I knew I was going to do it as soon as I left for the lunch break. I'd been thinking about it all and had that down deep aching in my balls only another man could satisfy.

I drove to town to the Adult bookstore. It was a porn shop with an arcade of 12 booths in the back. All the booths had good-sized holes cut between them and the place was always busy at lunchtime so I knew I'd get my aching balls emptied. I also knew I'd empty a load or two from a few like-minded horny guys myself.

Inside I skipped looking at the magazines and went directly to the counter where I bought five dollars worth of movie tokens. I asked the attendant if the arcade was extra busy and he said it was. "Always is on Mondays," he said. He winked at me and gave me an extra token.

Inside the arcade, at the first row of booths, I spotted a young guy in a set of tight work out sweats. He looked very familiar to me but I couldn't quite get who he was.. At least I knew what he was. He was just going into one of the booths and as he pulled the door open his ass flexed to give me a glimpse of his buns through the tight fabric and my balls tightened up as I lusted after his ass. The booth next to his was empty I went quickly in.

I latched the door behind me, sat on the bench and fed a few tokens into the movie machine so the Occupied sign would light up on the outside.

Then I rested my finger in the smooth hole cut between the booths, my fingertip just barely showing on the other side. It took a minute -- in fact I had squatted down and looking to see what was happening on the other, seeing that he had stripped off his bottoms and was holding his hard cock in his hand, heading right for me. Then it came through, the prettiest fat cumstick you'd ever want to suck on.

It was the sort of cock I love best: short enough that I can take it all in, right down to the short hairs, and thick enough that it would fill my mouth and throat with solid cock. It was also stiff as the panel it was sticking through.

When I first took the head of that sweet cum dripping cock in my mouth its owner pushed hard against the panel, wanting me to take more of it.

I did and I heard a wonderful groan from the other side of the wall.

When I had it all down and he began to stroke it in and out of my mouth...short, slow strokes. I picked up his rhythm so he stood still and let me face fuck it. I suddenly had a mental image of him, pressing himself tight against the wall, his head turned so he could watch whatever movie was on in there.

I thought he'd be good to look at from that angle too, with his powerful shoulders and the ripples of strained muscles running through his ass and thighs as he humped against my sucking mouth.

I picked up the rhythm a little and his cock took on the faint taste of salt as he began to ooze a large amount of yummy precum. I paused for a while, using only my tongue around the base of his cockstick and let him back off a little.

When he began to push hard into my mouth again I let him take go for it, figuring he could control his excitement better than I could. I pictured his ass again, humping back and forth, his crack widening with every backstroke, showing more and more of his pretty ass.

That's when it came to me. I'd seen this guy before. He was the new neighbor who had moved in with his wife and kids across the street from my own house. Shit!

My first impulse was to pull off his cock and high tail it out of there but I didn't. For one thing, his strokes were becoming shorter and faster, which I took to mean he was close to the main event and I just couldn't leave a guy -- any guy -- hanging in that state. Besides, as long as he didn't know whose mouth his cock was in, what difference did it make?

I sucked him into my mouth, taking control again. If we were going to keep this thing in the neighborhood, I was going to give him a blowjob he'd never forget. He seemed to sense what I was doing and stopped moving, letting me do whatever I wanted. I started by sucking his cummy cock in, all the way to the root, and letting my tongue pull back and forth along the shaft. He liked that but he liked it even more when I began swallowing on the head of his cock, pulling it into my throat and then letting it snap back when my throat muscles let go. That brought him up almost too fast and I knew I couldn't do it for very long. But he loved it while I was doing it. I knew I was a first class cocksucker.. I had been doing this since I was a kid.

I slipped back on his cock until I had only a couple of inches to play with. I polished the cock-head with my tongue until it was so sensitive he couldn't stand it and tried to push it further in, away from my tongue. I let him do that and went back to trying to swallow the whole cock down to his balls. Three swallows and I it was buried to the hilt.

His cock stiffened even harder and I sensed that it was all over.

He stood his ground for a moment but he couldn't hold it. He gave a muffled cry and let go, shooting hard spraying jets of hot cum down my throat and then into my mouth as I pulled back so my tongue could help him make it last. I liked his taste and wondered if I would ever get another shot at this sweet cock meal again.

