I lay awake in bed, watching the sunlight slip in from behind the curtains, brightening my bedroom.   Why is it that when I finally get a chance to sleep in, the internal clock in my head kicks in and I wake  at the regular weekday time?  Try as I might I couldn’t get back to sleep, I tossed about in the bed, trying to doze off again but thoughts of things I need to do today, have me wide awake at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.  Number one is to fix that dripping faucet in the bathroom sink, along with a new flapper valve for the toilet tank.  I’ve been putting off painting the trim around the garage and front doors.  Aw to hell with it, I  threw back the covers and sat up on the side of the bed.  Bud, my Golden Retriever,  never moved, at least one of us would get to sleep in.

I stumbled around, tripping over shoes I’d kicked off and left by the bedroom door.  The bright lights in the bathroom made me squint as I turned on the faucet and tossed a washcloth into the running cold water. The cold washcloth on my face brought me fully awake.  Looking at my reflection I decided to stay scruffy, not shaving nor showering.  I’m just going to the big box Home Improvement Center to get the supplies I needed for this weekend projects.

Back in my room I pulled on yesterday's jeans, slid my bare feet into a well-worn pair of Dockers and my Orange UT Vols Peyton Manning jersey. The Jeans and Jersey fit me nicely 10 pounds and six years  ago, but now they are quite tight on me.  The clothes, combined with the beard and mussed hair have me looking a bit rough.  I love the way these jeans fit me, when I wear them to the bars and clubs, there are always hands feeling and grabbing my butt. (It’s a gay bar, and I enjoy the attention.)

Inside the store, I gather up the plumbing items I need and for my last stop I headed to the paint counter.  There are two ladies and an older gentleman at the paint counter, each with a customer.  I was waiting in line when someone walked up behind me and asked it they could help.  I turned to see a most handsome young man smiling at me,

“I’ll need white paint for woodwork outdoors along with white paint for interior woodwork as well.“  I said.

“Come with me and I’ll show you what we have.”  He said,

He took me down the aisle to the left of the paint counter and showed me the “Good, Better and Best” selections the store is known for.  By the time we got to the ‘Best’ category, I was fairly certain that Connor (the name on his Vest) is also gay.  He stood very close the entire time I was there, so close I could smell him.  Not his cologne, but him, his scent was intoxicating, I felt the blood surge into my cock as he stood close and described the attributes of each of the three types of paint I could choose from.

“If I take this one, I said indicating the Best product, will you deliver my purchases?  I asked in my most innocent manner.”

“Certainly, our drivers deliver every day of the week.”

“Oh.  I was hoping it would be you who delivered my order.”  I said trying to sound disappointed..

I could see the color rising up from his shirt as he blushed.  “Oh, uh...I don’t think my supervisor will let me leave the building, he said with a shrug and a look that made me think he really wanted to ‘deliver.’

‘Ah well, you can’t blame a guy for trying; I’m Jordan by the way.”

“And I’m Connor, sir.”

“Aw, Jeez!  I’m not that much older than you, I do clean up well, don’t judge me by these old clothes.”

Connor leaned closer and spoke quietly.

I call all my male customers Sir.  This is strictly off the record Sir, but trust me, you look just fine dressed as you are,  I can’t remember ever seeing Jeans fit anyone better than those fit you.

“Sometimes I have to have help to get out of them,”  I said, staring directly into his eyes.”

He blushed again, deep red this time.

Finally, I eased up on the teasing and taunting and let him show me the paint selections.  I decided on two gallons of the exterior enamel and two gallons of the interior latex,  I also had two gallons of interior wall paint that  needed to be tinted to a shade of gray I had selected from the color cards.  Back at the paint station, Connor added the tint and set the machine to mix the colors well.  Meanwhile, he led me to the brushes and rollers and I picked out what I needed plus edge tape and a drop cloth.  Back in his element, Connor was once again the confident and capable sales person.  When I gave him my card to pay, I added my calling card with my  name, J. Jordan O’keefe, my phone number and a scribbled note saying...

“Jeans removal assistant needed.”

Connor grinned and blushed again, then ran my card through the reader and slipped my note into his vest pocket, glancing over to me he gave a slight nod then smiled.  I went on my way with my paint and supplies as well as a semi-hard cock as I thought about what Connor and I could do together in my bed.  

