It'd been two long weeks since we last fucked in my brothers shop. I couldn't get the feeling of your hot ass and your warm mouth out of my mind. I had given you my card that way you could contact me at work, I work for a global pharmaceutical company. We talk on the phone the night before and I told you I had to be at work at 5am two hours before anyone else. This is where the story begins.

I walk into work 4:56am, tired as hell and horny as a bull. With no time to JO and no time to see you I was getting frustrated. I go get my coffee and come back to my desk, I boot up my computer and grab the files from my buffet against the wall. My desk is an extra large oak desk, made for a man of my stature and it is one of my favorite things because of how sturdy it is and how well it fits me. I pull out my chair and sit down and slide underneath. Reaching for my keyboard I feel a touch and I jump and swat it away, but feel nothing. My hand lingers at my balls and I moan softly. Suddenly a hand moves mine out of the way and a warm hot mouth replaces it. I know its you, no one's touch makes me instantly so horny. I moan deeply as you saturate the front of my black slacks, my cock begging to be released. You reach up and un zip my fly and pull my straining cock out of its confines and plunge it down your throat. I can't control myself, this will not be soft and gentle. I grab my desk and start to thrust violently into your mouth your head banging into the underside of the oak desk. My balls start to I push my pants and boxers down as you suck my dick and slide off my shoes to remove them. I'm naked from the waist down and you massage my balls. I lean back in my chair and shove your face down to my ass. "Eat my ass boy! Eat my ass you fucking whore!" You dive in with enthusiasm and have me whimpering as you use your hands to stroke my cock and massage my balls. God I'm so close to coming. "I'm gonna cum boy, your gonna make daddy cum, don't fucking stop!" You disobey daddy but you make me feel amazing so I forgive you. You stop eating my ass and take my entire cock down your throat while you push two fingers up my ass; you've never done either of these things before and I rocket off down your throat as it massages my shaft and head. Oh god I can't take it! I rip your head up from my still hard cock and pull you from under the desk I kiss you violently as I rip open your shirt and break your belt. I strip you down completely naked and push you over the desk on your back. I spit in your mouth and then bend over to attack your nipples as I start to finger fuck your hole. Your cock is so hard, looks like you listened to me a week ago when I told you not to jo or cum without me, you look like you could pop at any minute. I move to the other nipple as I insert another finger into that tight hole. God your moans are so hot, begging and pleading me to fuck you. Now it's my turn to do something I've never done, to give something to my boy. I lean further down and engulf that white dick! I suck it down and you thank your daddy for giving you something you wanted but dare not ask for. But I make sure you remember daddies in control by bringing you to the brink of an explosion and then backing off holding you there. I keep you like this for 10 whole minutes and your so overwhelmed that tears and begin to form in your eyes. My cock is iron hard, bobbing up and down with a continuous string of precum I want that ass, and I have to have it. I pull off your cock and pull my fingers out of your ass, standing up and put your legs on my shoulders and pull your ass to where its hanging off the desk. I line up my big fat cock with your hole and look up into your face. Your eyes are begging for it, your mouth hands open in a silent moan and your clawing at the desk. I see that my bite mark is still on you but fading away and that's all I need. I shove my cock into you so hard you slide up on the desk, but I put my hands on your shoulders and drive you back down. I'm fucking you into a unconsciousness, I can't contain myself, and your loving every minute of it, the hard raw animal fuck. I lean forward and bite savagely at your neck, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to reinforce my mark and this puts you over the edge, you explode all over daddies shirt all the say up hitting us both on the chin. Your ass tightens around my cock so hard I couldn't help but cum, fuck its amazing. I shoot off into you with a scream louder than I have ever screamed from cumming, my boy is such a good boy, to make his daddy cum so hard. I cum so much I can feel it leaking around my cock and out of your freshly fucked ass. I fall on top of you panting and sweaty. It takes 10 minutes before either of us can move. I pick you up and place you in my lap as you regain your composure, your to exhausted from my fucking and to tired from the early hour to speak let alone talk. All you do is let out contented moans as you rest. I rub your back and stroke your ass and tell you how good you make me feel.

