Chapter One

"We need to talk."

Creek Woods turned to face his lover of a year. The cheerful gaze of the sun lit the spacious kitchen from the two windows in the room and reached out to engulf the six foot two inch tall lover in an exuberant embrace. It caressed the strong features of his face and then ran a hand through the shoulder length dark brown dreads neatly framing his handsome face.

The worn blue jeans hung low on his hips emphasizing the lean lines before falling neatly down his long legs. The blue T-shirt pulled tight across his broad chest and fell over the flat plane of his stomach covering the eight-pack Bradley worked so hard on. Bradley was barefooted giving him the appearance of a sexy God.

With a faint smile and the thrill of sexual excitement running through him, Creek lifted his eyes to meet his lover's to find his blue-grey eyes were filled with a light of excitement he'd never seen. His stomach tightened, his skin heated and a wave of nausea washed over him so strong his hand automatically went to his mouth even as fear dried it out.

For weeks now he'd known something was bothering his lover, but he had no idea what that was. He'd asked and been brushed off, so he hadn't pushed. Bradley was intensely private and always shared in his own good time. Now, he wished he had for Bradley could only have one thing to say.

Creek nodded, leaned against the counter with a window behind him and the sun was now an offense heat through his T-shirt. He drew in a shaky breath. "Okay."

Bradley nodded and then crossed the stone floor they'd put down together three months ago when Bradley mentioned wanting to finish the renovations to the kitchen right out of the blue. This was a house his lover had bought six months after they'd met and Creek had agreed to help him do some work on it.

"I've been up a while, but I didn't want to wake you," Bradley said as he brushed against Creek's shoulder in his actions of snagging a cup from the cupboard and moving to the coffee pot.

Creek nodded. Bradley was up before him now every morning and came to bed long after he was asleep at night. He was starting to get the picture that he was on his way out and some other man was going to take his place.

"I've been thinking about how to tell you this all week, and trying to come up with the perfect time," Bradley went on in his deep voice. He could have been talking about the weather for all the emotion in it.

The nausea got worse, and he became dizzy. Creek wrapped his arms around his stomach so sure he was going to throw up the coffee he had with the next words out of Bradley's mouth. "You've met someone." He felt sicker even though he'd thought saying the words himself would lessen the blow to his heart and his soul.


"I see." The words came out calmly but his lower lip trembled as tears swelled and tried to leak from his eyes, but he fought against them bitterly as anger rushed him like a river overflowing its banks and swallowing the land beyond. Creek clenched his fingers in his shirt and a ragged breath escaped him as his shoulders heaved. He had fallen in love with this man barely a year ago and he'd thought when he moved in that meant they were going to be together forever. Obviously, forever was only a year long.

Bradley added cream to his coffee and sugar before stirring the rich brew in the mug that Creek had given him three months ago just because. Creek watched him turn with natural grace and envied the fluidity of his movements.

"I didn't really expect this to happen, Cree," he said and then blew over his mug before taking a sip of the steaming liquid. "But I want to spend the rest of my life with him."

Creek gripped the edge of the counter determined not to break down in front of him. "I'll pack my things." He pushed away from the counter and stopped when Bradley held up his hand for him to. "I don't want to know who he is," he said quietly. "It's not important to me."

"I want to tell you about him."

His eyes flared and pain rushed him anew as bile flooded his mouth. He was going hurl-no he was going to listen. Afterwards, he was going to tell the man he loved with all of his heart how happy he was for him. He was going to tell him he hoped they could still be friends, but he was not going to cry.

Creek nodded lowering head unable to take that excited glow in the eyes watching him with seeming ignorance of his pain.

"He's sexy and sweet," he said. "Damn he's so giving, Cree. He's better with a hammer than I am. He's loyal and honest. He's the kind of man I never thought I'd ever meet, but he sweeps me off my feet every time I look into his eyes."

