Chapter 2

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I was back on my knees, cleaning up cum from the floor with a paper towel and my mind had just started to wander back to the blowjob I'd just given. On the one hand, it had been a random Grindr hookup and I hadn't shared so much as a word with David. On the other hand, I'd really, really enjoyed sucking my first cock. Still, I couldn't quite shake the feeling that it was the "wrong" way to have sex - but I kept thinking: Was it so much worse than if I'd taken some guy home after a party, like I'd been imagining all this time anyway? No, I really didn't think it was.

Picking up my phone to send David an awkward "Thanks for the dick" text, it lit up as I took it in my hand first. I'd gotten a text from my best friend at school, Henry. We hadn't met until those first few days of classes, but it was an instant bond and made me feel much less alone. The text just read: "Pizza?" with the classic pizza emoji beside it. I sat cross-legged on the floor to reply, "Meet you in, like 20? I need to shower."

Henry and I always met at the same pizza place just off campus, The Slice. Thus far, it was one of only a few casual food places we'd found in this college. And I did need to shower - there was still slowly drying cum on my shirt and some had seeped through or dribbled between the buttons.

I grabbed a fresh pair of shorts and a long, light white t-shirt from my dorm room, rummaged for a fresh pair of briefs to replace my slightly sticky underwear. Stepping into the shower, I thought more about Henry and I's relationship. Henry was completely straight as far as I could tell, but I was open with him about being gay and we joked a lot about my slightly neurotic homo tendencies and I made fun of his a-little-overcompensatingly-masculine traits. I felt totally at ease with him, and as a result, sexuality really never felt like a point of tension between us.

Still, and this makes me sound really terrible, Henry was undoubtedly very hot. He was taller even than me, often showcased the first tuffs of chest hair under his shirts, and had thick, muscular, veiny arms and legs. He was the all-American outdoorsy type and hiked, biked, went trail running, kayaked or whatever other trendy woodsy activity there is without fail every weekend. Meanwhile, I played video games with friends online back home, watched bootlegged Broadway shows on sketchy sites, or (apparently) hit up guys on Grindr for NSA sex. Needless to say, we lived very different private lives... but still fell into the most oddly natural friendship of my life.

But yeah, I'd be lying if I said my dick didn't very slightly chub up again at the thought of seeing Henry. We were friends. Best friends - and he was straight, but sadly, even friends can be hot and very often are. I scrubbed the scent of Grindr sex off my body, hopped out, dressed and was on my way to meet Henry at The Slice.

The Slice is nestled between a smoke shop and a liquor store just across from the law library on campus, and to date, I think Henry and I are the only freshman that have dared to stop in. Primarily, The Slice is reserved for jaded law students and this Thursday evening was no different. The benefit to me and Henry, of course, was that the typically older crowd meant we had never been ID'd yet and could enjoy a beer with our pizza like an American ought to.

When I walked in, there were a few other patrons crowded around other tables, but Henry had secured a booth in the corner. He grinned at me as I walked over. "Chem lab run long today or something?" My obvious reaction was "No, I just sucked off the hottest dick I've ever seen" - but the words caught in my throat just before I said them, and instead it came out: "Just had to shower. You know, don't want to track anything into my dorm or whatever." It sounded awkward and weird and probably like an obvious lie, but Henry just laughed along and ushered me to sit down.

Henry was handsome as ever, just slightly bronzed from weekends camping and wearing his hat on backwards. He had got ahead of me and ordered us a pitcher of beer, and the night was off to a start. Neither of us had classes on Friday, so Thursday was often the start of our long weekends.

"I'm going to a party tonight at this guy's house from my Soc class if you want to come," Henry said as we were paying the tab and finishing off the pitcher, "I mean, you don't have to at all but if you were looking to get wild." Henry grinned from across the table, clearly ribbing me. He knew I wasn't the `get wild' type any night of the week, but as good extroverted friends often do, always extended the invitation to me.

I was thinking up excuses to politely decline ranging from laundry to homework when I remembered my tryst with David earlier that day. At the time, I'd let some other part of me take over the decisionmaking - and nothing had gone wrong then. Why not now?

