I turned into the lane leading back to one of many picnic areas when I heard the short, whining blast of the siren. Okay, I was going too fast but the speed limit was twenty miles an hour, for chrissakes. My pickup wouldn't even go that slow. I watched in my rear view mirror as the park ranger got out of his vehicle and I suddenly didn't mind being stopped, but I couldn't afford a ticket. I wondered if park rangers even issued tickets.

He was packed into his uniform like GI Joe, pants that fit snugly but not too tight, massive thighs bulging inside the pant legs and the tan material stretched around a very noticeable bulge at his crotch. I was surprised to see a weapon on his belt; but maybe he needed it to shoot rabid animals. His upper body seemed to explode up from his waist, tapering up to wide shoulders and thick chest that pressed against his uniform shirt, as did his arms. His walk was a sexy saunter coming up beside my pickup.

He didn't ask for my license and registration. Instead, he leaned down and asked, "Do you know how fast you were going?"

"Not exactly, but I know I was going over the limit," I said.

"Well, that argument's out of the way," he said.

If his looks didn't make me cream my shorts his voice almost did. My godd, how could anybody be such a total package!! I watched his hand reach back for his pad; huge hand, with thick, muscular fingers.

"I'll need your driver's license for your personal information," he said.

I dug it out of my wallet. He took it but held it loosely in his fingers. "You look like a decent kid....I'm going to give you a choice.... you can follow me back to the station house, or we can pull on back in the picnic area and take care of this."

Station house? Did they have a station house in the park? And what'd he mean by taking care of it; was he wanting a bribe not to write a ticket? When I didn't answer him right away he went on. "You see, if I take you back to the station house, there's all kinds of nuisance paperwork that'll have to be filled out. I would rather avoid that and I'm sure you would too."

"I'm not sure what you mean by.....taking care of it," I said, rather timidly.

"Well, if I start writing you a ticket, taking down all of your personal information, I can't void it without a lot of paperwork explaining why I voided a ticket."

"I'm sorry, I......I still don't understand......"

His voice was suddenly stern. "I'm not really good at drawing pictures, and I'm not really big on patience," he said as he straightened and moved closer to my truck, and I heard the pad laid on the roof of my truck. He was a tall guy and when he cocked one boot up on the running board his midsection was framed in my open window. He kinda pressed it against the opening and suddenly I caught on. He wanted a bribe all right, but not a money bribe. I panicked and quickly brushed my hand over the bulge in his pants, hoping to stop him from writing the ticket. It worked. He drew back from the window and bent down.

"We can take care of it, like you said, if you'll still let me," I said.

He handed back my license. "Pull on back in the woods as far as you can."

My heart was in my throat as I started my truck and drove along the winding road. The trees blocked out the noonday sun in the picnic area and I drove to the far end and parked in front of a table. There, I waited, watching his official vehicle coming into the area. I wasn't sure I could do it. He hadn't said how we were going to take care of it, but I was sure it would involve sex. He was sexy as fuck, and perhaps he'd detected something in me. He parked his vehicle parallel to my truck, blocking it from view, then got out. Fuck, I thought, as I watched him walk toward me. Godd, he was gorgeous!! He pulled his pad out of his rear pocket and showed it to me through the open window.

"Just to show you that I never started writing the ticket," he said.


"It's okay," he said unzipping his pants. His big fingers dug in his fly and drew out his cock. Framed in the gaping fly and a flurry of dark hair, it was the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen in my life. He pressed against the window and there it was, hanging inside my truck.

I hadn't actually seen that many cocks up close.....I was pretty new to the man-sex scene......but this was what all cocks were intended to look like. I leaned in and brushed my face against it, taking in the masculine aroma of him; a mix of clean-body male musk and deodorant or body splash. I breathed it in. Then I kissed the head that protruded almost menacingly from a generous collar. I felt it pulse against my lips.

His hand reached through the window and held his cock out across the palm. Fuck, his hand was so sexy! He didn't want to mess around with foreplay, he wanted his cock sucked. I put out my tongue and sucked the head across it into my mouth. At the same time I took hold of his hand and explored his thick, muscular fingers. I sucked him to hard in no time and he began fucking my mouth. I twisted around in the seat to face him more and reached my other arm through the window to reach his butt.

His cock was soon pushing against my throat and he put his hand around the back of my head to hold it tight while he pushed harder and harder against the opening of my throat. I managed to fight down the gag reflex when he shoved through the tight opening, but my eyes watered. I thrilled to the feel of his round, hard ass clenching in my other hand.

After a few minutes he pulled back and stepped away from the window and opened the door.

"We need more room so you can get to it," he said as he undid his belt. "You're fuckin' well; I want take full advantage of it."

I turned in the seat and slung my legs out of the truck. He shoved his pants and shorts down to mid-thigh and moved up between my legs, cock in hand. I opened my mouth and he shoved it in, his hands around my head again to hold me in place.

"OH, fuck yeah," he moaned as he fucked my throat.

The sight of him bared from the waist to mid-thigh was enough to make me forget about choking. I clasped one hand around his now-bare butt and felt the growth of soft down. I explored his hairy thighs with my other hand, and cupped his balls.

