“So you want to doss the night?” my cousin Wayne asked as he looked over at the clock.
We had spent over six hours none stop talking and had drunk a few beers, but then we had not seen each other for a good few years due to him being at university and my travel with work.

“Yeah sure, if that is not a problem, I can sleep on the couch” I answered aware that it was getting a bit late to try and get home
“Or we can share my king size bed, it is big enough, your choice mate” Wayne suggested as he stood stretching and yawning suggesting he was already tired
“Can do, yeah, sure”
“Well you know where the bedroom is, let me just tidy up down here and I will see you upstairs in a bit”
“You need a hand cleaning up?”
“Nah, not doing much, go hit the sack, see you in a bit. And no farting” Wayne said as he began to clear the coffee table of beer cans and empty food packets.

The smell of his testosterone filled the small bedroom and was most noticeable as I pulled back the white sheets and climbed within his bed. I inhaled the odour that permeated the pillow upon which he slept, and felt my cock awaken within my tight fitting briefs that I had left on.

I slid down under the sheets, down to the midsection of the bed, looking to locate where his groin would have been pressed the night before. My nose pressed, rummaging around sniffing the mattress like a pig trying to locate truffles on the forest floor, and suddenly I paused, a welcome musky odour suddenly filling my lungs from one single concentrated patch.

Maybe he had ground his stiff cock and sweaty bollocks against this very place during the previous night while asleep, his head filled with erotic dreams as he humped his manhood, marking his territory with a distinct odour that had deeply infused the cotton, and now released into my nostrils.

Reluctantly I moved my head back to one of the pillows as I heard the sound of the toilet flushing down the hallway.

“You have a preference for what side of the bed you sleep on?” my cousin Wayne asked as he walked into the room and closed the door behind him
“Nah, whatever” I replied as I looked up to see him pull his black t shirt up over his head exposing his lean muscular torso and the damp hairy nooks of his pits.

He looked at me as his fingers fumbled at his belt, pulling the loop and unfastening it before undoing the button on his loose fitting jeans.

“You err... sleep in the buff or what?” Wayne enquired as he let his jeans drop exposing his fitted red boxers that clung tightly around his crutch
“Usually yeah, but I left my briefs on” I replied as he stepped out of each leg of his jeans before removing each white sports sock from his large feet

“Oh right” Wayne said as a finger slipped under the elastic waistband of his shorts and pulled it forward at the front before adding, “just that I am not sure I can sleep wearing underwear you know”
“Well I was just trying to be considerate, but if you’re OK sleeping naked I am” I quickly responded.

Now I knew why his scent was so strong upon the sheets, no barrier between his cock and the fabric upon which he had slept, I should have guessed he slept naked. He had always been comfortable with his body exposed.

“Mate I am easy, not like you got anything I have not seen before right” Wayne commented, his fingers now slid under each side of the waistband at the hips, dragging them down a little to expose a tuft of tangled brown pubic hair at the front.

The light brown hair on his head had just been cut earlier that day with clippers and looked short and bristly, yet I knew it felt as soft as a brush. I had rubbed my hand over it earlier, feeling goose bumps on my arms as my fingers reached the freshly shaved nape of his neck, an area that felt so sensual and erotic.

“Hey I am cool about that, would be better for me too” I say as I sit up and began to slip my underwear off beneath the sheets, quickly discarding them on the floor by the side of the bed.

I looked over to where Wayne stood, his fingers still hooked under either side of his shorts in readiness.
“Great” he said, quickly slipping them down to his knees and letting them fall to his ankles before kicking them away.

My gaze is fixed upon his now naked body, I can remember when there was just a solitary patch of light brown hair nested above his flaccid torpedo shaped uncut cock, a single small bush of hair on an otherwise barren landscape that used to draw my attention to that private area.

That was when his body was a little scrawny, now he had a nice manly physique. A patch of brown hair now adorned the centre of his chest, a narrow path of hair trailed from his belly button down and a smattering of darker hair coated his muscular inner thighs.

“Shift over matey” Wayne said as he stepped towards the bed and his cock swung from side to side, the foreskin not quite reaching the tip and leaving a small porthole through which I could see the piss slit, his small balls jiggling around in a loose smooth sack.

I felt the mattress give as he clambered in the bed and lay on his back, pulling the sheets half way up his torso as his head sunk in the plump marshmallow like pillow.
I could smell his scent stronger than ever as he lay there in close proximity, aware he was naked and the image of his soft member freshly burned in my mind.

Wayne had his eyes closed as he lay motionless, and then broke the silence as he asked “You remember that time we slept together in that tent?”

Of course I did, and I had masturbated thinking about it more times than I could recall.

“Sure, yeah” I responded looking as he laid eyes still closed, his face looking peaceful and more handsome than ever. His perfect button nose and soft looking lips slightly apart as he breathed through his mouth.