I started outside and managed to finished painting the trim work by 6:45 pm.  Since I planned on going out to a club late tonight, I wore latex gloves to do the painting.  I’ll probably find it in my hair when I shower.  My nephew can paint an entire room without a drop cloth and never let a drop fall from his brush. It must be his Dad’s genes, like me, my sister has trouble walking for point A to point B without tripping or stumbling over our own feet.

It was almost two weeks after my visit to his store that Connor called.  It took a moment for me to connect his name even though he has been the star of my Jack Off fantasy quite a few times since we met.

“Connor!  I was beginning to think you’d forgotten me.”

“Not very likely.”  He laughed.  “You are a most unforgettable customer, Mr. J. Jordan O’Keefe.  I’ve had quite a few customers come on to me at my job, but I’ve never had anyone so blatantly direct in propositioning me.  I was wondering Jordan O’Keefe when you might be needing assistance in removing your jeans.  I’ve finished my shift and I’m off tomorrow.”

“How about 10 minutes ago?  Really, how soon can you get here or should I come and pick you up?  Have you eaten?  We could grab dinner then come back to my place and see if you can remove my jeans.”

“Yeah, that sounds great, I was gonna grab a burger on the way.”

“How about Piccadilly Cafeteria at Ansley mall.  You’re gonna need all the energy you can muster later on.  I’ve had time to think and plan some of the things I want to do with you”

“You will need your strength too, Jordan, I’ve thought a lot about you these past couple of weeks, and I do mean a lot.”

“Great!  It’s almost 7:00 pm, meet me at Piccadilly at 7:30, we’ll have dinner then you can be my dessert  once we’re back at my place.”  

“Until 7:30 then, Jordan.”

We met at the cafeteria, Connor walked up in faded jeans, no belt,  a white button-down collar, oxford cloth shirt with the cuffs rolled up to mid forearm and Weejuns with no socks.  From the look of him in those jeans, he’ll need help getting out of them as much as I will mine.  We filled our trays and found seats by the window, during our dinner conversation, I asked Connor his age and was mildly shocked when he told me he was only twenty years old.  I had guessed him to be twenty four or twenty five.  Nine years is a big difference in ages when looking for something more than hookup sex.  I’m mildly disappointed that he’s so young, he’s freaking beautiful and seems to be as hot for me as I am for him.  Hookups have their place, so I’ll enjoy our time together with no expectations.

I found Connor to be witty, very smart and there’s an air playfulness about him.  He he’s telling a dirty story or just relating an incident he enjoyed.  I found myself liking him more and more.  Walking back to our cars, he hip bumped me as we were walking and talking, I bumped him back and we continued like that to our cars.  We drove to my place and I let Connor enter first.  He reached back and pulled me through the open door, closing it with his foot, he spun me into his arms and drove his tongue down my throat.  

Connor holds his own in conversations and there are times his eyes actually sparkled when he’s talking about a subject dear to him.

Connor’s passion was almost frantic, I tried my best to match his enthusiasm in everything we did.  I managed to slow him down a bit with slow sensuous kisses, to be so young, he’s quickly learned the art of kissing a man.  After what seemed an eternity we broke away to breathe and just look at eachother.  I noticed the way his eyes crinkle up as he smiles, I tried to look away, but I came back to see his handsome smiling face.  Without warning he put his arms around me and pulled me into a long, and very satisfying hug.  He lay his head on my chest and pulled us closer together.  I heard and felt a long contented sigh come from Connor.  Strange feelings  were already at work here.  I leaned over a bit and kissed him on top of his golden blonde head.  He looked up, kissed my lips gently and asked it we could lie down.

“We don’t have to undress, Jordan, I just want to cuddle up with you for a bit.” Connor said.

Uh oh, Cuddling is my kryptonite, I’ve fallen for several men either spooning or being spooned while cuddled up.  We made it to my bed without ever fully breaking the hug Connor has us in.  Once we were on the bed, Connor took my face in both hands and gave me a toe curling kiss that left me breathless.  Jeez...this kid is a natural born lover, another kiss like that last one will have me filling my shorts full of semen.

I lay on my back and Connor was on his left side, one leg over mine and his head and arm on my chest.  