Creek suppressed the cry of anguish that wanted to tear from him. He wasn't sexy, but he was loyal and honest. He didn't have Brad's skills as a carpenter, but he wasn't a slouch either. He nodded, his lips pulling into a tight line as he tried hard not to cry. "He sounds like a fine man."

"He's the finest-" Brad grinned. "He's a good man, and he's a good lay too, just one thing about him that gets me."

Creek's face contorted in pain. He clenched his hands against his thighs as his stomach tightened painfully. "You had sex with him?"


He nodded and lowered his head causing his thick shoulder length red hair to fall around his face. He pushed it back as he swallowed tightly. "I've heard enough. I think it's time for me to leave."

"Wait," Bradley said. "I-"

"I know. You didn't mean for it to happen, and I really believe that because you've never looked side-ways at a guy since we met," he said calmly though he wanted to scream at him, to rage. He wanted to slap him, punch him. Instead he tightened his lips holding it all in.

"The problem with him, Cree is that he has no idea that he's God's gift to men as far as I'm concerned."

A tear escaped as another cut slice across his heart. "I see."

"He's everything I want and need in a man, but he's never going to keep me if he keeps going on this way."

"I don't think I'm the man to give him pointers." He wiped at the silent tears that coursed down his cheek.

Bradley set his coffee cup down on the counter next to Creek and put his hand on the counter next to it. "You know I'm a private person for the most part. I keep my private life private and I say what's on my mind when it needs saying."

"I hear you talking loud and clear, Bradley," he said aching sadness eating him alive. "You don't have to give me anymore reasons or details about him. I already told you I didn't want to know who he was."

"I want to know more than just how he takes his coffee and if he sleeps on the right side or the left, Cree. I want to know him deep down inside. Look at me, please."

"Why?" He willed his gaze to the man's who'd sliced his heart to ribbons in a single five minute span with no regard for his feelings. "You want to see me cry?" He wiped at the tears angrily.

"He's hot, Cree. I think about him, and my dick just gets harder than steel. I watch him walk by and his ass is so perfect all I can do is think about getting in his pants. He smiles and I melt. He looks into my eyes and I know I'd give him everything. I'd die for him, sell my soul to keep him happy, but he holds back parts of himself I need."

"Stop!" he pleaded softly. "Bradley. I can't hear anymore about him. It's killing me. Can't you see that or do you even care! Did you ever even care that much about me!"

Bradley's gaze roamed his face, and he used the thumb of his other hand to wipe snot from Creek's nose and then rubbed it off on the leg of his jeans. "I want to give him every part of me, Cree, and I want the same in return, but I'm scared to take that final step with him."

Creek knocked his hand away. "Damn you, Bradley." He shoved at his strong body barely moving him and took off, but he didn't get far. Bradley grabbed him around the waist and virtually lifted Creek off his feet and held him flaying his arms.

"Let me go!" he snapped. "Put me down, you jerk! I've heard enough."

"I haven't said enough, and you're going to listen."

Why did Bradley want to hurt him? He was guilty of nothing more than falling in love with him, but he was not going share him with another man and neither was he willing to be the fall-back guy. He deserved so much better than that.

Bradley set him on his feet and forced him back against the counter. Creek tilted his head back to willing himself to look at his now ex-lover and not fall apart anymore than he already had. Their relationship had been good but obviously Bradley hadn't gotten all of his needs met. For that he was sorry.

"I need things you aren't giving me, baby." He leaned toward Creek hands firmly trapping him in place and leaning so close to him their thighs brushed even though Bradley's powerful longer legs bracketed his.

He was all around him blocking out the doorway and the cupboards with the sun kissing off his beautiful brown skin. Creek smelled his soap and the faint twang of his hypoallergenic aftershave. The smells of his now ex-lover always drew him in, made him want to cuddle, but all Creek wanted to do was escape, get some air. He needed to calm the muscles and nerves of his body that felt pulled taut and close to breaking. And he needed to warm up. Every sentence Bradley uttered was chilling him to his soul.

