It's hot as Hades here in South Georgia.  The temperature was 91 degrees at 9:00 AM this morning.  I'm out in the hay field raking up the hay that was cut yesterday.  The tractor's umbrella shielding me from the sun seems to only make things hotter.  Once the cut hay is raked into rows, baled and loaded onto the flatbed trailer, we'll drive back to the barn and hoist up the bales into the loft.  The hay will feed the cattle all winter if we're lucky.  

 When the last of the hay was cut and raked, ready to be baled first thing tomorrow  With advice from the football coach, Dad had lined up 10 High School guys from the football team to help load the hay onto the trailer and get it all up into the hayloft before dark.

After a break for lunch, the guys hopped on the trailer and we went back to the hay field and we did it all again.  I judged that two more trips with a loaded wagon would get the last of the hay into the barn loft.  While the High School guys rested, I checked out the loft, making sure that the hay was properly stacked nearest the structural supports to avoid overloading the loft.  Many farmers have lost good barns just because they didn't stack the hay just right.  We tossed the last of the hay bales into the loft door at 3:30 PM.  

The football guys all piled into the back of the pickup and I took them back into town.  Coming home I stopped by the kitchen and fixed Aaron and I a couple of glasses of sweet tea and we went over to the shade under the grape arbor on the far side of the milk house and sat on the ground and leaned on the milk house wall.

We finished filling the hayloft and Dad came out and paid the guys that did all the grunt work and I drove them back into town. When I got back to the farm it was after five PM  I unhitched the trailer and drove straight to the Bohannon's spring fed lake just at the edge of our property.

Four years ago, Aaron Bohannon, my best and the only true friend left Georgia and went to Arizona on a football scholarship.  I've only seen him twice in those four years he's been away.

I jumped out of the truck before it came to a stop.  I ran to the lake, shedding my clothes as I ran.  Just as I started to push my jeans down I saw the Bohannon's pickup truck coming toward me.

When the truck stopped, a tall muscular guy got out.  He was wearing a worn and dirty hat and the brim shaded his face and eyes.  I wasn't sure who this stranger was but I was sure he wasn't Mr. Bohannon.

I pulled my pants up just as the stranger called out.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“Uh...I'm Clay...Clayton Cannon.  Our farm joins Mr. Bohannon's here by the lake.”

I still couldn't see the strangers face but I could easily see that this certainly wasn't Mr. Bohannon.  He was wearing worn and faded jeans, scuffed boots and a form-fitting T-ee shirt, showing off his well-toned body.

The stranger took a couple of steps toward Clayton and began to laugh under his breath.  The stranger pushed his hat up and gave out a low whistle.

“Damn Clayboy...You've become a man since I've been gone.”

“AARON? It can't be....oh god!  Is it really you?”

“Clayton started running toward the stranger, just a few steps away he recognized his friend.  Clayton leaped and the Aaron caught him in mid-air.”

They were laughing and yelling, both glad to see the other after such a .  Standing up, Aaron shucked off his

Tee shirt and loosened his belt.

“I've been thinking about this place for a month now.  Get out of those clothes and dive in with me Clayboy.”

Like most men when they get into the water, they have to horse around and grab at each other, pushing the other underwater, floating on the water.  Clay's hard cock stood tall out of the water. Aaron laughed as he floated on his back with his cock standing above the water also.

Aaron told Clay all about his four years in Arizona and that he was home for good to take care of his Dad.  Both Mr. Bohannon and my own Dad are suffering from lung cancer, but neither of them can give up the cigarets.  As for my own Dad, I know he's just waiting to die and go be with my mother.

“It's the same with my Dad, Clayboy.  He's the reason I'm home again.  You too.  It's so great to have you back on the farm Aaron.  I've really missed you while you were away.

"Yeah, I know, it's the same with me.  I've missed my friend so very much."

Aaron put an arm across Clay's shoulder and pulled them together so they were touching from hips to shoulders.  Clay could feel his cock stiffening from the slightest touch.

