My family members and I have always been really close, talking dirty and being open with each other about everything. This one specific night is about my cousin Michael making me his bitch and me enjoying every moment.

My name is Angel. I just turned 18 and my cousin was 22. Im a typical guy, 5'6 and 140lbs. Hispanic and native American, long hair with a gorgeous dace to match. I love working out so my body is nice and tight, toned in all the right places with a bubble butt. My cousin is 5'11 and 180lbs. He's black and Hispanic so he has that gorgeous dark skin tone with amazing lips and a ass to die for. Plays football so he's nothing but muscle. My dick pails in comparison at 7 1/2 inches to his 10inches of fat circumcised manhood.

Iv always looked at Michael as more than a cousin. Finding myself sitting there looking at his bulge wondering what his dick looked like, what it would taste like and how good it would feel in my ass. I'd always spend the night just so I could spend time with him and hope to get a glimpse of him when he was sleeping cuz he always slept naked. And finally i got what i wanted and so much more.

lying there pretending to go to sleep I waited for my cousin to hear the heavy breathing of my cousin as the sign of him being asleep so I could marvel at his amazing body and marvelous dick. Lying there I couldn't help but think that if his dick was that big because of his mixture of races. Wanting to feel it in my hand I slowly reach for it while im glancing at him (knowing he's a heavy sleeper I couldn't help but be cautious) hoping he doesnt wake up. I finally get that monster in my hand and I slowly start to jerk it until I can't take anymore. I slid down and deep throat his dick wanting every inch, making up for all the time iv delt without it. I go crazy bobbing my head up and down not thinking about what im doing to my straight cousins dick tell I feel a hand on the back of my head pushing me down forcing it balls deep down my throat. I try my best to pull off of it but he man handles me and pulls me by my hair to look at him while he painfully slaps me across my face. With a menacing smile he tells me to shut up and take it unless I want him to tell on me for what I did while he was pretending to be asleep. With an even more evil grin he grabs my head with both hands and holds me in place while hes mercilessly ramming his cock between my lips. I try to ask him to stop but my cries are silenced and pushed aside as his pleasure is the only important thing on his mind. I know that he knowingly fucked my face to make my throat sore to the point of not being able to speak because when he pulled back and his saliva covered member flopped out of my mouth he asked me to speak. He laughs and push's me to the ground while he tells me either to listen to him like his good lil bitch or he would beat my ass and take what he wanted anyways. Not being able to speak i nod my head and wait for him to speak.

The words that's slipped out of my cousins mouth both shocked me and made me smile. He told me to get on my hands and knees like the dog i am so he can feed me his bone. Not wanting to be harmed i get in position without hesitation. Thinking hes still my cousin and doesn't want to hurt me to bad i thought he'd lube up his dick, but i guess being his bitch i dont get the pleasure only pain. Kneeling behind me i feel his fat cockhead push against my puckered hole, and before i can protest he shoved it to the hilt. Holding me in place i cry and whimper trying to thrash around to get free right before i feel a fist punch rib cage. Falling forward in pain he grabs me by my hips and pulls me back up right before i get another shot to the ribs him screaming "Don't Fucking move again you fagget!!" shocked lie still wondering if he hated me because hes never talked like that to me. Im shocked back into reality as he pounds it deep in my still unlubed ass, With no mercy or remorse for me his own blood. Crying from the immense amount of pain surging through my body i try my best to stay still. Crying and trying to scream he leans forward and puts his weight on me, pulling my hair and slowly starts to slip his manhood free i think it's finally over,than he bites my neck and whispers in my ear "this ass is mine". He long dicks be shoving it so deep i feel it in my guts. He rapes me in this position for what seems like hours until he flips me over like a rag doll telling me he wants to see my face while he hurts me.

I lie there stairing at him. He looked so evil. Like hurting me was the best feeling in the world. Pulling my legs up he places his dick to my entrance and says "who's ass is this?" before i can answer he stretch's me open. Trying to push away he gives me two more shots to the ribs, and laughs. Long dicking me again he has no mercy on my already swollen boi pussy. Trying my best to hold back the tears i look up and him. Feeling like iv gotten use to it his smile disappears and he places a hand on my throat and starts to choke me. Me Gasping for air sets his enthusiasm for this rape higher than before. He closes his eyes as i feel his body quiver and his monster cock pulse deep in my guts. Stream after stream of cum fill me and slowly start to drip down the crack of my ass into the floor.

Lying there crying, in amazingly excruciating pain i ask him why he hates me. He crawls over and kiss's me on the forehead saying he could never hate me, but that he knew as much as i loved him that id be the only person that could still love him after. Looking up at him he was right, I still loved him with all my heart. I call him my master and he calls me with slave. We've never been so close.



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