"Sure." I kinda couldn't believe I had said it, "Wanna text me the address? I'm going to get changed." Henry agreed and we parted, me stealing a glance at his curved ass in his blue shorts as he took off towards his dorm. Look, I'm human, alright?

By the time I got back to my dorm, Jake and Dean had returned from playing basketball. Jake was even shirtless, revealing a glistening white and toned torso. They were now seated on the grungy shared couch playing video games and loudly yelling to each other. Jake and Dean were best friends, and although I should probably have felt like the third wheel in the suite, they had made a good habit of always trying to include the nerdy gay kid in the next room over.

"Sup Connor?" Jake's eyes flitted away from the TV for only a moment, but I felt my dick thicken in my shorts when he did. I hadn't yet paid much attention to Jake, but seeing him slightly sweaty and shirtless in my living room did the trick. He was a good looking guy with buzzed brown hair and blue eyes. Dean was a shorter and thicker build with short, wavy blonde hair. Together, they made a perfect pair of straight guys playing video games and were a sight for sore eyes.

"Hey guys. How was basketball?" I asked. The question instantly triggered heated debate, their eyes still glued to the TV. I laughed along and headed to my room, leaving the two to argue it out.

The last dregs of summer were still in the September air so I could get away with my shorts, but changed into a nicer button down and checked my phone for an address from Henry. Dutifully, he had dropped a pin and it looked like the house wasn't too far off campus.

I surveyed myself in the mirror on the back of my door, shuffling away jackets and towels that hung there. I was a cute looking guy, truth be told. I didn't have Henry-level confidence, but I knew there were some good things to be seen there: I was tall, my short brown hair was cute, and I had a bright, youthful, and clean face. Some of that is true and the rest is called "practicing positive self-talk" which I had read about in a magazine once. I gently lifted up my shirt and surveyed the very beginning of a nice set of abs, and smiled at myself in the mirror. I was going to do the college party thing, and I was going to be brave about it even though every bone in my body wanted me to stay home that night.

I texted Henry back: "See you in a few, headed over now. Don't leave me hangin." In reality, I knew Henry couldn't help but be true to his word to meet me there, but a reminder never hurt anyone either.

I said my goodbyes to Jake and Dean in the living room where the debate still raged on about basketball, but I couldn't tell if they were talking about the same session or more about the state of the sport writ large. I set across campus and on the walk checked in on Grindr. David had kept his promise and messaged me his phone number, and even another picture of his fat cock "as a reminder." My cock thickened for what felt like the hundredth time in my shorts, but I stuffed my phone back into my pocket. I won't say I was trying to play hard to get with David, but I was at least a little bit trying to subvert any pretense that I might be a desperate bottom boy. I wasn't - at least, I didn't really think of myself as that type.

The party house was at the end of a completely dark cul-de-sac, windows all fully lit and the a bass rattling the window panes. It was a quintessential college rager to be sure. As I walked up the cement path, I tried to recall if Henry had told me who's party this was. What if someone asked who I was, would I have to explain that I knew Henry and Henry knew this person I couldn't even remember the name of? Turns out, per usual, my anxieties were for nothing. Henry in all his prophetic wisdom, was waiting with his arms crossed on the porch grinning down at me. I had been just pulling out my phone to give him a call when I looked up into his green eyes.

"Oh. Hey." I smiled back at him, for the second time today determined to Fake it Until I Ideally and Hopefully Make It.

"You sure about this? We can bail and go catch a movie or something." Henry sensed my nerves and for half a second, I almost took him up on the offer.

"No, I'm stoked. Really stoked." I took the last step onto the porch and Henry shrugged, opening the door and leading me into the party. The house must have been a parent's or something, since there were no old bean bags or pool tables in sight. Henry pushed through a crowd of rowdy sorority girls to the kitchen where alcohol was flowing freely. Before I knew it, he had pushed a drink into my hand and in turn pushed me onto a sofa in a room adjacent to the kitchen. "I'll be right back. Just try and... Just relax, Connor." He laughed and disappeared into the sea of bodies.