"Don't know how you learned to suck cock so good at such a young age, but you had a good teacher," he said.

His voice sent chills through me. I slid off the edge of the seat to my knees on the ground. I wrapped my arms around his massive thighs and held myself tight against him. He took my cue and pulled my face hard against his loins, sending his huge cock plunging into my throat; so far I thought it must reach into my stomach. Dear God, I thought, if I die like this I will die happy.

I ran my hands up and down his thighs then reached around to clasp his butt. It was like warm bowling balls, dusted with soft down. I squeezed and kneaded the hard muscles and dug my fingers in the crevice. They were so tight and muscular that I couldn't pull them apart till he relaxed them, which he did every few strokes. I was gradually able to touch his hairy hole and felt it clench against my fingers.

"Ohh, fuck yeah, your fingers feel good back there," he said, and after that he let me have free access to his hole. But he stopped me when he felt me pushing too hard with the tip of my finger. "That's a no entry," he said. But then he pulled away from me and turned around with his butt facing me.

I leaned in and kissed all over both sides, then began kissing the slopes of his ass crack. When I dragged my tongue in the crack he bent over and I dove in. I pressed my face into the valley of his butt and licked and tongued his hole hungrily.

"Ohhh, shit, man, I had this done to me once before but it wasn't anything like this."

I took hold of his hips and pulled his butt back tight against my face. I could feel his asshole quivering and clenching, more loosely now and I stiffened my tongue to drive the tip through.

"Ohh, you wanta tongue fuck me. That's okay, just no fingers," he said as he pulled his butt apart for me.

I dug my fingers deep in the crevice and pulled his hole open. I heard him choke and swallow his outcry when I drove my tongue through his hole. He went a little bit crazy, twisting his butt around and riding my face. I held him as still as I could to give him the full pleasure of my tongue inside him. He caught on and quieted down a bit and I reached between his legs for his balls and his cock. He was quivering hard and dripping precum. I used it to lube his cock for my hand strokes.

I quickly reduced him to a whimpering state that probably would not have done him proud back at the station house. At times he sounded almost like he was sobbing. I was loving it, slobbering over his awesome butt and stroking his thick cock.

Then suddenly he straightened and turned around, cock in hand and aimed at my face. "Take it, I'm about to cum!" he gasped.

I gave him my mouth to fuck to the end and he did that brutally.

"You're getting' my load," he warned, his voice shaky.

I nodded frantically, hoping I would get it in my mouth and not down my throat. I wanted to feel it shooting in my mouth so I could taste it and savor it and swallow it on m own rather than have it shot into my throat. At the end his legs were shaking so bad that he had to concentrate on standing up and I was better able to control his thrusts. He grabbed hold of the top of the truck cab and the door to keep his balance while I finished him off.

Suddenly he was spurting ropes of thick cum into my mouth. I dry swallowed as my mouth was filled with the warm nectar. He quickly filled the bottom of my mouth and flooded my tongue and my taste buds were treated with the sweetest man juice I'd ever had. I wondered about his diet to have such wonderful tasting semen. When there seemed to be no letup I began to swallow in small gulps. It was thick going down.

Suddenly his cock slipped out of my mouth and he white washed my face with cum. It splattered and clung to my face and neck like glue. He let me guide his cock back to my mouth and I sucked him to a finish that left him drained. As his cock was going down it seemed to drain the strength out of him. He managed to shift around and lean against the side of my truck. His cock pulled out of my mouth with a lout slurping sound and fell with a soft smack against his thigh. He leaned there, gasping for air.

Holy shit, kid!" he gasped.

I stood out of the truck and stood in front of him; I wanted him to see me swallowing his cum. He smiled, then laughed when he saw me.

"That taste good to you?"

"It tastes wonderful, and there's so much of it."

"Felt like there was tank load. I don't remember cumming so hard in my life. And I never came from somebody eating my ass. That was fuckin' unbelievable."

I dropped to my haunches and sucked his cock in my mouth to drain and clean him. It was easy to suck his rubbery meat into my throat and press my face lovingly in his pubes. I even licked his balls as I did so.

He put his hands on my head and shoulder, more gently now.

"You're fuckin' somethin' else, kid," he said. "You come out here often?"

I eased back off his cock and stood up, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Yeah, couple of times a week."

"That oughta be just about right," he said as he was pulling up his shorts and pants. "My girlfriend puts out two or three times a week, you can fill in the gaps. I gotta have sex every day or I feel like I'm gonna explode."

"How many days' load was that?" I asked.

"Hell, not a full day. More like... let's see... more like twelve or fourteen hours."

"Damn, I'd like to see a load that's built up for a couple of days."

"We can do that," he said as he was tightening his belt. "Day after tomorrow, same time and place?"

"Yeah, that'd be great."

He took his pad from the top of my truck. "How old are you, anyway?"

"Does it matter?"

"No, I guess it don't. Just curious."

"Well, I'm not legal if that's what you're asking," I said.

"I didn't think so."

"But you took a chance," I said.

"That was a chance worth taking."

The End

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