“You’ve surprised me Jordan, I was expecting a quickie, maybe even rough sex but everything we’ve done since getting here is nothing but pure romance.  I never dreamed you’d be like this.  I’m a closet romantic, most guys these days fear that word like a plague, but I like it!  I may kiss you all night.”

I turned to face him and tilted his face up with a finger under his chin, as our lips gently touched I paused just a moment, breathing in his sweet breath, our parted lips met and we kissed, open mouthed and sensual.  Gradually our tongues started a duel and they battled inside our mouths until he caught mine and sucked gently on my tongue.  Our kiss intensified as I reached over him and placed my hand on his butt, pulling him hard against me.  Our very stiff cocks rubbed against each other as our kiss became more demanding.

Connor moved and pushed me onto my back again, raising himself to lie atop my body, all the while our lips and tongues battling away as we let our mutual passion build.  Hours later, or maybe it was only minutes, or maybe time stopped while we were making love.  Connor raised himself and straddled my thighs.  He gasped when he pulled my tee-shirt over my head.

“Oh god I love your hairy chest, Jordan.” He mumbled as he rubbed his face across my chest.  “You smell so good.”  he added.

He found the top button on my jeans, opened it and quickly jerked each side of my jeans and all the buttons opened magically.  Sliding down, Connor put his face in the opened vee on my jeans,  I was going commando.

A little whimper escaped from him as he drew in deep lungsful of my scent.  A hand quickly found my confined but very hard cock.  I raised my butt and he peeled the jeans down enough to expose my cock and testicles, which he promptly took into his mouth.  I looked down to see his beautiful young face distorted by my testicles filling his mouth, I had to fight the urge to spray my semen as he looked up into my eyes.

I felt the cool air as he let my testicles plop free, one by one.  Next he fell on my cock, taking all he could into his mouth and throat.  He turned on the bed so that he could take all my cock into his mouth and throat, pulling firmly on my testicles as he sucked on my leaking cock.  The boy knows his way around a cock!  I’ve been with many men who were not nearly as good at sucking cock as Connor is.  I can tell he loves sucking cock by the way he goes about it.  I’m sure he can tell I love getting my cock sucked by my reaction to his ministrations.  

Connor grabbed my cock again and bent to take it into his mouth I stopped him.  

“Break time Connor.  You’ll make this old man blow his load in a hurry if you keep that up.  I’m going to want to taste you as well.  I guess it’s time for the assistants to remove these jeans.”

Connor jumped up and stood by the bed.

“You’re not old Jordan, you’re just the way I want a man to be.  A little older, a little wiser but still a kid at heart.”

I rose and unbuttoned his fly then pulled the jeans over the rise of his perfect little butt, and I stopped when the jeans were down to mid thigh.  When I saw the size of Connor’s cock, I knew that I’m gonna get fucked tonight.  Standing out from his thin young body, Connor has a monster cock pointing directly at my chest.  With my hands I took his cock in the left and I filled my right hand with his testicles.  I bent toward him and could only swallow four inches or so of his cock.  I quickly got him onto the bed and I turned so that I could get more of him in my mouth and throat.  On the fifth plunge, his cock slid down into my throat,now I have all of his cock and Connor started moaning and fucking my face.  I pulled and stretched his testicles until he was moaning and yelling out ‘fuck yeah’ with every breath.  Connor pulled me off his cock after ten or twelve deep thrusts into my throat.

“Jeez Jordan, no one’s ever taken my cock like you have.  That feels incredible”

“Have you ever fucked a man Connor, I mean anal sex?”

“No, a couple of guys have tried but I couldn’t get it inside them.”

“After tonight, you can’t say that again.  You’re gonna put that big thing in me Connor.”

He bent over and pulled me up into another passionate tongue battle.  

“I’ll try anything you want me to do Jordan.  Anything.”

“First I need to prepare myself.  I’ll need to get into the shower.  Go make yourself a drink or put on some music.  I’ll be about 15 or 20 minutes.”

“Can’t I shower with you Jordy?”

“It might be counter productive but let me have about 10 minutes then come join me, rubbing your slick wet body against mine is gonna feel so good.  Now,  off you go for at least ten minutes, okay!”

I had just finished cleaning up when Connor peeked his head in asking if he could come in.

“Yes, get your sexy self in this shower with me.”

Connor stepped in and immediately wrapped his arms about me and held us together tightly.  Again I heard and felt him let out a big sigh of contentment.

