'Oh shit Jake, that sucks. You're not gonna get any pussy for months!' My friend Nick laughed as I told him about my new job.

I had recently left the marines, after being with them for 10 years, since I was 18 and I had no idea what to do with myself. Being in the army was the only thing I knew how to do but I decided a change was needed and ended up taking a job in construction. The only issue was that it involved working on an offshore oil rig for 6 weeks with 5 other guys, and we had to stay out there for the whole time.

'Haha I know man, but I have got used to it, living with guys for the last 10 years.' I replied, and it was true, I was very good at finding a secret place to jerk off when I needed some relief and had gone longer than 6 weeks without a woman many times before.

The day came to leave, and I headed to the private airport to get the helicopter out there and to meet the guys I would be working with. I arrived and headed over to the group of guys that were stood talking, who I guessed were my co-workers, and I overheard their conversation as I approached.

'It's going to be fucking awkward with that new dude, we're going to have to find somewhere private, but he's gonna be suspicious if we all go somewhere without him' I heard one of them say.

'I don't think we're going to be able to do it in a group, we will have to split up' another replied, but they stopped talking when I approached. I was curious to know what they were talking about but I knew had to be polite when meeting them for the first time, I didn't want to piss them off.

'Hey guys, nice to meet you, I'm Jake' I said offering my hand to shake.

One by one they introduced themselves and they were really friendly, and I forgot about the conversation I just overheard. There was Tom, 30, Chris, 45, John, 29, Mike, 35, and Dave who was 38. One thing I noticed about all of them was how built they are, being in the marines for 10 years, I had learnt to appreciate when a guy was in-shape and every single one of these guys had muscles bulging in all the right places.

I had chat with all the guys and got on well with them all, especially Tom, who was the most similar to me as he was not married (all the others were) and we had a lot in common. We boarded the helicopter and headed out to our new home for the next 6 weeks, and I was actually pretty excited about doing something new.

The first few days were super busy, with the guys showing me everything and what needed doing as they had all worked here together before. I had been so tired from all the hard work that I hadn't even really thought about sex until about day 5, when I began to get horny and needed some relief. We slept in a dorm which had no privacy and we weren't that comfortable with each other to jerk off in front of each other. I had bonded pretty well with them all but often a couple of them would leave together to jog and I was never invited, which puzzled me a little bit. By the end of the first week, I was super horny and needed to find a place to myself, Tom and Chris had just left for a jog and it gave me an idea to pretend to go for a jog and find a private spot to jerk.

I got changed into a jock, shorts and a tank top and headed out for a jog, I had got to know the rig pretty well and I thought I would be able to go this hidden spot that was the other side of the helicopter landing pad. I ran towards it and as I got closer I began to hear moaning sounds, I slowed to a walk and looked round the corner and got huge shock.

Tom was on his knees sucking on Chris's big dick, which was at least 8 inches long. I couldn't believe what I was seeing; a manly muscle stud sucking the dick of another but for some reason I wasn't disgusted it made me even more horny and my dick began to rise.

I started rubbing my crotch, when Chris looked up and saw me and smiled.

'Looks like you could use some help with that' he said looking at my dick.

Tom took the dick out of his mouth and waved me over. Without saying anything I walked over and Chris started rub my dick while Tom went back to sucking his cock.

'You need to be out of those clothes' He said and started to pull my top off as I took off my shorts and jock.

'Mmmm' I moaned as Chris jerked my cock.

'Lie down here' He said, so I got onto the ground and laid down, with my rock hard cock pointing up.

Chris and Tom rearranged themselves so that Chris was also laying down, his face by my crotch and Tom laid down as well, still sucking dick. Chris continued to play with my dick as I moaned and then suddenly he opened his mouth and took my dick all the way to the balls.

'Aw fuck' I moaned in pleasure as he deepthroated me, I had never had a girl give a blowjob like this and I knew I couldn't last long. Chris began to orgasm and Tom swallowed it all, the feeling of Chris orgasming on my cock sent me over the edge and I unloaded straight into his mouth, which he swallowed.

'Right boys that was great but I gotta go, Tom you go through the rules' Chris said and got up and left.

'Rules?' I asked curiously, still out of breath from my orgasm.

