Profile of Hayden

Hayden, 33 years-of-age, stood 6-feet and 2-inches; weighted a hard 175 pounds; curly well-trimmed brown hair and sexy brown eyes; slim tanned athletic body; cute baby face; smooth hairless chest, stomach and legs; 8-inch circumcised cock with big low hanging balls; and a very sexy prominent set jaw.

Profile of Ty

Ty, a 19-year-old, stood 5-feet and 8-inches; weighed 155 pounds; strawberry curly blonde hair and hazel eyes (a light green); sexy freckles on his face, arms and chest; very white skin with the most sexy red fuzzy red pubes; and a very cute circumcised 7-inch cock.


I was looking for a new top caddy for the club about 20 months ago when Ty applied for the position just after he had turned 18. During the interview, I pursued the fact that he was from a golfing family. His parents and three older brothers were members of the country club and avid golfers. Ty had grown up playing golf and was the top golfer on his high school team his last three years. And he was one hot sexy little dude that appealed to my libido, as i was a devoted gay man.

I hired Ty for the caddy position and I assigned him as the caddy for some of the most wealthy members of the club. In addition, when I gave golf lessons to our members, I always had Ty assist me. I loved being just close to that hot good smelling body. I had difficulty controlling my lust for this really hot caddy. He gave no indication as to his sexual orientation or that he had any sexual interest in me.

Three months ago and after he and been the top caddy for the previous 17 months and the fact that he was now a well-developed 19 year old young fresh meat, I got my chance to make my move one Friday afternoon.

I had taken Ty to lunch in the exclusive restaurant  of the club with an appointment to to spend most of the afternoon giving Ty a golf lesson. It was then I got my opportunity to make my move. We were about 40 minutes into the lesson when I noticed a problem with Ty's swing as he teed off on the 11th green. He hit the ball out of the fairway and into a pond. He became frustrated and said: "Hayden, what is wrong with my swing?"

I placed another ball on the tee and got behind TY. I put my hands under his arms and in front of him. I grabbed his wrists as he held his driving club. As I moved his hands and arms back for a long swing, I deliberately moved my crotch and growing cock up tight against his bubble ass in those tight pants. I felt the heat radiating from his hot round ass, as my hot breath blew on his neck and back.

I knew he liked the feel of my crotch rubbing against his butt when he pushed his ass back into my crotch and said: "Oh my god Hayden, I feel your big missile rubbing against my ass. Man you seem rock hard?"

This had become my chance when I thrust my crotch and cock harder int his cute backside and responded: ""Ty, bend your his and lean over the ball even more and show me the swing."

As he did, his ass gave my cock a little more room to push forward into his hot pants reminding me of the hot doggy style of fucking an ass.

I continued to pursue the hot position when I instructed: "Now Ty, you see it is easier to get the ball into the hole when you know what you are doing."  I pushed my crotch even harder into his pants as I made that comment.

I knew Ty was horny when he replied: "Hayden can you make it into a hole that is smaller? Does that work?"

As I began to feel a wet spot in my shorts, I said: "Sure Ty, why don't I show you?"

"Yea Hayden, I'd really like that. How hard is it to get a big object into a tight hole?"

"TY, I think this has been enough instructions for today. Why don't we go over to my condo and found out about a tight hole and a big object."

"Yea Hayden, I love that idea."

As we sat on my balcony having a drink, Ty opened the door wide for an afternoon of fucking his cute virgin ass. My move on the golf course obviously had made him horny as hell. He said: "Hayden, for a long time, I've wondered what a cock might feel like up my ass. I'm a virgin but some of my best friends are gay. I've heard them talk about how great it is to get a blowjob from a man. I bet a guy gives better head than a woman, as guys know how a mouth feels on their own boner. I guess I'm very curious about gay sex? Hayden, you're gay. When you came on to me on the golf course, I almost blew my load. I'm really hot for you to teach me how to suck cock and fuck ass. I'm ready. You're so hot and experienced that I want you to teach me how to suck and fuck just as you have taught me how to be a better golfer."