“It was cousin Emily’s wedding, a big family affair at Aunt Maureen’s in Wales. There were no beds left from what I remember, so we were turfed out to share a small tent at the end of the garden” I recalled, watching as his eyes opened and stared at the ceiling as if he too recalled clearly that special shared memory.

We lay in silence, neither of us seeming to dare say a word as we drifted somewhere in our past. I felt Wayne’s foot press against mine and I remained perfectly still, enjoying that small amount of contact at the bottom of the bed.

“You remember that night we went for a swim in your neighbours pool?” I asked in a whisper as if I did not want anybody else to hear, even though we was all alone in Wayne’s apartment.
“Yeah I do, whose idea was that?” Wayne enquired with a chuckle as he glanced over at me and we exchanged a lingering look
“Yours of course” I replied with a grin.

It had been a hot summer night and I had been unable to sleep, it had been Wayne that suggested we go for a swim in his neighbour’s pool as they where away on holiday. It was midnight and there was a full moon, the cool refreshing water of the pool was illuminated by the bright moonlight. When we finally clambered from the water in just our white underpants we realised they had become completely transparent, leaving nothing to the imagination as they clung tightly.

We had peeled them off and stood naked giggling, and a game of compare quickly ensued, one in which we examined each other closely, very closely. I recall feeling certain things about my older male cousin that I knew I should not, he is three years older than me but back then the age gap seemed vast, I recall the feelings that made me feel a little guilty as I admired his naked body, and that then small sprouting bush of brown hair perched above his soft penis.

“Those were the days” Wayne commented with a grin as our gaze remained fixed
“Lucky we did not get caught” I responded
“It was not like we done anything wrong though, not really, well apart from being in the neighbours pool without permission” Wayne said.

I felt my face blush, it was the other things we had done that felt wrong at the time, and still it left me feeling a knot in my stomach.

I felt his hand move, his warm fingers coming into contact with my hip and remaining there, gently pressing against my skin.

“You don’t think we done anything wrong do you?” Wayne asked before adding “I mean we was just curious, it is only natural to be curious”
“No, we done nothing wrong” I said defensively, even though every part of my being told me otherwise.

That night in the tent, under the tangerine orange canvas, we had gone beyond curious examinations, he had goaded and dared me to touch hi, to do the things that I had secretly wanted to do.

He had lay sprawled out naked on his back, and a small torchlight that I held in one hand offered me a view as my curious fingers of my other hand navigated the rise and falls of the bare landscape of his body. Awakening something in me as I explored unhindered and unrestricted, watching as his own member grew in length and thickened in girth, raising like a draw bridge as I watched in awe and wonder, the magnificent nature of his growing erection as it blossomed, the skin pulling tight around the swollen gland and pulling back to expose the polished red helmet head, a deep crimson, like a tulip, its heavenly scent attracting me like a bee to pollen.

I had turned the torch off and our naked bodies pressed together, our rigid cocks arched and throbbed, Wayne on his back with me sat astride, taking both of our members in my firm gripped hands and feeling the intensity of two erect throbbing dicks, the feel of his blood coursing through his veins and the warmth of a firm larger male organ against my own stiff prick. His sticky residue smearing over my own member as I squeezed and stroked, gliding together as we gasped and groaned in the dark until...

 After a while of stroking I had felt his body buck beneath me, raising me up as he trembled and groaned, encouraging me with his words to continue, until I felt his warm spray erupt over me, several shots of thick juice coating my hand cock and torso as he quivered and gasped, his body eventually collapsing flat on the ground as I remained sat straddled, gripping our now sticky coated cocks together until my own juices blended with his. I had collapsed down on top of him, our spunky loads sandwiched between us as we drifted into a deep slumber.

I closed my eyes as I feel a fresh flush of embarrassment at the memory, and I feel the palm of his hand tenderly stroke my stomach as he turns on to his side to face me.

“Are those good memories you’re having?” Wayne asks in a soft tender tone
“Yes...” I say as I pause before opening my eyes and look at him for reassurance
“I always look back at those times with fondness” Wayne stated “My only regret is that things ever stopped”, his hand travelled up to my chest and paused above my heart as I felt it beating rapidly, his eyes burning into me with a renewed passion the likes I had not seen for a while.

“This is wrong. I should have slept on the couch” I said almost in panic as I know where this is all leading
“I won’t stop you, you can sleep on the couch if you really want too, or...” Wayne leaned in, our lips touching, his moist soft silky tender lips, the way I remember him feeling and tasting as his mouth opens and his tongue finds mine.

Memories like clear images on a screen come rushing back in fast forward as our naked bodies embrace, I feel his strong arms around me, our stiff aching cocks once again reunited and pressed together, a steady flow of syrupy pre cum already leaking from his piss slit and coating my shaft as he thrusts against me.

