Cousin Ryan shares the hot scenes with his Cousin Drew in part 2

After about a two hour rest period after the wild sex between Cousin Drew and me, my virgin and shy Drew, who thought he was a straight guy looking for sex with a woman until he was seduced by me had discovered he was a true gay man, we were horny and ready for round two with more cock sucking and ass fucking. Yea Drew was no longer a virgin or very shy as we got ready for more sex.

We returned to my bedroom, in record time got out of our clothes, and stood naked looking at each other's stone hard cocks standing at attention. Both of our 8-inch big cocks were showing raging boners featuring reddish purplish heads dripping with white pre-cum. Man, I was on fire again lusting after my younger hot cousin. The fact that he had discovered he loved gay sex after I had seduced him by sucking his cock and fucking that smooth pink ass a few hours ago, I was dreaming of turning the tables and returning to my true position as a bottom and yea a bitch for my man.

I began the sexy conversation hoping that Cousin Drew would take charge of me. As we climbed up on the bed, I said: "Hey dear Cousin Drew, you know I'm a slut who has had numerous sex partners since I turned 18. I'm one promiscuous horny fucking gay slut. But I need to tell you that you've made me the horniest man on the planet. I've never been this horny or hard before. I've lusted after you for the past year dreaming of the day that you would suck my cock and let me cum in your mouth and yea I've masturbated many times dreaming of your big cock fucking the hell out of my ass. Man, I so want you to drill my ass with the most awesome cock I've ever seen. Please let me be your bitch. You need to know that I'm a real bottom. I love to be dominated. Please make me your bitch. Take charge of your cousin and make me pay. Please cousin, I want to be your bitch now."

"Oh Holy Shit, Oh Fuck, Cousin Ryan, hell yea, I'm horny as hell and thanks for seducing me and making me realize I'm one horny fucking gay dude. Man, you turn me on and yea I love the idea of being the master and fucking that asshole of yours. I'll be the real man in this fucking relationship. Man, I want us to be fucking cousins ever day. Lets go for it. You hot bitch get ready for me and my warm lips and hot cock."

"Oh master Drew, make me pay. Give it to me, your willing bitch. Tell me what to do.

"Ryan, you slut, you bitch, get on your back and spread those hot blonde legs for me. Spread them further apart, obey me bitch. That's it. Look at that clean smooth hairless ass and yea that stone hard cock of yours bobbing up and down. Here goes, you slut. It's going to be all me now. You just obey, lay back and enjoy whatever I do to you, do you understand, you horny dirty bitch?"

"OH YEA, OH FUCK COUSIN DREW, I'm ready for you."

Cousin Drew got between my legs, took hold of my throbbing red hot cock with his hands at the base of my cock and put his warm mouth on the head of my stiff leaking cock. He pressed his lips down tight on my cock head and began to suck the pre-cum oozing out of my piss slit. He used his lips and mouth as he enveloped my cock head. He began to slowly work his mouth down my cock shaft as I felt his warm lips and breath on my aching cock. He kept sliding his mouth down on my cock until I felt my cock hit the back of his throat. I then felt him use his tongue as he slid it up and down the underside of my hard cock shaft. I soon realized that he had his nose buried in my blonde pubes as I became wet with his saliva on my pubic hair. As this was his first blow job and one with a huge cock of mine deeper and deeper in his throat, I heard him began to have gag reflexes that produced gobs of juices or spit. I was in a daze of lust as my cock became so wet, slick and warm from his breath. I did not want to come as I wanted him to suck me all night. Man, for his first blow job, he felt like a pro. I'd never had a more intense blow job. Maybe it was because we two cousins were in deep love and lusted for each other.

He began to speed up as he sucked my cock by coming almost all the way off my stiff boner and then would drive back deep on my cock. Yea, he was deep throating my hard cock. It was obvious that he was wild with pleasure as he sucked on my meaty erection. It seemed like I had a constant stream of pre-cum as he sucked my cock harder and harder. I began to buck like a wild horse with my hips up to aid his swallowing my big stone hard cock. I managed to last for at least 6 or 7 minutes before my semen collected and began to rush up and out of my cock. Soon my ejaculate burst, spewed and erupted into the back of his warm throat. Shit he managed to open the back of his throat and some how he was able to swallow ever drop of my semen. He sucked me completely dry before he came off my cock. I was completely drained of my seed. It was the best blow job of my life. Both Cousin Drew and I were so satisfied.

Cousin Drew came up to my face and began to passionately kiss me. His lips and tongue were awesome that drove our tongues to battle for position. The taste of my cum had us wild in a long kissing erotic mood. We kissed and kissed for the longest time as I felt his rock hard cock driving into my stomach. I knew he was getting ready to breed his cousin's man pussy. I begged: "OH FUCK, please fuck my ass. I want you inside me , come inside me Cousin Drew."

My begging set him in motion. He got down between my wide open legs and began to use his tongue to lick my ass and down on my balls. He started to use his hot tongue still coated with my cum, to drive his tongue into my ass. He used one hand to began massaging my balls. Shit I began to get hard again from this remarkable washing of my ass with Drew's hot tongue and sucking lips. WOW, what a great rimming job he was doing. I felt his two day beard tickling my ass. Then he reached up and began pulling on my rock hard nipples that drove me wild. Shit, this recent virgin who thought he liked women had in a few hours turned into the best fucking gay man alive.

In a short time, I felt his cock head began to explore the outer rings of my ass and he ran that hard cock up and down my ass crack as I lifted my hips up to encourage his cock to fuck me. As I pushed upward, I felt his cock pop past my ass ring and soon Cousin Drew had driven his big cock all the way inside my very experienced and worn ass. We both began to moan, grunt and pant as our breathing became rapid and our bodies drove into each other. Drew was so in heat that he began to fuck me harder and harder and with a rapid speed. He fucked the hell out of my ass as we both had become filled with ecstasy and total euphoria. As the bed springs made noises and our loud sexual utters weer in high gear, the fuck was beyond any thing I'd ever experienced. Drew used his cock to move around and explore every inch of my ass and he used his hard cock head to massage my swollen prostate. The fuck had us both in near some type of trance. Sex and fucking had never been this awesome and hot before.

There was no way to last for very long. I soon felt his cock shaft stiffen, his cock head grew , his balls tightened and before long I felt burst after burst of a volcanic flood of his seed fill my ass to the brim. When he pulled his still hard cock out of m y ass, there was a flood of cum that poured out of my ass onto the bed sheets. Drew took his cum covered cock up to my mouth and he thrust it deep int my throat. I sucked hard and swallowed a sweet and salty cum load. It tasted so great. We kissed again sharing our protein and then he laid down beside me as we savored the best sex of my life. Cousin Drew was going to be my master and I his bitch for many nights of great sex.



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