I saw the guy every day on my walk-throughs. Short, blond, built like a brick shithouse: pecs bursting through his thin, ripped tee, broad shoulders, and a heavy, round-muscled ass. Probably 22.

I wanted him.

And he was cocky. I could tell. One of those stud boys who knows you’re looking at him and struts his stuff just to tease.

The older carpenters gave him the scut work. It was because of this that he was always the last one out, clean-up duty, on Fridays.

One week earlier I had made up my mind to have him. That week I made my preparations. I had an ulterior motive on my walk-throughs: I was now checking out equipment possibilities for the plot that was shaping itself. I could hardly sleep at night, working out different hot scenarios.

Finally, I was ready.

At 3:00, just before they quit for the day, I went to the foreman with a trumped-up business of needing extra clean-up. Of course, the boy was told to do it all.

At 5:00, well after everyone else was gone, I went down the stairs to the Undercroft with a small cooler. The boy was working, shirt off, gleaming with sweat, wearing his customary slashed jeans showing more than a small glimpse of his plaid boxer shorts, thighs, and knees.

Chummy, I greeted him and explained that I had come back to see how he was doing. I felt bad about giving him the extra work and had brought a six-pack. Would he like a cold one?

He accepted readily and I reached into the cooler and popped two bottle tops. Little could he see that the beer I gave him was already open. And it had a special ingredient.

At first he was just sleepy but within a minute or two he could tell something was wrong. I had to help him over to a chair. I thrilled to the feel of his sweaty body as I supported him. He decided he was sick. He could hardly move. I offered to call an ambulance. I went to the kitchen and trumped up a false phone conversation. I assured him the ambulance was on its way. Within 5 minutes he was out cold.

The drug I had given him ensured a heavy sleep for 4-6 hours.

Once I could tell he was well out of it I went around the building and locked the doors, taking care to jam the panic hardware so that the doors would not open, even with a key.

Then, after double-checking my unconscious stud, I went to the unused class room where I had hidden my paraphernalia. It took several trips. I set up the video equipment and then the photo camera with the remote “porno cord” before inflating the queen-sized mattress. I rolled my charge on to it, then set up the lights to spotlight my prize. He was blissfully unconscious. I turned on the video camera and joined him on the mattress. I felt him up, running my hands all over him, thrilling to know that, unconscious, he was completely helpless. Then I slowly removed his jeans and boxer shorts, leaving on only his work boots and socks.

He was all I had imagined. I slowly and lovingly fondled his privates and buttocks, rolling him over to get a good close look at his wonderful ass. His buttocks were the roundest, thickest muscles I had ever seen. I had intended to start on his nipples, but I changed plans. I was dizzy with desire. I tucked a pillow under his crotch to raise him, and spread his relaxed legs wide. Kneeling between his shapely thighs I glimpsed the shadowed depths of his ass crack. Leaned closer. And closer. Smelled the musk rising from it. Smelled his sweat. These smells put me over and I lowered my face to him, kissing and licking his superb butt, working my spit into his damp crack and zeroing in on his tight little rosebud.

I kissed it.

Licked it in slow circles.

And penetrated him with my tongue. Deeply.

He was silent, unconscious, for the next 30 minutes as I methodically devoured his ass, reaming him with my eager tongue, slurping at his musky cleft.

Finally, I stopped, not because I was tired of this glorious ass but because I had other things to get done.

I licked all over his body, familiarizing myself with its tastes, rolling him over to lick his chest, armpits, crotch, scrotum, and penis. Worked his nipples, chewing on them.

Then, still fully clothed, I lay on top of him and kissed his face and lips. Spreading his thighs, I pressed my groin to his. I dry-humped him while forcing my tongue into his slack mouth and french-kissing him. My cock was rock hard, trapped in the cloth of my Levis as I ground against his naked body. I used the remote to take a few snapshots of this.

It was time to get naked. I tore off my clothes and got back on top of him again. For a long time, I luxuriated in rubbing my body all over the naked, gorgeous boy toy, knowing that there was no intimacy he could deny me, loving the feel of his skin against my naked body, my rigid prick poking at his fuzzy blond groin. I took some shots of this.

Then I posed a few more shots. First: fellatio. I lifted his head and stuck my dick in his loose mouth, rubbing my penis against his gums and tongue. Then: analingus. I swung around and sat on his face, spreading my buttocks to plant my anus right on his lips. Squirming and writhing, I imagined him being forced to service my ass, lapping at my butt to drive me into ecstasy.

After a while I had another idea for some good photo poses. I took his heavy leather tool belt and put it on me. Then I took a pair of handcuffs and dog collar I had brought (for later!), cuffed his wrists together in front of him and put on the dog collar with its heavy leash. I sat him up, hanging on to his shoulders to keep him upright, then stepped through the circle of his arms, facing away from him, and hooked the cuffs to the front buckle of the utility belt I was wearing. This made it look like he was sitting up and gripping my waist. His lolling head was a few inches from my ass. Pulling on the leash I drew his face to my buttocks and guided his mouth to my anus. Posing sensually, I took photos as I unobtrusively held his head in place with the dog leash. These shots made it look like he was sitting between my legs and eagerly devouring my butt as I spread my ass and writhed in ecstasy. Then for good measure I turned around and re-cuffed him and made it look like he was hugging me and sucking my dick.

By this time, I was so hot I nearly shot in his mouth. But it was not my plan to do that so soon and I withdrew, letting him flop back to the mattress.

He had been out for 3 hours. It was time to pop his cherry.

I rolled him over and propped his hips up. Lubing up a finger, I slid it into him. He was like butter. Eagerly, I lubed my cock and slowly pushed into him. Asleep, his anus offered no resistance. I slid easily through his sphincter until my entire length was in him. His virgin interior felt like wet silk clinging to my throbbing member.

Slowly, lovingly, I worked my iron-hard cock in his ass, fucking him in slow, grinding circles.

Helpless, relaxed, his ass welcomed me like pussy. He was my fuckboy. My buttslave. I added lube frequently so as not to abrade his tender virgin assflesh.

The butch blond construction stud lay there, face down, thighs and buttocks spread wide as I violated him, dominating his sweet, virile, athletic body and degrading his masculinity.

This scene was making me so hot that I had to stop for a few minutes. It was almost time to cum — but not quite.

There was one final degradation.

Trembling, I opened my duffel bag and took out the cheerleader’s outfit. It was difficult but I managed to slip the sweater with its built-in falsies over his torso, then pulled the pleated skirt up his masculine legs to snug it on his narrow hips. Quickly I put the blond curly wig on his head and applied garish lipstick and rouge to his handsome face. His little blond mustache looked wonderfully incongruous with the red lipstick on his mouth.

Then I put on my costume: shoulder pads, jersey, jock strap, white socks and cleated football shoes.

Repositioning the video camera for a better angle, I arranged his unconscious form to look feminine and demure: knees together, both to one side; hands clasped together on one side of his head, which was turned coyly away.

The scene was set.

I jumped onto the bed and grabbed his wrists, forcing them to the mattress. Then, like it was rape, I french-kissed his painted mouth while feeling up his “tits” and putting my hand up his skirt.

I roughly pushed up his skirt to expose his crotch to the camera, then lifted his legs high and bent them back toward his head, spreading his ass pussy and putting it at a good mounting angle. Then, face to face with my victim, I put my hard dick against his slick boy twat and entered him.

Without further ado I fucked him. Hard. Raping him as I pinned him to the mattress.

After several minutes I could wait no longer. With a shout of triumph I came, pumping his sweet virgin ass full of my hot white seed.

I came for a long time, and then lay there with my dick in him, savoring the feeling as I softened in his wet, buttery rectum.

I cleaned him up and looked at my watch. He would be out for about another hour or two, but I wanted to take no chances.

