In the farming community where I grew up, we were all pretty much related. There was one prolific family that was pretty much how we were all related. Now I was not closely related to this family, they were somewhere in the vicinity of fifth or sixth cousins. One other important thing about this prolific family, they were prone to birthing boys. Good looking boys. In my generation there were about ten boys around my age. I hung out with them quite a bit. Although we went to diffrent high schools, they were still pretty much my closest neighbors.

Being teenage boys, there was some experimenting going on. In fact the first cock I ever touched outside of my own was Presley's. Presley was a tall slim handsome dark haired boy, with a very proud curved, heavy helmeted seven inch dick. We were hanging out in our barn, when he asked me if I'd ever jacked off with another guy. I said no, then he asked me if I wanted to. Long and short of it, we ended up doing mutual masturbation. Presley's was also the first dick I ever had in my mouth. I barely even sucked on it, before Presley pulled away having second thoughts. He had it in his mind that if he came it would be a sin. ( Did I mention this family came from some very fire and brimstone conservative backgrounds?)

A somewhat younger cousin, ( Presley's first cousin.) was Martin. Martin was stocky and blondish. Apparently about the time Martin reached puberty, Presley and Martin started messing around. I know this because once Presley asked me if I'd ever corn holed a guy. ( By now I had found my freind Carl, so the answer was yes, but I didn't tell Presley that.) I denied that I ever had and asked him why he asked. He said He and Martin had tried it, but it didn't work.

Now, that stuck in my mind for quite a while. And then one summer day, Presley and Martin dropped by after church. I was out in the barn, the parents and sibs were gone, so it waas just us boys.

Presley was always the instigator. Once again he mentioned cornholing, and eventually asked if I knew how to do it. Martin was blushing all kinds of red. I point blank, asked Presley if he wanted to get cornholed? After some hemming and hawing, it was Martin who admitted he wanted to try it. I shrugged, and said okay, I was willing to try cornholing him if he wanted to try it.

I retrieved some udder cream. Presley and Martin looked at it then at me. Finally one of them asked what it was for. I grinned. Suddenly it was all too clear, why their previous attempts at the art of cornholing failed. Niave boys that they were, they tried going in dry. I very carefully explained, that when a woman got fucked, she juiced, making her own lube. Guys, did not make their own juice, so a little extra help was needed.

I swear there was a look of revelation on their faces.

Pretty soon we were all up in the hay mow, sitting on horse blankets, on bales, naked as jaybirds. Martin was sporting a short fatty. He seemed fascinated by my fat uncut seven incher. Hey, until I went to college, I'd never seen an uncut dick, other than mine, either. I asked him if he wanted to touch it. He did and I let him do it for a bit. Not long, I didn't want to come. Not when there was a chance of sinking into that plump ass.

Since both of them seemed to be looking to me, I got the party started. I started slicking udder cream over my dick, passing the jar to Martin. He looked at me, unsure what to do with it. " Better slick some on your cornhole bud, It will make it go easier." Martin seemed suddenly unsure. " Is it gonna hurt?" " Yeah, I suppose it will." He bit his lip.

"Look, Marty, have you ever put a finger up your butt?" He shook his head in denial. I held up a finger. " Look, my finger is not so big, do you want to try that first, see if you like it?" Slowly he agreed to try my finger first.

I gently pushed him down on the bale and had him flip over to his stomach. Plump ass up, I gently nudged his legs apart. Presley hovering over my shoulder. I fingered out a glob of udder creartin's whole body was shaking. Fearing he was afraid, I gave him a chance to back out. He didn't want to.

I gently ran my finger up and down his crack, just grazing his hole. "Tell me when you are ready, Marty." " I'm as ready as I guess I'll ever be. Just put it in, Rusty!"

Given the green light, I buried just the tip of my index finger, in his quivering little slit. His whole body went tense, his hole clamping down hard on my finger. Using my free hand, I gently massaged his back and began talking to him softly. Eventually he relaxed a bit and my finger slid in deeper. It took a bit, but eventually my finger was sunk in as far as it would go. I have always been a visual person, and just the sight of my finger buried in Martin's hole was making my dick leak.

Meanwhile Presley was jacking his dick, just over my shoulder. As I began to slowly finger fuck our cousin, he must have come close to erupting because he pulled his hand away. Now, I did not know all about the prostate gland at the time, but I must have found it. Martin began to buck his ass, trying to get more of my finger inside. I looked over my shoulder at Presley.

" Presley?" He looked at me with glazed eyes. " Do you want to try a finger up your hole?" He reddened, then nodded yes.

I indicated another bale. I had him place it and himself so he was stomach down next to Martin.

Presley's ass was nearly hairless, unlike his younger cousin. I globbed up my index finger on my other hand, and began to massage the cream into his crack. Unlike Martin, I guess Presley was ready to go. It did not take long at all before my finger was buried in his hole. I think Presley must have stuck a finger or two inside once or twice.