I scanned the room for a familiar face and actually landed on a girl from my Chem class lingering in the hall, and figured I'd chat her up about the lab earlier that day. Except, was it lame to talk about class at a party?

I'd just started to consider if now was a good time to ask her for the notes from last week when my eye caught something a lot more interesting than Lauren from Chem.

There was a guy that had just pushed past Lauren for a drink. He might have been perfect. His hair rose perfectly off his forehead and fell to the side, dressed in this perfectly soft plaid shirt and slender black jeans. Basically, he was the spitting image of the cute main love interest of every 80's movie you've ever seen. I watched him over the rim of my red cup as he approached the counter, chatting with the others congregated in the kitchen as he poured himself a drink. He was so hot, and I was so into it. My cock twitched in my shorts and I knew this moment would probably captivate my jerk off fantasies for the next month, at least.

I had just pulled out my phone to look up the guy-who's-a-total-dick from Clueless and see if the boy in front of me might actually be him from a time machine when I felt someone plop down on the sofa next to me, our knees not quite touching but almost. My heart rate I exploded when I saw the corner of his flannel shirt out of the corner of my eye.

"Dude. I don't even know anyone here. Do you?" He said loudly into my ear, talking over the thump of the music from the next room over.

"Oh, uh, not really. I'm here with a friend, but he just disappeared on me..." I craned my neck to look around the room and attempted to telepathically communicate to Henry that he needed to extricate me from this situation ASAP. I needed an air evac stat.

"Well, let's do the party thing then, I'm Alex." He offered his hand out to me and finally I knew I'd have to meet his gaze. I looked into his blue eyes and he had the tiniest most subtle smile I'd ever seen.

"Connor." I smiled back, and then returned to looking at my feet. I considered the possibility of sending Henry an SOS text, but in the back of my mind the same words echoed: Fake it till you make it.

"Major?" He asked, crossing his legs to rest his ankle on his knee. For some reason, that suddenly became the most sexy sitting pose imaginable. His crotch was practically rotated towards me, and I briefly wondered about the treasure buried there.

"Major?" I was flustered, confused by the question and still briefly transfixed on the idea of what kind of underwear he must wear.

"Like... you're in college, right? What are you studying?" I felt like a complete idiot and felt my face go red. In the most natural instinct I had ever felt, I slammed back the rest of my drink and tried to laugh it off.

"Oh, uh, I'm a freshman. I'm undeclared but thinking about a history degree or something, but my parent's keep telling me that history is usel--" I'm sure half of my words were completely drowned out by the dubstep and mentally shamed myself for even trying.

Alex took a drink as well, "No dude, I'm a graphic design major and my folks keep telling me the world is too full of graphic designers. Fuck `em, right?" He chuckled and leaned back against the arm of the sofa, surveying me. "You're giving me a vibe right now, man."

I looked up from the floor and back to his eyes, trying to look visibly stunned. "A vibe? What do you mean?" But Alex just winked and hauled himself off the sofa to grab us both another drink, and by the time he returned with two heavy cups he had clearly moved past the topic.

"So history? Why history?" He yelled over the low drum of music.

"Oh, I don't know. I just really like museums and like really early American stuff." My face reddened again as I compared this experience to movies about college life. I was sitting at a party, about to strike up a casual discussion about the lost colony of Roanaoke. Please, Henry, save me. Suddenly, I felt Alex's hand clap down on my shoulder.

"That's cool. That's really cool." I felt like one's natural instinct in both interest and disinterest is to just say "Cool" - but something about Alex's tone made me feel like in another setting, on another day, he might actually want to sit down and talk about what I liked in American history.

The conversation lulled for a moment, so I pulled my phone from my pocket and saw another text from David. My dick twitched when I read it out: "Wanting to get together again this weekend? My cock is hard for that mouth." I actually did want to get together this weekend, but I reminded myself about sounding too desperate and looked back up at Alex. His eyes had clearly been on the message I just read and he smirked, guiltily having been caught in the act.

"Sorry, bad habit of looking over people's shoulders." He was sorry - but his tone implied that it was mostly for having been caught. He raised his eyebrows up and down and grinned, "Trying to catch some dick for the weekend?"

