It was Joe who introduced me to the joy and the pleasure of male to male sex. I met this guy at his cousin's house in the country side. We used to go to a near by cave, get naked, kiss and play for hours. Then we would go to the near by water falls and clean up in the nude.

One day, he said he wanted to take me to another private place where we could play and enjoy each other. We both returned from the cave after a day of hot kissing and fondling. It was close to midnight. He took me to a isolated two-story building and said that he would like to sleep with me on the top of that building!

There was no body inside and no stairs to the top. He showed me a covered ladder of which he used to climb to the top. It was a hot summer day and the moon was out. No one was there but the two of us.

We both climbed the stairs in nothing but our shorts. On the top I was surprised to see a small mattress and what appeared to be a gym bag.

Joe waisted no time and stripped but naked. I followed him. He said he would like to dance for me. He started dancing and wiggling his ass. The closer to me he comes, the more he stretches his ass hole. I knew his ass well. I played with it. I touched it with my hands. He wanted me to do more.

He suddenly jumped on the mattress and spread his legs in the air wide open for me. He started to talk dirty and asked me to lick his ass. I jumped in and spread his ass. I let my nose and tongue probe his ass cracks. He opened the gym bag and pulled jar of honey. He poured some honey on his asshole and asked me to eat it. It was a blast. I came within few minutes.

He turned around and started sucking my ass at the same time. So we rimmed each other for about ten minutes. Then he asked me if he could fuck me. I told him I would let him in one condition if I could fuck him first.

He smiled and said with pleasure. he hugged me and kissed me. He smelled honey from the jar that he poured on my ass and his. I French kissed him while I let two fingers slid inside his honey marinated asshole.

He opened his gym bag again and gave me a lubricant and a condom. He asked me to go easy on him. After I played in his ass finger fucking him, I inserted a condom and started to penetrate him. It was so hot and warm. I could not describe the feeling. I heard him screaming so I stopped and asked him if there was a problem. He said he was virgin and I was his first boy. He was my first boy two.

I moved inside of him until I buried by nine inches. His tone changed as he screamed from pleasure. He told me to come inside. We both came at the same time.

Exhausted but still horny, we both exchanged position. He did the same to me and lubricated my ass then went inside me. He used one finger and went deep inside until I felt something pleasurable. He said it was my prostate. He continued to message my prostate until I could not handle it anymore. He pulled his finger and started to fuck me. It was painful first but quickly turned to pleasure.

I made sure the he used the missionary position so I could see him. I was on my back. I held his legs while he fucked me and spread his asshole. I inserted two fingers in his ass. I wanted to feel him while he is inside me. I could notice that made him go deeper and stronger. I spread his ass more and inserted a third finger. I pushed him toward me. I was about to come my self when I noticed how his prostate turned solid and his muscles contracted. It was very pleasurable. He came inside me. I blasted on his face. We both used condoms when we fucked and we made sure to protect ourselves. We both were virgins when it came to men sex.

The boy became my lover and fuck body. We slept together since then and for the entire summer. Yet, nature was more rewarding to us. Occasionally we would go to the cave and fuck or to the near by lake and sun bath in the nude. I would put lotion on his body and made sure put cream lotion on his ass. It was a way to marinate his ass and made it tastier and juicier. Sometime, a cup of honey or milk would be used to marinate our bodies and then spend the day naked on the beach. We often swim there and fuck inside the water or play all kind of sexual foreplays. It was an isolated area and no one knew about us.

At night we would return to his place on the top of the building and fuck with no rest.


R Joe

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