“Mmm...you okay Babe?”  I asked him

“Oh yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever been better Jordan, I love feeling our bodies rub together.”

With that said, he started another of his wonderful, sensuous kisses.  With Connor being a few inches shorter than me, his fat, hard, cock slipped between my legs easily.  He started a fucking motion with his cock between my legs, I knew right then that I needed to get him inside me as fast as possible.  I turned from Connor’s arms and began soaping up my anus.  I convinced Connor to try stretching my hole to ready us for his entry.  I knew that no matter how much preparation we did, there would be some pain involved.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve taken anything even near his size up my butt.  I turned to face the back wall of the shower and braced my arms against the wall, arching my back and raising my butt up for Connor’s entry.  He was positively in awe of how putting his fingers and part of his hand inside me feels.

“Now Babe, let’s get that cock of yours buried deep inside me, where it belongs.”

The pressure of his corona against my sphincter felt so good,  On the third time that I pushed down hard, Connor’s cock slipped more than halfway into me.

“Uunngghh! Oh my god!”

Connor started to pull away when I gripped the backs of his legs and held him in place.

“Wait!  Just be still a moment, the pain will pass soon.”

“Jeezus Jordan, you’re so hot inside.  I’ve never felt anything like this.”

Taking a hand from my hip, he reached up and turned my head to him as much as he could, then leaned over and kissed me, sucking my tongue into his mouth.  When our tongues touched, I pushed back with my hips and pulled forward on his legs.

“Fuck me,  Connor, fuck me now.  Fill me up.  Ungh!  You’re so big!  So good, fuck it,  fuck my ass baby.”

First time or not, Connor was born to fuck. The fact that he has outsized equipment only furthers the pleasure he can give me. In less than a minute we’re grinding hard against each other, Connor gasping in surprise with each new sensation.  

I pulled away and rolled over onto my back. Connor looked stunned.

“Did I do something wrong”  He asked, looking like a boy who had just broken his favorite toy.

“No Babe, you’re doing everything right, I just want to be on my back so I can see your handsome face, and kiss you as we do this.”

I stuffed a couple of pillows under my butt and spread my legs wide.  Without asking, Connor picked up the lube and started playing in my butt again.  When he started stroking at my prostate as I had told him he could, I knew it was time.  He marveled at the spurts of cum that came out of my cock when he stroked my ‘happy’ gland.

Once he positioned himself between my outstretched legs, he leaned over, hands on each side of my head and bent to kiss me.  In mid kiss, I reached under him and placed his fat cock at my anus.

“Now Connor, it’s time, put your cock in me babe.  Fuck me, I want you, I need you now.”

My hands pulled at his thighs and slowly, inch by inch Connor filled my rectum with his cock.  Once about half of his cock was in me I locked my ankles and pulled him all the way inside me.  His eyes opened wide in surprise when I raised my butt to meet his thrust and we ground together for his first time.  A long, guttural moan came from me as he filled me completely.

“J...Jordan...oh my god, Jordan!”

He pulled his hips back and thrust in again, I raised my hips to meet his downward plunge,  I threw my butt up to him and nearly bucked him off the bed.  When I next met his thrust again, a low, slow growl came from deep inside him.  He quickly found his rhythm and we settled into his first man sex fuck.  There’s a sheen of sweat covering his body, his breath is ragged and he grunts loudly each time my hips meet his.  He finally found the rhythm that suited us best and his steady plunging that fat cock of his in and out of my body has gooseflesh running all over my body.  In moments, I drifted off to that place where the only thing in my world is Connor’s deeply penetrating cock filling my recturm.  Nothing else in our private little world matters now but his cock churning in and out of me, I’ve surrendered to him.  He can do anything he wants as long as he keeps fucking me like this.  We’re both lost to the sensations running rampant over and through our bodies.  Connor is pounding into me with each plunge of his cock,  I know we will both be sore tomorrow, we’re fucking hard, and the expressions that cross his face handsome are priceless.  One moment he’s all serious as he fucks me hard, then in the next moment, he’s all tender and sweet, kissing and stroking slow and deep as he fills me with his long fat cock.

“Oh babe, you feel so good in me, you’re too good at this for it to be your first time.  

I surely wish I was just a couple of years younger, you’re something special Connor.”