I held on to him until he began to go soft on my tongue and then let him withdraw. He did it slowly, as if he really didn't want to. I liked that.

As soon as his beautiful sucked dry cock had slipped back through the hole the young man put his finger to the hole, indicating he wanted to return the favor.

Well, I thought to myself, unbuttoning my jeans, he has no idea whose cock it is. Besides, I wanted to know just how good he was at sucking cock. And to be honest, I guess there was a little extra excitement knowing it was my neighbor about to suck my cum dripping cock. I stood up and put it though.

He started by licking my cock from base to head, burnishing it with his silken tongue. When he tired of that he slipped back until just the head was in his mouth. He held it gently with his teeth, just behind the deep flare of the head and prized at the pee slit with his tongue.

Then he started taking it back in, inch by slow inch. This guy knew how to suck cock that was sure.

I felt him gag a little when I hit the back of his throat and he had to pull back a little, but he took a deep breath and tried again. This time he made it and before long I felt his nose rooting around in my short hairs. He stayed that way, with my cock bent down into his throat until I began to worry that he would suffocate but he finally pulled off, clear back to the head, and took a couple of deep breaths.

Then he did it again, the long, slow slide down my shaft until the head was lodged somewhere down his throat and I was exercising all the control I had so I wouldn't fall over the edge.

He must have sensed how close I was because he pulled off again and went to sucking and slurping the head, just the way I'd done him. And just like him mine got so sensitive I couldn't stand it and I tried to push my cock in deeper, to make him stop. He didn't stop though, he just switched from the head to that sensitive bundle of skin and nerves just under the head, shooting waves of pleasure up my cock and into the pit of my stomach.

I came up fast and he held me there for as long as he could, until nothing could stop it and I felt the cum rising out of my tightened balls and coming through the pipeline. I came in gushing waves of powerful spurts, my cock slamming into his mouth with every spewing jet of cum and he rode my cock the whole way, sliding his mouth up and down on my cock and milking out every drop of cum I had in me. When it was over he held me quietly in his mouth until I went completely soft and pulled it back through the wall.

While I was buttoning up I heard him drop a handful of tokens into the movie machine, telling me he planned to stay where he was for a while.

I left wondering how many more guys he was going to bring off like that. Lucky guys, I thought and more power to him. I only hoped those guys had strong hearts because this guy was good. Very good.


I sat at the dinner table the following Saturday, watching Terry and his pretty little wife as he laughed and joked with my wife, telling complementing her on a great meal. He was a handsome kid and a personable one, too, one you'd never think could do. well, what he did.

The day I eat his cock, I had my wife call over and invite them to dinner and here we were at the same table. My balls ached as I looked over the top half of his gorgeous body.

Just for the hell of it I asked him if he got lunch breaks from work.

Said I'd love to eat lunch with him during the week. He grinned across the table at me and gave a little nod.

"I'd love to eat lunch with you, anytime." Our wives just smiled at us and went back to their chatter. But our eyes locked for just a lingering moment. My reverie was cut short by my wife asking if anyone wanted ice cream with the apple pie she'd made.

I went back to the porn shop on Monday, of course. Just one guy can't satisfy that aching need of mine -- even if that guy turns out to be my neighbor. I went into the same booth as I had the time before and looked through the hole. The guy on the other side was squatting down in front of the opposite wall, his head bobbing back and forth. The booth on the other side of me turned out to be empty so stripped out of my slacks and shorts and contented myself with watching the blowjob in progress and playing with myself.

It wasn't long before the bobbing head stopped and then pulled back. In the dim light I could see him stand and turn towards me. He was naked from the waist down and his cock was out in front, a fat flagpole I knew I would soon be sucking dry. It was my neighbor, Terry, for sure.

A second there was a finger at the hole on my side. I stood up and slipped my aching cock through.

He was good at it, slowly taking in my whole cock and then letting it rest in his throat for a long time before he slipped off of it. He worked with his tongue, too, on the underside of my cock and that's what finally brought me off -- with a great rush of pleasure. I felt the cum rise up from my knees as I gushed it into his sucking, slurping pussymouth.

As soon as I withdrew my cock, his beautiful cock came through the hole.