It was time to tie him to the scaffold.

And wait for him to wake up.

When, bound, gagged, and blindfolded, he would be my sex toy a second time.

Wide awake.

And he would be forced to enjoy it.


He was awake. Writhing. His yells muffled by the gag.

I adjusted the focus on the video camera.

Frame: Naked, muscular youth facing camera bound spread-eagled to X-brace of scaffold. The X-brace crosses on the small of his back. His tool belt, which is festooned with lewd sex toys, binds him to the brace at the middle while his wrists, forearms, ankles and calves are bound tightly to the four corners with soft rope. His sex dangles limp from his thatch of blond pubic hair. Behind him, within the scaffold, stands a full length three-way dressing mirror. This shows every detail of his back side, with the marvelous smooth melons of his ass completely below the cross-point of the bracing. Between his legs on the floor is propped another mirror, angled to show his tightly clenched anus. Halogen work lamps bathe him in brilliant light.

I zoom in very slightly till his body fills the frame. Perfect. Then the special touch: I switch on the TV hooked into the recording loop, so that he can see what the camera records.

Finally, I approach him, feasting my eyes on his magnificent body.

Writhing. Yelling.

As my hands touch him he redoubles his efforts to no avail. Except for the violent thrashing of his head he can do nothing while I grope him lewdly, massaging his ass crack, pinching his nipples, squeezing his scrotum.

Then I kneel and fellate him. While slipping my finger up his rectum to massage his prostate. Oh how he struggles! It is some time before he starts to harden, but the relentless prodding of his prostate and lapping of my tongue inexorably have his tasty young cock throbbing in my mouth. I keep my body to the side so the camera gets each thrust of my finger in the angled mirror between his legs. Each thrust makes him spasm. After another 15 minutes the spasms become more like sexual writhing and his penis gets harder. Then as he nears a helpless orgasm, I suck him just to the edge and then abruptly pull back, leaving his cock throbbing. I continue the finger-fuck and pet the insides of his splendid thighs to keep him squirming picturesquely while the camera records his rock-hard prick bobbing in frustration. I can see that he is staring at the TV in disgusted fascination, watching his own body being turned into black and white pornography.

In about five minutes his cock softens a bit.

I add a second finger and take him into my mouth again. Sucking. Licking. Working his defenseless butt-hole. Taking him to the edge.

And leaving him there. This time he stays hard longer and puts on a beautiful writhing show as I finger-fuck him, his face a lovely mask of disgust/shame/lust.

Three fingers. A short suck. Frustration. Humiliation. Sexual heat. This time his cock stays hard.

Ready for the next violation.

I shift inside the scaffold and squat, bringing my face down just at ass level. Slowly I move closer, smelling his smell. His muscles tense as he feels my breath on his ass but he is unable to close his spread legs even the tiniest bit. Gently I start to rub my face all over his athletic butt, then harder and harder as I work my face in between his cheeks. He struggles but is helpless as I zero in on his most private spot, lapping at his lovely ass crack, nibbling on his delectable buttocks, licking in closer and closer to his clenched rosebud as he yells vainly into his gag. Then suddenly I pull back and put my thumbs in him and split him like an oyster, slamming my mouth down on his butt-hole and thrusting my tongue deep into the hot, slick, quivering meat of his anus. An electric jolt seems to pass through his body and then he struggles spastically as I devour his tender assflesh.

I rim him with abandon, tongue-raping the arrogant construction stud, making him writhe, forcing him to moan in ecstasy, fucking him with my tongue, forcing the handsome youth to display his lewd erection, slurping, sucking, and biting at his defenseless anus while his hot young body writhes and his cock throbs with lust.

I eat his luscious ass for 30 minutes.

The helpless stud bucks his hips, forced to enjoy the lewd degradation, his shame heightened as he can see how hot his body’s response looks on the TV.

But finally it is time for me to take a rest. I pull back and enjoy the sight of his relaxed, quivering asshole, slick and shiny. He is still writhing and doesn’t notice when I take the small dildo from his tool belt — but he certainly notices when I shove it in! He spasms like a fish on a hook but is just as helpless while I play with the dildo, twisting it in and out in a slow teasing fuck. Before really getting to work I hop over to the video camera and adjust in for a close-up of the angled mirror between his legs. On the screen he can see a bottom-up view of his ass, larger than life, with his swollen penis bobbing above. Then I return to give him a good hard dildo fuck. I work his ass until it softens and then start in with the larger 8” dildo, which has a sturdy pole handle. I can tell he is pleading behind the gag. I smile and lay the knob of the latex cock against his quivering hole. He whimpers as he can see the head of the dildo breach his sphincter. I push it steadily all the way home, and then pump the handle laterally to work his prostate. He groans and hangs motionless in his bondage. He is starting to give up. Gently I take his hips and move them in a slight grinding circle. As if he is too far gone to resist, he continues to move his hips gently while I hang on to the dildo handle. Now it is he himself doing the fucking. Gradually I start to thrust, working in rhythm with his hips. He moans and I know he can see how hot his ass and cock look on the screen. I fuck harder and harder and he keeps in rhythm. Standing, I kiss him on the back of the neck and whisper to him how beautiful he is, how hot he is in his helpless submission, and that now I have another ass toy for him. He groans as I withdraw the dildo.

Finally, I get out a slender but sophisticated thrusting remote-control vibrator and push its 12” length slowly and deliberately into his tight rectum until the thick retaining knob snaps into place inside him. Try as he does, he can’t push the anal intruder out. His glorious ass is impaled on a foot of latex covered prosthetic cock. From the expression on his face it seems that he thinks this is the ultimate degradation. Little does he realize that the robot cock in his ass will be used to drive him into deeper and deeper levels of humiliating ecstasy, forcing him to enjoy the degrading anal perversion. Time to give him a taste of things to come. I turn the vibrator to its lowest setting.

He groans and shudders as the skin of his dick head stretches even tighter on his turgid cock.

He is already helplessly hot.

Then I start the thruster.

His eyes bug out and he spasms everywhere as the latex cock inside him extends another 3”, thrusting slowly in and out.

He screams into the gag in protest. But his cock is harder than ever. Little does he know that the vibrator and thrust controls are on the lowest of 10 settings.

While he is simmering on level 1, I hook up the second TV and turn on the other VCR. In it is the tape I just made of him when he was unconscious.

His humiliation and anger intensify as he sees what I did to him.

Carrying the remote, I move the video camera to explore new angles and close-ups as I use the remote to play his ass like a fine violin. He is incredibly hot and I know he can see his sexual response on the TV in lurid detail as I zoom in on his face, cock, and ass.

I rape him with the robot dildo for an hour.

Midway through I take off the tool belt immobilizing his hips. Helplessly hot, he grinds his hips and thrusts his cock, putting on quite a show.

Finally, I put the camera back in its rack and approach him. The dildo is on its highest settings. He is quivering, exhausted, his painfully swollen cock jutting obscenely from his hips.

I ask him if he wants to be released. If he wants to cum.

He nods frantically.

Then I tell him he will have to beg me to fuck him.

He groans and shakes his head.

I grope his body, tickling and pinching everywhere except his cock, asking him over and over.

Tears stream down his cheeks. Finally, he nods yes.

I take off his gag and he is sobbing.

For 5 more minutes I make him beg to be fucked. He is not particularly imaginative but he is fervent and the result is rather hot.

Finally, I withdraw the dildo. And insert my cock.

While my cock is only 7” it is a lot fatter the dildo. He screams as I plunge in to him and I revel in the ungagged sound. He begs me to stop. But I pinch his nipples cruelly and tell him to continue to beg me to fuck him if he wants to be released. Groaning, he submits and repeats the lewd things I whisper in his ear.

And his cock is harder than ever.