Wayne roles me on to my back forcefully and suddenly he is on top of me, pushing down and rubbing, pressing our bodies together as we kiss passionately in our forbidden embrace. The momentum is building and there is no stopping what we have begun, but maybe it was always inevitable, the spark had been ignited years ago, and whilst it was like playing with fire we were like moths to a flame, attracted to each other in ways that were unexplainable, a connection so deep that it was bound never to break.

“Fuck I missed you” Wayne mutters through kisses and slobbers as our mouths open wide to receive one another
“I missed you too” I reply, even though in this moment of passion I feel tinges of guilt at our reawakened prohibited lust.

His body feels different now, muscular and manly, not that scrawny lad he once was, his musky scent has matured and become ever the more potent making me inhale deeply as he sweats and perspires.

Maybe it is the forbidden that makes this so intoxicating and exhilarating, or maybe because he was my first male body to be able to explore with my eyes and hands. He had allowed me to be who I wanted with no restrictions, allowed me to feel the most intimate private parts of his anatomy, feeling and watching intently as his cock went from small and soft to long and hard in my hand, and now his manhood is hard, very hard, his hardness is slipping between my clamped thighs and searching out that complete connection. Beckoning him I spread my thighs and raise my knees, welcoming his approach, receptive to his advancement, ready to indulge in the union sacred between men.

“Yeah?” he asks, as if needing verbal confirmation of what I want
“Fuck me!” I state clearly, leaving him under no mistake as to my immoral need

Wayne raises his palm to his mouth and spits on his hand several times before his hand goes between my legs, seeking out my eager hole, slipping a single spittle coated digit against my opening and feeling the muscle quiver as I tilt my head back into the pillow.

“Oh fuck yes!” I gasp, his mouth licking my Adams apple as the single index finger finds its way inside, hooking in my channel, rotating, searching for that walnut sized gland that will stimulate me to release my ring of muscle further, and allow full access to his cock.

“Jesus fucking Christ, ah, ah, ah” I cry as the button within is located and manipulated skilfully.
He has penetrated me before. He was the first, that one whom took my cherry with tender care, the one who saw the look in my eyes as we first felt that true sense of oneness. Yes it hurt the first time, a burning sensation like a red hot poker being rammed up me, but still I persisted, I longed for him in me so badly that the pain seemed insignificant.

The flat of his tongue licks up my neck and finds my right ear lobe as a second digit is inserted. He knows the places to kiss and nibble as he eases me open, he knows how to look at me and read me.

His fingers are pulled free and the tip of his swollen head prods at my opening, teasing, tantalising, exciting and arousing me as my hips press into him, willing him to penetrate me with every cell of my body.

“You want it?” Wayne asks in a low voice as his gaze pierces my eyes
“Yeah” I reply hastily and impatiently, feeling him so close to sliding in yet holding back
“Fuck me!” I plead pushing my hips against him only for him to pull away as he smirks
“Oh yeah you need that don’t you”

Then with a sudden thrust every inch skewers me deep, all the way to his bollocks.
I gasp for breath as he maintains the deep rooted position, my eyes wide as I feel my muscle clamp and fight the intrusion, briefly my sphincter attempts to push it out even though I want it in me.

Suddenly I relax, my body relaxes and I feel Wayne begin the slow steady pace of fucking me, his cock pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in, an action he repeats again and again as I whimper and groan, my cock pulsating and throbbing in tune with his thrusts. Pinned down, folded in two as he slams down with force and might, sweat dripping from his brow on to me as he looks at me with wild eyes, his teeth gritted.

Ploughed hard into his mattress as he grabs my feet, sucking and licking my toes, the flat of his tongue travelling down the arch of my foot before his teeth sink playfully into the padded ball. Wayne begins to sniff the soles of my feet which only boost his arousal, his intensity increasing as he rams me ever harder, his sweaty balls slapping against me with the ever deeper strokes.

I am lost deep in bliss, light headed and giddy as my older cousin screws me with unbridled rampant passion. Flashbacks fill my head of our previous encounters and fucks, those special memories unlocked as I hear his loud fervent groans and moans, growling and grunting as his face contorts.

Wayne’s hand grasps my erect cock as he continues to fuck me, within moments I feel my orgasm arise before my ejaculation sprays free, all the while his erect cock hammering in to me as he gets close to shooting his own load.

“Yeah go on, cum in me” I cry out as his gaze becomes intense, his eyes widening.
He thrusts one last deep thrust and pauses. I feel his manhood throbbing within me rapidly before suddenly I feel his hot juice filling my cavity. Load after hefty load pumping out and spilling into me.

His naked sweaty exhausted body collapses on top of me as my legs slide down. We embrace as we pant and puff, gasping for air as we hug tightly and bask in the moment of the afterglow, and I wonder how something that feels so right can be wrong...



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