'Well, what you have to understand is that we're not gay, Chris is married, we just do this for relief. Our rule is that if you get something, you've got to give back. It's only fair right?'

'I guess so, but I don't think I can, I've never done anything with a guy' I said hesitantly, but inside I was curious, suddenly the thought of sucking a cock became erotic.

'Well there has to be a first time for everything' Tom said as he walked over to me and totally shocked me by kissing me, to which, after a moments hesitation, I kissed him back.

'See it's easy to do things for the first time' He said as he pulled back and put his hand on my shoulder, gently pushing me to my knees.

His throbbing hard cock was in front of my face and I reached out to feel it and began to jerk it, that's when I decided to just go for it. I tentatively licked the tip as Tom moaned and then I took the whole thing into my mouth and surprised myself by being able to take it the whole way. I got into it and could feel myself wanting his load, which was good because all of a sudden I felt him shoot in my mouth and had no choice but to swallow, and it didn't disgust me as much as I thought it would.

'Pretty good for a first timer' He puffed as he pulled his softening dick out my mouth.

'I'll see you later, stud' He said as he pulled on his shorts and walked off, leaving me to contemplate what had just happened.

I had just sucked a cock and swallowed cum, the weirdest thing was I wasn't freaked out and I wanted to do it again. I lived with dudes for 10 years and not once had I thought about doing anything like that with them. I put my clothes back on and jogged back to the dorm.

Over the next week, we acted like nothing had happened but now Chris and Tom invited me to 'jog' with them, which of course resulted in sucking each other and I was really getting into it, better than jerking off. One day we were all sat in the dorm when Mike suddenly said he'd left his toolbox out and asked me to go and get it. I thought it was a bit weird that he asked me but being the new guy I did what he wanted. I came back in and got a complete shock.

Tom was lying on his back with his legs in the air, as John fucked his ass, John was sucking on Dave's cock and Mike on all fours getting fucked in the ass by Chris.

'Holy shit' I whispered, my eyes bulging as my cock stirred.

'You didn't think it was just Tom and Chris who had all the fun did ya?' asked Dave, still pumping his dick into John's mouth.

'I... well..' I stammered not knowing what to say.

'You gonna join in? Only rule this time is anything goes.' Tom said and winked at me and beckoned me over.

Straight away he put my cock in his mouth, as I moaned Dave turned around and fed me his cock and I took his dick all the way as Tom played with my balls.

'Aaaahh newbies good, I need to have a break I don't want to blow too soon, how about you give me that dick in my ass?' Dave said as he pulled out my mouth.

He went over to a bed and got on all fours, pushing his firm muscle ass up into the air.

'You gotta get it ready first'.

'I don't know how' I said awkwardly

'Let me show you' Chris said as he pulled out of Mike and came over. He bent down and began to lick his asshole, which shocked me.

'You like the look of that?' Tom said, walking towards me, and gently pushed me into the same position as Dave. Then I felt a warm feeling across my ass as he begin to tongue my hole and it felt way better than I thought it would. John came over and fed me his dick and Mike fed his dick to Dave.

The feeling in my ass felt amazing and Tom began to rub his finger around it and pushed it in.

'Mmmmmm' I moaned around John's dick as I saw Mike enter Dave and fuck his ass.

I moaned again as Tom put more fingers in my ass, it felt empty when he took them out, then suddenly I felt something bigger and wet at my asshole and I knew what was coming. I didn't move and prepared myself for the dick to enter me, I really wanted it. A shot of pain went through me as he entered me and the cock in my mouth muffled my shouting. Chris pulled out of Dave and came next to me, where Mike came round and began to fuck his ass as John pulled out my mouth and began to fuck Dave, there was a line of three studly guys getting their asses fucked.

I had never felt pleasure like getting fucked and it didn't take long for Tom to shoot his load in my ass.

'My turn with this new hot ass' said Dave as he got up and entered me. Soon all the guys were lined up ready to fuck my ass, and I was loving it. One by one they blew their load in my ass, Chris was the last to fuck me and the feeling of his orgasm inside me caused me to blow my load all over the bed.

'Fuck this guy can stay' John said as he headed off to the showers. I lay on the bed exhausted with cum dripping out my ass, excited for the rest of my stay.


Chris Miller

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