I watch over his shoulder as the TV shows the scene displayed in the many mirrors. The gorgeous hunk straining at his bonds while I dominate him, watching the reflection of my hard slick penis sliding into his helpless ass, making him beg me to do it, beg me to fuck him, rape him, make him my butt slave, my fuck boy, my man cunt, fucking him, fucking the beautiful man and making him mine, mine, mine...

I wrap my greasy hand around his cock and he spurts painfully in a spasm of degraded lust, spraying the TV and camera with slapping wads of white-hot cum, yelling and cumming and yelling and cumming while the camera records every drop.

His strong, muscular rectum clamps down on my rigid prick in spasms, and I slam home against his hard sweaty buttocks, releasing the river of cum surging from my balls.


As soon as I recovered, I got the drug-soaked rag I had prepared and held it to his nose and mouth. He struggled briefly before sagging unconscious. It was midnight. He would sleep for only 2-3 hours.

As quickly as I could, I cleaned up every sign of our orgy. Except one: his ass. I left him full of cum & lube, dressing him in his boxers and slashed jeans, knowing that the messy evidence of his rape would leak out to soak his shorts.

The drug would leave him groggy and muddle-headed. He might recall a bit of what happened, but with a drunk’s uncertainty.

I went home, leaving him there.

During the next week, I developed pictures. Lots of pictures. Using my scanner & computer, I turned out a lovely little magazine.


Kasey got home at 3:30 and opened the envelope. Saw the cover

“Construction Stud Slave Boy in Ecstasy” and blinked before realizing that the pervert on the cover, writhing in lust, was him. The room spun and he was seized by a brief nausea. The magazine slipped from nerveless fingers and a note popped out. Sitting down hard, he slowly focused on the typed note: “Hi! Hope you enjoy LOOKING at the pictures as much as you enjoyed POSING for them! Hot! All set to make the first mailing to your friends — but before I do that I thought you might like to go over the TERMS first — if you do, meet me in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 9:30pm tonight. Au revoir!” His head was spinning. In a daze, he flipped through the pages: his cock, face, ass, torso, all naked, all writhing in unspeakable lust. It was so perverted. So degraded. His own body in the most disgusting pornography he had ever seen. He sank to his knees, still holding the magazine.

It was several minutes before he realized that he was very, very hard.

Abruptly enraged, he threw the magazine against the wall. Staggering to his feet, he lurched into the bedroom, stripping down, desperate to take a shower. He had to wash away this filthy feeling. Then, as he passed the overflowing laundry basket, he bent down to rummage in it. The air against his anus ignited a burning itch. At the bottom of the basket he found the plaid boxer shorts. Light-headed, he walked into the bathroom. Switching on the light, he raised the shorts to see the huge crusted stain on the seat where my cum had leaked from his well-fucked asshole. “No. Oh, no...” he whispered. He could smell a strange sweet musk rising from the stain. Without volition he raised it to his face and took a deep whiff. Opening his eyes, he looked in the full length mirror and realized that he was jerking off. All at once, he knew what was about to happen. He was powerless to stop it. Half of him was disgusted; the other half was coolly planning perverted acts. He gave a strangled cry of mingled revulsion and lust, which was cut off abruptly as this new, cool, ruthless personality stuffed the soiled shorts in his mouth and forced him to watch in the mirror as his left hand pried into his ass cleft and began a steady fingerfuck of his anus.


After the first orgasm, he went to the kitchen. His still-hard cock was bobbing below a taut, cum-splattered torso. The balled up shorts were visible in his wedged open jaws. Breathing noisily, he picked up the magazine, then rummaged in the cupboards until he found a can of old Crisco grease. In the refrigerator was a large cucumber. He returned to the bedroom and shut the door. Even the neighbors probably heard the moaning that followed. *



Kasey walked in the door of the store at 9:40pm. I was standing just inside. Before he could say a word, I said, “Outside. Now.” He turned and followed me out the door. I led him to my van and motioned him in. He paused only a short bit before getting in.

“Okay, Kasey. I won’t beat around the bush. I’m prepared to spread those photographs all over town. To prevent that you’re going to have to meet my terms. I suspect you can guess what kind of terms I want.” Kasey nodded.

“Let’s make it clear. Complete sexual submission. Not just tonight, but whatever night I ask. Cock, ass, mouth, all mine for anything I want. Do you understand?”

Another nod.

“I will only ask you once. Do you agree to the terms?”

He pulled a wry face. “Not much choice, is there? Yeah. I’ll do it.” I put the van in gear and pulled out.

“Where are we going?”

“About 20 miles to my headquarters. It’s very secluded. Perfect for a nice long butt fuck.”

“Jeezus,” he whispered.

“Let’s not waste precious time. Take off your shirt. Now.” Reluctantly, he did as he was told.

“Jeans next. Off.”

“Oh, come on, we’re driving on the highway, here...”

“It’s dark, Kasey. No one can see in. Although if you insist I can turn on the dome light...”

“No! No, please I’ll do it.” He started to wrestle of his pants.

“Kasey, believe me, whatever modesty you possess is going to be a thing of the past very soon.”

“I suppose you’ll want my underwear off next.”

“So eager! No, not yet, Kasey. Not yet. As you can see, there is a pair of handcuffs hanging from the rearview mirror. I want you to kneel between the seats and put on the handcuffs.”

“Hey, wait a minute!”

I slowed down and pulled to the shoulder. Setting the brake, I spun my seat to face him.

“We have a deal, Kasey. I am going to give you one chance. You can be a good boy and do everything I say. Or you will be punished. Severely. And if you aren’t a very, very good little submissive slave boy I’ll publish that magazine and let you suffer the consequences. Get it?”

He swallowed. “I get it.”

“You will apologize.”

“I — I’m sorry.”

“Not good enough. I was going to start you out more gently, but now you will have to be punished. Kneel facing me.”

“Please, I’m sorry-”

“NOW.” He knelt, trembling. I unzipped my pants. He moaned. My cock sprang out, erect.

“Suck my dick, slave!”

“Oh, god...”

I pulled his head to me and forced him down on my dick. He gagged on it as I forced it all the way down. I held his head down until his throat relaxed. Then holding his hair, I bobbed his head up and down. “Suck. Suck it!” He slurped and slobbered on my dick for a short minute before I let him up. He sat between the seats, gasping, as I zipped up.

“Get it?”

He nodded. I turned forward, put the van in gear and eased out on the highway.

“Now. You know what to do.” I pointed at the cuffs.

Wordlessly, he obeyed. His hands were cuffed to the mirror, holding them up and forward. Due to the motor cowl, he had to kneel further back, forcing him to lean forward to keep his balance.

“Spread your knees till they touch the seats. Now.”

Rocking from side to side to keep his balance, he did as he was told. I readjusted the large mirror so that I could stare at him in it. Hot. The helpless blond stud was there, clad only in white cotton briefs, awaiting my pleasure.

I set the cruise control for a leisurely 45 mph. Steering with my left hand, I let my right hand roam. Oh, how he trembled as I groped his helpless body! He shuddered as I felt up his chest and tummy muscles, gasping when I worked on his nipples. But my joy was watching his face as I oh-so-slowly traced my hand down toward his groin. His skin shrank from my touch. Finally, I let my hand cup his genitals lightly through his shorts. He expelled a tense breath. I could feel him start to pull his legs in.

“Legs apart and keep them there! That’s it. As my personal slave, you will welcome any touch, no matter how intimate. Now, ask me to grope you. Say ‘squeeze my cock, please.’ Say it!”

“S-squeeze my c-cock, pl-please.”

“Push. Push your cock against my hand. Good! Yes. Now grind your hips. Work it. Yes. You have no shame. You are a slut. A male whore. Do you understand?”


“Do it.” He did it.