"It's too late for that." He refused to look in the eyes that he could always count on to suck him into a world of warmth where only the two of them existed. They were either teasing, laughing, or just flat out caressing in their stare.

"It doesn't have to be."

Creek's eyes flared as incredulity marched through him. "You've had someone else! Do you really think-damn you for doing this to us."

"Damn me?" he demanded tightly. "Look at you! Standing there in your T-shirt and briefs. Socks up to your damned pretty pale neck."

Creek stared at him, blinked in absolute bemusement with hurt that cruel bastard playing Taps in his ear. "I'm sorry I'm not measuring up to your high standards, but I just woke up."

"Yeah, you did and when I came home last night what were you doing, Cree?"

"I was sleeping," he snapped. "Because you're obviously so repulsed by me now you can't come to bed when I'm awake."

Bradley shook his head. "No, you weren't. You were in our bedroom lying on the bed wearing a pair of red lace panties and a matching tank top with your hair all around your face."

Creek paled. That was his secret. Silk and lace made him feel sexy and confident, but-he'd seen him? He knew what he'd done? "Oh my god!" he whispered and his face flushed as he tore his gaze from Bradley's.

"Yeah, I saw you, stroking your dick with that toy and after you took your own ass with that dildo. Where've you been hiding your toys, hmm? I haven't seen a single one. Not even that prostate stimulator you used to keep in your bedside drawer at your apartment."

He swallowed tightly. He'd never allowed Brad to see him in the lace or the silk. Before he moved in with him, Brad used to come see him at his apartment. He had two bedrooms and one of them was a showplace from a fashion magazine with soft feminine touches mingled with the rougher edges of manhood. That was where he slept, where he fantasized about all the things he wanted Brad to do to him. That room was here he used those toys to make those fantasize come true.

The other bedroom was the epitome of masculinity and that room was where he and Brad had sex and slept together.


"And look at our bedroom," he cut in. "I told you to do whatever you wanted to it. To make it what you wanted it to be. I asked you what you needed from me giving you every opportunity to tell me about your real needs."

"I told you," he cried. "I-the room is perfect. It's everything you like."

"It's nothing you are, baby," he said softly. "Not the real you. That room is just like the one at your old apartment. It's the public face you show to the guys on the construction site and at the bar. I don't see lace and-"

"Stop!" He covered his mouth staring in shock. Brad had seen the room, and he'd told him it was his roommate's. A roommate who never seemed to be around. But he couldn't know what was in the drawers or even that beneath the pretty blue and pink comforter was silk sheets.

"Yeah, I know you didn't have a roommate," Brad told him. "I know you liked to dress up in women's underwear, lip gloss and sometimes eye liner."

Creek swallowed convulsively. That is why he was dumping him? That's why he didn't think he was honest? He lowered his head, face flaming. Only sissies wear make-up, his very macho father had shouted when he'd caught him putting on some eye liner in high school. Then, he'd beat him. He'd beat him enough times for him to know he had to keep that part of him a secret. So, he'd locked it away determined to be as masculine as his brothers on the outside.

He didn't see his family often because it hurt so much they couldn't accept all of him. Now, that secret was costing him the man he loved. "I know you're disgusted, so why didn't you just leave me instead of throwing all this in my face?" He shivered freezing now. Creek wanted to sink into the floor from embarrassment, but at the same time he was glad he'd never brought up any of the fantasies or worn any of the things he kept tightly locked away.

"Seeing you that way, hurt me, Creek," he said. "That you have to hide it says you don't trust me and there must be trust in a relationship. What other secrets are you hiding?"

Head hung, Creek just stood there wishing he could just cave in on himself.

"I need passion, I need heat, and I need trust," Bradley murmured. "There's no way to go back and even if there was, there are things in our relationship I don't want back."

"Move, Bradley. I need to get out of here," he said tears in his eyes. "I perfectly understand you."

