I had posted a sex add on a web site, hoping I would find some one into what I liked or atleast some one that was willing to try the thing's I liked.

It read 36 year old bottom with many kinks, looking for a top to take control of my life and make me do as told. I am open to a LTR and willing to work out side the home I am not looking for a sugar daddy rather some one to be a dom and control me in every way. It was almost one month before some one sent me a message. The message said get on your knees and be ready to do as told in the heading. that made my cock hard instantly. as I read on it was telling me that the guy was a top 41 years old nice home and looking for some one to care for the house and do all yard work, in exchange for free room and board. after that my cock was limp but it went on to say, you will be kept naked when not in use, and kept in a cage or tied down as I like my boy to be. I will play with your tight ass and milk you every day. now my cock was rock hard again.

As I read on it said you will wear nothing but Nylon Soccer shorts while doing yard work with a but plug secured in your tight ass.

A contract must be signed if you are for real. Meet me at the local brew pub if you are willing to be my boy toy, on 2/10/08 at 2:00 pm you must be wearing a jock strap and a thin pair of shorts, but do not look to much like a slut.

Well as the day passed i was having all I could do not to pop a load into my shorts thinking about what was to come. As the time got closer I went in and showered, shaved, and gave myself a nice high colonic to make sure I was clean inside and out. once done and dried off I went into my bedroom and put on a nice brand new white t-shirt then a brand new pair of white socks and my jock strap and black nylon soccer shorts. I was now ready to go and hardly even able to get my sneakers on thinking about what was to happen.

As I pulled into the brew pub the parking lots looked empty maybe one or two other cars no big deal i though to myself. as I walked in their was only one guy setting at the bar he was wearing a pair of nylon sweatpants he looked like a twink. I thought must be the guy is not here yet. I ordered a beer and all at once the twink walked over and asked did I say you could have a beer?

I looked at him and said I didn't think I had to ask you any thing.

he took me by my shirt and pulled me off the stool I was setting on and told me to get on my knees. as I did this he placed a black leather collar around my neck and said I own you today boy and don't do any thing without asking me first.

I said Yes Sir.

His cock was rock hard in his nylon track pants, he had me lick and suck on it through his pants. before he made me stand back up. once standing he attached a leash to the collar and walked me out to his car.

I was placed in the back seat then he got in a sped off. After a good 20 min. we arrived at his house or so I thought. He came around and opened the door told me to get out and be a good boy or I will be spanked.

I was rock hard as he walked me into the house, once inside I was told to strip all my cloths off as I did this he inspected me entire body with a poke here and a grope there. Once I was stripped naked I was told to bend over. As I bent over I felt a cold lube being applied to my tight hole then a jab of his finger. he worked his finger in and out for 5 or 10 min. before he pulled them out applied more lube then I felt a medium size plug being forced into my tight hole.

Once the plug was in place I was brought into the play room were he placed me in a cb-6000 and said that should keep you from getting any harder.

I was in agony by this point. My cock was pushing against the cage as it was trying to become fully erect.

next I was walked over to a bench wit restraints on it, I was told to climb on and he attached the restraints. then he placed a blindfold on me plunging me into total darkness.

I was left that way for an hour or so I guess as I couldn't see anything and had no idea what he had planned for me.

Next thing I feel is the plug being removed and replaced with a hard cock. I was groaning by this time as it worked its way into my hole. then I was told to open my mouth it seemed that the guy had a friend over that wanted to fuck a bottom boy and have his cock sucked. I had know idea who was fucking me and who had there cock in my mouth but I was in heaven.

I was fucked for 20 min. or more before I felt the cock start to throb and next thing I new the guy was filling my hole with his hot load.

My cock was straining against the chastity cage at this point.

all at once the cock was pulled out of my hole and I other guy pulled out of my mouth only to step up behind me and sink his cock balls deep in one thrust. I was fucked harder than I have ever been fucked and forced to clean the other cock. the taste of my well fucked ass and the cum was driving me crazy.

all at once the other guy sank it to his balls and pumped me full of his hot cum.

Once he was done I licked and sucked his cock clean. I heard the top who brought me there say he can rest now he is going to need it before the others get here.

I wish I had read the contract, come to find out I was going to be his bitch to use for the weekend and also there for his buddies to use as they wanted as well.





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