My name is Ryan. I'm a university student, 20 years old, blonde hair, reasonably athletic looking, 5'8' tall, 160 lbs. I was just finishing up a summer job with a construction company where I was basically a foreman of a road crew. Kyle and Brad are full time workers and on my crew, probably a couple of years older and they made it quite clear they did not like taking orders from me. They are both about my size and build but more street tough. I was a bit surprised when they invited me out to celebrate my last day on the job before heading back to university.

On the way to the bar we decided to drop off at Kyle's place to have a couple of tokes first. I was really getting quite stoned when they suddenly jumped me and pinned me to the floor. At first I thought they were just joking around when they began pulling off my clothes, Brad holding me in a hammerlock while Kyle stripped me of my sneakers, sock and jeans. The two of them then literally ripped off my shirt and finally my underwear, rendering me completely naked with Brad holding my arms behind my back and face down on the floor.

I should add that I am straight but for whatever reason have fantasized for as long as I can remember about being 'forced' into a gay thing so I really did not put up much of a fight, besides they were much stronger than me. Before I knew it Ryan was tying separate ropes to my wrists then they started hauling on them pulling me up into a stnding position and then higher so my toes were just touching the floor. Next they tied anothr set of ropes from my ankles to eyebolts in the floor, forcing my legs wide apart. I was still too stunned and stoned to even scream.

Now I was completely at the mercy of these two muscular studs. I was hanging naked and spread-eagled, my entire body glistening from sweat and my cock was sticking straight out, much to their amusement.

'Looks good,' I heard Kyle say. 'By god, that's one sweet-looking trussed-up bitch-boy.

Then they started fondling me.... my ass, my now hardened cock, my balls, running their hands over my body, chuckling, panting, making lewd remarks. Brad stepped behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks in both hands.

'Fuck man just look at this little ass, like two grapefruits' he commented. He then ran a finger down between, stopping at my opening and slowly began to insert. 'Nice and tight too.... I can't wait to fuck you pretty boy' he whispered in my ear.

They shaved me, completely from neck to toes leaving only the hair on my head, saving my blonde pubes for last. Next they used their hands to rub some kind of oil over my entire naked, and now hairless body, concentrating on my ass and on my cock and balls. The continued use of their oil soaked hands on my most private parts soon had my cock leaking in its hardness. Then they stood back to admire their handiwork, taunting me because of my erection. Even more humiliating was the fact that I was unbelievably turned on just thinking about what they might have planned for me.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brad getting something from a drawer.I turned my head to see him holding it. A thin leather switch. He walked up to me and began slowly tracing the tip of the switch up and down the sides of body, from my arm pits to my feet both sides. Then he did the same along the insides of my wide spread legs from ankle to crotch. Next he moved to my left and continued the exploration down my backside starting at my neck, over the curve of my ass and down both legs. He was chuckling the entire time. The front of his jeans were bulging leaving no doubt as to his excitement as he moved to my right and traced the tip down my chest, over my stomach and along the upper length of my swollen and throbbing cock, pushing down on it until it pointed straight at the floor, then moving the switch away allowing my cock to immediately bounce back up until it was pointing straight out.

'You're going to make one fine slave pretty boy. Submit now and you can avoid having me use this on you. It's real obvious you want this anyway' he taunted, touching the tip to my balls.'

And he was right. I did want this. I did want to be dominated by these two young gods. Just thinking about the humiliating things they could make me do had me more turned on then ever before, but there was no way I was going to admit it, so I decided they would have to break me.

'No way you fucking faggots, I'm not going to be anybody's slave' I hissed, trying to be convincing. At least this way I could pretend they were forcing me into this.

'Good, we were hoping you'd resist' said Kyle as he gagged me with my own torn underwear. 'We'll talk again in a few minutes. Brad, he's all yours.'

I heard a whistling sound, and then there was a loud, sharp cracking noise as that switch smashed across my ass.

I started screaming into the gag. The whipping continued until he had followed the same course as he did while tracing the tip of the switch over my body, with the last strike hitting me right in the balls. Incredibly my cock remained hard, throbbing and leaking.

Kyle ripped my underwear from my mouth.

'Had enough, tough guy? he asked.

'Yes' I answered, nearly sobbing.

'Tell us what we want to hear'

'I'll be your slave, I'll do anything you want' I was so excited I could hardly breathe.

Then they listed off some of the rules I would be following...

I'm to speak only when spoken to.

When I do speak I'm to address them both as Master.

I'm forbidden to stand in their presence unless required to carry out their orders.

I will be serving them naked except for the studded leather dog collar Kyle just placed around my neck.

Anything else they dream up as the night progresses.

'Do you think you can remember these rules, pretty boy?' Brad asked.

'Yes, Master' I choked.

'Ever sucked a cock before slave-boy' Kyle asked, chuckling

'No, Master Kyle, I'm straight, I swear.'

'Well you'll be an expert by the time we're finished with you, slave-boy' taunted Brad.

I was totally humiliated and totally turned on at the same time.

'Do you understand your position here now'

'Yes, Master' I replied, head hanging in shame.

'That's very good,' Kyle said.

They untied me, and when I fell I went down to my knees, and there I stayed.

I would have fallen further, but Kyle held me up by my hair, and said, 'Now that's just perfect, boy. You stay right there, you hear?'