When I took it in my mouth I was sure it must be Terry again. It's hard to forget what you consider to be the perfect hard cock. I gave him my best and brought him off fast, the way I like it sometimes. He shot his load into my cuntmouth, moaning loudly with each burst of hot juices and I sucked down, frantically seeking every drop of his sweetness.

Finally he pulled away, whispering, "Oh baby I love to fuck your sweet face, so fucking good, you are the best ever." There was no mistaking the voice.

When we were through I dumped a handful of tokens into the machine and sat back, waiting for him to go before I peeked into the booth again and found myself with a big, thick cock shoved in my mouth. I got off again too, by a guy in Terry's booth whose mouth felt like it was lined with warm, wet silk. It was another blowjob to remember.

On Friday when I got home, Terry walked across the street and said hello. We sort of eyed one another. I would guess my face was beet red as he caught me looking at his package. He said his wife had called him at work and told him that her sister was sick and she and the kids were going to drive up and spend the weekend helping her out. She said she would probably be home by Monday.

Being alone, Terry invited me over to watch football and we did just that.

When I went over to his house, Terry had changed into some shorts and we didn't get to the den right away, but sat out on the back deck where it was cooler.

"You want another beer, Corey?" Terry asked after a while.

I leaned my chair back against the house and nodded. "Sounds good." When he brought the beers he sat on the deck rail and took a long pull on his. I could see he was nude under the shorts. The head of his cock was peeking out at me. Then he kind of laughed to himself. "What's funny, neighbor?"

He shook his head. "I don't know. Us, I suppose."

"Us? What about us?"

"Well, I was just thinking. Here we have the place to ourselves, I'm horny as the very devil himself and you are one hell of a good cocksucker. So what are we doing' just sitting' around drinking beer?"

It took me by surprise but I thought, what the hell, no sense denying it when you've been caught red handed. Still, I didn't know quite what to say. "How'd you know about. I mean, that it was me?"

He grinned. "I saw you. That first Monday. Out at the counter buying tokens. Boy, I was so jacked about it, finding out my good looking neighbor was such a class A cocksucker " he laughed, "what a surprise when that finger appeared at the hole. And I'm not kidding, Corey. You give a world class blow job." His hands went to his fly but I held up my hand to stop him.

"I. Well, I'm not sure that's such a good idea just now, Terry."

He grinned again. "You mean you can suck my cock if you don't know it's my cock but you can't suck my cock when you know it's mine? Even if you already sucked it twice, swallowed my cum like a baby sucks milk out of a bottle? Come on, Corey." He took a step towards me and popped the top button of his shorts.

He had a point and, if not my brain at least my cock knew it. It began to squirm around in my sweats.

"Okay," he said, popping a few more buttons. He had no shorts on and I could just see the base of his cock in the dim light on the porch.

"Since I blew you -- twice -- and I knew it was you I was blowing, let's go for that instead." He moved us toward the door and we stepped into the den.

"Wait a minute. How'd you know it was I? The second time I mean." I was buying time but I needed some time just then.

Terry rolled his eyes, knowing full well what I was doing but cutting me a little slack. "Well, for one thing, you have a very memorable cock.

Thick and heavy and long enough to choke a lesser man than I. Besides that, during dinner our dinner together you all but said meet you Monday for another cocksucking session. I knew it was you. He stepped over to me and reached for my cock.

"I knew it was you, too," I said, surprising myself.

He looked up at me, his eyes sparkling with amusement. "You did? And you did me anyway?"

"Well, to be honest, I didn't know it was you until we were pretty well into it. But since I didn't know you knew it was me, I just went ahead."

"And the second time?"

"Well, neighbor, you have a fairly memorable cock too. I have been aching to suck your cock again from the second I tasted your fist load of bubbling cum.

He stood back and let his shorts drop to the floor. His hard cock popped proudly out, pointing towards the sky at about a forty-five degree angle. "It isn't as big as yours," he said, "Not as thick, either."

"Prettier though." I reached out and took it in my hand, feeling its warmth.

Terry pulled off his shirt and stepped out of my sweatpants and pulled off my tee shirt. I wasn't wearing shorts either and my cock sprang out, so hard it hurt. I wanted to suck his cock.

