It was my first day at my new job, I had just become a state police officer, something I had been working towards since I left the marines and now at the age of 29, I had made it. I admired myself in the mirror, the uniform looked at great on me, showing off my muscles in all the right places and I knew it would impress the ladies.

Attracting women wasn't a problem for me, my years in the marines had left me with a great body and I continued to work hard at the gym to maintain it. I had big strong legs and round butt, leading to a tight waist and great set of abs, I had big pecs and shoulders and was blessed with a handsome face. My good looks meant I had a pretty good sex life but I knew the uniform would add something extra to it.

I drove into work to meet my new colleagues at the station, there were three other guys that were there when I arrived and we all introduced ourselves. Two of the guys were pretty old but other man that was on duty was much younger. I thought that I looked good in my uniform but this guy looked even better, his muscles bulged out of his uniform and he had a face worthy of a model.

We started to chat and I found he was called Colin, he was 26 and had joined the police straight out of college. I also found out he was an amateur bodybuilder, which explained his huge body, he showed me round the station and to my patrol car, Colin patrolled on a motorcycle and told me all about his biking trips around the country, which was pretty interesting.

The tour ended and my shift started, I was working with one of the older guys, called Adam, until I had learnt enough to patrol by myself. The first couple weeks involved me and Adam patrolling together, he showed me where I was most likely to catch people speeding, the cruising areas for gays and places where fights happen the most.

Adam was pretty cool but after a few weeks I was glad I was able to patrol by myself, I felt like a real cop out in my car. Most of the stuff I did was pretty routine; speeding tickets and domestics, things could get a little boring sometimes, especially on night patrol.

One night I was patrolling and there was absolutely nothing happening, I decided to go check a local park, where gay guys were known to cruise. I had caught guys here a few times and I thought it might give me something to do. I headed over and as I pulled up next to the park I noticed that Colin's motorcycle was also pulled up. 'Great' I thought to myself, it would be cool to help Colin in the park, I enjoyed working with him and we had become pretty good friends over the last few weeks.

I got out my car and walked down a little path that had been made between some trees, I was trying to be quiet as I was trying to hear if Colin had already got there. All I could hear was moans, so I guessed Colin hadn't made a move yet, as I slowly crept down the path and peered through the trees. I could see a big trucker type guy in a plaid vest, thrusting into a guys ass who was bent over, holding on to a tree.

I couldn't understand why Colin hadn't made a move as this was definitely an offense, I stepped out the bushes, behind the guys.

'You going to want to stop that' I ordered.

Both the guys turned around, revealing themselves to me.

'Holy shit' I muttered as I realised the guy that had been getting fucked was Colin.

'What the fuck man, you said they won't patrol here tonight, is this a set up?!' Shouted the trucker guy.

'SHIT, no its not a set up, fuck Mike please don't let anyone know about this' Colin said as he looked at me right in the eyes. Fuck this guy had a great body, better than mine will ever be and his cock was at least 8 inches, sticking out hard in front of him.

I stood still, I didn't know what to do, this guy was my friend and I knew he would lose his job if I took him in but the law is the law.

'I...I...I' I stammered, trying to say something, before I had time to say more, Colin interrupted me.

'Let me give you something first, if you don't like it afterwards, go on and arrest me but let me do it first.

He walked over to me and grabbed my crotch, his touch made my cock stiffen right away as he rubbed it in my pants.

'Hey man, come help me' Colin called other the trucker.

'Fuck yeah, two cops' He replied as dropped to his knees and started to open my pants.

I was frozen to the spot, I couldn't deny these guys were making me feel good but I knew I shouldn't be letting it happen. My cock popped out my briefs and Colin quickly took it straight down his throat as the trucker began sucking on my balls. I knew then that I wasn't going to back out now, like Colin said, I could still arrest him afterwards.

I moaned in pleasure as Colin hungrily sucked my cock, the trucker had moved behind me and I felt something wet against my ass.

'Mmmm' I moaned as I felt his tongue lick my ass hole and began to penetrate it.

'Fucking tasty hole' The trucker growled as stabbed his tongue into my ass. Colin continued to deep throat my dick and I was in heaven as these two muscle guys worked me over, I began to feel something blunter probe my ass and I realised the trucker was trying to get his finger in my hole. I spread legs a little to give him easier access and his finger popped through, Colin sucked on my balls as I was finger fucked and I felt another finger enter my hole.