Bradley's long cool fingers closed around Creek's chin and forced his head up so their eyes met. "I don't think you do, but I'm about to explain myself in a little more detail so there will be no more misunderstandings between us. First..."

Bradley released him and Creek almost sighed thinking this was finally over and then Brad was turning him around to the face the cupboard. He caressed his bare arms until his hands found Creek's.

"I've hungered for so much." He raised their hands and laid them on the counter. He gently urged Creek to flatten his palms. "Are any of your fantasies about me? I know they used to be? Tell me what I used to do to your tight little body besides suck your sweet dick?"

Creek closed his eyes listening to the slow sensual cadence of Bradley's voice. His skin was heating and his dick was swelling just thinking about those fantasies. Fantasies that would repulse his lover-ex-lover even more.

"Talk to me, Cree," he urged. "Did you wear a G-string? Did I pull it aside and fill your tight little place?"

Creek's breath caught. He could feel Bradley's warm body shift slightly behind him before circling his wrists.

"When my dick slid up your ass was it good?"

Something soft lightly brushed over his skin. "Yes."

"Do you like the way my dick feels in your mouth?"

Damn him he was going make him crazy and then leave him-soft warmth circled his wrists and-his eyes flew open in time to see the fur-lined cuffs snapped into place. He shivered from excitement and his mouth went dry. Confusion and hunger warred in him tearing each other apart as he tried to turn around to get a look at Bradley's face.


"I told you, I had needs that I was sure he wouldn't allow," Bradley murmured at his ear. "Will you allow them? Will you let me peel your briefs down and take a wooden spoon to your ass right now?"

"Oh my god!" The words were a whisper of pure sinful want. God he wanted it so bad he was starting to pant with it.

"Mmm. I think we should find out." Bradley kissed the side of Creek's neck softly as one hand glided down Creek's flat stomach to cup his erection. "You want to have your ass spanked, Cree?"

"Brad-" His voice trembled.

Brad gave Creek's thigh a light slap. "Answer the fucking question," he commanded firmly.


"This dick is so hard," Brad cut him off. He closed his fingers tighter around it and Creek gasped. "Hurt?"


"Let's see how this feels." Bradley pushed his hand down into Creek's briefs and cupped the warm flesh of his cock. He stroked his hand down the length to the head and ran a finger around the tip where it picked up a pearly drop of pre-cum.

Creek whimpered. "Brad. No."

"You've been my sweet little lover for a year, and I've contented myself with having only a part of you knowing there could be more. Starting this morning, I'm going to make you my little bitch."

Creek swallowed tightly excitement was a drummer playing a kicky beat inside him. His hands grew damp and his ass tingled in memory of the thick length that filled him so perfectly. But this could not happen no matter how much his body craved it, agreed with it. "Take these off me," he demanded. "Now."

Bradley's response was to remove his hand from Creek's pants before shoving Creek chest down to the counter stunning him with the force. Next Bradley reached beneath the T-shirt covering Creeks chest and yanked his briefs down unceremoniously.


"Shut up, little bitch," he ordered and delivered a stinging slap to Creek's ass.

Creek's first reaction was one he knew he'd hate himself for later. He gasped wanting more. And he got it. Bradley's hand landed on his ass again and then he pushed a hand into Creeks locks and pulled his head back.

"You're a bad boy, Cree," murmured. "And bad little bitches get their asses spanked from now on." His hand slid over the curve that Creek could feel starting to redden. There was an edge of roughness, but he felt perfectly safe in spite of not having chosen a safe-word. "You have two choices Cree. Take your punishment or walk from it like a pussy."

Take it like a pussy or walk away?

He'd been fantasizing about his man spank him, flog him, and paddle him. The pain was something he needed craved, ached for. And now he was going to get it.

But Brad had cheated on him. He'd admitted to being with someone else. That someone was a man who didn't want this. Could he allow it knowing Brad had taken another lover? How many times had he taken that man?