Terry kneeled between my legs and took me in his mouth, slowly taking it all until I could feel his breath in my hair. He stayed down for a long time and then slowly slid off. "God that's a wonderful cock," he said.

I pulled him forward so he was straddling me and took him in my mouth.

His perfect cock just filled me and made me think again how much I liked doing this. I sucked on his balls for a while and was surprised at how large they were and how heavily they hung in their soft, almost hairless sack. The sack itself was smooth and supple and tasted vaguely of almonds. When I went back to sucking his cock, Terry held my head tight to his crotch for a long moment and then withdrew, saying he couldn't take much more.

"I have a another idea," he said. He went over to a table and brought a tube of Vaseline body lotion back. "Get on your back on the floor, Corey." I immediately complied, thinking that I was about to get more than a blowjob. He took a large handful of the lotion and lubed his ass, then did the same to my excited cock. He then straddled me and bent his knees a little and lowered himself until my cock was pressed up between his buns. The idea of fucking him, Terry, my gorgeous neighbor, so excited me that I almost came before we ever started.

What the hell, I thought. He wants it and I want it so why not. I had to grit my teeth to control myself as he slowly took me inside himself.

When he was finally sitting on my lap, holding my cock deep inside himself, he looked me in the eye and grinned. "Now that's a cock to sit on." I flexed a couple of times inside him and his eyes seemed to loose focus and he leaned in close to me. "Don't look now, Corey, but you are making me come," he whispered and took my head in his hands and kissed me. When he pushed his tongue in between my lips he let out a long moan and began to shake as his orgasm hit, his cum spurting out all over us

When it was finally over for him, he broke the kiss and began to chuckle.

"Now what's funny?"

"Nothing. It just felt so damn good I had to laugh."

He leaned in and kissed me again. "Come on, Corey. Do that again. That thing you did with your cock."

I flexed in him again, two or three times, and he sighed.

"Oh, yeah. That."

Then he began to move on me, raising himself up and dropping back down on my aching cock

"Your turn, Corey," he said, moving faster." Come inside me, fuck my pussyhole, baby, fuck me, Corey, I want your hot cock pounding cum up my ass."

I cupped his buns and felt their smooth suppleness against my palms; I took hold of his cock. It was slick with his cum and slipped easily in my fist.

"Oh, no. Not yet," he said, taking my hand away. He was moving faster now, rocking back and forth as my cock was buried to the balls inside his hot cumhole.

His body took on a sheen of sweat as he rose and fell on my cock. I felt my cum rise, pushing up into my cock, ready to explode into Terry's ass. He clamped his sphincter down on me, just behind the head of my cock and held it for a moment before he moved down again, slamming my cock up his loveshute, rolling that hard muscle edge along the length of my cock. That did it.

My cock went off like a cannon, shooting its heavy load deep into Terry and sending waves of electricity flowing up and down my back and turning me into jelly. He leaned forward and I pulled him to me, kissing him feverishly, jamming my tongue into his mouth and grabbing him to me with my hands in his hair grinding our faces together as he ground his ass onto my cock with abandoned passion. Still he moved on me, pulling more and more cum out of my balls and all the while that thrill of coming from the very belly of my existence washed over me.

When he finally slowed -- and then stopped -- I found myself laughing.

He looked quizzically at me and all I could do was shake my head.

When I could speak all I could say was, "Same as you, neighbor. It just felt so damn good."

He kissed me again and then stood, pulling off my cock and touching his cock to my lips. "Blow me, Corey. Please? Suck my cock and bring me off. Oh, god, I'm so horny you just have to suck my cock. Come on, Corey. Suck it for me. Suck my cock. Please, fuck my cock with your sweet lips."

I took him in my mouth slowly, savoring the musky taste of the cum he'd shot earlier. He never stopped talking as he pushed in, telling me how it felt and how badly he needed to come. His talk excited me, too, and my cock never did go soft, even after the workout it'd just had.

"Your mouth is so fucking hot," he moaned, slowly fucking my face. "Use your tongue. Please? Oh, yeah, there. Oh, god, that's good. Do that some more, Corey. Please? Bring me off that way."