I worked his dick, taking time to tickle his sensitive inner thighs and pull on his balls. The stimulation took its toll, and he began to stiffen. I squeezed him hard and he groaned.

“What a good little slut!” I laughed. “Humiliation makes you horny!” I slid my hand down the front of his shorts to grasp his naked penis. It sprang to attention, lengthening in my palm. “That’s it Kasey! Show me how much you like it! Squirm!”

Helpless to prevent it, he squirmed as I gave his cock a nice lewd workout. Then I withdrew my hand, giving his prick a little pat where it strained against the pouch of his briefs. He moaned. I lay my hand against the small of his back, caressing his tense muscles.

“So much for feeling up the front side...”

“Oh — oh please —”

My hand crept slowly down the mounds of his clenched ass.

“Please —”

“It’s happening, Kasey. And if you close your legs even a millimeter, things are going to be much less pleasant for you. Now, say ‘please work my ass, master.’ Say it.”

He hung his head. “Please work my... work my ass. Master.” “Head up. Look at me in the mirror.” His eyes locked on to mine. Humiliated. Afraid. Hot.

Staring intently into his lovely eyes, I groped his ass, working the fabric deep into his crack. It took all his willpower to keep from closing his legs. His breath was coming in short little puffs.

Then I slid my hand in through the leg opening and pried into his crack. He jerked as my fingertips grazed his hole.

“Well, well, well! What’s this!” I withdrew my hand. The fingertips were shiny. “Grease! You’re lubed up, Kasey!”

The boy gasped and his face fell. “Oh, nooo...” he moaned.

“How did this happen? You must tell!”

“No — oh god — I forgot —”

I laughed. Oh, but you must tell me! This is choice!” “No, I can’t tell you — I can’t —” his voice cracked. “Oh, but you can! Every detail!” “Please,” he choked.

“Kasey, we have already discussed obedience. You are being a bad boy again. As punishment I am going to fingerfuck your ass.”

“No, please —”

“I am going to fingerfuck your helpless butthole until you answer my question to my complete satisfaction.”

I slid my hand down the back of his shorts and forced a finger into his tightly clench butt-hole. He cried out and jerked spastically. But as I started to thrust, he was unable to conceal that his response was one of sexual pleasure.

I laughed. “What a hot little slut ass! Now talk! Everything!”

Fighting back sobs, he told the tale of his afternoon. I forced him to tell me every intimate detail of his self abuse while he squirmed in response to each thrust of my index finger.

“That’s it. That’s everything. Now, please stop.” I continued to finger his anus.

“Please. You promised.”

“So I did. But since your cock is so hard I figured you really enjoyed it.”

“No, please, stop it —”

“Well if you don’t enjoy it you’ll have to prove it. Let’s agree that I will stop fingerfucking you when I see your cock start to soften.”

He groaned.

I added a second finger. He squirmed.

“Come on, Kasey. You might as well just give in and enjoy it. It’s going to happen anyway.”

He said nothing. I continued to probe his rectum while his cock stayed very, very hard.

We drove the rest of the way in silence.

Pulling up at the shop, I hit the remote and drove in the overhead door, closing it behind us.

Withdrawing my fingers from his ass, I wiped them on his shorts, giving his throbbing cock a quick squeeze.

Unlocking his handcuffs, I led him trembling from the van and turned on the room lights, taking him to a locked store room.

I opened the door and turned on the lights. Within was an arrangement of comfortable furniture. Piled on the table was an assortment of manacles, restraints, sex toys and pornography. A big-screen TV dominated one wall and there was a video camera mounted in each corner of the room.

I pushed him inside and locked the door behind us.

“Show time!” I said.


“Underwear off.”

He stood, slack-jawed, eyeing the room.


He stripped off his remaining garment to stand naked.

“Now sit on the couch and spread your legs wide. Hold them up so your asshole is exposed. Now. Good. Don’t move.”

Numbly, he obeyed. I threw the switch that started the cameras rolling. Off camera I undressed. Walking to him I felt up his exposed body, working his asshole and cock to the edge of orgasm before stopping. I repeatedly told him to hold his position while I did this to him.

Then I sat in a large easy chair and spread my legs. “Over here and kneel, slave!” He knelt between my legs.

“Now suck my dick, whore!”

He started to go down on me. I jerked his head up by the hair. “Say ‘yes,

Master’ when I tell you to do something, you faggot slave!”

“Y-yes, Master.”

“For that oversight you will have to do a punishment suck! Bend over!”

He started to protest, then caught my eye. “Yes, Master.”

I cuffed his hands behind his back, then took a butt plug from the table and forced it into his ass. He whimpered as I drove it in all the way.

I resumed my seat and he knelt again, awkwardly. He groaned as the plug shifted in his ass.

I held up a remote control. I switched it on and saw his face change as the vibrator started. I laughed at his comical expression.

“Ha! Just something to get your ass ready for my cock later! Now suck me good, you worthless pussy-boy!”

Moaning, he leaned forward and went to work. As he sucked my dick, I kept up a stream of verbal abuse, humiliating him as he served me.

I kept him working on my cock for 20 minutes before I shot a load down his gagging throat.

Then, while I waited for my balls to recover, I set him up for a solo humiliation scene. Uncuffing him, I forced to him retell his story of self abuse with the cucumber while fucking himself with a latex dildo and jerking off. I forced him to keep it up, even though he wanted to stop because he was close to coming. It was amusing to see him struggle to keep from coming. But of course he was unable to hold off and came in huge wads, writhing picturesquely. His handsome features were contorted in mingled humiliation and pleasure.

After he caught his breath I laid him down on the couch and bound him snugly. Laying down on top of him I forced him to kiss me for a while, then I started to lick his beautiful body, slowly arousing him again. Once he was hard, I went to the end of the couch and started to lower my ass over his face. He struggled but was helpless to stop me as I sat myself down on his mouth.

“I’ve dreamed of this moment, Kasey. Eat my ass. Lick it. Kiss it. Rim me.” He continued to struggle, mouth closed.

“That’s very naughty, Kasey. Very bad.”

I reached back and twisted his balls hard. He convulsed, opening his mouth to shout. His tongue grazed my waiting hole. I continued to punish his genitals until he gave in and started to lick.

Having given in, he licked me most thoroughly.

“Yeah, that’s it, eat that ass, lick it, suck it, rim me, eat me oh yes, yes...” The sweet, shameful rim job continued for some time.

Eventually, though, I was getting hot enough for to the main event.

Lifting my ass from his face, I unbound his legs.

Grasping his still-hard cock, I forced him to roll over. As he struggled, I lay on top of him and forced my cock between his cheeks.

“Go ahead and struggle. It just makes the rape sweeter.” My cock head penetrated his anus. He cried out. “Nice and tight. Just like last time.”

He whimpered as I slid into him.

“I’m going to enjoy this very much. You’re a good fuck.”

“You bastard.”

“Your cock says you like it.” He grunted as I started to thrust.

His struggles subsided as I continued to ram away. I fucked him deeply, working my cock tip against his prostate, making him moan.

After a while I forced him to his feet and made him bend over the couch arm, raising one leg to give the camera a good view of the penetration. As the fucking continued, he could no longer conceal how aroused it was making him. He was squirming and moaning with pleasure.

As I got close, I grasped his throbbing cock and started to pump.

“Oh, no, please...”

Ignoring his plea to stop, I worked his dick until I felt him getting ready to come. At the same time, I loosed my own load.

Slave and master, we cried out together and shot wad after wad.

Afterwards I forced him to sign a blanket model release form copied from a porno magazine.

And a contract which had him report for duty every Sunday.


Kasey reported to my office Sunday at 2pm.

He saw the apparatus set up in the studio and started to beg.

“Please — let’s just call it quits — I’ll pay you money — please — I’ll do anything —”

“Yes, Kasey. You WILL do — ANYTHING! Now strip. Totally.” He did as he was told.