He opened his mouth to decline to allow Brad to use him to get off, but it was too late. Brad's hand landed on his ass just heavy enough to let him know his time was just about up.

"I don't want you to default, baby," Brad said anger coloring his tone. "Speak up. Yes or no, Cree."

One time and then he'd walk away. He could never sleep with a man he didn't trust, but that didn't meant he couldn't share one more moment of pleasure with the best lover he'd ever had. "Yes."

"Good." Bradley's hand landed on his ass again. This time it was firm and every nerve ending in Cree's ass fired.

He sighed roughly as a third tap connected with his bare flesh. It was harder, caused his skin to sting and his cock to pulse in interest. He'd only done this once with another man and since then he'd been looking for just the right Dom to take control of his passions. He'd never found a man worth trusting with this part of him until-"Fuck!" The spoon was a sharp tap that snatched him from his reverie.

His breathing hitched as pleasure created a riot of sensation inside him. His fists clenched on the countertop and his blood pumped through him lava, setting every part of him on fire.

Brad's big warm hand stroked over his ass. "Things have to change, baby if we are going to be able to go on from here."

He opened his mouth and all that came out was a cry of pleasure as the spoon slapped against his flesh. It burned and hurt making his dick ache. He needed to touch it, pump it. Another whack on his other ass cheek and he cried out.

Cree's breathing came in an uneven cadence as the heady delectation rocked him, drew him into its dark world. "God!" he whispered as the spoon landed on his ass again. He wasn't going to survive it.

Brad's lips brushed the side of his neck and his free hand closed around Cree's swollen cock. He caught his breath. His dick was sensitive like it never had been. "Brad," he cried as the thumb swiped over the head.

"You're enjoying my affection?" Brad asked dark arousal in his voice.

"Yes, you bastard." The husky words were ripped from him.

"I had my doubts." Brad ground his erection against Cree's ass. "I can't wait to fuck this tight ass hard," he murmured.

He wanted to tell him no. He'd been with another man and that made their relationship cheat and inconsequential to him. But he couldn't. The feel Brad grinding against him, pumping his throbbing cock as it leaked left him mindless to do what he knew he'd have to do later.

Brad took his hand away and landed another tap with the spoon, and then another. One cheek after the other, the staccato melody turned his ass to flaming muscle and his mind to a raging river of need. He couldn't think. All he could do was feel as another tap landed on his ass. It was harder, more insistent and more painful. "Fuck yeah!" His eyes closed and his mouth fell open as the pleasure drowned him.

"From now on, Cree, you'll wear those sexy things for me especially at night." He landed another tap, but this one fell on the back of Cree's thighs. "I bought you a pair of red crotchless briefs. The slit up will give me quick and easy access to your delectable ass." He brought the spoon down one more time before smoothing the red flesh.

Cree shook with pleasure his mind in a haze and his body an inferno ready to combust. "Brad you should have done this before you fucked him."

Brad chuckled. "I should have trusted my instincts, but you didn't give me any indication you'd be open to this, my little bitch." He thwacked his ass again.

Cree groaned. "Make me cum, Brad. Do it now."

Brad chuckled darkly. "From now on, Cree, you're the sub who gives no orders, and I am your Dom who takes every liberty with your body that comes to my mind."

Cree shivered. "Yeah, I want that so bad," he murmured out of his mind with pain and pleasure. "I need you."

"You've got me, sweetheart."

Too bad he didn't really. This would have been a dream to look forward too after a long day on the job. His eyes flared wide as he felt a slick finger push past the ring of muscle of his ass. He caught his breath. "Yes." He let the word fall roughly from his lips. He wanted more. He wanted Brad big dark dick gliding into him, filling him up. "Bradley," he whispered almost ashamed of himself of craving a man who didn't think enough of him not to cheat on him.

