I was hard at work on my research paper when my mother called, 'hello?' I answered. I never really liked receiving phone calls from my mother, but this phone call would turn out to be very beneficial.

'Cullen, how are you? You never call me anymore.' It was the same thing with my mother over and over. We went through the emotions and the normal routine. Finally she asked me, 'What are you doing next weekend?'

I replied with a hesitant, 'Err, not sure, why?'

'Your grandmother is having a dinner and wanted you to come; well actually Jeremy wanted you to come.' My ears began to warm I could tell they were turning red. My head began to race with thoughts, memories, and excitement.

'Cullen?' My mother broke through my excitement. 'Are you there? What do you say, will you go?'

'Yes.' I said a little too excitedly, 'I mean, yeah, I guess I'll go.' I said a little less excited.

I got off the phone with my mother and was too excited to finish my paper, I decided to go and get ready for bed.

As I lay there, I couldn't sleep; my mind was full of thoughts and memories of when Jeremy and I were younger. I hadn't seen him in years. I felt my cock begin to grow and throb. See the thing is when Jeremy and I were younger we use to, do 'stuff.' By 'stuff' I mean sexual stuff.

Jeremy is my cousin and use to be my best friend, so it only made since that one of my first sexual experiences would be with him. I can remember it as if it was yesterday:

We both were on Spring Break and I had decided to spend the week with my cousin and aunt. We spent the week playing video games, listening to music, and getting into trouble. It was Saturday night; everyone was asleep except for Jeremy and I. We were watching a movie on his television; we both were tucked under his covers in his bed. It was a small bed, so we were very close. We both slept shirtless so I could feel his warm bare skin on my own.

We were young, but we were past the age of puberty and he had grown a happy trail down to his groin, I had chosen to shave it. He was more athletic than me, so his body was more toned then mine, but I still had abs and nice arms. He had dirty blonde and messy hair, nice strong facial features, and deep green eyes. I was pale, black hair and light green eyes.

The movie had finally ended; we both weren't tied, and had no idea what to do. We couldn't do anything too loud, because we feared we would wake my aunt. 'I have an idea.' Jeremy said.

'What?' I responded.

'Just watch.' Jeremy reached for the remote control and flipped through the channels till he stopped on a fuzzy channel.

'What is that?' I asked.

'Just wait.' Jeremy said. As we waited there in silence the fuzzy channel slowly became clearer and clearer. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, before me the fuzzy channel was becoming clear and on the screen was a naked man and a naked women having sex. The woman was giving the man a blow job.

We watched the porn for a little bit longer, and then Jeremy spoke up, 'Man, that made me so hard.'

I laughed nervously and looked down at Jeremy's pants, as he said; there was a large lump in his shorts. 'Wow, that's big, how big is that thing?' I asked.

Jeremy pulled out his long, thick, throbbing cock, 'its nine inches bro.' He looked at his cock and then back at me. 'Do you like it?'

I nodded, 'it's nice.'

He looked down at my shorts, 'looks like you really like it.' I quickly tried to hide my increasing boner. 'No need to hide it, I've seen a boner before.' He smiled that half smile that could always melt me. 'Go ahead and pull it out.' I hesitated and then pulled out my eight inch cock and let it lay there. 'Well don't let me be the only one working it here.' I looked over to Jeremy's cock and saw that he was stroking his cock.

'Ha, alright.' I said and then began stroking my cock. I had dreamt of doing this with Jeremy for the longest time and the time had finally arrived. I heard Jeremy moaning and breathing harder. This only turned me on more and more. I watched him as his hand went from the top of his shaft to the bottom of it and into his brown bush. Seeing and smelling his bush just turned me on more.

I let out a small moan. Jeremy turned to me, 'Damn bro, you're really liking this, aren't you?'

'Yeah, I've thought about doing this with you for some time now.' I said, felt my ears growing red.

'Nice, me too.'

I thought about the porn we had just watched, 'hey, Jeremy?'

'Yeah man.' He stopped stroking his cock.

'Remember that chick from the porn, the one giving the dude head?' I said.

'Yeah, what about her?' He asked.

I hesitated, 'I was wondering if I could, um, try that on you?' My heart was racing.

Jeremy looked at me, then smiled, 'Of course you can, why didn't you just say something before?'

'Ha, not sure.'

'Well get to it.' Jeremy adjusted himself and so did I. I got down in between his legs, and smelled his sweaty pubes even more from there. This just made my cock even harder. I smelled his big bush and then licked his balls. I heard him moan. I then sucked on his big hairy balls. He moaned some more, 'Oh yeah man.'

I then started licking from the bottom of his cock to the top. I then stuck my tongue in his piss slit and licked around, it tasted like precum and piss. 'Fuck, man that feels so good.' I was in heaven; his bush was brushing up against my face. I loved it. I couldn't contain myself anymore, and neither could he, he thrusted his cock toward my mouth. My mouth was more than happy to accept his cock. I sucked on his cock.

He then flipped me over and crawled on top of me and began to fuck my face. As he fucked my face I played with his ass, spreading his cheeks and then slowly began fingering his hole. He loved it, he kept moaning. He was moaning so loud, I was surprised my aunt didn't wake up. I was sucking him and had three fingers in his ass. He was really fucking my mouth and before I knew it his ass cheeks were clenching and my mouth was filling with cum. He slid his cock out and I slowed his cum.

'Wow that was'' He laughed, 'Amazing.'

I smiled, 'I loved it and I'm glad you did too.' I licked my fingers that were in his ass.'

'Damn, you're really into this stuff, aren't you?'

'Yeah, hope that doesn't bother you?'

'Hell no.' He said. 'Maybe we can do some more some time?'

The memory began to fade and soon I was back to where I had started, with my cock in hand and my memories of Jeremy and I. I began stroking harder and faster and before I knew it I had cumed all over my chest. I began to wipe it up and feed it to myself.

I rolled over, smiled, and thought to myself, 'I can't wait to see Jeremy again.'




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