I forced him to stand still and submit as I embraced him and groped him lewdly, french-kissing his soft mouth, fingering his tight little ass and getting him hard.

Then I forced him to lay upside down on his shoulders with his knees around his head and do a nice hot fingerfuck for the video. I found he was limber enough to just lick the tip of his penis, and I made him do this during the anal masturbation. It made a hot close-up.

Then I told him it was time for the bondage.

He begged, but gave in.

In the center of the room was a post firmly mounted to the floor. It was an iron post with a jack in the base, of the kind used in house construction, but only 30” long. Mounted to the top plate was a large latex dildo. I cuffed his hands behind his back and forced him to stand over the dildo. Using the jack, I inserted the dildo up his ass until it was completely buried and Kasey was standing on tip-toe. I tied his ankles tightly together at the base of the post, and ran a strap up to his handcuffs, shortening it to make him bend backward. This had the dildo pushing hard on his prostate, while also displaying his erect penis very well.

He was facing the big-screen TV.

I started the VCR, which contained a tape with selected highlights from all three videos I had made: the first two the night he was drugged, and the one made during his first blackmail session.

I told him that he would be forced to watch the entire tape while in this position.

He complained, of course.

Then I told him the rest of my fun plan: 1) to ensure that he watched everything, he would keep up a constant verbal description of what was happening on the screen, with explicit XXX detail; 2) that I would tease and titillate his helpless body to arouse him; 3) that he was forbidden to cum. If he was able to refrain from shooting his wad, he would be released for the week. If not, I would rape his ass & mouth again. If he came a second time, he would have to rim my ass for an hour afterward.

And if he came a third time, he would have to submit to an extra slave session on Wednesday night.

Oh, how he begged.

I slapped him and told him to start his video commentary.

As he complied, I went to work, licking his nipples and tickling his thighs, stroking and teasing him to fever pitch. Try as he might, he could not resist my expert attentions. Bound as he was, his cock was at my total mercy. And of mercy I had none, pinching and tweaking and pulling and rubbing his helpless cock and balls.

Only 10 minutes into the tape I could tell he was struggling to hold it back.

Deliciously, I drove him closer and closer to the edge.

He broke, crying out for me to please, PLEASE, stop, but I grasped his throbbing cock firmly and pumped him to orgasm.

I collected his semen in my other hand and rubbed it all over his face. He was helpless as it dripped slowly down and crept into his mouth as I forced him to keep talking. He was still hard.

“One down,” I said.

“Oh, no, please!”

“Keep talking, slave!”

“Oh god —this is when you dressed me in the cheerleader outfit and fucked me. You’re raising my legs and putting your dick against my hole...” He kept talking.

For the next assault I was wicked. I knelt behind him and started to tickle his feet. Unable to keep his balance, he kept dropping his feet. This put his weight on the dildo, thrusting it deep. And the tickling made him writhe, twisting his guts deliciously on the anal invader. Then, as this was taking its toll, I started to lick delicately at his exposed ass crack, just above the dildo’s insertion. Every few minutes I stopped to nibble on the sensitive spots on the back of his knees and thighs.

Soon he was asking me to stop.

I reached around to play with his cock.

Nice and hard.

I continued the torment, licking his asscrack and knees, while tickling his feet.

After 30 minutes of this, I thought he was ready for some serious stimulation.

Kneeling before him, I started to work on his helpless cock.

Slowly, I licked and nibbled at the sensitive fold of skin right below his glans. When he was whimpering, I went to work on the glans tip, working his pissslit with my tongue. He started to moan.

Meanwhile the tape had moved on to the most thorough dildo rape, delivered when Kasey was awake and bound to the scaffold. We were approaching the point when he would cum on the tape.

I took his whole sweet cock into my mouth, sucking and licking the full shaft of his throbbing penis.

He started to beg.

“Oh please no — don’t — don’t make me — not again — oh please, PLEASE, don’t make me do it, I don’t want to rim you again please, I’ll do anything else, I’ll suck your cock, don’t make me eat your ass oh god it feels so good stop please stop don’t make me cum don’t make me cum DON’T MAKE ME


His load, though smaller than the first, was delicious.

And oh, so humiliating for my hunky little slave stud.

There was almost an hour left on the tape. Plenty of time to complete the triple shoot.

Still impaled on the merciless dildo, my blond slave whimpered. The second load had left his cock only semi-erect. I knew if I pushed him too much now, he would be sore. But, with an hour left I could take time to be subtle.

The tape moved on to highlights from his first blackmail payment.

Standing behind him, I whispered in his ear as he watched the tape of himself forced to strip the first time, holding his legs up, getting finger fucked. “That was the second coming, Kasey. You know what that means, don’t you? Rimming. Deep rimming. Ass worship. Degradation. And you brought it on yourself by coming. I can feel it now. Your hot tongue, licking my asshole, working it deep, licking me getting me hot, giving me pleasure as you are forced to keep licking and licking and licking, and I’ll love watching how you squirm, your beautiful muscular body squirming while I watch. And I’ll love how your face feels while I squeeze my buttocks on it, grinding my butt on your face while you lick and lick and lick...”

I kept up a lewd monologue in his ear as he was forced to watch the tape continue. He squirmed as he watched the bit where I forced in the butt plug and forced him to fellate me.

On the tape I turned on the vibrator, surprising the video-taped Kasey and making him moan.

The real-life Kasey was just as surprised now as I switched on the powerful vibrator in the dildo.

“Oh, no...” he groaned.

“Oh, yes, my little stud-slut.” I reached around to feel his stiffening pole. “Boy, you have the horniest little ass-pussy in town. And it’s all mine.” I squeezed his cock hard as he squirmed on the latex cock impaling his defenseless rectum.

“Third time’s the charm, butt-boy!”

“Oh no — no PLEASE —”

“You might as well enjoy, it Kasey. Your cock and ass are as hot as a hungry whore. And don’t forget when you come this time, you can look forward to an extra session of the total humiliation you really crave.”

“No way! I’m not coming this time! I’M NOT!”

“Foolish little slave stud. Let’s raise the stakes. I bet you’ll come again before the tape ends. If you don’t I’ll forgo any further rape tonight and this week. If

you do come, I get the extra night on Wednesday. But not just this Wednesday — every Wednesday!”

“No! NO WAY!”

I chuckled. “We’ll see! Now back to work, slave.”

Grudgingly, he continued to narrate the film: “You’re slowly lowering your ass on my face, it’s down and your twisting my cock to make me rim you. I’m writhing and I give in and start to lick your ass, your riding my face, forcing me to rim...”

As he continued, I got out the next weapon: a vibrating robo-suck sleeve. He blanched as he saw me get it ready. I filled it with deep-heat cream and put it on over his now-throbbing cock, fitting it snugly at the base with a vibrating clamp that slipped around his scrotum.

“No. Please.”

I flipped the switch.

He spasmed as the vibrations attacked his cock at tip and base, then cried out as the suction started.

I watched with amusement as he responded helplessly to the intense vibrations on his most sensitive pleasure buttons: glans, shaft, balls, anus, and deep within his gut, his overworked prostate.

He squirmed helplessly as the pleasure mounted, made sharper by the itching heat induced by the cream. As time passed, the itching became an exquisite burn.

“Please,” he whimpered. “Oh, PLEASE...”

I whispered sensuously in his ear. “Beg for it. Beg to come and I will release you.”


“Beg to eat my ass. Beg to suck my cock. Beg me to fuck you. Beg me to take you outside. Beg me to be fucked while I let the truckers watch your violation. Beg!” He begged.

On the tape he was getting fucked. It was nearly the end.

He begged and begged. Pitifully, he said everything I told him to say.

As the climax of the tape approached, I ripped the robo-suck device off of him and grabbed his messy cock.

