Cop Station Cleaner Dex here. I have a small cleaning business and one of my clients is the local Cop Station. I clean it nightly, usually around two or three in the morning. I cleaned at that time as it was less busy at the station.

It was Saturday night, well actually I guess it would be early Sunday Morning. The place was dead. There were only three Cops there. One at the front counter and two were sitting at a table in the lounge having a coffee.

I went about my business wiping down counters and vacuuming the carpets. I had almost done all my work and the last thing to do was the interrogation room. Sometimes I had fun in there. I would make sure no one was watching and then I would pantomime and make believe. This time I pretended I was arrested and started role playing.

I feel to my knees and clenched my hands together and in a pleading voice moaned out.

"Oh, please officer Sir, Please. I will do anything, anything. I can't go to jail I would never survive."

Then I looked up and imagined I was staring into a Cops hot eye and had a pathetic look on my face.

Then I started to laugh. Suddenly I heard the sound of clapping hands. I almost got whiplash turning my head so fast and looked at the entrance way to the room. There stood the two Cops who had been having coffee. They looked magnificent in their uniforms. They were about six foot tall, dark blond hair, piercing heavenly blue eyes and tremendously physically fit bodies. And they had well packed crotches. I bet they were hung like a couple of horses.

They were laughing and clapping their hands and they both at the same time said, "Bravo. Good acting."

Then the one on the right snickered and said in his deep baritone voice. "So is it true? You would do anything."

Then they both dropped their hands to their crotches and gave them a squeeze.

I answered in a stuttering shy embarrassed voice, "Yes Sir, although I was play acting, yes I would do anything for a fine officer like you. There would be no hesitation on my part."

Then both officers stepped through the door and closed it behind them.

"Anything?" The Cop on the right inquired of me.

"I was still on my knees and I looked up into his face first and saw the twinkle in his eyes. Then I looked at the other Cop and the big smile on his face.

Then as I ran my tongue over my lips I answered him. "Yes Sirs, anything that you wanted."

My heart was beating very fast, what was I getting myself into.

They both strode towards me rubbing their crotches as they approached me. When they were in front of my, towering over me, The one on the left spoke out, " My name is Officer Jake and my partner here is Josh. How would you like to service us? Give us some pleasure.

"That would be fantastic Sir, I have always had the fantasy of pleasing a Hot Cop like you and now I can please two of you at the same time." I answered him in a docile voice.

"Good" Jake said. "Then let's start, show us what you have in you."

I leaned forward and reaching up my hands gently started to caress their bulges. I could feel their cocks hardening in their pants. While looking up into their faces I slowly began to unzip their flies. Each of them unbuckled their belts and undid the top button on the waist. They opened their undershorts and then out fell two of the biggest man cocks I had seen in a long time. They were not quite hard yet but still each of them was a good seven inches already and growing bigger by the second. I could smell the manly aroma of their man scent. It was like ambrosia to me. Then I leaned forward and starting to lick the tip of Josh's rod. With one of my hands I gently held onto Jake's cock and started to milk it. Josh let out a moan of pleasure as I licked his rod. Then I opened my mouth wide and engulfed his cock. I went right to the hilt and buried my face into his pubic hair. He put his hands behind my head and held me on his cock moaning out in pure pleasure.

"Fuck." He cried out. "Fuck, you have one hot little mouth there boy."

Pulling all the way out and then plunging back in. Over and over again.

His balls were slapping against my chin.

Josh pulled his cock out of my mouth and ordered me to stand before them and strip. I obeyed immediately. I stood at attention before the two studs and Jake exclaimed, "My you are one fine looking man. Nice fit body. Turn around; I want to see your butt."

I turned around and displayed my ass to them. I worked out on a regular basis and I knew that I had a nice hard firm ass. When I had my back to them I clenched my ass cheeks together and made my butt more enticing. Both officers let out a small gasp.

Jake spoke out in his hot baritone voice and said, "Wow that sure is one hot ass. I bet it feels damn good. I can't wait to use it."

He reached forward and gave me a firm slap on the butt with one of his big hands. Then he put his hands under my arms and moved me to the small cot in the corner and had me lie down on my back with my head hanging over the edge. My ass was at one side of the cot and my eager ass at the other side.

Josh went to my head and Jake went to my butt.

I put my hands around my ankles and held my legs high in the air.

Jake came closer to me and Jake spit on his fingers and then started to massage my butt hole. Inserting a finger and twirling it around. I was quivering with excitement. Then he inserted two fingers spreading my hole a bit wider. Meanwhile Josh was rubbing his now rock hard cock all over my face. I could feel the precum moistening my cheeks. His cock had expanded to ten long hard thick inches. A real man pole. Jakes cock had also grown to its full girth. His was ten and a half inches and as thick as a beer bottle. He took his fingers out of my ass and then started to moisten his cock, lubing it up.