I ran my tongue along the length of his shaft and then concentrated on that bundle of skin just under the head of his cock. It wasn't long before he took hold of my head and held it tightly, fucking my face faster and faster. He brought himself off in a hurry, letting out a long moaning, groaning gasp at the end when he flooded my mouth with his hot, musky cum. When he was through he dropped back down, taking my still hard cock back into his ass.

"Jesus, that was some jolt," he said, kissing me and tasting himself in my mouth, sucking out his fluids

I ran my hands down his flanks, making him shiver, and then I slipped them under his ass, gripping him by the cheeks, the muscles quivering under my grip. "You ready to do it again?"

He cocked his head and smiled. "Corey, I think I'm always ready to do it again. You?"

I flexed my cock inside him, making him sigh. "Yeah, I'm ready. But let's grab another beer and a shower first. And maybe find someplace more comfortable than this damn floor."

He stood, letting my cock slip out of him. "I'll get the beers. You start the shower. When he bent to pick up his shorts I reached out and patted him on the butt. I really wanted to be back in there. My juices were leaking out and running down his legs.

In the shower we used the soap as an excuse to touch each other all over and pretty much keep each other hard. Terry, squatting in front of me, washing my legs and feet, looking up at me with a grin made me so hot my cock was jumping.

I lost track of my thoughts because Terry had taken my cock in his mouth and was holding it in his throat the way he liked to do. I felt my cum building up again and gently pulled him off when he came up for air.

"Come on," I said. "Let's go to bed where I can give you another load of hot juices." By unspoken consent we went to the master bedroom. I felt like it was the place to be, on the bed where he fucked his sweet wife,

In bed he stretched himself out on top of me and went to sucking on my nipples. That surprised me -- how good it felt -- and brought my cock up in a hurry. Terry squirmed around a little and before I knew it, he had lubed us up and I was back inside him. He pulled himself up so he was kneeling over me and began rocking back and forth on my cock.

"You like that? Being ridden?" he asked with lust in his voice." I like to ride the pony like this."

"Yeah. I really do. But sometimes I want to be the cowboy," I said and pushed him backwards so I could pull myself up, over him, his legs pressed against my chest. I rammed my cock deeply into him, rocking against his hard body, spreading his legs and lifting them over my shoulders. It was just cock and fuckhole.

He pulled my head down to his, so we could kiss, and I felt his cock against my belly, slick with the cum it was dripping.

He broke the kiss and pulled me closer so he could whisper in my ear:

"You're doing it again, Corey. I'm going to come." And he did, suddenly and wetly, cum shooting out between us, soaking the hair on my chest and belly and then running down his sides to puddle on the bed. I was almost as close as he and I kept stroking into him, pounding cock, my balls slapping against his ass, getting closer and closer to the edge.

Then I just lost it, screaming, "bitch, fucking cunt, take my cock, you sluthole,"as I unloaded my cum into him, my body racking and shuddering with each rope of cum that blew out of me into his belly. Terry was wildly humping against my onslaught, his spasms matching mine, his sphincter clutching at my cock, stretching my pleasure out.

Finally I lay out on the bed, beaten down from all the passion. I didn't even realize it when Terry rolled me over on my belly and lubed up my ass, finger fucking my broken body until I began t moan from it. Terry had three fingers working in there, massaging my prostate and soon I was pressing against him for more. Then the fingers came out and as I whimpered at the loss, he mounted me, his amazing cock hard again as it slid into my lovehole.

"Corey, I want to fuck you back tonight, give you back some of the joy you gave me," he grunted out as he pressed his manhood into my waiting body.

Soon he was slamming away, his cock pounding into me with piston power and speed. "Oh, fuck me, baby, fuck me, give me your cock,....ooooooohhhhhh," I cried out as he crushed me with his powerful body, sending pain and joy throughout my being.. As he arched into me in his final moments, spraying his hot lava into my deepest being, I began to weep and sob uncontrollably. I was so happy.

Terry fell over on his side, coupling me to him, his cock still so deep inside me, I was so content. After, when we'd slept some and then cleaned up the bed -- and each other -- we lay in the dim light and looked at each other.

After a long time Terry reached out and held his hand to my cheek. "You know, you are one hell of a good fuck and I think I've probably fallen in love with you." He sighed and leaned in to kiss me and chuckled.

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