“You’re just the right age for me Jordan, I want you just like you are.  I’ve never wanted to be with boys, I’ve always wanted to be with a man.  Now, at last I am.”

I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and felt a shudder run though my body.  His body, his face and that cock all colluded to bring me to an emotional pitch I haven’t felt in years.  Connor was sliding in and out of me with ease, we’ve reached our rhythm.  I closed my eyes and let him send me to nirvana.  That place where the only thing that matters is his cock.  I need more of it, fatter, longer, deeper.  


“OH SHIT!  I hope he didn’t hear that...It just came out, I didn’t mean to say it”

Connor’s hips were now entering the Jackhammer phase, I soon forgot my little faux pas and held on to the sides of the bed as Connor proceeded to  earn his Master’s  Degree in first class butt fucking.  Nothing I’ve ever known feels like this.  The stupendous feelings his cock is producing in my bowels plus these unbidden, feelings of need and possession, all crowding in on that moment, the bliss we’re about to reach, our orgasms.


Hours too soon, Connor’s body tensed and became rigid, I pulled on his thighs, wanting his cock deeper in me.  When I felt the first hot spurt of his semen enter me I cried out his name just as Connor let our a roar, that I’m sure the neighbors four houses down the street could hear.  The heat of his semen inside of me triggered my release and my cum went over the headboard, onto the wall, into my hair, on my chest and it finally made a small pool on my stomach.  As Connor fell on top of me I wrapped him in my arms, with both of us heaving in gasps or air, he slid off to one side.  It seemed like hours before we could breathe normally.

I turned my head to look at Connor beside me, his arm lay limply across my chest.  His eyes were closed and he was breathing normally again.  Lying there, looking at his beautiful face, I felt that twinge again.  I brought my free hand to my mouth and clamped my hand over it.  I didn’t want to say ‘Love me’ again.  When I looked over to him again, his eyes were open and he smiled.

“Is it always like that?  I never had a clue two guys, or anybody for that matter, could do that.  I could become addicted to what we just did, and addicted to you...I kinda think that this has a lot more to do with you and me than just the physical act.  I don’t think this would have been the same with someone else.  I feel a connection to you now that I didn’t have before, Jordan.  There was a lot more than just a great fuck going on there as we climaxed.  I can’t seem to push it out of my mind.  The feelings, the emotions, I mean.  That’s never happened to me before, I wasn’t ready for that.”

“No Connor, it isn’t always like that, and you’re right, I wasn’t ready for that either.  Let’s nap and recharge, I’m gonna want you to do that again before you leave.”

“I wish I didn’t have to leave, after watching your face while we were making love, I may have to try that myself.  Will you teach me what I need to know, will you fuck me like I did you?”

“I’ll make love with you but you’ll be the judge about how it feels and how much you like it.  Some guys never get the hang of it, and that’s okay...sex would be boring if the world was full of bottoms.”

Connor raised and leaned over me, stopping from a moment just before our lips met,

he looked into my eyes.  His mouth opened and he almost said something, but let it go and we kissed, his lips gently touched mine and our tongues probed and explored, this time, soft and tender.  This sweet and gentle kiss just about did me in, this time there was no lust, no passion, I could feel the love in his kiss.

This kid is already wrecking my life.  I know I’m going to be a miserable mess when he’s gone.  I couldn’t help it, a tear rolled from the corner on my eye.  I know I’m in trouble here, a ten year age difference is too big of a hurdle to overcome.  STOP IT!  Jordan O'Keefe, you know better.  STOP THIS ‘WHAT IF’ CRAP RIGHT NOW.  HE’S A 20 YEAR OLD KID!  You’re a 30 year old man!  These words rang in my head, over and over.

I woke early Sunday morning and lay there beside him, watching him as he slept.  His face is almost angelic in slumber, a sliver of sunlight crept across the bed and lit his blonde hair in a golden halo, he is such a beautiful young man.   I wish I could video him sleeping, beside me like this.  I know that the time will come, and most likely it will be sooner rather than later, that I will wish he was back here in my bed.  After a few more minutes watching him sleep, I made myself get out of the bed.  

Only a damned fool would lie there looking at that angelic face that’s a decade younger than himself.  Nothing but a heartache will come from this if you don’t straighten up Jordan, I told myself.  Sure he’s got that handsome face, and a great big cock you love riding, but what’s gonna happen to you Jordan when he say’s goodbye.