“I've thought about you a lot Clayboy, we need to have us a good long talk soon.  There's a lot I need to tell you”

Even as a little kid I knew that something about the way I felt for Aaron wasn't like it was supposed to be.  I tried to emulate him constantly.  I wished that my body was like his but with his tall and well-built body, I was no match with my farmboy muscles and farmer's tan. 

After another check about the way the hay was stacked, I drove the trailer back to the house and my Dad came out and thanked the guys for their hard work and gave the guys their pay for the day. Dad had returned inside to his chair and his TV programs.  

“How about me taking you out for dinner Clayton, we can drive over to Valdosta for a good meal.  That way, I've got a better chance of you not running away from me when we have that talk”

“I can't see that happening Aaron.  I've thought a lot about you as well  since you've been away.”

“Then we're on for dinner later?”

“Yes, sir...but I sure hope you're not gonna make me wear a tie.”

“No, just a clean pair of jeans and a white shirt should do for both of us.”

“We need to get cleaned up if we're going into town for dinner.  Thanks for helping out with feeding the crew today Aaron, I'm  I'm really glad your back home now.”

The dinner date with Aaron has me excited. It's the first time that Aaron and I would be alone together for more than five years.  We're both grown men now.  I was an eighteen-year-old kid when Aaron left for Arizona.  I wondered what it is that he wants us to talk about.  It really doesn't matter, just being with him is enough for me.

At six thirty I heard the Bohannon's truck rumble up our drive.  I was sitting on the front porch waiting for him.  The sight of him in his tight jeans, good boots and white button down collar shirt, made my cock start to plump up in my jeans.  Aaron Bohannon is one FINE looking man.  I knew I would likely have a hard cock all through our dinner just being so close to him.

I stood and stepped off the porch to meet him.  I saw his eyes take in every inch of me, scanning down to my boots, stopping ever so briefly to stare at my crotch then finally back to my face.  He didn't say anything but he gave me a wink and a smile as he put an arm, across my shoulders and asked if I was ready to go.  

The drive into Valdosta was about 20 minutes, and Aaron talked most all the way. He is very concerned about his Dad's poor health and is at the point where he's talking about just taking the cigarettes away from him.  The cigarettes and the oxygen tank could be lethal.

He told me that there was someone in Arizona that he once cared about but it was over and he had ended that relationship a few months before coming back to Georgia.  He said that person wouldn't accept his leaving there to come back home to Georgia.  Somehow I knew that the person he broke up with was that man who came looking for him that night I was sitting on the porch alone.  

Hmm...if it was a man he left, then I might have a chance with him, Aaron I mean.  

I started to ask about the car with the Arizona plates but decided to just let it pass.  He will tell me about it if he wants me to know. If it's over, it's all the better for me.  I've always been crazy for Aaron.  I know he likes to sunbathe in the nude and I think he might be gay.  “Fingers crossed,” as the Brits say.

We arrived at the restaurant and took a seat at the bar while we waited for a table to be readied.  We both ordered a Corona, with lime.

“So Clayton, hows life been for you these past five years?”

Hearing him say my name sent little shivers up my spine. That Sunday by the lake when we held each other's cock for a few seconds is the only other time I remember him calling me Clayton.  I like it, it made me feel more equal to him like he sees a man, not some kid when he's talking to me.  It makes me feel closer to him in some way.

With Dad's ailing health I quit college after the first year to come home and do the grunt work here on the farm.  Dad couldn't ride a tractor anymore or plant crops.  It was up to me to do it or let the bank take it over.  

We're struggling and I'm sure you and your Dad are likely in the same position.  But this is home for my Dad, maybe I'll sell out once he's gone, I just don't know right now.  It's crazy how this little bit of earth can grab hold of a person and make them want to make it work here.  Dad worked hard for this place, and as long as he's here, I'll be here with him.  It's a hard life, especially when there's was one my age nearby.  It's lonely but it's what I know and I'll be damned if I'll let this red Georgia clay beat me.”

“What, no love life for a great looking stud like you?”

I held up my right hand.  “This is my sex life right here Aaron.  I haven't been with anyone since that first week away at college.”