"Hold on little bitch," he murmured. "I'm going to give you what you really want." His hand slapped one cheek and Cree cried out


"I know, baby." He breathed roughly. "My fucking cock is killing me too." Brad pulled his fingers free and pushed two more back into the tight dark channel. "We're going to explore every dark thing on our minds together." He fucked into him with hard strokes, his fingers, spread, curved and worked diabolically bringing him undone.

"Ohhh!" Cree groaned and his hips began to move, pushing his ass back into the wicked fingers that were hitting his sweet spot with unerring precision. "Oh fuck! Fuck me harder!"

Brad drew his fingers out and slammed them back and brought his hand down hard on the side of Cree's ass cheek and Cree let out a hard wail as his orgasm denoted through him with the force of a bomb. He struggled to catch his breath as his fingers clenched hard on the counter.


And he thought it was over?

Brad wanted to laugh as the orgasm began to ease allowing his little bitch's body to relax a little. He slathered lube onto his cock. He'd meant what he said about the changes that had to be made. This-his taking Cree without a condom was meant to be proof of everything he'd said.

He pushed the blunt purpled head into Cree's tight and still slick anus. He groaned as the clenching channel clamped onto his cock the second he slide it past the ring of muscle. "Oh, fuck!" he whispered and gritted his teeth as he tried to maintain control. It was always like that with Cree. He was fucking tight and good, he had to fight not to slam home and fuck hard.

"Brad, damn you," he murmured.

They'd both been damned the moment their eyes met in that bar that night. He'd known he'd found what he'd been looking the second Cree spoke. He'd been lost since and there was no going back no matter what.

He claimed the last few inches of Cree's tight ass and groaned hard. "Damn yourself, Cree because you did this to us with your eyes. Your pretty eyes struck something in my soul that made me lose my fucking mind long before that first kiss."


He pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in. "I won't last too long, but hell we've got all day."

"Not this time," Cree said softly and hiss as the crack of Brad's hand against his ass brought him renewed pain and pleasure.

Brad thrust into him again. He didn't think now was the time to argue. He'd show and then tell the rest of the story. He gripped Cree's hips as he ground into him. He took him slow, pushing deep as he go into his ass and reveled in each shudder he elicited from Cree's hard body. He reached around to stroke his cock, his fingers pumping hard as his strokes became shallower, faster.

His hips moved fast, jack-hammering into Cree. His balls slapped against the damp flesh of his ass. Pleasure raced through him by-passing the scenic route. His mind was in a haze, as fire burned him from the inside out. He pumped Cree's dick harder loving the feel of the prick in his hand.

God he wasn't going to make. Cree first. Cree first. The song played in his head. "Cree, baby you feel so good around me." He thrust hard into him and gave his cock one last pull and felt Cree stiffen beneath, heard his cry and then he released his cock and gripped his narrow hips with both hands and fucked into him mercilessly.

His head rolled back on his shoulders as bliss sailed through him. One more thrust, and he growled his released like a wolf howling at the full moon.


Cree collapsed onto the counter. His body still flamed with the fading heat of arousal, but he was cooling inside as reality rushed back to him. This should have been a moment where they laughed and hurried upstairs for round too or collapsed on the couch and basked in the afterglow. But he had to clean up and get his shit and hit the door.

He had no place to go since he'd given up his apartment to move in here with Brad. But he couldn't stay here and allow himself to be Brad's sex slave. He loved him, yet he loved him too much to be victimized by an unfaithful lover.

"Brad, get off me," he said. "I have go."


"I've heard everything you had to say," he said quietly. "Now, please, show me the respect of letting me go without further humiliation."

"Being with me is humiliation?" Brad asked as he unlocked the cuffs. "Then, I guess you're right. Damn me."

Creek turned to face with a heavy heart. "I love you, but I can't be the guy in your bed when you go running off to another one."

Bradley shook his head as he tucked his cock into his pants. "You really didn't hear me."

"I heard you say you fucked someone else," he screamed. "Damn you." He punched him before he knew. "Oh, my God. Brad, baby."

