Cops, gotta love em…

I'd been sucking cocks for a couple of years, but the first time a guy cummed in my mouth was about three months ago. A guy that I’d been friends with for about six months and I were riding around talking. We had given each blowjobs several times since meeting. The second or third time Randy gave me a blowjob he swallowed and has been swallowing ever since. 

I’d suck him too but never let him cum in my mouth. 

This particular day Randy was driving as we rode around and talking about how horny we both were. 

After telling him to just keep his eyes on the road, I reached over, unbuckled his pants and pulled his zipper down, letting his massive cock sprang up and stand quivering between us. As I leaned toward Randy’s lap to slide his pants down a little, eight inches plus of hard shaft and purple head with rigid cords running its length waved back and forth only inches from my face.     

For a short guy, Randy had a nice cock. Bigger than mine, it was the kind of uncut cock where the shaft is as thick as the head.    

Lying across the seat, I licked my lips and then plant a kiss on the tip of Randy’s hard throbbing cock. After licking the head, I ran my tongue all over the head, then slowly move down his shaft and gently kiss his balls…licking them, running my face over them and then sucking them one at a time every so softly.   

"Ooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock," moaned Randy as he ran his smooth fingers through my hair. Sensuously running my face over his cock, I took the head into my mouth. Running my tongue all over it, I softly sucked him into my mouth. I always found the smoothness of his skin to be sensual and powerful at the same time. I could taste the saltiness of it as I sucked him into my mouth.    

I was enjoying the taste of his cock and his soft moaning when Randy suddenly said, "Whatever you do, don't rise up because there is a cop right behind us.”    

Naturally it wasn't thirty seconds until I felt him starting to swell a little and tense up and I knew what was coming. I started to rise up and Randy put his hand on the back of my head holding me down and said, “Stay down, the cop will see you.”                    

The road got a little rough, causing my mouth to slide effortlessly up and down on his cock. As the hard shaft was rammed into my mouth, I felt Randy’s curly pubic hair rubbing against my nose and lips. Randy couldn't hold back. "Ooooh, uuuugh, ooooohhhhh, yeah, gonna cum," he moaned as his cock started to pulsate, and the unfamiliar salty, yet pleasant sensation of his hot cum hitting the back of my throat. Because of the cop, I couldn’t raise up so I just kept sucking.                

Randy moaned and then I felt the first jet of thick, hot cum blast into my throat, followed pulsation after pulsation. Randy’s hand still on my head so I was unable to pull away as my mouth was filling with thick, hot cum. As I tried to spit it out we hit another bump and out of reflex I swallowed. Once I started, I just kept swallowing and swallowing and Randy just kept cumming and cumming in my mouth. The taste wasn't exactly what I expected, nothing like his pre cum. I thought maybe it would have a sweet taste I guess. As I continued to swallow, I thought, I guess it's an 'acquired taste', one it didn't take long for me to get used to. It wasn’t terrible though, a little salty, a little bitter I guess. I think the biggest thing to accept was where it's coming from, another guy’s balls.     

I held Randy’s softening cock in my mouth for a minute or so after the cop turned off before I finally releasing it. I wasn't done yet. I breathed in the sexual scent of his cock and balls before pushing my tongue down his cock burying it into his pubic hair and moving further down to lick his balls.      

We eventually traded seats and Randy did me. 

The end…



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