Tough, form-fitting leather, metallic black, shiny in the light from overhead, crunched and screeched as he stepped forward. The rubber soles of his boots banged against the cold, hardwood floor. He kept his helmet and over-sized sunglasses on. Stroking his blond mustache that draped down on either side of his mouth, thick lower lip exposed, he unzipped the fly of his tight leather pants and proudly pulled out his jewels. He rather liked the feel of the zipper's teeth biting into the smooth, taut sac of his balls. Whipping out his nightstick, he tapped it against the fleshy bulb of his cock, beckoning it to harden and rise, inch by inch. Straight, long, thick, and tapered for penetration, his cock was better suited to subdue his prey than the thin nightstick.

His prey straddled a wooden chair, his muscular back and glutes spread out like a work of art begging to be appreciated. The leather straps of a harness dug into his shoulders and lats and converged at a metal ring. His hands were cuffed behind his neck, forcing his head down and exposing his hairy armpits. A studded leather armband, just below the right shoulder, accented his bulging biceps and triceps.

The predatory cop rubbed the end of his nightstick against one armpit and then the other. He slid it down along the spine over the metal ring and down into the hairy crack. Roughly, he jabbed the stick against the puckered hole, bending down to get a good angle. His prey whimpered, wanting penetration but afraid of a dry entry. He felt the wet tip of a cock on his back and shivered.

'You want it?' the cop growled.

'Yes, sir!' the prey barked in a deep, gravelly voice.

Stepping around, he stood majestically before his prey, legs straight and boots far apart. 'Look at my big dick, boy. Have you ever been fucked by a dick big as this?'

'No, sir!'

'Better loosen up that cunt of yours,' the cop said, pressing the nightstick up against the prey's nose. 'Smell your filthy armpits and cunt, boy. Now suck it!' He jabbed it into the open mouth deep into the throat. The prey gagged repeatedly, unable to recover in time for the next jab. Saliva gurgled in his mouth and dribbled down his chin. 'Yeah, boy. Get it nice and wet.'

Yanking up on the chain of the handcuffs, he pulled the man to his feet and threw him against the wall. 'Stick out your ass, boy!' He skewered the firm ass, twisting the stick as he drove it in and out. A thunderous crack echoed in the small, unfurnished room followed by a scream. The prey's left buttock stung and turned pink. Another crack and a scream and the right buttock matched the left. Each time, the man jumped and hopped, fucking himself on the nightstick unintentionally.

'You better be ready, boy. That's all the warm up you'll get.'

The cop dropped the nightstick and rammed his cock into the tight anus to the hilt. His prey screamed and cried, face contorted in a rictus of pain. Beads of sweat pooled on his skin and trickled down. The invading cock held its ground, neither advancing nor retreating, but throbbing with an excess of vitality. The impaled man's body quivered, head tossing from side to side, hands desperately groping for something to grip but finding only a flat wall. His anus burned with pain.

The cock eased out slowly till only the steely, flared head remained embedded. The prey sighed in relief, his breathing ebbing. Gradually the pain morphed into pleasure as his anal ring relaxed, massaged by the gentle movements of the cockhead. He smiled and moaned. 'Thank you, sir. That feels so good,' he gushed.

The cop massaged the bottom's sphincter awhile longer, divesting himself of his leather jacket, shirt, helmet and sunglasses. And then, without warning, he pulled him by the hips away from the wall. Forcing him to bend forward, the cop jackhammered his ass. 'Fuck!' the bottom growled, adding his voice to the slap of hips against buttocks and the plop-plop of a hard cock pumping into a moist hole. The cop eased off again, leaning in to kiss the bottom's sweaty neck and lick his ear. He held his cock still, driving the man crazy with short kisses and licks.

'Please, sir. I can't take the teasing. Please fuck me, sir!'

The teasing continued to the prey's dismay and pleasure. He couldn't predict the cop's actions. He couldn't decide what he loved more: having his anus pummeled or gently massaged, his ass spanked or softly teased with fingertips, his nipples pinched and pulled or playfully tweaked, a slobbering tongue or feathery kisses on his skin. The cop oscillated through a whole spectrum of intensity according to his whim. The prey had no say in the matter, his voice limited to only bestial sounds of pain and pleasure. In the end, he decided he loved it all. He gratefully surrendered and immediately found his nuts tightening.

'Oh, god! I'm gonna cum, sir! Please, sir, let me cum!' he begged with explosive breaths.

The cop yanked out his cock and spun the man around. 'Kneel and shoot on my boot!'

The man crashed to his knees, bashing his furrowed nut sac on the boot. Stringy lumps of jism sprang out from his inflamed cock and painted the leather boot creamy white.

'Lick it clean, boy!' the cop ordered.

Watching the man lick his boot clean aroused the cop more than he had imagined. He spit in his hand and jerked his cock with a strong grip. 'Oh yeah, boy. I'm gonna paint your face like you did to my boot. I'm gonna cover that old-man face of yours, boy.' He threw his head back and huffed. 'Hold your face up, boy! Beg for my load!'

The man lifted his head from the boot and gazed up. His years had weathered and toughened his skin, giving his handsome face with a strong square jaw an added dimension of ruggedness. The clipped hair was mostly black with stray silver locks along the sides. His aquiline nose flared with rapid breaths. He looked up at the cop's young face, skin smooth and resilient, blue eyes intense but unjaded. Thick blond hair covered his head.

'Please shoot on my face, sir! Please, sir!' the old man begged loudly.

That pushed the cop over the edge. His load exploded out of his throbbing cock and battered the old man's face. Cum landed in his hair, clung to his hooked nose, dripped from his cheeks, and some dangled from his chin. The cop rubbed his cock against the old man's face and fed him his semen-covered cock, repeating the process.

'Time for my second load, boy.'

The young cop made the old man remove his boots and lick them clean while he peeled off his tight pants. He put the licked boots back on, turned around, and knelt down on his right knee, left knee raised with the boot flat on the floor. His round balls and soft cock, still long and thick, hung down between his legs. The old man crawled up to the tight, bubble ass, and rimmed the small, pink anus. His mouth expertly ravished the soft flesh, licking and lapping, digging in with the tip, and chewing with his lips. He kept it up tirelessly for several minutes, buoyed by the cop's deep moans.

The cop's cock stiffened once more and drooled clear pre-cum. 'That's it, boy! Eat my ass! Make me cum!' he bellowed. 'Fuck, here it comes! Suck it!'

The old man flipped over onto his back and craned his head up to suck on the dripping cock, held pointed down by a hand. The load came fast and hard, filling his mouth with salty goodness. He struggled to swallow it all, hampered by his awkward position. He gagged once and the viscous liquid bubbled out, but he quickly recovered to swallow the remainder of the deluge.

A few minutes later, the two men stood and faced each other. 'How did I do, chief?' the young cop asked.

'Awesome! You were great!' the old man complimented earnestly. 'You're young and still new to the force, so you won't understand that a man who is expected to be in charge all the time ... sometimes needs to let go and let someone else be in control. I'm glad you agreed to do this. We can do this again if you're up to it. But, remember, let's keep this just between you and me. Alright?'

'Yes, sir.'



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