I'm sure I turned another, deeper shade of red but tried to roll with it. This was party talk, I guess.

"Uh, yeah, I guess, ha." It came out awkward but like most things, a small laugh at the end left Alex laughing too.

"I know the feeling. You're lucky - you've got some prospects, clearly." He laughed but I wondered exactly what he meant by knowing the feeling. He knew the feeling of trying to find some dick for the weekend, or meant sex more broadly? Whatever he meant, I knew my brain was going too fast to enjoy the party and I slammed back another drink. Alex matched my pace and did the same and before long we were pretty deep on the road to getting sloshed.

I spotted tall-as-hell Henry in the crowd finally, he was dancing in the living room with a brunette against the wall. Dancing might be a very loose term for the word even, as he was grinding against her. My cock reacted to the sexual scene, and my brain briefly wondered about whether Henry was hard or not. I couldn't imagine doing that without getting hard, at least.

Alex broke my reverie, "Is that guy your friend? Or should I say, more than friend?"

"Oh, no. No, just my best friend. Looks like he's gonna get some tonight." I snickered, shaking my head. I was starting to feel pretty dizzy but conversation with Alex was easy. We talked about majors some more, about our favorite beers and liquors, and I learned that he was 23 and a sophomore.

"Dude, I gotta take a piss." He slurred and grabbed at my bare knee to pull himself to his feet, sending an electric signal towards my cock. He was starting to drift, but not too far gone yet and was still fairly pleasantly functional.

"Fuck, me too." I wasn't in any great hurry, but before I knew it, Alex had extended his hand to pull me to my feet as well.

"Let's see if we can find a bathroom." He grinned and pushed me through the crowd in front of him. We weaved through some noticeably drunk jocks, dodged a stumbling blonde, and seeing a completely packed hallway with girls waiting for the bathroom, decided to venture upstairs for a secondary option.

The upstairs was significantly more calm than the hectic scene downstairs. In a small stairwell sitting room, a couple of hipster looking boys were crowded around a coffee table making quiet conversation. As Alex pushed me forward down the empty hall, I noticed a guy with glasses making out with a girl against the wall and then, finally, a second open bathroom off the hallway.

Alex jokingly bowed and motioned for me to go first, a true gentleman. As I walked into the bathroom, I thought briefly about how bizarre it was that I was even at a party, let alone drunkly wandering the house with a new friend.

I gripped the counter to keep my balance in the small bathroom and rummaged through the fabric of my shorts to pull my fly down. I fished my plump cock out of my blue briefs and let loose a stream before I noticed that Alex hadn't closed the door and was actually standing next to me, reaching for his own fly.

"Sorry, couldn't really wait. This feels so middle school or something." He laughed but didn't stop pulling his cock out of his slim black underwear. I promise, I tried to keep my eyes on my own dick. I really did, but the drunkenness took over and dragged my vision over to his soft dick.

I tried to stifle a gasp, but this 80's-looking-motherfucker kind of took my breath away. His dick hung out of his pants and was pleasantly long, probably 5" soft alone with a nice pink head. He held it loftily between his fingers and pissed. It took every molecule of my willpower from getting instantly hard in that moment. I thought back to David earlier that day and how natural it had felt to just fall to my knees and suck his dick, and as quickly as the thought came to my mind, I ushered it out to stay soft.

As he started to piss, Alex put his arm around my shoulder either for balance or to solidify the truly boyish moment we were sharing. His jeans and underwear had fallen completely to the floor and he was bare assed in the bathroom while I shyly held up my shorts with my free hand. Alex was still giggling while I tried desperately to keep my eyes on my own junk.

"You have a nice piece man." He whispered quietly, still joking around but with the tiniest edge of seriousness.

I laughed out, "Oh, well thanks. Back at'cha, I guess." I ribbed him with my elbow as our streams started to die down.

"You think so? I don't know, it's just alright if you ask me." Now, he took his dick in his palm and held it there for me to survey and I could have sworn I saw it swell a little bit, "I mean, you've seen better I'm sure."

