I'm a part time sports student. I am mainly straight and have a girlfriend called stephanie who was a bit of a slut but I didn't know until I met David

As I walked to the swimming pool I met dave. He was wearing swimming trunks which were the cutesy ever. He had a nice pack of muscles. But of course I am straight I gotta think of stephanie. Is he trying to put me in a trance?

I think it's working

He suddenly approaches me with a smile on his face.

'Hey your the kid who's dating Stephanie Polmoore right?' he asks curiously

'Yeah why?' I wonder as I gawp at his intensley hot muscles

'I saw her with another dude engaged in liplock' he talks

All sorts of things are running in my mind what a total bitch she turned out to be

At the end of the day I pack her suitcase and told her she has been evicted.

As I sat online in my now deserted house with yesterdays memories fading and fading by the minute

The doorbell rings as I walk up to answer it there standsDave in his tracksuit which underneath he remains shirtless

As I beckon him in he asks me a question

Andrew will you go out with me?

- - - - - - - - -

Day 2 at the Llewlyn Campus and Dave was in my apartment asking me to go on a date with me the cheeky sod. But as I consider this I can't help but notice the seriousness on his face.

'Can you leave so I can decide my decision?' I ask him politely

'Sure, you do know I'll be thinking of you no matter what your choice right?' he replies as he walks out the room

Night dawns and as I'm there dreaming I can't stop thinking about dave. Suddenly I feel a similar feeling in my cock and shoot something out as I look down I notice a mixture of cum and piss. WTF!!!!!!!!! I thought. I look over to my bedside table and notice it's 7AM. I've got to get up now anyway

I walk into the kitchen to put my cum/piss drenched sheets in the washer when I hear a bottle smash. Alarmed I grab the nearby sharpest knife I could find. I open the front door and there stood dave with blood on his face.

'What the hell happened?' I asked him

'Stupid thugs' he groaned

'You better come in' I said to him

As we walk across to the kitchen with him clutching his hand towards the cut

'Here let me help you with that' as I hand him a wet towel

'Owww' he says

'So what happened?' I asked him

'Well I was walking to the shop getting some flowers and chocolates for you as a sort of a gift for you when I bumped into some drunken chavs. Where one of them pinned me to the floor and dropped a beer bottole on my head which was cut instantly' he explained to me

'Oh right I'm so sorry' I said

I didn't know how to react I felt sympathy towards the poor guy

'Why don't you move in with me?' I offer him.

'I thought u hated me?' he wondered

'no in fact I had a crush on you the day we met' I confess to him.

'Aww thats cute' he says to me.

24 hours later I help him move his stuff in. As he places his belongings in our room I wrap my hands around his waist and I lean in for a kiss..

As I woke up I stare into dave's eyes I ponder the last 48 hours. Does this mean I'm actually bi?

I wake up and go to make a cup of coffee when dave enters in his nightwear looking as sexy as ever.

'Had a good sleep then?' I said

'Not really was dreaming about them damned thugs again' he swears.

'Anyways babe I gotta go to work' Dave says as he leans in to kiss me on the cheek.

'Ok your having lasagna and a cherry pie when your home' I tell him but realise he's gone

'Hmm let me get some goodies for Dave' I think to myself as I walk out the front door

As I enter the shops I look for some outfits which would make me appear slutty. I choose a doctor's outfit which was torn. I then look at jockstraps and decided to pick one that was of a Australian flag with the number 18 on it.

As I walk back to the flat I notice these two thugs by some bin bags as I stop on a side wall I can see them both with their average sized cocks out one is on their knees devouring the other.

I suddenly recognise who they are. They assualted my Dave.

Since they were both still going at it I recorded the action on my phone and uploaded it on facebook.

'Nice little pornstars' I thought to myself as I enter the apartment I burn my little video onto a DVD. I decided to show Dave a littler later on.

As I'm there dressing in the doctor's outfit my dave comes home.

I suddenly hear voices

'So where's this Andrew then?' this hoarse voice asks

'I'm not entirely sure he's normally here by now' dave wonders as I listen to their voices I'm drowning in the tears of my own

stupidity as I walk to the front room I see their still there but this time naked as the day they were born.

'This is not what it looks like' dave whispers

To Be Continued...




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