'What the actual fuck can I wear?!' I was saying to my own reflection as I tried different costumes infront of the mirror. I have a good V shaped swimmers body with nice abs, good pecs and thin waist so I wanted something sexy.

I have copper coloured hair and kind of olive/brown eyes, pale skin and a straigh toothed smile plus my upper right ear pierced and two tatoos, one on my wrist and the other on my hip. I am 18 and I will be starting law in Chicago university after the summer ends but today Teresa, one of my best friends, had organized a costume party and I really wanted to impress.

After hours of trying costumes I went for some black tight jeans, a black V necked t-shirt, a leather black vest and a black cowboy hat...everything REALLY tight, as I walked down the stairs my older sister sayed 'Hey bro gonna make some porn films?'I gave her the middle finger but then winked an eye and blew her a kiss.

I had gotten early to the party since I promised to help, Sita and I have been friends since we were two years old, she opened the door and flung her arms around my neck giving me a kiss on the lips, she knew I was gay, 'uhhh I didn't order a stripper you sexy punk' I just smiled 'Who would pay for seeing me you hottie?' She frowned, I've had a troubled adolescense I was anorexic and depressed, and when my parents kicked me out for being gay I started cutting of course my sister who is older brought me to live with her but it was Sita (as I called Teresa) who helped me get over every single thing. Anyway now I have to admit I've got quite a hot body and a sexy stud face 'C'mmon Sita you know I am kidding' she giggled 'If you ever say that again I will rip your balls off' and that was the end to that.

After hanging some decorations and putting away whatever could be harmed guests started arriving, it wasn't even 10:30 yet and the house was full, some awkward skrillex pounding on the speakers. I was just dancing with Sita and one of my friends when I got a little dizzy from all the white wine (I have class okay?!) I went and sat down on the couch, that was when I noticed Will starring at me. I was never close to Will, he only came to our school for the last year and didn't have many friends, but he was CUTE he was slim but well muscled and had blond hair and green eyes wich toped off with a perfectly tanned skin...I don't know why but suddently I felt sorry cause he was standing there all alone so I told him to come sit next to me 'Heeey, Will right?' He smiled 'Yepp, how you doing Martin?' ''How'd you know my name??' He now blushed 'Oh well I like knowing the name of the people I like' my jaw flung open, and my inner god started waking up 'whaaaaat?' 'Oh come on sexy cowboy you are dressed like that, with that hot body, and I have had a crush on you in what seems forever!' It was my turn to blush 'Oh...oh! Um you are sexy as hell to you know Will?' He grinned 'Really' I nodded lost in my thoughts 'So my parents out for the weekend, how bout you come over Martin and we get to know each other a little better huh?' Ei nodded silently once again, my inner god just pirueting and jumping around. I said quick byes to Sita who was dancing with one of the soccer team players, she looked up at Will who was pulling my arm and grinned.

Will lived pretty close to Sitas house so it wasn't long before we got there, I made sure to send an SMS telling my sister I wouldn't be sleeping home, and then sank into a deep conversation with Will, he told me how he had had a crush on me since the first time he saw me, how he cryed when word came up that I cut and how he had come to the party only hoping to see me while I told him how sincerly I had never thought of him, he just grinned and said 'We shall change that'

We got to his house, nice two storys, he took me to his room and as soon as we were ther he lunged to kiss me our tongues twisting and exploring around eachothers mouths we got stripped without parting and started rubbing our cocks together. I was pretty proud of my 81/2 inch cock, his was a little samller but uncut, a large vein crossing it. He got to his knees and deep throated me in one movement, as he went up and down my shaft, sniffing my pubes, he plated around with my balls; when I felt the orgasm building I parted him away, he groaned 'C'mon I want mooore' he wined ' No way, I really need to shove my deep up your ass' his eyes got really big and soon he had his back against the bed, legs up in the air exposing a round tight cherry I nibbled it, licked and sucked till he was ready, then I used my saliva and pre-cum as lube 'Ready Will?' He just moaned so I started getting into him; really slowly at first but then faster and faster while I jacked him off.

He came first white cum splurting all the way to his face, cumming made his ass tighten and milk my cum so I placed myself deep into him and orgasmed, feeling like If I went to heaven and came back. After that both of us were exhausted so we just cuddled together, him holding me in his arms beside being smaller than me, we kissed and fell asleep.



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