Corporate Rivals- Part Six


The Monday following his thrashing of Mark Riggs, Jim cornered me in my office. He, like everyone else, had learned of Mark's resignation. I guess he figured he was on a victory roll and wanted to keep his momentum going.

"I told you he would not come back here after I took him, Tim. I made him promise that while I ground him out. He was in pain, he was struggling to breathe and his cock wanted release all at the same time. I told him the only way to end it was to shoot and promise to resign. I asked him in as many ways as I could imagine if he understood and would comply. He said 'yes' over and over again."

"Ahh, so those were the sweet nothings you were whispering into his ear...I could hear him saying 'yes' but I could not hear what you were saying to him. I have to say that you did actually destroy him." My cock was becoming hard again just recalling the sight of Jim's shoulders obviously straining as he crushed and claimed Mark.

"Tim, officially, we are tied. We have one win apiece. I do not think there is any doubt, but I know you and we need to officially find out who is the Top Cock between us. No stakes other than the acknowledgement of the Top Cock", said Jim as he grabbed my eyes with his own. I felt like he had 'tractor beamed' me.

Though I was fond of Jim in many ways and he knew it, I knew it was time for me to rescue him from himself. He was becoming a bit arrogant, in my opinion. He was getting way ahead of himself with regard to the interaction between us. Too presumptive. He likely thought he was my equal. He needed to be taught that he was not.

I knew there had to be stakes on the outcome of our final match even if they went unexpressed in words. He would eventually try to usurp me at the office. I could see that coming. I knew that would be the eventuality.

"Right. My place Friday then, Jim. It's on."

"Well, I was actually thinking that we would need a bit more space, boss." Did I detect a sneer on his face and a touch of sarcasm in his voice when he said 'boss'? "How about your padded lair? It won't be so...intimate there. Or is my recent destruction of your surfer boy still too fresh in your mind to not intimidate you?

Cheeky bastard! I wanted to put my hands around his throat right then and there, but I bore up. I saw myself as the bigger man. In all respects. "Room for me to maneuver is something you should avoid at all costs, Jim, but it's your choice mate. Friday 7pm at the discipline room." I emphasized my name for the padded space by showing my teeth as I said it.

The tactic worked and his eyes betrayed him as he turned to leave my office. As long as he had just a tinge of doubt about his sway over me, he would crumble under my stronger arms. I would make certain of that.

Round Three

Jim showed up in a one- ton pick-up truck. I wondered why that was. He only had a snazzy little sports car as far as I knew.

"Hey Tim, come out and help me with these, would you?"

I could see what looked like a large, thin mirror lying reflective side up in the back of the bed of the truck. Upon closer inspection, I could see that there was more than one in a short stack.

Following Jim's lead, we eventually carried in three large mirrors from the bed of the truck and set them edge-to-edge against one wall of my padded room. Each of them was about 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. I was impressed with his forethought and liked where this was going. He would be able to see my cock dominate his. He wanted to see my cock dominate his.

As we each began to prepare ourselves for the match, Jim insisted that we undress each other one piece of clothing at a time and he spoke softly to me as we did so. He told me why he wanted me. He explained what came over him every time he thought about me. He told me that we were best as a team. He told me that all he wanted to do was make me his over and over again. He reminded me in great detail of the second match that he and I had had. The one where I ended up helplessly submitting to him. He told me that he wanted to come to my place every day after work and have me take his shoes off and massage and kiss his tired feet after a long day. Then perhaps he would just take me up against the front door quickly to get the lust out of the way so we could do it slowly later. But no matter what, he wanted just to hear me submit to him every day.

My mind was spinning from this one-sided discussion. I knew he was in my head and I needed to get him out. I also knew why we were where we were. I knew it was time for Jim's return to Earth. He was to be just the most recent of of those who thought they might exercise some modicum of control over me and my emotions and have their hopes dashed. I was loath to do it because I really liked Jim, but it was time. He needed and wanted to be re-calibrated. I was ready.

Once we were both completely undressed, Jim confidently got down on his knees and beckoned for me to do the same. I assessed that he would be ready to act without warning and strike like lightening once I was down on both knees. I knew him and would let him feel that he had caught me off guard. That notwithstanding, I wanted to play with him a bit. Draw it out a little.

So, I got down on one knee only and stretched a bit. I looked him in the eye as I did so.