Then he placed the tip against my butt hole. He looked up at Josh and Josh tilted my head down and placed his cock against my mouth. Then he nodded and at the same time they both started to enter each of my holes.

I moaned out in shear glory. I was being done the way I liked it, and not only was I being done I was having a fantasy fulfilled by being done by two hot Cops.

They didn't stop penetration until they were both completely deep down inside of both my tunnels.

I thought I would have gagged at the size of Josh but it just fit inside of me perfectly. Then they slowly began to fuck me. Pulling all the way out and then all the way back in. I was in my glory. It felt so good. Both Josh and Jake were also groaning in pleasure as they fucked me. They started to build up speed, pulling out and plunging in. I was amazed that I was not gagging and choking. I guess I had become a Sex toy. Then as one they exited my holes and switched places. Now Jake was at my mouth and I wrapped my hand around his hard pole and started to suck his massive cock. Josh was at my ass. He had no trouble entering my butt. My hole stayed open for him and it just sucked in his cock like a vacuum. They both started to pound me good and hard. Josh's balls slapping my ass cheeks and Jake's balls slapping my chin.

Building up steam and stamina. Plunge plunge plunge, over and over again. They were both sweating bullets, I could feel them dripping onto my body, and it felt so good.

Then Jake yelled out at Josh,"OK Josh it's my turn again, I want Dex's pretty little butt. Give over!"

He took his cock out of my mouth and Jake exited my butt.

Josh answered Jake with a smug reply, "Hey dude I have an idea, let's double fuck him. What do you say Dex, You up for a double fuck. Come-on you'll love it. Especially with that nice stretched hole of yours. Make you a real Cop fuck toy."

I thought about it for a second and then replied in a hesitant but docile voice, "OK, let's try it, but I will need a few sniffs of poppers, which will help ease my mind and make me more the willing. I have some in my pocket. May I use them?"

Jake looked at Josh and they shook their heads in confirmation. I uncorked the poppers and took a couple of deep sniffs.

Jake lay down on his back on the floor, huge throbbing dick sticking straight up in the air. I took my move and got over him and sat down on his immense size. Then Josh came in from behind and placed his rock hard cock against Jakes rod and then started to insert himself into my ass also. Oh my fucking God, I had never had this done to me before, it hurt a bit but also it didn't, I don't know I am so confused. Damn it felt great. His cock penetrated beside Jake's and easily entered into me. Fuck, it just felt so good so right. Here I was taking two hot studs at once, what more pleasure could there be. I could hardly believe it; they were taking me to limits I had never known. Each of them moved separately and together. My ass was opening for these two stallions. I thought I would pass out from the pure ecstasy I was in. They worked my eager hole for about a half hour then they pulled me out and again straddled my mouth and ass. They both plunged into each hole. Building up steam and man power.

Then as one they let out a loud howl and started to shoot their sweat ambrosia. Filling both my ass and my throat with their hot juices.

I thought that I would drown Josh came so much and Jake had my ass with cum dripping out of it. With a final deep plunge they were spent.

"Oh, Fucken Damn. That was great, "Jake exclaimed. They pulled out of my holes and all of us were panting deeply.

Then I turned my head to the side, I felt another presence. There standing in front of the wall beside the door was the other Cop, who had been at the front desk. He wore a different Uniform I guess because he was the sergeant. He was at least six foot two; I fine muscular physic, Strong manly face with penetrating blue/green eyes. He stood there with a big smile on his face. He had his big cock pulled out of his pants and stood there watching us.

"Ok Boys. Enough fun for you, now it's my turn. You zip up and man the front desk while I take over." He drawled out in a thick masculine voice.

Jake and Josh obeyed him and left the room.

The sergeant approached me and said to me in his hot sexy voice, "Well, it looks like the boys have gotten you ready for me. Maybe you'll be able to take my horse cock. No one has been able to yet, they all say I am too big. You think you can take it? You want this man tool boy? You want me to use that butt of yours?"

I immediately replied in a quivering excited voice. "Yes Sir, I will certainly try to Sir. Do you mind if I have a sniff of poppers though, it will help me to take you? I have a bottle in my pocket."

The Sarge nodded his head.

He was massive. His cock was at least eleven inches long and really thick. I really didn't know if I could take that weapon of his, but I was going to try. Jake and Josh had opened my hole and it was still gapping. I uncorked the poppers took a couple of sniffs and then corked it and placed it beside me on the table. Then I reached down with my hands and raised my legs in the air baring my open hole to the Sarge.