Soon, I was pumping fingers into both boys. Martin was really bucking and moaning. Presley was kind of hissing and holding still. If he was enjoying my finger, I don't think he wanted us to know. Still, there was no objection when two fingers slipped into him. Martin went even wilder. At three fingers, Martin came, shooting spunk into the blanket. That was the first time I knew someone could come with out touching their dick. Of course with all the bucking, his dick was probably getting worked over by the rough horse blanket.

He groaned when I pulled my slick fingers from his hole. I worked Presley's ass a few more licks. Then I pulled out of his hole too. I was nearly bursting with the need to come. I climbed behind the bale over Presley. Martin propping himself up to watch.

I half expected Presley to object to being fucked. He always acted so macho. He just spread his legs a bit wider. Relubing my cock, I rested it in his crack and began sliding it up and down. Presley just lay still. I waited for some sign, when finally I heard. " Just stick in all ready! What are you waiting for?"

Green Light! I shoved the head of my fat cock in him. Presley just grunted. Remembering my first time with Carl, I tried to hold still so he could adjust. When he relaxed a bit, I slowly sank my seven inches up to my balls. Presley was so hot and tight around my cock, I very nearly shot my load.

Presley, didn't let me rest long though. " Man, that hurts! If you are gonna cornhole me, just do it already!"

No disagreement from me. I stopped trying to be Mr. Nice Cornholer, and began to saw in and out of him. I don't know if Presley enjoyed his ass prodding, he just laid there, whimpering and grunting.

Being a teenage boy, I didn't take long before I was shooting my load inside Presley's hole.

When I stopped jerking, Presley pulled away from my dick. Rolling out from under me, he hurried into his clothes and hurried down the ladder and out of the barn.

Non plussed, Martin and I just stared at each other. Then Martin shrugged. " I guess he wasn't expecting to get cornholed!"

Then he gave me a sheepish smile. " He was always the one who wanted to cornhole me." I smiled. " Guess, he didn't like the way things turned out."

I looked at Martin sitting there naked on that horse blanket. Amazing thing about being a teenage boy. Even though, I'd just come, my dick began to harden again. I could see Martin's cock swell as well.

" I'll still let you cornhole me if you want Rusty!"

At that my cock rose all the way to full mast.

Martin fipped back on his stomach. I gobbed more lube on my cock and went to kneel between his legs. I slicked some more cream on his hole. This time my fingers went in easier. Once again I finger fucked him. Unlike Presley, Martin was moaning and bucking to meet my finger thrusts.

" Put your dick in me Rusty! I want to feel it in me!"

I wasn't going to wait for an engraved invite. I pulled out fingers, and lined the head of my dick with his slightly hairy crack.

As the head, slipped past his hole muscle. I felt Martin tense up.

" Shit, that really hurts!" " I'll pull out if you want me to!" " No, no, it just feels like there is a corn cob in me!" " I guess, that's why they call it cornholing!" I joked.

Martin laughed weakly, and relaxed a bit. My dick slid deeper inside.

Martin groaned. " Holy Fuck, it feels like my ass is on fire. " I was trying to hold still, but my arms were beginning to strain. In spite of my efforts, I slid farther inside him.

I must have hit his magic button about then. Martin, gasped, and his hips bucked. His hot tight hole sucked me in to the nuts.

Once again, I tried to hold still. " Shit, your dick feels like it's about two feet long." Martin gasped.

We held that position for a bit, then Martin began to move around under me, experimently, feeling the grinding of my dick around inside of him. I could look down and see his pucker stretched tight around my cock.

I eased out a bit, and pushed back again. I saw Martin's eyes fly open. It must have felt real good, because Martin began humping the bale, fucking himself slowly on my rod.

I began to slowly stroke into him. Martin a sheen of sweat over his body, was groaning and arching to meet my thrusts.

Soon, I was pounding Martin, hard. He seemed to really love it. We were rocking so hard we were moving that 50 lb bale across the floor.

Then, I felt the cum well up. I gasped out I was going to cum. Martin, just humped faster. Soon I was emptying my second load of the afternoon inside him. Martin yelled out, and suddenly his whole gut was clamping down tight on me.

We lay there gasping. My sweaty front, plastered to his sweaty back. My dick still hard inside him, still stretching him out.

After a moment. He began to squirm.

" Umm..? Rusty....? My hole is kind of sore? Could you pull that thing out of me...?"

I did. We sat there a moment or two, suddenly awkward. Neither one knowing what to say. In our world, what we had just done was a sin. Finally, we just got dressed. Because Presley had left him behind, I gave Martin a ride home. We were silent the whole way.

" You won't tell anyone will you?" Martin finally blurted. " Nah, it's not the kind of thing you tell." " Do you think Presley will tell?" " Nah, he won't want anyone knowing he took a pole up his hole!"

We left it at that.

After that Presley and Martin avoided me like I had the plague. Martin and I never got together for anymore cornholing. I guess he was too unsettled by how it made him feel. Presley practically ran and hid if he saw me. Being first cousins, he had to interact with Martin at family functions, but not me.

To this day I wondered if perhaps Presley liked it more than he let on.




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