While on the one knee, I also flexed my cock. He had to break my stare since his eyes had a will of their own and stole down to my already throbbing member. I could see a bit of perspiration at his hairline.

I finally stopped my show and dropped my other knee. As I did so, Jim quickly moved in and took control and put me onto my back with his arms between me and the floor (I had witnessed this maneuver once before when he did it to Mark). His legs were spayed at about a 45-degree angle outboard of each of mine. I conceded this opening move but kept my arms ready to thwart anything further.

I expected the attack from Jim to be as quick and vicious as it was with Mark. Unlike his match with Mark, however, it became clear that Jim did not wish to batter my self esteem or my body. He wanted to make this conquest a sensual one. He established a very nice rhythmic grind cock-to-cock while his lips grazed mine.

Confident in my ability to handle a good rub and mount a cock offensive at will, I let Jim grind on me. I felt his hands grab my glutes and knead them like dough. He was breathing into my mouth and his eyes were locked onto mine intently.

After about ten minutes of gently grinding me while mouth-to-mouth, Jim moved his face so that he was gently rubbing his nicely trimmed beard on my right cheek. He let out a very sensual "mmmmm" as he did so.

"I can feel very inch of you, Tim. I really like this feeling. Do you like the feeling of my cock claiming yours?" So, he wanted to play that type of game...

"I would not exactly say your cock was claiming mine. I would say yours is enjoying a fantasy ride for the moment, but Big Daddy is ready to assert himself at a moment's notice."

I could see his eyes harden as they locked again onto mine. I prepared to launch my counter, anticipating his next move.

He brought his legs into mine and turned his feet inward so as to cup mine. He then stuck his tongue deep into my mouth. Simultaneously, he flexed and ground his nice pecs into mine. Those perfect little slightly hairy mounds of hard muscle, I could feel grinding into mine continuously.

I could taste his mouth, feel his pecs and his feet on mine while he ground his cock into mine. I knew that I should change the situation or I might be doomed. I also knew that what I was feeling was absolutely sublime.

While Jim kept up his sensual assault, my will to resist it began melting away. The muscles in my strong biceps were no longer charged up and at the ready. My body was relaxing under Jim's and my breath was becoming short.

After ten minutes of the most sultry, electric grind I had ever experienced up until that moment, Jim withdrew his arms from behind my back and positioned his hands in a wide stance on either side of my head. He then began an intense thrust which left me gasping.

Intellectually, I knew that the outcome of this match was already clear. I would surrender without a single attempt at offense. Emotionally, I was torn about this. Physically, I was simply overcome.

As I felt my cum churning in my balls and beginning to clamor for release, Jim's silky voice directed my eyes to the wall of mirrors where I could watch him humping me. Now I could see why his thrust was so powerful. His hips had a terrific range of movement. On the "up," his beautiful ass was well up into the air. On the "down," he looked like a wasp stinging his prey. His hips had to be at the least at a 45-degree angle to his shoulders when he pushed down onto my cock. The sight was one from which I simply could not tear my eyes.

He humped me relentlessly while he watched my eyes intently. My eyes would have served me better had they been locked to his. Unfortunately, while he was watching me, I was watching myself get humped to within an inch of my life. It was the hottest thing I have ever experienced.

To make matters worse, Jim would periodically lean in and hump my tongue with his to the same rhythm he was using to good effect on my cock. So, I could see myself getting worked and taste him while he did it.

As I cried out my submission to him while shooting my load, I would have admitted to anything; I would have said whatever he wanted me to say. I was his and he knew it. So, he did not need any 'stakes' for this match. We both knew the stakes without verbally expressing them: I was now his.

He watched my body shivering during my release. As my head was clearing, he leaned in close to my left ear: "Jim, you cannot imagine the sense of power I experience when my cock tops your bigger cock, when my smaller pecs grind into yours, when my smaller arms hold yours at bay. The way your face looks when you finally submit to me."

With that, he let go of his cum and was careful to coat my cock completely with his seed.

Then, spent but triumphant, he again leaned into my ear and said "I officially resign from Simi as of this moment, Tim. If I am going to do to you every day exactly what I just did to you, we can't work in the same office. I will want to be on top of you all day, every day, and I cannot promise that I will not be...aggressive."

My head was spinning...The physical sensation was off the charts, but was I even remotely ready for this mentally or emotionally? Was a sensual conquest too "queenie" for me to handle?...

Please tell me how you liked my first attempt to write erotic fiction with the "Corporate Rivals" series.



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