Once you have gained the use of your legs again I stand you up and I put my cum soaked shirt on you, I put my boxers and pants back on and walk over to my closet in my office and pull out my emergency shirt. I put on some deodorant and spray some axe, opening a window also helps elevate the smell of sex. I help you put back on your pants and go to walk you to the door once we are presentable. Upon opening the door I hear "Well John looks like he beat us in today, I wonder how much he's gotten done." I pull you back and close the door. I go to put you in the closet but it's to full of cloths and a file cabinet the only place for you to hide is under the desk. Its against company policy to have guests here before or after hours. You hide under the desk and I sit down and log back into my computer right as the door opens.... An hour later.... I keep trying to get my boy out of here but there is just no free moment people keep coming in and out of my office and there is nothing I can do. Mean while under the desk my boy plays on his phone as you rests his head upon my thigh, he's getting restless just sitting here afraid of getting his daddy in trouble if he is discovered. Then my boy decides to be naughty. He reaches up and massages my bulge through my pants as I'm working I try to move your hand but right as I'm reaching down my door opens and in walks two of coworkers here to talk about an expansion proposal. You know start to lick and suck on my hard cock through my pants I try so hard to keep from going hard, but I know and you know that my boy is just to good and I'm losing blood to my brain at an alarmingly fast pace. You unzip my pants and pull out my cock and tease it, licking just the head then flicking your tongue up the shaft. Oh! My balls are full again, I could cum right now if you sucked me harder, god how I'm begging in my mind for you to suck me harder. Daddy doesn't like being in control but your hoping that this is nasty and spontaneous enough that I'll love it and seeing as how I haven't kicked you you keep going. My coworkers are in my office for an hour and you slowly suck me getting me more and more worked up. "Wow buddy why are you sweating? Let me open a window." "No no I'm fine, just a little under the weather and the cool air outside will just make me feel worse it'll pass I hope. Lets wrap this up so I can try and relax a bit before the big meeting this afternoon." I can barely get out the words as you started sucking hard on the head of my cock right when I started talking. God that's it, that's it I'm almost there. I'm gripping my desk and curling my toes trying to keep my state hidden from my coworkers. Oh god here it is, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! And then you pull off! I want to smack you so hard right now, but I can't not only cause your under the desk but because your my boy and your just bored having fun. But god how I almost screamed. My boy is testing my patience.

My coworkers finally leave 30 minutes later. The minute my door closes I pull my chair back pull your from under the desk, on your knee's. I spit in your mouth, I look down and can see that you've been torturing yourself to, jacking off to keep pace with me. "Don't touch your cock" I whisper strongly. I spit in your mouth again and then shove my dick all the way back into your throat. One, two, three. Three power thrusts into your hot amazing wonderful mouth and I'm emptying my balls for the second time this morning into you and you swallow every bit not wasting a drop. I sit down in the chair and you look up at me, you rock back and forth and I notice you throbbing twitching cock. Aww my boy wants to cum. "Don't touch your cock and stay right there. I go to my door and lock it. I come back and place you sitting on my desk and I sit in my chair, we sit like this for 5 minutes as your cock never goes soft. I think my boys suffered enough, and I can't stand to see that pitiful look in your eyes. I spit on your cock and as you go to grab it I swat your hand away. I grab your throbbing hard cock and stroke you off. Starting out with slow agonizing strokes and getting faster and faster, you start to moan and I stick my fingers in your mouth for you to suck so you don't make any sounds. I know your about to cum cause you start to suck my fingers even faster and hard. Then pow, 1...2....4....6...7 shots of cum rocket out landing on my shirt that your wearing. You collapse back onto my desk and I go to open the window. After we calm down I tell you to climb under the desk and wait there as I change for my meeting. I hand you my I-Pad to keep you company....




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