“Jeez, Clayton, I hadn't thought about it being so lonely back here.  You're the only person I know for miles around, outside of our family.”  

The waitress came and told us our table was ready and we took our beer and followed her to a far corner.  We looked at the menu and both of us ordered the Filet Steak.

“I told you that day the hay was baled that we needed to have a good long talk, that's part of why we're here tonight.  I've thought about you often Clayton.  Do you remember that Sunday when we were drunk on beer and we held each others cock for just a moment, do you remember that?

I know my face flushed red at his mentioning that drunken Sunday.

“Yes, I remember every second of it Aaron.”

“I lied to you that day Clay. There's just no way to ease into this so I'm gonna just dive in and say it.  Clay,  I'm gay.  I like sex with men, I have been for as long as I can remember.  Do you know what that means Clay?”

“Of course I know what being gay means Aaron, I may be a country hick but I'm not ignorant.  I'm very surprised that you, of all people, are gay.  But let me add that I am very glad that you are.  I've wanted to be with you that way since that Sunday by your lake.”  

“That Sunday when we were drunk I said we weren't queer, well I was then and I still am.  The relationship I mentioned in Arizona was with a man, he followed me here when I came home.  I've had a hell of a time getting rid of him.

Like I said earlier, I thought about you a lot while I was away.  I still remember how your hot cock felt in my hand that day by the lake.  I hope that you don't hate me for this...It's just the way I am.  I still want to be your friend if you'll let me.”

“YES! You'll always be my friend, Aaron.  I've admired and wanted you for ages,  I've had a monster crush on you since I was a kid.  I think I'm gay too, at least I feel that way when I'm near you.  In my dreams, I've ripped your clothes off you many, many nights and I've dreamed of doing all those things I see guys of the porno sites do.

 I'm not be experienced with men or any type of sex other than masturbation, but I've had plenty of experience jacking off thinking about Aaron Bohannon.  Sex-wise, I've had one guy give me a blowjob in his car back when I was at college, that was five years ago now.  

I think about that Sunday by the lake, holding your cock in my hand, you holding mine.  I've wished a thousand times since that day that I had dropped to my knees and taken your cock deep into my throat.  I still want that. I want to be with you that way Aaron, anytime, anywhere.”

“Let's finish up and let's get out of here Clayton.  We've got some catching up to do.  There's a Ho Jo Motel over on I-75 south, we're getting us a room there in about 15 minutes.”

Aaron called for the check, put the cash and check together with a good tip and we rushed out of the restaurant.  In the truck, Aaron reached over and put a hand on my thigh.

“I've wanted to be with you for a long, long time Clayton. I've watched you grow up.  You were the cutest kid and now you've grown into a handsome man.  That time we were jacking off together in the barn loft,  I wanted your cock so bad then. But you were still too young then. Now we're both of age, we don't have to wait any longer if you still want to do this.”

In a few short minutes, Aaron pulled into the motel, jumped out and ran in to get us a room.  Back at the truck, he drove to the closest parking spot to the room, at the door he held up the key card.

“You're sure about this Clayton?”

“Oh god yes, I'm sure,” I said while leaning over closer to him and groping his hard cock as Aaron fumbled with the key card.  Once we were in the room, Aaron pulled me close and lightly kissed my lips.

“I want to learn Aaron, I've wanted you so long.  I want to hold our naked bodies together, I want to make you happy, just tell me what I should do.”  

“Whatever happens is what is supposed to be, Clayton.  We'll just go with the flow.”

Aaron stepped closer as we stood to face each other and staring into each other's eyes.  Putting his hands on my hips he pulled my body against his and tilted his head down to mine.  His kiss was playful and gentle, nibbling just a bit at my lower lip.

I responded by looking up and returning his kiss, but mine was more insistent,  I traced along his lower lip with my tongue until he opened his mouth and my tongue slithered in, bringing me almost to climax before I pulled away.  

I started unbuttoning his shirt and threw it toward the chair, my hands were at his waist fumbling with the top button of his Levis when he stopped me.

“Please Clayton, let me undress you.  I've dreamed of this, getting you naked and having my way with you.”