"Hell yea, Ty, I'm gay and you turn me on like no other dude has ever done. I'm horny as hell to get into your hot pants. Fuck, you seem to like older men---that is so neat."

"Gee Hayden, I did not know until today that you were hot for me. To be honest, my cock is growing as we speak and is getting really hard. Yea, I want to have sex with you right now. How big is that cock of yours? Do you think my little pink tight ass can take that big stick or object of yours?"

"Shit yea, my erect 8-inch cock can drill that pussy of yours. My boner is experienced at fucking all types and sizes of man pussy. I'll go slow at first and I will stop if it hurts you. But my big cock had been in smaller and tighter virgin asses before so relax. Trust me, you will love my cock up that pretty little ass of yours. Lets go to my rec room and let me give you the thrill of your young life. We will only do what you're comfortable with this first time."

"Oh my god Hayden, I'm so horny and I do want us to suck cock and fuck. I'm ready and I'll do what you show me. Thanks for coming on to me."

As we entered my rec room, we immediately shed all our clothes and stood in front of each other butt naked with our big cocks protruding like two hot pokers. I grabbed Ty in a very tight embrace and parted his juicy lips and plunged my hot tongue deep into the back of his hot throat. Our sweaty bodies were entangled with our raging cocks sliding back and forth over our abs. The feeling of the heat from our cocks was mind blowing. We engaged in a series of very  long lustful sloppy kisses as our tongues battled each other for control of our buddies' mouth, as we humped slamming our naked bodies into each other as heat radiated from our steamy sex. Our big cocks began to leak pre-cum making for a very wet and sticky messy pubic hair. The smell of sex was so awesome.

After some five minutes of pure flesh rubbing against flesh, we pulled apart. I took one of my favorite sex toys, a silk black blindfold, and tied it around Ty's head and over his eyes. "Baby, I want you to use your senses of feel and smell as I make my next move to devour your hot sexy body. You will be crazy with lust for me if you cannot see but can feel me."

"Oh hell Hayden, I'm already crazy with lust for you. This is a little kinky that so turns me on. I want to be your bitch. Take charge of my body, I'm yours."

I pushed hot Ty up against the side of the pool table, took a golf ball, lubed it and began rubbing it against his hard nipples. TY began moaning and quivering with excitement and lust at the feel of not knowing what I was using to play with his very erect nipples. Yea, he was loving the sex game. Then I took my favorite golf putter and ran it down his chest, stomach, across his ribbed abs, over his sexy thighs, under his red-hot balls, across his puckering asshole and finally up his back. From the feel of the club, Ty began to buck like a mean bull. The feel had him near a climax.

"Oh Fuck, what are you rubbing against my body? I felt a round ball and then some type of stick that played with my ass. Man I want to come. Fuck this is so sexy and hot."

I did not answer which made Ty even hornier. It was then time for Ty to experience his first blowjob that he was so curious about how it would feel.

I began to plant hard kisses on his mouth and run my tongue deep inside as I produced gobs of saliva. Next I moved my wet sloppy tongue under his armpits and licked both of them until his underarm hair was soaking wet. I moved down and began sucking on those really erect nipples. I sucked hard as if I was a baby going for milk from mother, slid my tongue down his chest and across his stomach, licked his flat hard abs, sucked on his hot and smelly thighs before I began  to take his shinny cum oozing cock head into my mouth. I ran my tongue around and around the cock head while I used a hand to fondle his steamy hot nuts. Gradually, I ran my tongue up and down each side of his throbbing vein covered cock shaft that seemed to grow even stiffer under the influence of my hot tongue and wet spit. I almost lost control when Ty began to violently thrust his hips and butt forward into my face. The more he thrust forward the harder it was for me to suck that cock. Ty was literally screaming with pure excitement at his first blowjob. But I held firm and continued to suck that big dick sucking out more and more of his pre-cum. Man it was sweet tasting.