I stopped and looked back at him, sleeping so peacefully as I left the bedroom to get the morning coffee started.  I was sitting at the kitchen island starting on my second cup when I heard him in the bathroom. Connor came in wearing his tightie whities and a tee-shirt.  His blonde hair looking like it was styled by a 3 year old.  He was still showing the remnants of his morning woodie as he tugged on the tee-shirt trying to cover his cock.  He smiled and blushed.

“I was dreaming about you and woke up with a hard on.  You sure at one sexy man Jordan O’Keefe.”

“Coffee’s in the pot, there’ milk, juice and soft drinks in the fridge.  We’ll go to breakfast later if you want.”

“I want!  More time with you will be great.  Last night was the best, Jordan, thank you.”

After coffee, we showered (separately), dressed and headed out to Emory Village for breakfast at the Rise and Dine.   We both had Eggs Benedict and thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  Connor insisted that he pay, which surprised and delighted me at the same time. Back at my place, I got into casual clothes while Connor waited for me in the great room.  When I returned he stood.

“I guess that I should go and let you get back to your regular routine.  Last night and this morning were wonderful Jordan.  I know I’m young and you think that maybe I’m too young, I don’t know much about age limits or who is too old or too young to be with someone.   What I do know is that I’ve never liked anyone like I do you.  I’ve written my name and two phone numbers down and put in on the kitchen island.  I hope you will call me, I want you to call me.  I’d like to take you to a movie, a game, wherever  you’d like to go.  I like spending time with you, Jordan, probably too much so for my own good.  

He took the few steps between us and pulled me into a hug.  I felt his body shudder as he held me.  He raised his head and stared into my eyes for what seemed like forever.

“I’ve never met anyone like you before Jordan, I hope you can find a way to let me into your life.  If it’s just for a night or two, that will have to do.  I think I’ll always want to be with you after what we did last night and this morning.”

He stepped back and turned to leave, after two steps, he turned again and came back to me.  With both hands he held my face and kissed me.  Not rough, no lust or sexual intent, again it felt like love.

I watched him go and I saw him wipe his eyes as he was getting into his car.  Tears were streaking my cheeks as well.  As I watched him back out of the drive, there was a sharp pain in my chest.   I heard a voice in my head...’you damned fool, age is just a number, go to him, NOW!’   Before it’s too late!  I didn’t call him.

It’s happened, just as I feared, I’ve fallen hard for Connor.  I know it’s futile, he’s only a twenty year old kid, still growing, physically as well as emotionally.  Looking like he does it won’t be long until he’s found someone else.  I have to get him out of my head.  Ten years is just too much of a gap in ages for any relationship.  If he calls, I’ll  tell him I’ve got other plans, or that I’m with a friend.

The next evening my best pals Jerry and Charles came by, Jerry and I dated once but there was no spark in the bedroom but we found that we enjoy each other much better as friends.  He’s a couple of years older than me and has found his partner.  He and Charles have been together over five years now and they are very happy together.  

After pouring them drinks, I told them about my weekend, starting with finding Connor at the Home store.  By the time I had related the details to them, I was visibly shaking.

I explained how conflicted I was with Connor being so young.  Jerry began asking me questions about Connor and our time together.

“So this young man from the home store called you, came over, you had mind blowing sex, cuddled in the afterglow, he has a monster cock that you love, plus he can carry on a good conversation, you really like him,he says he likes you, and he took you to breakfast and paid for the meal.   All in all, this 20 year old ‘kid’ sounds more mature than anyone I’ve heard you mention in ages, Jordan, what’s your problem?   Very few relationships last forever Jordan, you have a choice to make, you can be alone and lonely, or you can have some happiness with a very mature 20 year old.  Plus, a young buck like this Connor will keep you young.  If you don’t call him before you go to bed tonight, you will regret if for years to come.  Call him, Jordan.  See if all those emotions both of you felt can grow.  Just do it. before someone else steals him away.”

Hearing Charlie enumerate a list of Connor’s good traits made me feel a bit foolish and forget for a while that there is ten years difference in our ages.  As Charles and Jerry were leaving, Charles hugged me and told me that I’m at a crossroads, what I do concerning Connor could change my life, my future.  Still I hung back, It was three weeks later that I finally called. Charlie’s last words that day they visited  kept flashing through my mind. "You need Connor, Jordan.  Don’ let him get away."

