I had just moved to San Diego from the inland Empire and was delighted to find that the great health club I enjoyed had a place just a few miles from my new apartment. I had experienced more than a few special times at the one up north, finding more than the machines to give me a good work over. My ass was aching for a good fucking and I had no local contacts in this new area. Maybe I would get lucky this morning.

I checked in and went directly to the men's locker room and stripped out of my street clothes, taking my time to let the others in there check out my smooth, hairless body, my nice shaved package hanging out there, my taut ass facing them as I slowly changed my socks and put on my gym shoes. There were about a dozen others in there in every state of dress and undress... A few delicious cocks close enough to take a suck on but I finished up and went out to the floor and put in a solid hour of hard work. My body was lean and tight and I wanted it to stay that way.

I was working a machine that has you spreading your legs out wide and then in, using weights to make it a real workout. A tall blonde creature, well built, powerful arms and tight six pack was watching me.

He was one of the nude men in the locker room giving my body a good check over.

"Wow, that really looks like a tough workout. Makes your hips push up every time." He was looking at my package, my cock growing under his stare. "Have you come here before?" He asked. He held onto the word,

`come' for a long time, smiling at me as he did it. It was like music to my ears.

"No, I hope to come here quite often from now on. Just moved here from the Bay area." I replied, also dragging the word come out. His cock began to grow inside his tight shorts. I smiled and boldly watched it triple in size to what must 10 inches of pure heaven.

"Oh, my goodness, look at me. And I think you have a bit of a problem down there, too." He laughed. My cock was now sticking out of the bottom of my gym shorts. Its red head was out there looking around. I laughed with him and quickly unhooked from the machine and stood up.

"Hi, I'm Corey, I said, offering my hand. He smiled deeply and shook my hand. "I'm Terry... Heading for the steam room. Want to come with me?"

Again the stress on come let me know that someone was going to cum and soon. I hoped it was him Cumming deep in my puss hole.

We stripped down and with towels covering our bulging cocks, stepped naked into the steam room. The only two in there. We went to the back bench and dropped our towels and sat on the high bench, next to each other.

Terry reached over and poured more water on the coals and took a handful of body oil that was in a dispenser next to the coals. He wasted no time and reached over, rubbing the oils onto my belly and inner thighs.

I laid back and opened my legs a bit to give him full access. soon he was strolling my now super hard 8 inches, massaging my balls and then his hands worked down my crack and then I moaned as he inserted a finger deep inside me. I raised my hips up to meet his strong hands, then another finger was inside and he slowly began to finger fuck me.

As I moaned with great joy at the tremors of emotion running through my whole being, he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth, sucking it in quickly, taking it down all the way so that his chin was resting on my balls...

He moved around and swung my whole body around so that my legs were hanging down to the bottom bench and his hands grabbed the cheeks of my ass, now he had two fingers in my love hole from each hand and then pulled me into him, sucking my cock while finger fucking my willing ass, my needy body, my lust crying out for all he could give me.

The door to the steam room opened and one part of me told me several others had come in, but I was beyond caring now, just moaning as I felt my cum building up inside me, ready to explode, too long away from man love, too long since I had been taken so forcefully, so wonderfully.

Then I went over the edge, blowing my cum deep into Terry's throat, hard shots of cum breaking out of my inner being, flooding him with my juices. My ass was broken open during all my thrashing and I realized that he had all but fisted me during my explosive orgasm.

Finally he pulled off my cock with a juicy popping sound and leaned over me taking my mouth in his, releasing some of my own cum back into my mouth, so sweet, I eagerly tongued it out of him. Lapping up our juices with abandon.

Then Terry flipped me over, and I found myself between the legs and an inch away from an erect cock belonging to one of the men who had come in while I was being worked over by Terry. I opened my mouth and reached for it as he took my head in his hands and pulled me onto his cock. It was drooling with precum and I sucked it up greedily.

Terry now had me in a firm grip by the hips and I felt his long thick fuck stick pushing against the well worked over entry to my love pussy... I grunted a muted groan as he shoved it deep into me; My body was shaking from head to foot as cock was pounded into me from both ends. I thought I was a good cock sucker, but this guy was ramming it in to the balls and then out to the tip and then slamming it back down my throat with such a force that my whole face and neck went numb...

Terry was grinding it into me so deep that I felt it up to my chest, it felt so hot inside me that I couldn't concentrate on sucking cock. I was just like dead from the neck up... My face fucker was now arching up and crying out as he began grinding his cum into me. But he held my head onto his cock so hard that the cum went down my throat, with barely a drop coming out from my mouth.

When he finally pulled out, I licked the cum from his cock and squeezed out the last few loads from his semi hard cock as Terry picked up the pace and began to go over the edge. God, I cried out as I felt the fire hot cum blow into me, crying for joy as I felt that wonderful explosion inside my deepest being. I needed to be fucked so badly.. I was crying as I felt the bursts of cum exploded inside me. Terry held on to me as he worked his cock in and out of my now broken and cum filled ass, finally pulling out and sitting down in the bench, exhausted from his workout.

I spun around and sat next to him, only to be lifted back onto the top bench by my face fucker. Another man stepped up between my legs and lifted them over his shoulders. I recognized him from the locker room as the one with the biggest cock in the crowd. He looked like he worked out all day, every day; he was huge, and hairy, with a shaved head. His cock had to be at least 12 inches long and thick as a salami. Oh God, I thought, this is going to kill me...

He pushed the head of his cock into the opening of my puss hole. My ass fucking by Terry had worked my asshole wide, but this was going to stretch me beyond anything I ever had taken before. He brought his cock head to the hole and took me by the hips with his huge hands and pulled me against him.