“Admit you’re my pussy-boy! Admit you’re my butt-slut!”

“Oh god yes please I’ll do it, I am, I am your slave your butt boy use me fuck


Splat. Splat. Splat. Splat.



There was the not-quite silence of the two vibrators. Both Kaseys, on-screen and off, were finished coming again.

I untied him and wiped him up before draping him face-down on the couch. The humiliating ordeal had left him oddly quiet. His face was wet with tears. He barely noticed as I stripped and slipped smoothly into his well-stretched hole. As I started to fuck him he spread his legs.

“That’s a good obedient butt boy. A nice sloppy faggot ass pussy.” I licked the back of his neck. “My hunky little slave. Construction Stud Sex Slave.” “Yes,” he whimpered, raising his muscular little ass. “Oh yes...”

I set up a steady thrust and he wiggled his hips in response. There was no struggle.

“Are you going to be a good boy, now? Cock-sucking? Ass-eating?” “Yes,” he groaned.

“Because you know, now, don’t you? You admit you get off on degradation!” Silence.

“Admit those orgasms were the hottest you ever had! You can’t deny it!”

“Yes,” he mumbled. “I got off on it.”

“And I’m gonna fuck your ass whenever I want. Wherever I want. Violate you. Rape and degrade you. And you’re gonna let me do it because you’re my very own butt-pussy sex slave. Right?”

“Yes. Master.”

“Oh, but this is sweet! Now shut up and be a good obedient whore while I enjoy fucking your ass. And after that you can crawl between my legs and french-kiss my ass!” He groaned.

I fucked his sweet, tight ass long and hard.

And I did enjoy it. Very much.


The evening continued splendidly. Kasey squirmed nicely while I fucked his ass and moaned as I filled him with my first load. Then I put in the video made while he was on the post, and forced him to squat between my thighs and rim my asshole while I watched his earlier violation with great pleasure. Since the sound was on, Kasey was forced to listen to his humiliation while kissing my anus. I pulled his head to my spread buttocks and enjoyed every thrust of his long, pointed, and reluctantly obedient tongue while commenting on his video performance.

Since I had not been able to see his face during most of the masturbation torture, I now feasted my eyes on his miserable but oh-so-sexy expressions as he squirmed deliciously on the 12” dildo spearing his gut. And the look on his face as he realized he was going to come each time was truly choice! I forced him to service my ass rather longer than the hour I had told him, but what the hell. He was hardly in a position to complain.

Finally, raging hard from the lovely deep ass worship, I told him to suck me off. He still wasn’t terribly good at it but he did go at it quite enthusiastically when I threatened to put him back on the post.

*** Wednesday.

Hump Day.

Especially at the backwoods rest stop on the nearly deserted highway north of town.

Just before midnight Kasey pulled into the lot. I was waiting.

He got out of the car, wearing the costume I requested. Very short, tight denim cut-offs, ripped up the side seams to the waistband. Old yellow hard hat. His leather tool belt with a vibrator hanging on one hip and a set of anal beads on the other. White cotton socks and heavy construction boots. No shirt. He looked self-conscious.

“I got your message. You — you’re just kidding, right?”

“Not on your life. Spread.”

“Out here? Oh, please, this is too humiliating...”

“Then the faster you obey the less time it will take!”

I cupped one hand around his basket and slipped the other through the side tear to grope his buttocks. He was wearing a jock strap as ordered.

“Why, Kasey! You’re sporting a stiffie! Ready to party!”

He moaned miserably as I worked his dick and massaged his hot little rectum. Looking around constantly at the road to see if there were any headlights. And yet his cock was hard, steel hard.

“It’s hot, isn’t Kasey, the risk of being caught. I find it adds spice to the sex.” Kasey was breathing heavily, and it was obvious he thought so too.

“Take off your shorts.”

“Oh no, please —”

“All right then. I’ll do it.”

I tore at the already tattered denim, ripping it from his body.

“Now spread your legs and spread your buttocks with both hands.” He obeyed. The pale moonlight made a beautiful picture of him: the hunky construction guy, hard hat glinting in the pale light, jock strap glowing a ghostly blue-white against his shadowed skin. Leather tool belt and heavy construction boots. All those macho symbols ironically being used as lewd props in his sexual humiliation.

I slipped a finger up his tight hole and went to work.

“Please. Please, sir...”

“What, slave?”

“Can’t we go inside? Please? This is too much —”

“Go inside and do what, Kasey?”

“Well — what — what you’re doing.”

“I like it out here. If I’m to go inside, you’ll have to make me a good offer.”

“Please, let’s go inside. You can fuck me in there.”


“I’ll suck your cock —”

“And? You know what I like the best.”

“Rimming. Okay, I’ll eat your ass, too. Just let’s go inside —”

“What if I want to do all that out here?”

“Oh, no — no please, PLEASE!”

“Well — maybe if I tie you up...”

“Sure! Anything! Please!”

“All right. Get the duffel bag out of my van and get inside.” He dashed to obey. I left the denim shorts outside.

Inside, I made him bend over while I cuffed his wrists to his ankles together. Hobbled thus, he could barely move. Both his mouth and ass were crotchlevel.

The shelter was a foul-smelling hut, about 8’ square, with a bare bulb dangling over the hole in the floor.

“Suck my dick, slave! we’re not leaving here till you bring me off.” Kasey gobbled at my thick cock.

He was in too much of a hurry to notice that there were viewing holes gouged everywhere in the wood siding. Mostly at groin level.

Also he failed to see the minicam I had hung up in the old timber rafters.

It wasn’t long before I heard a truck pull up. Kasey panicked.

I held his head firmly.

“I bolted he door from the inside. No one can get in. Keep sucking or I’ll leave you here! Now!” Miserable, he sucked.

Feet approached. The door rattled. As I had anticipated, the guy must have been a regular. The man said nothing, but moved quietly to one of the viewing holes. I dragged Kasey close to the hole, giving the man a perfect view of the blowjob. Kasey startled as he saw the shining eye pressed greedily against the hole. He pulled back, but I grabbed his head and thrust my cock back down his throat.

“Suck it slave! Suck it before I shove it up your ass!”

The man outside the hole moaned. In the relative silence everyone heard as a zipper went down. Having moved closer, the man got my message and felt free to participate. Very softly, he whispered “Yeah. Suck it. Suck that cock.” Kasey blushed to the roots of his hair and tried to pull away, but bound as he was there was nothing he could do.

Another truck pulled up. As the footsteps approached, the man outside said: “Over here, Mac, you won’t believe this!”

Kasey groaned in misery as another pair of eyes found a good view port, and another zipper went down. Suddenly panicking, Kasey hurled himself backward and fell over onto the filthy floor.

I grabbed him roughly.

“All right, slave, I’ve had enough of your disobedience! You will be punished! Eat my ass with your mouth to show repentance!”

He tried to get away but could not as I lowered my bare buttocks onto his face.

“Yeah,” came a voice from the hole, “eat that ass. Give it a good rim job. Lick it, baby, lick it!”

I did nothing to interfere as the voices of the two men grew bolder, adding a running commentary that I knew was humiliating Kasey beyond belief.

Helpless, he ate my ass while the men watched and gloated.

Two more truckers arrived and the rape was taking on the air of a party. After a while of this humiliation Kasey became subdued. I dragged him around to give each leering man a good close-up of his ass-eating technique. I asked each man to make critical comments, then asked the group if the slave boy should be released, or forced to continue.

“Punish the little stud!”

“Yeah, make him squirm!”

“Make him shake that cute little ass of his!”

I grabbed Kasey by the hair. “You heard the nice gentlemen, slave! Give me good service or else!”

The poor boy merely whimpered as I dragged his face into my ass again.