Finally, I began to swallow that gorgeous young cock deep into my throat. I began inch by inch stuffing the entire cock to the back of my mouth. As Ty cried out in pleasure, I moved from slowly going up and down the thick cock to rapidly moving  his cock in and out of my mouth. After several minutes of giving him the best blowjob of my life, I felt his cock head swell, his balls tightened up and there was an increase in the pe-cum flow. I realized that Ty had passed the point of no return. 

At this point Ty surprised me when he pulled his throbbing cock out of my mouth and he began to jerk his tool wildly until he exploded like a volcanic flow of cum on my face, in my mouth and on my head and one stream went over my head onto the top of the pool table. Man he was an amazing cum shooter.

Ty then reached up and took off the blindfold and saw my face and head covered in his warm sticky cum. He was out of control from the site of all that cum on me. He grabbed the back of my head, held it in his hands and began lick my face and mouth collecting his on cum that he swallowed and then shared it with me by kissing me.

With cum dripping from his lips, Ty gave me a big sexy smile and said: ""Hell yea Hayden, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUUCCCCKKKKK, my gay buddies were right on. Getting head from a man is the best. No woman can suck cock like that man. It takes a man to know how it feels to have a mouth on your cock. Man that was super great."

It was now time for Ty to experience giving his first blowjob on a man's cock. I put him on the floor on his back. I sat my butt down on his chest with my legs on each side of his head and began to part his lips with my big snake. He took all my cock down his throat and his tongue was awesome massaging my cock. I only let him suck my cock for a couple of minutes because I did  not want to come before I fucked that pink tight ass of his.

I had Ty lay down on his back on the pool table and I pulled his legs off the edge of the table until his ass was just over the edge for easy access for my throbbing hard cock. I lubed his ass, lubed my cock, put on a condom and lubed the condom. I slowly inserted my cock head into that virgin ass inch by inch while Ty bucked and moaned first from pain and then from pure pleasure. I felt his powerful pulsating spasms on my stiff rod. I drove my huge dick all the way into his pulsating man pussy. His ass was soon filled to the brim with my 8-incher and I just held it there so he could adjust to this big object that had invaded his private pussy.

As we both began to grunt, rapidly increase our breathing and profusely perspire with sexy heady man odors, lust took charge as I began to slam his beautiful soft ass with my hungry cock. I lost all sense of mercy as I wildly pushed deeper and deeper into the slick, soft and juicy ass. I stood on the tip of my toes and used my strong legs to thrust forward as I pounded this young fresh meaty pussy.

I fucked my young dream boy with the entire force of my body. The feeling of his flesh was beyond my best ever fuck. My cock had never been in an ass so soft like velvet. His ass muscles somehow knew just how to massage my steel hard cock that set off the nerve endings through ever inch of my aching cock. I became almost unconscious as I pulled my pulsating cock almost all he way out and back in over and over.


This young stud's cock began to grow again as I fucked his ass. The libido of a young stud does not take long to recover from a climax. Oh to be young again.

Both of our faces became flushed, the breathing increased, our bodies began to shiver from head to toe, Ty's toes curled and I felt my balls spasm as they pumped my seed up into my cock and out my piss slit. Soon the condom was filled to the brim and a little over as I shot my load deep inside Ty. When I was spent, I slowly pulled my condom covered cock out of that man pussy, took off the condom, turned it up and into Ty's waiting mouth as he drank my load of warm cum.

This set Ty off again as his cock shot a second load of his jizz all over his upper body. I licked his body clean as I enjoyed his sweet protein cum.

As we slowly recovered from such awesome sex, Ty gave me a sexy smile, a wink and said: ""Oh my god, Hayden, I never dreamed that man sex could be this great. Your delicious cock and that tasty cum was the best thing ever. Man, I want to be your bitch. The gay life is for me."

"TY babe, you've got it. I want to fuck that hot pussy of yours over and over. I might even let you fuck me if you wish. Man you are some hot young stud and I love that fresh meat."


Naughty Eric


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