"Ok, pretty pussyboy, take some real meat," he whispered as he rammed his cock into me. I screamed out as he buried it into me...about 4 inches had gone in and I felt blood running down my ass crack as He held it there, rolling it around, opening me up more.. Then another lunge and another scream as he buried another 4 inches into my hot cummy hole. Thanks to Terry, my hole was at least lubricated well enough for this.

Then a wild cry from him as he rammed it home, deep into me and his balls slapped my ass as he hit bottom.

"Fuck, baby, you took it all! You are some kind of fuckboy... now get ready for a real fucking" he cried as he pulled back and began to fuck me with a wild jack hammer cadence. My face fucker held me by the arms as I was slammed back and forth with each stroke of this giant cock...I could feel every inch of his cock sliding against the walls of my puss hole inside me.

Soon I was over the edge and fucking back with as much force as he was giving me and was amazed to see cum shooting from my own cock all over his hairy chest. "Oh fuck me harder, do it do it, fucckkkkk me oh fuck me," I was moaning in some other place as we slammed into each other.

"Yes, Yes, Yes," I cried each time he slammed it home. The sound of his balls slapping against my ass made me go even wilder... I was getting the fuck of my lifetime and I wanted it to never stop... But then he was arching into me, crying out as his man juices broke loose and flooded my ass...so hot... oh so much cum it was running out of me, all over my ass and down my back...He kept arching into me. Lifting my entire body with him, humping into me, and my body jerking like a doll on a stick...He kept fucking into me, not slowing down, his juices making slurping sounds as he rammed it full length into me again and again.

He flipped me over on my belly, my face against the fuck fucker's cock, hard again. As my ass fucker held me by his still hard cock I reached for the juicy stick in front of me again and licked at its oozing precum while my ass fucking continued at a slower pace now while he milked out the rest of his juices...

Finally he pulled out and a gush of cumm spewed out of me as he laughed quietly in my ear. "You are going to get a lot of my cock, baby, a lot of it... you are some sweet cuntboy."

Face fucker pushed me off his cock and laid me out on the bench belly down and lifted my ass up and after being ripped wide by the biggest cock in town, his play size cock slipped into my ass without a bit of trouble. As he began to pound cock into my over fucked ass, Terry came around and sat next to me, taking my head onto his lap, offering me his now restored cock. I quickly began sucking his delicious meat, almost unaware of the fucking my ass was getting from behind as my facefucker went at it with all his might. My ass was so cummy and sloppy, so wide open that he could have fucked me with his head and I wouldn't have cared...

Then he was arching into me dumping the third cum load of the morning into my happy hole. Meanwhile, Terry was getting to the edge already as he pulled me down on his cock holding me there as he did a slow hump into me...

I cried out as I felt face fucker finger fucking my ass hole. Then I realized he had fisted me and was fist fucking me half way up to his elbow. I had only been fist fucked once before when I was a young kid and it all but killed me... But Terry held me fast and slowly punched his cock into me, taking my mind away from the pain I was feeling below.

Then the fist was slipped out and it was just Terry and I in the steam room as I serviced him, grateful for the fucking, delighted to suck in his cum, swallowing his hot juices as he let loose with his sweet nectar. This time I pulled away and let the last of his shots hit my face and mouth, knowing that we would taste each other. His lips reached mine and we tongued each other deeply, enjoying the musty taste of his mancum.

Finally I grabbed the towel and made my way to the end shower. Standing there, letting the hot water work through my being. The shower curtain was suddenly pulled aside as I stood there leaning against the wall. A new face, another naked body builder, another hard cock stepped in with me. "Word is, you are the new shower queen this morning," He smiled, all fresh and ready. "Bend over while I hump you, slutboy, I've got a load of hot cum just for your boy hole." I sighed and without a word, bent over leaning into the wall, while he quickly shoved his meat home.

I thought every bit of my ass had been abused by now, but this guy knew tricks I had never ever heard of. He was slamming it into me from all angles, twisting, rolling, and he kept his cock held in his hand at the root to do the magic work... half his hand going in and out with his cock a he pounded it to me.. I found a new energy as he worked it into me, a new freshness and pushed back into him as hard as he gave, crying out as he pushed me to the floor and pushed my legs back over my head, just my asshole and his cock touching, slamming, beating his hard cock into me as he screamed out in his wild ride on my body, crushing me as he jerked his cum into me, filling me again with hot man juices, taking my ass and breaking it open with hot fires of his manhood, his rock hard cock, dumping out his man power into my willing and happy ass, ` Oh, what a sweet fuck, pussyboy, you are just what I needed this morning," he sighed as he pulled out. "You are now one of us, a regular, our own cunt boy, our pussy ass cum hole, our own shower queen." He smiled with delight. He pulled me to my knees and ordered me to lick him clean. And then he was gone.

I lay on the floor for a full minute or two half expecting that I was going to be fucked by the whole gym... Finally, I reached up and removed the shower head from the long tube to the removable shower and adjusted the temperature to as hot as I thought I could take and then slid it way up into my swollen, bruised asshole. I sighed with pleasure as the hot water filled me.

I spread my legs out as the water overflowed and began to clean me out, all kinds of fluids mixed together with my blood and the cum of how many men? I watched as it flowed out and down the drain. I stood there watching until finally only clear water gushed out of me and then I replace the shower head and finished my shower. This was going to be my regular workout Gym. I knew I would be back in the morning. I knew that my zeal to be fucked was going to be more than met in this new place. I knew I was home.. I am so crazy to be fucked , to be filled with the hot juices of a man who knows how to bury his cock deep into my boyhole.. I have been in love with cock since I could remember knowing what cock was and this was going to bean answer to my dreams..

write to me.. I am really here at [email protected]


Corey Anton

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