One of the truckers went to his rig to send out a special C.B. call. Within 10 minutes there was a man at each hole. There must have been a dozen of them.

The comments, jeers and offers mounted in volume and lewdness.

I was in my element. Kasey’s shame was like a fire that I was fanning and building into a furnace. Here he was, face buried in my ass while a dozen men fantasized about violating him in every lewd and perverted way imaginable.

It was time for the next step. I attached a rope to his handcuffs and separated them from his ankles, throwing the rope up over the rafters and belaying it tight.

Slowly and deliberately I peeled off his jock strap.

Poor Kasey stood spread-eagled in the outhouse, his genitals exposed before the gaze of total strangers, wearing just his hat, tool belt and boots.

And, even more humiliating than the fact that they had seen him forced to eat my ass, was the fact that they could now see he was hard as a rock.

They could see he liked it.

He was bright red all over.

I laid my hand in the crack of his ass.

“Oh, no,” he whispered. “Please...”

“Show these men what a whore you are, boy. Show them what a hot little bull-twat you have. Show them how you like to have this ass pussy fucked. Put on a nice show and I’ll let you go.”

I slid two fingers up his ass and went to work.

He tried to keep quiet, tried to preserve at least a shred of dignity, but I knew what buttons to push and I pushed them. Within minutes he was moaning and squirming.

And the men were loving every minute of it.

Soon he was begging me to stop. He was in tears. But his cock was drooling.

“All right, slave. Tell these men what you are and I’ll stop. Degrade yourself thoroughly once and for all and I will stop.”

Kasey, desperate, obeyed. He did quite well. You could have heard a pin drop as the men ate up every word.

After several minutes I pulled out my fingers. Kasey sagged with relief.

“Thank you.”

“Yes,” I said, pulling the nice big vibrator off of his tool belt and brandishing it for the crowd, “you will thank me for fucking your ass as you deserve.” “You promised!” Kasey shrieked.

“I lied.”

The men’s gale of laughter downed out Kasey’s cries as I forced the vibrator up his ass.

The ensuing struggle had everybody hot. But I wanted a good show for my friends outside so I tied a rope to each of his ankles and passed the ends through glory holes. I uncuffed his ankles and the truckers obligingly pulled the ropes taut and tied them outside.

Kasey’s beautiful thighs and delectable buttocks were now spread as wide as could be. Struggle as he might, he could not close them an inch.

With my slave now totally vulnerable I went to work

I used that dildo on Kasey’s ass like a bow on a cello, working him into a sexual frenzy. I knew the total humiliation was turning his gonads into ticking time bombs.

Again I forced him to beg lewdly, this time forcing him to fantasize about submitting to the men outside in a wild orgy. They hooted and hollered as I forced him to degrade himself utterly.

With Kasey at fever pitch, I withdrew the dildo and put my cock head against his anus. There was a chorus of encouraging shouts from the men as I pushed into him. The helpless young stud bucked and humped as I fucked his pretty ass, putting on a nice show for the crowd. As things got closer and closer to climax, the comments from outside grew fewer. You could hear a dozen hands pumping as many cocks.

Finally, I forced Kasey to come. Taking the hard hat off him and holding it upside before his writhing hips, I grasped his cock and gave it three hard jerks. Kasey bellowed as the torrent of white-hot come in his balls was released. It was a thundering, awesome orgasm, his entire body tensed and spasming as he pumped load after load into his hard hat.

His tight little spasming sphincter milked my cock to fulfillment, and I loaded his ass with my come. As we started to subside I saw the men’s eyes disappear from their viewing holes, to be replaced by the tips of their cocks. One by one each man beat himself off, shooting his hot load into the center of the hut. Some of the more energetic wads struck Kasey’s nude body, making him twitch.

Within minutes, the men had cleared out. Gobs of come trickled down Kasey’s body. I set the well-slimed hat on the floor.

The exhausted stud was nearly oblivious as I freed him and gathered up my stuff in the duffel bag. I led him, still naked, out to the van.

As we walked out, the trucks turned on their headlamps all at once and honked their horns in salute, calling lewdly out of the cabs.

“I see they’ve taken your shorts as a trophy. Oh, well, you’ll just have to go home like this!”

Kasey just groaned.

“By the way,” I shouted as I hustled Kasey into the van, “I left his hard hat in the hut. It’s all yours!”

There was a mad rush as I put the van in gear and drove off.


The next morning, I drove Kasey (dressed in some of my clothes) out to get his car before work. The rest stop was deserted. The boy, sullen, drove off in a hurry.

I went into the hut and took a piss. Inside was evidence of an orgy: used condoms, lube tubes, cum stains dripping down the walls everywhere. The old yellow hard hat had been licked clean.

On the wall was painted: NEXT WEEK??

I smiled, cocking an eye up to the rafters where my minicam still hung, unnoticed. Smiled wider, anticipating Kasey’s shock and hot humiliation when I told him about the tape.

Wondered whether there had been any tape left when the truckers had their ‘after glow’ party.


I was through pissing, but my dick stayed in my hand for a while.



I could see him almost refuse, and then think “why the hell not?” He grabbed a handful and munched. “I love it when you’re sullen.” He said nothing.

“No need to be rude. I assume you’re still smarting over last Wednesday’s little party.”

“You! I agreed to your filthy demands! But you had to humiliate me in public anyway! I’m not doing it again, period!”

“But you didn’t know any of those guys, did you?”

“That’s not the point!”

“I think the point is that you were pretty turned on by it.”

“Fuck you.”

“Kasey!” I grabbed his chin and stared him straight in the eye. “Let’s cut the pretense. I SEE you when you’re getting off. You can’t hide it. You can pretend to be Mr. Macho with your friends but I KNOW. If you didn’t like it your cock would be as limp as an old rope.” Silence.

“I think it’s time to get this clear. You’re a sex slave and you like it. You had the biggest orgasm of your life in front of those guys. Admit it!” Silence.

I watched his face carefully as I said, “We can watch the tape of it and refresh your memory.” “You — you TAPED it?”

“Of course!”

“Jeezus. Oh, god...” He shifted his seat.

Keeping my eyes on his I started to unbutton his pants.

“That’s right Kasey. I hid a camera in the rafters. You were too far gone to notice it. And I had the mike on so it got what you said. That’s right! It GOT EVERYTHING YOU SAID, KASEY...”

He was blushing. I slid my hand into his jeans to find his stiffening cock.

“You can’t imagine how hot this tape is. It’s incredible how truly depraved you were...”

“Oh — oh god —”

“Now. Look me in the eye and tell me that wasn’t the best orgasm you ever had.”

His cock continued to swell.

He licked his lips and looked around for a moment before giving in. “Yeah. It was. It was the best.”

He paused and waited for me to say something. I just continued to fondle his penis.

He blurted out “You — you’re going to make me watch it. Aren’t you. Like you made me watch the other tapes.”

“Only if you want to.”

He swallowed hard. I massaged his dick head gently. He squirmed his hips as the stimulation got to him.

“You’re going to have to ask, Kasey. You will have to tell me you want to watch it. I know you want to see it. I know you’ll get off on it. And if you want you can take home a copy to watch during the week.” His breath caught. He looked miserable. He closed his eyes.

“Well, Kasey? Is it movie time or did I make popcorn for nothing?”

Pause. His voice was low and gruff as he said “Okay.”

“Okay what, Kasey?”

“Okay I WANT TO WATCH THE TAPE, DAMMIT! There! Are you satisfied, you perverted creep?” He shook his head out of my hand. Although he made no attempt to get his dick away from my hand.

“Satisfying me is your job, slut-boy. Now get naked while I start the show.” I gave him a hard squeeze and got up from the sofa.