I’ve fought it much longer than I should have.  I know I need him.  On Tuesday evening I went by the Home Store but Connor wasn’t working that night.  In my car in the Home Store parking lot, I took a deep breath and dialed Connor’s, I got a voice message.

“Sorry, I’m unavailable right now. Please leave a message.   If you are Jordan calling, Please call the second number I gave you NOW!”

I was surprised and I even laughed as I dialed the second number.

“Hello...is that you Jordan?”

“Hi handsome, yeah it’s me, Jordan.  I’d like to talk when you have some time Connor.”

“I’m free now Jordan, where are you?”

Would you believe I’m in the parking lot at the Home Store,  I came by but you weren’t


“There’s a Coffee Shop just around the corner from your place Jordan, I’ll meet you there in 15 minutes, okay?”

“Very okay Connor, very okay.”

Connor was standing by his car when I drove up.  He waved and flagged me down, when I stopped, he jumped in the car with me and told me to drive behind the building. When I did, he told me to stop, then he leaned toward me and gave me one of those slow and delightful kisses, the kind I think of as his love kisses.  He eased back into the passenger seat and smiled.

“It surely took you long enough to call me.  I’ve missed you, Jordy.  Have you had dinner, we can go eat or go to your place and make a sandwich if you want?   All I want to do is hold you and kiss you for a few days. You’ve really messed me up Jordan...I’m thinking about you all the time.  I was convinced that you’d never call me.

I want to love you Jordy, just like you said that night.  I want to love you, if only you’ll let me.”

“Let’s go to my place Connor, I need to hold you, I want to love you too.”

Inside my house Connor reached for me and kicked the door closed with his foot.  His arms were around my neck as he kissed me deeply.   When I opened my eyes after our kiss, I saw where tears had streamed down his cheek.

“Are you willing to take a chance on an old man Connor, the ten year difference in our ages won’t matter very much for a few years anyway.”

“I had a Birthday a week ago Jordy, it’s only nine years now, and yes, yes, yes.  I want to be with you.  I’m already crazy about you. My friends are all tired of hearing me rave about you.”

I laughed.  “Two of my friends came by last night and convinced me that what I need is you in my life.  Will you come and live with me.”

“Yes!  I love you Jordan O’Keefe, of course I want to be with you.”

“And I love you Connor, I really do.”

Our love making started out slow, building bit by bit until we were frantic to get out of our clothes.

We lay together naked, face to face with our hard cocks pulled up between us.  Connor was kissing me for what seemed like hours. I’m not complaining, his kisses are like a transfusion like I’m filling myself up with him.  When he finally pulled away he stared into my eyes.

“There’s something I need you to do Jordan.  I want to give myself to you like you gave yourself to me.  I want you inside me Jordan. Make me feel like there’s nothing else in the world but us making love.  Please, Jordan. Make love to me.”

I explained to him, what he needed to do the get ready for our love making.  He eagerly agreed and jumped from the bed telling me not to move.  As he walked back to our bed I could see his cock rising to a full hard on as he neared me.  I knew at that moment that he is for real, he wants me like I want him.

He straddled my hips as he sat down across me.  My hard cock was pressed up his back, it’s length gently lying in the crack of my butt cheeks.

“Now Mr. O’Keefe, will you please do me the honor of fucking my little butt?  Show me what is is to truly make love.  Make me yours in body as well as in spirit Jordan. This is going to be epic I know, this will be our beginning together.  Love me Jordy, love me like I love you.”

“In due time Connor, in due time.  I’ve other things on my mind right now. Lie on your stomach, you’re overdue for an O’Keefe massage.”

As he turned he looked back over his shoulder, I raised up and leaned up to kiss him, my body hovering above his, the hair on my chest, stomach and upper legs barely touching him sent gooseflesh across his body.  Once he lay back down I ran my hands over him, starting at his shoulders I moved down his body to the main attraction, that perfect little bubble butt of his.

He moaned as I rubbed down his body and he began pushing his butt up as I grabbed a cheek in each hand.  As I massaged his glutes, I let my thumbs move into the cleft of his cheeks, getting nearer his opening with each movement.  When one thumb rubbed against his pucker he groaned and raised his butt up for more.  Never one to miss an opportunity like this I quickly spread his hard little cheeks and thrust my face into his butt, leading with my tongue stabbing at his hole.