Aaron gasped when he raised my tee shirt over my head.  Jeez, Clayton!  Your muscles are amazing.  Your work clothes keep your body hidden.  Your body is amazing!  At six feet, four inches Clayton muscular body thrilled me.  His chest was a mass of chestnut curls and thick,  hairy treasure trail split him down the middle, disappearing into a neatly trimmed pubic bush with a hairless scrotum smooth and softer than baby's butt.

Aaron's hands played over my body, fingertips gently touching my abs.  My arousal was obvious as I stood there, bare-chested with a very hard cock straining against the denim of  my jeans, still with his hands on my hips, Aaron leaned back and thrust his pelvis hard against my confined erection, we were both hard and our cocks were beginning to be very uncomfortable trapped in our jeans.  I quickly loosened my belt and let my jeans fall to the floor.

Aaron gasped as he saw that I was going commando.  He could see the big blue vein that snaked down the left side of my lower abdomen, it was obscured as it passed through my pubic hair and became visible again as it curved and turned pulsing and expanding atop my aching, throbbing cock.

Once he caught my free swinging, bobbing cock, he commented on the large wet spot that was showing near the top of the left leg of my jeans. With another deep tongue kiss, Aaron slid to his knees before me, looking up he gently he nosed into my pubic bush and inhaled deeply.

“Jeez, you smell so good, Clayton.”

The sudden erection trapped pubic hair in very uncomfortable spots, pulling his cock free, Aaron fondled my testicles as he jacked my dripping cock with the other.  Looking up to my eyes again Aaron slowly took all of my cock deep into his mouth and throat.

Clayton cried out and fell across the bed.

“Oh god Aaron, nothing ever felt like this, don't stop....please don't ever stop..I've wanted this for us for so very long.”

Aaron was gobbling up my cock like a wild man, it took all on my strength to pull him off my cock and up into my arms.

With my throbbing cock in his hand, Aaron pressed his cheek against my lower abdomen.

“Wow, you've grown a good bit these last five years you've got a beautiful cock, Clayton.  love the way your foreskin lets the corona peek through, you've grown into such a handsome man.

 His tongue swirled around the corona and collected the clear pearl of pre-cum that was starting to slide down the head of my cock.  Slowly he inched his way pushing my long, fat cock deep into his mouth. When his lips ground against my pubes, he began a swallowing motion in his throat that nearly sent me over the edge.

“No! NO! NO!  Not yet!  Please Don't make me cum yet Aaron, please, nothing I've ever know has felt this good.!”

We moved on the bed and I turned to the sixty-nine position and pulled his cock back into my mouth.  We were both frantic wanting this first time to be epic, but nature takes over and in moments we are both filling the other with semen.  I couldn't swallow it all, but I managed to lick him clean.

“That was your first time Clayton?”

“Yes...I've waited almost five years to do this with you.  It won't be the last time.  I love the way your cock feels in my mouth, Aaron, I love the way you taste.  I could lay here and suck on this all day if we didn't have to work”  

“There's more yet to come, Clayton, If you thought that felt good just wait till I get your big cock inside me.  Mmm...I can tell right now that this is gonna be our new favorite pastime.”

There is something else I want you to do but I need to get into the shower first.  Give me ten minutes and come get in the shower with me Clayton.”

I came close to shooting off again when a naked Clayton stepped into the shower with me.  His body is very near perfection even with farm work his only exercise. Once we were back on the bed, I had Claton lay face down as I rubbed myself over every inch of his backside.  I licked, kissed and tongued every inch of his backside down to the rise of his hard little butt sitting atop his strong, long legs. I took a moment to take in the physical perfection of his body.

Finally, I was able to shake off the vision of his perfect body although the vision of him lying face down on the bed and his perfect little butt raised up to command my absolute and undivided attention will be burned into my memory forever.

I was anxious to discover which would turn out to be Clayton's preference, will he be a top or a bottom.  Time will tell on that point but for right this minute, Clayton is a top and I will instruct him in fucking my hungry butt until I cry for him to stop.  With four years of college behind me, I've been fucked enough to know that I truly like it.  With his big, fat cock, I do hope that Clayton will turn out to be a top.