Brad rubbed his jaw and smiled tightly. "Passion, Cree, that's what that was, and that is what I was looking for."

"And you found it without another man." He pushed him back against the counter. "You bastard." He turned to leave tears swelling in his eyes again.

"I found it with you, boy," he said softly.

"But it faded."

"No, it just never reached its peak because you held back from me," Bradley answered. "You kept all sweet heat from me. You your hot little panties. Damn when I saw you last night laying there, all I could think was you should be wearing crotchless briefs and I should be between your legs watching my dick disappear up your ass."

"I wanted you." He said at the door hand on the doorframe. "But it's too late." He strode from the room and all but ran up the stairs to the room he shared with Bradley. Tears poured down his cheeks, and he sobbed now as he closed the door behind him.

Creek went to closet blind by tears, salty and moist dampening his skin and leaving it splotchy. He yanked his suitcase from the back and carried it to the bed and tossed it down. He prayed Brad didn't come up here. It would be even harder for him to do what he had to do. He unzipped the case and lifted the top. He went still as he saw the small jeweler's box lying in there along with a note. Frowning, he grabbed the envelope and held. He stared at Bradley's bold scrawl and started to throw it onto the floor, but emotion tugged at his heart.

He opened and found a micro SD card inside with a note stuck to it. He peeled the tiny sheet away and read the small words. Please watch. He shook his head but what the hell. He may as well get all done and over with because once he left, there was no going back.

Cree crossed the thickly carpeted floor that Bradley kept so meticulously clean-as possible anyway. He grabbed his phone from the dresser and removed the card already there and pushed the new one in. He turned on his phone and went to the file.

"Cree, by now, you're thinking you could care less what's on here, but I'm glad you're the man I knew you were. I agonized over how to get my point across, and I knew if I did the way I was going to, it would hurt you. And you'd run away before you heard the end.

"Go to the next file."

He did with an eye roll. The file was a video with music and pictures of their year together. At the end was a ring and the caption read, that man I fell soul-deep in love with was you."

His jaw dropped. "Bradley."

"You know what I've been doing at night?"

He whipped around. He shook his head. "Hurting me by not coming to me."

"You said you wanted to get married and have kids. I've been researching, and planning."


"I want to give everything, Cree, didn't you hear me downstairs. I would sell my soul to make you happy. Anywhere that gay marriage is legal is where I'm moving us. I've sold some of my stock and looked at houses, and I'm ready to buy you a house, where ever you want to go. The real estate agent thinks she we can get a good price for this house. It'll be the down payment on your dream house."

Confusion shook me hard. "What?"

Brad walked over to him. "I met a man in a bar three weeks ago. I was upset about not getting all of you. He said to tell you how felt before it was too late."


"I wasn't there to pick anyone up," he cut in gently. "I was there thinking. Hell, I didn't even drink a half a beer. I was there last night trying to talk myself out of being so damned dramatic because I knew the message could get lost."

"You never-you haven't fucked anyone else?"

"Why would I?' he exclaimed. "I said you were holding back, I didn't say you didn't satisfy me. There is no reason to get substandard ass when I had premium at home."

More tears gathered in his eyes. "Brad."

"Trust is what our relationship is built on, baby. You know if I say I haven't been with anyone it isn't a lie. I need only you." He held up the ring. "Will you marry me, Creek? Will you allow me the privilege of making you happy the rest of your life? Will you allow me to love, to honor and cherish you, forever?"

Tears rolled down his cheeks. That video had said more than words ever could. He'd seen the love in Brad's eyes in those pictures. He nodded and leaped into Brad's arms. "I love you so much but if you ever pull another stunt like that we really will both be damned. Because I promise I will kill you."

Brad laughed. "I love you, Creek. You are my heart and my soul." His lips claimed Creek's. Softly their lips moved against each other as Creeks tears rolled onto Brad's jaw.

The End



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