Connor screamed, VERY LOUD! But his scream quickly turned into moans of ecstasy as he reached back and pulled my head tighter against his butt.

“OHMIGOD!  JORDAN!  JORDY!  Oh Jeez!  FUCK,  that feels so good.”

I made a feast out of his cute little butt.  It was obvious that he had never experienced these feelings before.  He was trying to get away from my tongue and push it deeper in him at the same time.  

“Oh god!  Jordy,  I feel like I’m gonna cum.”

I quickly moved the kiss and like on his hard butt cheeks, letting his pending ejaculation subside.

“Jordan!  I never knew that was possible, that’s incredible. if your cock feels like that inside of me, fuck me now.  I want more of that.”

“For this first time, I’m going to enter you with you lying face down, we can change positions any time you want.  Are you ready Connor?  Here I come.”

I opened the lubricant and gently fingered at his opening.  Once three fingers were inside him he began to move about a bit on the bed, bearing down on the fingers and now part of my hand as he learned the pleasures of butt play.  The first time I stroked against his prostate, he yelled out loud, eyes wide.

“JEEZ JORDAN!  That felt so good!”

In a matter of minutes my hand was inside him up to my thumb and he was writhing about on the bed, pushing back on my hand in him and finally he yelled at me.

“Jeezus Jordan,  FUCK ME NOW!

My cock slipped inside him easily.  I stopped after the head of my cock entered him to let his adjust, it was only a few seconds until he was pulling on the backs of my thighs.

“OOOHHH!  Jeez Jordy!  Your cock feels so big in me.  Ungh!  Oh yeah.”

I entered him slowly, letting him get accustomed to the ‘fullness’ of having a cock up his little virgin butt.  In maybe four or five minutes, I was fully inside him.  Connor was breathing rapidly and pulling up a bit to get off the cock deep inside him.  I pulled back a bit and he he reached to pull my thigh getting more cock inside him.

‘Don’t pull out Jordy, there’s this mixed feeling of pleasure and pain all running together.  I want the pleasure to win out. Start fucking me please.  I want your cock Jordan.”

Connor began making little sounds as I began the fucking rhythm, whimpers at first then as we progressed, he became quite vocal telling me what he wanted me to do,

once I was able to fuck him hard, he quieted down and began meeting my down thrusts with his hips.  I raised to my knees and pulled his hips up so I could ram his butt hard.  He was making noises but I couldn’t understand anything he was saying.  It wasn’t long before he wanted to be on his back.

“I want to watch you cum in me Jordan, fill me with you semen, breed me.  I need you!”

Putting a couple of pillows under his butt, I leaned forward to kiss him.  He locked his ankles and pulled me deep into him as we kissed.  His hips and pelvis went wild, fucking my cock deep inside him.  I held on for the ride.

When we broke from the kiss, I began fucking to make Connor cum.  It only took a couple of minutes to send him to that place, the world of Cock.  Nothing there mattered but how deep the cock inside him was penetrating, how it made his body tingle.  I knew then that my Connor is a born bottom.  The boy loves my cock up his butt.

When he began gasping for air, I knew we were ready, I pushed my body up to where only my cock was touching him as it plunged in and out of him.  His whimpers became cries of joy as his climax neared.  At the moment of his orgasm, the look on his face was priceless.  He was completely taken by surprise at the feeling of ejaculation with a big, hard cock up his butt.  No orgasm ever feels quite like that first man fuck.  Connor’s semen was everywhere, on the wall, in his hair, pooled on his heaving abdomen and mine pooling on the sheets as it leaked from his thoroughly fucked butt.

I collapsed atop him, gasping and slid off to his side.  We dozed off and woke about an hour later.  When I opened my eyes, Connor was staring at me.

“I’ll never let you go Jordan.  I love you.”


It’s been ten years now that Connor and I have been together.  The age gap is never mentioned and it has ceased to be an issue with me.  Whatever his age, Connor is my soul mate, the one person made for me. We’re happy together and we plan to stay that way.  Love Happens, don’t make excuses to avoid it.  Embrace it and be grateful you have it.  "Happily ever after" is out there, finding it could be your life’s greatest joy.

Bill Hudley


Bill Hudley

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