He let out a cry of amazement and drawled out, "Damn, boy. Your hole is wide open, calling out, begging for me to come on in."

He didn't hesitate; he just came up to me and placing the big head of his cock against my hole and began to penetrate me. It hurt a little bit he was so big, but my head was swimming with the poppers and I was so excited, I really wanted it. I had fantasied about having a huge cock up my ass.

He put his hands on my hips and then slowly slid his length into my hole. Stretching me to the limit. Oh god, it hurt but it also felt great at the same time.

I cried out in pleasure, "OH, God Sir, take me. I want you so badly. I need you. Please:"

The Sarge let out a husky moan and then with all his strength he shoved his entire cock deep into my bowels. I though he was going to rip me open. The pain had left and now there was only pure pleasure. It felt so good to have him inside of me. It just felt right. I could almost taste him he was so deep inside of me.

Then he pulled out to the tip and with a big smile on his face growled out in a deep masculine tone,

"What do you want, boy? You want Sarge's big horse cock. You want to be his little fuck toy?"

I whimpered a subservient answer to him. "Yes Sir, take me, make me yours totally. I want it, I crave it."

Then without hesitation he had his hands on my hips and he just drove his cock into me. Pulling me on to the base and his balls slapped hard against my butt cheeks. It didn't hurt at all it felt truly fantastic.

I had become a real sex toy, his sex toy. He started to piston fuck me. He pulled out and rammed in , each time shaking my entire body with his strength. He built up speed and was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. My hole was stretched to the limit.

Then to my amazement he pulled all the way out and looked down and said with astonishment, "Your hole is gapping open boy, begging to be used, calling out for my cock to go back in. Then he just leaned forward and his cock found the opening and settled in again. He repeated this move of taking his cock all the way out and then ramming it back in. My hole had become his property. Sarge kept fucking my, now his hole. He was sweating like a pig as he used me. It was dripping all over me causing wonderful sensations as each drop landed on me. He was plowing me to the extreme. He kept it up for at least a half an hour until he let out an animalistic roar.

Then with a final plunge he roared out in a loud voice, "Oh, fuck, damn, I am going to cum. Take my load boy."

Buried deep inside of me he started to gusher. He shot so hard it felt like bullets deep inside of me. I could feel it vibrating in my innards. Then I couldn't hold back, without even touching my cock I too began to shoot. I covered both our chests with my load. He was still Cumming filling me up. There was so much it was leaking out and running down my ass cheeks. And he still kept Cumming. He just kept filling me up. Would he ever finish? Then with a final cry of pure pleasure he collapsed forward onto my body and lay there quivering. I was in heaven; I never wanted it to stop. After a minute or two Sarge stood up and pulled his cock out of me with a loud pop.

With my legs still in the air he went to his knees and then placed his tongue against my asshole. He started to rim me and lick his cum out of my gushing channel. The sensation was unbelievable and I was shocked, here was this stud eating his cum out of my ass. I had never had that done to me before. My ass had opened so wide that his chin was partly inside of me as he dug deeper with his tongue. He was almost fucking me with his chin. Holy crap, what had happened to me, Had I become a full sex toy, his sex toy. I think I really had died and gone to heaven. After rimming me for a bit he then stood up and then leaning over me planted a big cum kiss on my mouth, his tongue parted my lips and then he French kissed me. I could taste his sweet cum as he explored my mouth. It tasted so damn good. I threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly. I didn't want to let him go. I felt so good, no unbelievably fantastic.

Finally he let me go and stood up. His face was glowing.

"Damn it boy, I mean Dex that was fantastic. I have never had sex like that before. No one has ever been able to take my girth before, I am too big. But it seems not too big for you. I would like to see you again. Damn, I would like you to move in with me and be my mate. I will take care of you and provide you with whatever you need and provide you with as much pleasure as you want. Please say yes." He stated with a pleading look in his eyes.

I didn't even have to consider. I immediately replied in an eager excited voice, "Yes Sir Sarge. I would truly love that, I have never met a man like you before. We were made for each other. My ass feels so good right now, but it feels empty, alone. It already misses its horse cock. I need you. I am now and forever more yours and only yours.

"Please" Sarge said, "Call me Sonny, that's my name."

"Yes Sonny, again I say I am yours. Yours to love, to hold and to definitely fuck." I laughed out loud as I answered him.

And so I became Officer Sonny's soul mate. I looked after his household duties, cooking, cleaning and yard work. We had many many good fuck sessions. And it turned out he liked to share and watch so a few times we had Jake and Josh come over for a weekend when they were not working. Sonny had bought a sling and set up a sex room in his basement. There I was worked over many a time by the three of them. They even let me dress up in a Cops uniform once in a while as they used me. I could not be any happier. Life was great.



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