I stretched out over Clayton's backside, my rigid and leaking cock wedged between his perfect little butt cheeks.  I felt him rise and push back against my cock at his crack.

“Tonight will be a big first for you Clayton, I want you to take a bottle of lubricant and prepare me for your cock.  Once I'm well lubricated, you're going to fuck me with that wonderful cock of your's.”

“You want my cock up your butt Aaron??

“Yes, I want to lay on my back and watch as you make love to me.”

After Aaron had me well lubed, he guided my stiff cock to his anal entrance.  

“Don't worry Clayton, you won't hurt me.  Really it will be just the opposite, I imagine that your cock pistoning in my butt will be the best feeling in my little world.  Come, Clayton,  finally we can make love. I've waited for you to grow up and you've become the epitome of manhood.  Now it's time for you to breed me.  Fuck my butt.  NOW!

 It took two hands and four tries before the corona of Clayton's cock finally breached Aaron's anal opening.  Aaron gasped briefly but quickly settled down on the hot spike in his guts.  His first movements were slow and deliberate, as he felt the most wonderful sensations of his young life.  

Clayton's hard cock began with a slow rocking motion that quickly escalated to a hard, slamming, hard-driving man to fuck. Both men were covered with a shiny sheen of sex sweat, each desperately intent on pleasing the other.  Aaron was soon transported to that special place where the only thing that matters is more cock up his but.

A low, guttural growl began to escape from deep inside Clayton, in only a matter of moments, the growl became a roar as Clayton's body tensed rigidly, his muscles so taut that they ached, feet and toes pointed out behind them,  and the thrill of hot semen rushing along its route only to burst out into the  air and coat the sweat-slicked bodies of Aaron and Clayton.

Somehow both men managed to simultaneously ejaculate, sending oceans of semen over the bed, the walls and each other.

It was past an hour when they finally began to come around. Reaching to pull Clayton's body as close against his as possible he smiled and whispered in Clayton's ear. “

“I've always dreamed that our first time would be just like that.  I think we'll be sleeping together much more frequently now.

“You know it's more than just sex don't you Clayton.?

That was an act of love for both of us.”

“I know Aaron, I've loved you all my life.  Now though, things are changing.  “You are mine, Aaron.  I can't, I won't share you with any other.”

“After what we've just experienced, that will not be a problem Clayton, I've loved you most of your life.  I'm sure that I will come to love you more as our time together passes.  

We moved Mr. Bohannon over to our place so that they could set and talk about the good old days, plus Aaron and I were sleeping together in the little, field shack that the tenant farmers used several years ago.  We wouldn't need heat until winter time and we could stay at either house if there's bad weather.

Our summer came and went fairly quickly, it seemed that as soon as the hay was done, we were raking up the Pecan harvest.  On October 25th, my Dad passed away, the constant coughing ruptured an artery and he died on the way to the hospital in Valdosta, six weeks later, Mr. Bohannon passed away in his sleep. It was a very sad time for us, we both had lost our parents twice now.  

We both knew that we didn't want to farm the rest of our lives and after a bit of studying and checking on what was happening, we decided that we could subdivide our farms and offer up new homes for sale with decent pricing.   Aaron and I made wads of cash from the sale of the two farms just 6 miles from the town square.

“I enrolled at Valdosta State and got my degree in Animal Husbandry in 3 years.”

While I was taking care of animals within in a 50-mile radius of our farms. Aaron calculated that there was enough room the farms for 110 new housing units.  We sold our combined farms for 1.45 million.  We settled temporarily in the Atlanta area mainly because of the airport.  Aaron secured a job with the Georgia Tech Athletic department as the second in command in Sports Information Office.

I started a mobile veterinarian service for elderly and shut-in pet owners, providing mostly free vaccinations and health care for their pets.

We bought a small brick bungalow a couple of miles from Emory University and made a few good friends.  We're happy and content in our new home.  We have each other and that is the most important thing. Sleeping each night with the man I grew up loving is the best part of our lives together.  

The End.

Bill Hudley
[email protected]

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