto it. Terry grunted as Cade's cock encountered resistance but then Terry relaxed and it went all the way in. They sat there, neither othe them moving. Cade smiled. "You ready?" Terry nodded.

He began moving up and down, he could feel every inch of Cade's sheethed cock as it slid in and out of his ass. "MMM! Yeah! Fuck me!!" he moaned. Cade's balls flopped up and down with each thrust. "Damn baby! You're ass is amazing!!" Terry closed his eyes. He loved the feel of Cade's smooth rod as it moved within him. Soon both men were sweating and panting. Suddenly Cade stopped. "What's wrong?" Terry asked. "Get up." Terry stood, not knowing what was wrong. Cade turned him twords the pool table and grabbing his cock he entered from behind.

"Shit!" Terry moaned loudly as he felt Cade's cock ramming inside him. He looked down between his legs and watched as Cade's cock pounded into him. "OOOHH!! Yeah, fuck me with your big cock!!" he crooned. Cade was really letting him have it. He felt his balls draw up. "Oh fuck baby, I'm gonna cum!!" Terry smiled. "Yeah! I wanna feel you cum in my ass!" Cade pounded Terry's ass like a jack hammer and let out a loud scream as his hot, seed filled the condom. "UUUUHHHHH FUCK!!! he moaned.

Cade lay against Terry's back panting and smiling. "Fuck! That was the hardest I ever came!" Terry laughed. "I know." Cade slid his now soft cock out and was going to take the condom off to throw it out when Terry stopped him. "Let me take care of that." Cade watched as he slid the cum filled condom on and began jerking off. Cade sucked on his nippled while rubbing his stomach. "Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum!!" Terry moaned. "Yeah! Cum for Daddy!" Cade whispered in his ear. Terry's bodt tensed as he felt his cock exploade, filling the already stuffed condom. When he was done he took it off and flushed it down the toilet.

"What now?" Terry asked as they dressed "Breakfast?" Cade said smiling. Terry pulled him to him and they kissed. "Baby! I love the way you think!!" Cade giggled. "You'll love me later on tonight! Wanna sleep over?" Terry opened the door and the morning light hit the both of them. "You know it baby!!"

The End..... Or Is It?





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