And then he let me go, and all my will went into keeping myself kneeling there, just as he wanted. Then Kyle attached a chain leash to my collar and pulled me to my feet, ordering me to cross my wrists behind my back. Brad tied my wrists together with a leather strip. I was ordered to kneel.

'Now lick my boots, college-boy,' Kyle commanded. 'Show me what a good little boot-licker you are. Show me real good.'

I bowed down and began licking his dust covered work boots, while he used the leash to keep me from falling over. And I did my best to make it good. I was theirs now. They had reduced me to a slave. I licked Kyle's boots until they were clean. When he decided his boots were clean enough he made me turn around, still holding the leash. Brad was now standing in front of me and took hold of the leash from Kyle. I was forced to clean his boots as well.

By the time I'd finished with Brad's boots, Kyle was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. His feet were now bare. Kyle then commanded me to crawl to him until I was about a foot in front of him. 'Now piglet' he smirked at me, 'my feet need cleaning, get to it'

I was now put thru an even more humiliating ordeal of foot worship for my taunting master, forced to tongue bathe his sweat and dirt covered feet, starting with the toes and in between. I slavishly licked and massaged his feet with my tongue until they were squeaky clean. They both taunted me throughout my ordeal which just served to turn me on even more. It took me fifteen minutes to satisfactorily clean Kyle's feet but Brad immediately took his place in the chair and subjected me to same humiliating ordeal.

They were both obviously aroused. The bulges at the front of their jeans left no doubt. Then they played with me, as though I were a toy. They stroked and felt and pinched and slapped and probed, and made me turn and twist and arch myself for their convenience and delight. They squeezed my balls until they made me scream, which they enjoyed enormously. And then they made me tell them what a bitch I was, a filthy fag, a piece of shit, a cocksucker, and any other names that came to mind. Of course I said it all. My submissive side had completely taken over now. All I wanted now was to serve my two tormentors with my mouth and tongue in any way they wished.

Now they were ready to really humiliate me some more. Kyle would be first standing in front of me, naked, his cock pointing straight at my face as I knelt before him. He truly had the body of a god, slim, muscular, tanned,flat stomach, small ass, thick hard cock. Brad was holding the leash. He too, was naked and hard,a true Adonis sweating, taunting. I obediently followed Kyle's command and began licking his sweat soaked balls,then up and down the length of his rigid cock. He ordered me to open my mouth. I slavishly sucked his cock for about 5 minutes when he started to moan louder. I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. I knew I was about to get my first taste of another guy's cum, but then he surprised me by suddenly pulling it out.

'Not yet piggy' Kyle taunted. 'We're going to make this last for awhile.'

Before I could take in what he meant, Brad immediatel grabbed me by my hair and directed me to his rock hard cock, ramming it into my mouth, ordering me to suck it.

This ritual went on for a good half hour as they alternately drove their cocks into my mouth, forcing me to service both of them until finally Kyle yelled that he couldn't hold back any more. He exploded in my mouth ordering me to swallow every drop. I obeyed.

It only took seconds after that for Brad to explode in my mouth as well. He too made me swallow it all. I had submitted to both of them, licking, sucking, swallowing. I was now the naked, kneeling, bound and leashed sex-slave to two gay male gods. After servicing them, they made me lick their balls once again and thank them for allowing me the privilege of worshipping their cocks. Then the each put their jeans back on, leaving me to wonder if it was over or if they still had more in store for me......

They made me remain kneeling, still naked, and amused themselves with taunts and lewd remarks and promises of what was still to come. I pleaded with them to let me go but only because I knew my begging would turn them on and excite them to new torments. I had done everything they asked, I said. They'd broken me, they'd had their fun, now please, please let me go, I said. They only laughed and said I hadn't seen anything yet. A new wave of sexual aroual came over me.

They untied my wrists and made me crawl on hands and knees, like a dog. This entertainment perked them up again. They made me do some tricks for them, like go fetch, lie down and roll over--it still gave them a kick to find new ways to show their power, and to force me to degrade myself.

That's when they made me crawl around the room some more for them. They had me get up on the table on my knees, and spread my legs. Brad was holding the end of the leash.

'Start jerking yourselg off, slave-boy' Brad commanded. I couldn't believe it but with my cock still at full attention as it had been since the start I grabbed hold of it and began pumping. I have never masturbated in front of anyone so it was completely embarrassing o be doing it for the entertainment of two other guys while they taunted me but I did it. I stroked my cock for their amusement trying not to erupt but in minutes my excitement finally caught up with me. At last I shot my load onto the table top. Some went on the floor amid howls of laughter. They made me get back on my hands and knees and lick up my own cum from the table and the floor.

They made me stand, facing the edge of the table. They tied my ankles to the table legs, which were wide apart forcing my legs spread to the limit. Brad tied my wrists together behind my back. Kyle attached the end of the leash to a ring at the end of the table and pulled down hard forcing my chest and face onto the tabletop. They then stepped in front of me to make sure I could see them as they removed their jeans. Brad began stroking his already hard cock just inches from my face and taunted me ' Since Kyle was the first to use that hot mouth of yours I'm going to be the first one to fuck your tight little ass college boy, but I think we need to warm your butt to get it ready'. Kyle then picked up a wide leather strap in his right hand, placed it to my face and commanded me to kiss the instrument of my punishment. It was all I could do to keep from cumming as my cock ground against the edge of the table.



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