Then I dimmed the lights and put the tape in while he stepped out of his pants and slipped his tee-shirt over his head

Leading the now-nude and fully erect stud to the easy chair, I made him slouch down with his legs up and spread, butt-hole and cock exposed. He looked away in shame as I fondled him, but lifted his hips to thrust his dick into my hand.

I giggled. “You really DO want to see this, don’t you? You’re hot for it. Aren’t you?”

“Yeah.” He squeezed his eyes shut. “You’re right, who am I fooling, you can see it. I want to watch it. God, I beat off all week thinking about what happened...”

“What a good horny slave you are. Hey, I tell you what,” I said, pretending I had just had an idea. “Here’s another little humiliation game we can play, since you enjoy it so much. While you watch the tape, I will lick you wherever I want. Cock. Balls. Ass. Whatever. I will get you as hot as I can, but I will not suck your dick in my mouth — just lick it gently. And while I do this, and while you watch the tape, you may not move a muscle. Not a twitch. No pumping your hips. Nothing. You may speak, but otherwise no movement. If at any point during the tape you ask me to suck you off, I will. I will give you a great blow job and swallow your load. But, if you DO ask me to suck your dick, or if you move, then I get to take you out to the rest stop again this Wednesday. If you watch the entire tape and do NOT ask me for a blow job, then you get the week off. How about that?”

“Oh, no, please, I — “

“I didn’t give you a choice, slave. This is what’s going to happen tonight whether you want it or not. Got it?”


“It makes the shame sharper, doesn’t it? Knowing that you will have to CHOOSE to be humiliated.” I knelt between his thighs and reached for the remote. “Might as well get comfy. Two hours is a long time.” He groaned and settled into the leather cushions. I pulled his waist to make sure his ass was well positioned.

“Show time!”

On the screen we could see the inside of the hut, viewed from an upper corner. Inside I was cuffing Kasey’s wrists and ankles.

Kasey watched as on the screen I forced him to fellate me. Within minutes

the tape picked up the sound of the first truck approaching.

In the chair, Kasey was motionless except for his bobbing dick. His breath started to come in shorter puffs as on the screen I dragged him over to the peep hole to perform for the first trucker.

His body was tense as a wire and I could tell he was already itching to squirm.

I let him simmer, blowing a stream of cool air on his cock, balls and asshole.

The teasing was starting to prime the pump. Part of my plan was to make him wait for serious stimulation. Make him wait until he was already desperate before I touched him with my tongue.

I knew he’d never make it through the tape!

Meanwhile his eyes were glued to the screen, where he was now being forced to eat my ass for the viewing pleasure of two truckers. The tape picked up the men’s delightfully lewd comments quite well. “Eat the ass, bitch. Eat it out good, give him a good rim job, yeah, lick it, kiss it, eat it...” And Kasey was getting hotter and hotter, motionless in his chair.

His anus was starting to quiver a little.

I started to lick very delicately at the creamy white flesh on the inner surfaces of his thighs. He gasped.

On the screen the comments multiplied as more and more truckers arrived.

Finally, the moment came when I tied his wrists to the ceiling and peeled off his jock strap. As Kasey saw his cock revealed I gave his shaft a little flick with my tongue. He almost moved. In the chair, I could see him blush with the remembrance of the moment in the hut when the men could see his erection revealed. And the memory of what came next, when I touched his ass crack...

In synch with the tape, I touched my tongue to the crack of his buttocks just as he saw me touch his ass on the screen.

Both Kasey’s, on-camera and off, whispered together. “Oh, no... PLEASE...” My tongue entered his anus and he cried out with pleasure.

I proceeded to eat his ass with great delicacy as he fought to remain still. His cock throbbed like a live wire.

He watched as I fingerfucked him in front of the men.

Then, on-screen, the begging began: “Please sir, please stop, don’t make me do it, oh no, please, oh god, make me squirm, I’m your whore, your slut, your pussy-boy, your slave-stud-sex-toy. Degrade me use me, make me beg, do it, I’ll do anything you want, suck your cock, eat your ass, make me do it, oh god oh yes fuck that ass I want it...”

Kasey was whimpering. “I can’t stand it. Stop. Please. Stop licking my ass, I can’t take it I can’t —”

“So, you want to give in and ask me to suck you off?”

He groaned. “No. NO!”

I flicked his piss-slit with my tongue and he twitched a bit.

“That was close, Kasey. Another move and you might lose our little game. It’s your choice. Blow job or rim job.”

He was breathing very hard. “Oh, jeezus — no — I don’t want it — I can’t go out there again —”

“Blow job or rim job?”

“Oh god — rim job. Do it — AAAHH!”

He yelled as I really went at his ass. In minutes he was nearly in tears, begging me to stop, but not asking for the blowjob. Yet.

Then on the screen came the moment when I tricked him and went for the dildo.

The audio was great — Kasey screaming, me laughing and the men teasing him as the huge dildo was stuffed into his ass. And the wonderful moment as I held his cock straight out and showed the men how much he was enjoying the humiliation.

Kasey was watching wide-eyed as the ropes were pulled to spread his legs. I smiled at him. “Pretty hot, huh? You look great all spread out like that...” He nodded, mesmerized by the scene as he was forced to perform for the crowd, forced to turn on as the vibrator was used to work him to a frenzy.

He started to whisper as he watched: “Yeah. Force me. Make me do it. Make me do it while they all watch. Oh shit, yeah, do it, humiliate me make me beg oh GOD —”

This last as I started to lick his cock.

Working quickly, I licked up and down his shaft, stopping to lick the tip and then chew on his balls. I knew he couldn’t last much longer.

Then he heard the next round of begging, when he was forced to fantasize about the truckers gangbanging him. He started to beg me to stop, to stop the tape, stop the licking, but I redoubled my efforts, giving his ass a lick on each pass, licking like mad all over his ass, cock and balls.

His rigid body was vibrating like a tuning fork.

“Oh GOD, please stop, please stop it I want to come so bad please don’t make me do it don’t me ask for the blowjob, don’t make me oh god I can’t help it I’m so hot for release I’m so hot, so hot for it, for the shame, it makes me so hot don’t make me do it again, go out there, perform like some cheap slut while they watch while they ALL watch while they make me hot make me ashamed make me want it oh GOD it was so HOT the way they FORCED me to PERFORM forced to me to SQUIRM to BEG forced me to WANT it yes forced me to enjoy the fucking the humiliation oh god yes I loved it I loved it OH GOD NO.... no... nnnooo..... nnooo-nnnh!!! nnnh!!! nnnnnnh-yYES!


As my mouth enveloped his entire shaft he went wild, thrashing and spasming in wild ecstasy of unbridled lust, pounding into my mouth and blasting his pent-up come straight down my throat, spurt after spurt of hot stud-liquor, draining his balls dry.

His come was sweet, but sweeter was the knowledge that his orgasm was caused by the realization that I would rape him in front of those truckers — again.

As he subsided, his voice on the tape was audible again: “Yeah, I’ll do it, I’ll suck you all off, yeah, make me do it, make me suck your cocks while you all watch, make me lick your assholes make me beg yeah all of you ALL of you — “

His face was wet with tears. I smiled at him.

“Enjoy it?”

He looked away and groaned. “Yeah. I did.”

“And why did you enjoy it, Slave?”

“Because — because —”

“Say it.”

“Because of the humiliation. The rape. The degradation. While they watched. And just now, knowing that — that —”

“Knowing that you would be forced to do it again made you even hotter.”


I unzipped my pants and released my dick, throbbing and ready.

I stared at his ass.

He lifted his legs high without a word. I grabbed his arm and threw him to the floor. Pinning his body under mine I forced my cock into his ass. He spread his legs to give me better access. I got hold of the remote and cued the tape back to the begging scene. I cranked the volume and started to ram home, whispering in his ear what his fate would be the next Wednesday. He whimpered and begged as I raped him.

Afterward he thanked me.



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