I gulped, still holding my own dick between my fingers, "Oh, well, I mean... I don't know. It's hard to tell like that." I threw that last line in wistfully, hoping to drag out this drunken moment as long as physically possible.

"What about now?" He wrapped his fingers around his shaft and gave his cock two quick strokes and it started to lengthen. Another two strokes and his cock was hard, throbbing, and bouncing up and down with his heartbeat. It was a gorgeous cut cock, easily 7 or 8 inches with a hot bulbous head.

"Alex--" I managed to stutter out, my own cock now growing harder in my hand.

"Still trying to catch some dick for the weekend, or nah?" He turned to face me, taking his arm off my shoulder. His cock bounced in front of him, his jeans still forgotten on the floor. I looked from his cock to his face where I was met with a puppy-dog frown, as he continued to stroke his cock.

"I-- I mean, yes. Yeah." I grinned, laughed, couldn't believe what was happening, but sank till my knees were on the fluffy bathroom rug. His cock was beating in front of me, and I swear I could have felt the warmth emanating off of it.

In a second, I was reliving my moments with David earlier that day. Unlike David though, Alex had stroked a good deal of precum to the tip of his cock and I eagerly pressed my tongue against it. He had a wild bush of brown pubes which I eagerly approached as I took his cock into my mouth. His dick was definitely longer than David's but less thick, but Alex's magnetic attraction of the evening made it taste all the better.

Alex groaned with approval as I took inches of his dick down my throat. My own hard cock bounced against my palm, spraying it with a mist of precum. Keeping his cock in my mouth, Alex stepped out of his jeans and discarded black boxer briefs. I withdrew my mouth before plunging back onto his cock, eagerly sucking the length of his dick and occasionally pausing to lap at the head with my tongue. He tasted so fucking good and his shivers of pleasure were translated to my own cock pulsating in my hand.

Alex took my shoulders and rotated me so that my back was pressed against the bathroom wall, and gently thrust in and out of my mouth. I was getting face fucked. On the same day that I had given my first blowjob, I had a stud fucking my mouth in the bathroom while a party raged downstairs, just beyond the door. The thrill was exhilarating, the foreignness of the situation caught in my throat and I felt like I was panting with excitement around this enormously long cock in my mouth.

"Bro, that feels so good. Your mouth is so hot." Alex groaned out, placing his forearm against the wall above me and looking down into my eyes as he fucked into my mouth. His powerful thighs moved his dick in and out of my mouth, and I imagine if not for the fear that I felt in my stomach, this might be pretty close to what heaven was like.

There was a loud, rapping knock at the door. The kind of knock that government agents make before they raid a crack house or something like that - powerfully, thunderously announcing. In a flash, I had stumbled back to my feet and Alex and I were jumping back into our clothing.

Alex called out, "Uh, just a sec." Just as he was putting his belt back on, the door opened and my heart jumped into my throat. It was Henry. Caught. i was so caught, slutting it up at a college party.

Alex pushed past Henry and out into the hallway again, probably not realizing that this was the guy we had talked about just an hour prior. I faked a smile, caught in the headlights of Henry's eyes.

"Oh. Hey. I gotta piss." Henry smirked at me, and it was like we were out on the porch again. Henry just had this grace about him, where in any situation he could play it off like it was the most natural thing in the entire world. Going to a party was perfectly natural to him, and catching his best friend hooking up in a bathroom was too.

My face reddened, but as I turned to leave the bathroom, Henry grabbed my shoulder. My cock still throbbed in my shorts and it electrified at Henry's touch.

"I'm ready to go, if you wanna meet me outside and walk home in a minute." Henry was drunk, but a far more functional drunk than most.

I closed the door behind me and left Henry to piss in peace. Still shellshocked, I wandered back into the midst of the party to try and find Alex and laugh it off with him before heading home.

I searched between throngs of girls and boys pairing up and heading home, in the still dancing horde of bodies in the living room, and a backyard filled with smoking college students and never found Alex that night. I hadn't even gotten his last name. The 80's-looking boy had disappeared back into the crazy night from whence he came.

Connor Witmer
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