'Ahhh fuck' I whispered, I couldn't believe that having my ass played with could make me feel so good, a third finger entered and I pushed back onto his fingers, letting him know I loved the way they felt in me. Colin played with my head, teasing it with his tongue and the sensations from my ass and on my cock were leading me to blow my load.

I tensed up and clamped my ass against the fingers inside me and yelled as the orgasm flooded out my dick. Colin's lips remained tight to my cock and he took my load straight in his mouth, the orgasm was one of the most intense I ever had and I it lasted a long time. When the last shot of cum left my cock, Colin pulled off, the trucker pulled out my ass and moved round to the front and he and Colin began kissing, sharing my cum.

'Well, what's the verdict?' Colin asked as he and the trucker pulled apart.

'That was fucking amazing and of course I'm not going to turn you in and i'm sorry I even thought about it' I replied, breathing heavily from my orgasm.

'I knew you'd like it, want to stay for more?' He smiled at me and winked.

'Fuck yeah man, I want to be fucked by this cop' The trucker said as lay on his back and lifted his legs up.

'I guess so' I laughed as I walked over to the trucker and lined up my still hard cock with his asshole.

'Go straight in and fuck me hard, I can take it like a man' The trucker told me as I began to push in, my head popped through his ring and I slammed in balls deep. Fuck, I couldn't believe I had never fucked a girl in the ass, it felt amazing and alive, so tight compared to pussy and I loved it already. I began to fuck his ass hard, with lots of encouragement from the trucker.

Colin walked over and straddled the trucker, his big dick pointing straight at my face.

'Wanna try it?' he asked and smiled.

'I erm I don't know' I replied but I was already leaning forward.

'I guess I can try it' I opened my lips wide and he pushed his cock into my mouth, I began to suck it and realised it was fucking hot. I loved the way his cock felt in my mouth and the salty precum was strangely arousing and I eagerly sucked him harder.

The ass around my cock began to clamp down and I realised the trucker was cumming all over his chest, the feeling of his orgasm triggered me to began my second orgasm of the evening. I was so concerned about my own orgasm I hadn't noticed the speed of the cock pumping in my mouth had sped up. I suddenly felt a blast of cum in my mouth and another and another, it came as a shock but I wasn't repulsed by it and I kept my mouth on his cock.

I pulled out the trucker's ass and Colin withdrew his cock from my mouth and bent down to kiss me. I eagerly kissed him back, sharing his cum and playing with it between our tongues and then swallowing what was left.

'Fucking hot man, lucky I got you pair of cops' The trucker said as he stood up and began to put his clothes back on.

'I gotta go though, my wife is going to be wondering where I am, but see ya next week' He continued as he headed up the path and out the park.

'Holy fuck man, that was awesome' I said as me and Colin stood up and I noticed his cock was still rock hard.

'I'm sorry man, I shouldn't have been doing this but that guy is the best fuck around' He replied, sort of looking embarrassed.

'Don't be sorry man, I loved it' I told him, I didn't want him to think I was upset, actually he triggered something in me that wanted more.

'So you liked those fingers in your ass?' he asked me

'Oh man that was amazing'

'You want to try something more?' He asked and looked down at his rock hard cock.

'Oh man I don't know if I can take that, it's pretty big' I replied nervously, but I felt a twitch in my asshole.

'Only a little to start with, then it feels amazing, the best bit about man sex, and you know how good those fingers felt.

'Ok man, fuck my ass, you sure looked like you enjoyed it' I figured I might as well try it now, and actually I really wanted to feel his cock in me.

'OK lean against that tree and push your ass out' He told me and did as he said. He began to eat my ass and finger my hole, getting it ready for his big cock. He easily worked in 3 fingers as I moaned loudly.

I felt him withdraw his fingers, leaving me feeling empty until I felt his cock head push at hole, he pushed hard and it popped through. A shot of pain went through me, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but still let out a yell. Colin waited a moment before he continued to push all the way and he slowly put all eight inches inside of me.

I could feel his cock throbbing and it felt amazing in my ass as he began to pound me hard, I loved the feeling of his balls slapping on me and I had never imagined getting fucked in the ass would feel this good. He pumped harder and harder and I knew he was about to blow his load at any time when all of sudden he slammed into me hard and collapsed on my back, breathing heavily and I could feel his orgasm inside of me.

We stayed in that position for a while as we got our breath back, until he withdrew from me and we both stood up. I looked straight into his eyes and he leaned towards me, and we began to kiss, our tongues exploring each other mouths.

'Fuck i'm glad you joined the police' Colin laughed as we pulled apart and he smacked my ass. And so was I.


Chris Miller

[email protected]


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