This is a complete work of fiction, based on real life events and people. Names have been changed to protect those involved. I do not condone underage drinking or the use of drugs as recreation. Enjoy.


My memory is spotty after the accident. I remember a bright light in my eyes, and a voice asking me if I could hear it. I tried to talk, but found my throat too tight and I ended up coughing spastically and blacking out again. 

When I woke up next, I was being passed across something. It was cool, and I couldn’t feel my legs. This time, I did manage to speak. “Logan… Call Logan…” I croaked before passing out again.

Life after that was intermittent specks of dark and light. When it was light, everything hurt, and I would quickly fall back into unconsciousness. The longer I spent in the dark, the longer I found I could spend in the light. I had strange dreams, both in and out of the darkness. Full of fire and heat and burning through my core. Once, in the light, I dreamt I heard someone chanting softly in my ear, and suddenly, I could feel my legs again. 

Time held no purpose then. Nothing mattered except my body was healing. I was told when I finally woke up that I’d been out of it for 4 weeks, 5 days, and 13 hours. Those numbers would prove vital later on. 

I woke up blinking exactly like how people in the movies wake up. I knew exactly where I was, and I could feel another presence in the room with me. 4 presences actually. 

One was a doctor. She was kind, and took out the IV drip that had barely kept me nourished. There was something about her, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. 

The second was my mother. Heather. Her dark brown hair and eyes would later be how I would recognize her for what she really was, and what I was going to become with the help of the 4 others. 

The third was my airheaded, very best friend Ahmad. Somehow, someone had tracked him down and called him to tell him what had happened. He flew all the way from Virginia to see me. 

Logan was the last. It wasn’t until I actually opened my eyes that I realized he was lying in bed with me, very carefully not touching any part of my body. Looking into his eyes, I saw hatred, sadness, anger, passion, and what I finally recognized as love. I didn’t know which emotion was dominant, and I wasn’t sure they were all directed at me. 

“Hey there, Jason... “, he said, with a pain I had heard so often in my own voice. “You gave me quite a scare there.”

Everything happened really fast after that. The same doctor was in the room every hour on the hour for no other reason than to check my vitals, stare at me with some hidden approval and wonder, and leave after spending a few seconds silently checking with Logan. Ahmad was asleep in the corner when I first woke up, but when Logan started talking, he woke up and nearly killed me all over again with the hug he gave me. 

Mom had been in the bathroom. At first, she was vehemently opposed to Logan being there. The doctor who kept coming in had to remind her that although she was family, Logan was my first medical contact, and could technically keep her out of the hospital room. She acquiesced with poor grace. 

After a few minutes of catch up with Ahmad, I asked him quietly to leave the room and wait in the hall. Logan and I had some catching up to do of our own, and honestly, I didn’t think I was ready for Ahmad to know the real reason as to why I had nearly died that night. He agreed, but I don’t think he was too happy about it. 

It was a struggle to move. I tried to get into a sitting position by myself, and Logan nearly had a heart attack when I cried out in pain. He quickly got the remote and pushed the button that gently raised my torso and head skyward without physically moving my body.  My legs still felt slightly tingly, and something felt off about them. 

When I was finally up, Logan crawled back in with me, still careful not to touch me. The pain in his eyes was so great. I realized with a start that he thought he was the cause of this. I gritted my teeth and managed to take his hand through a wave of mind destroying agony. 

“This”, I ground out, “This is not your fault… You had no idea… No idea what I would do… You didn’t know how scared… I was to be with another…”

“You tried to warn me though.”, he said. “And I didn’t listen to you.”

“Not your fault.” My tongue felt heavy, leaden. Like when you get that weird shot at the dentist’s office that makes  your lip feel fat and cumbersome. “Logan… Kiss me again?”

His eyes shot up, and I caught the last fleeting glimpse of hope as it left his eyes, only to be replaced by a look I knew well. Self-deprecation. “I… I can’t. You were right. I can’t kiss you again.”

I smiled painfully, and raised my hand to his chin, forcing him to look at me. “What’s worse…? Kissing me and wanting me, or not kissing me and wanting me just the same?”

He chuckled quietly, and I watched as the hope rekindled in his eyes. “You’re sure you won’t run away this time?”

“I promise.”

It was a promise I was never going to break.

            It was a long time coming, but I finally left the hospital. The doctor's said it was a miracle I could move again, but they didn't know, and neither did I at the time, that it was actually just Logan. Few things are more powerful than a fire elemental in love. But like I said, I didn't know what he was yet.

            He walked me out in a hospital provided wheelchair, and helped me into the car. Surprisingly, my legs were steady. I didn't even wobble. The doctor from before came out to help if she was needed, but she wasn’t. I finally figured out what her name was, and who she was. Her name was Madison. She was one of Logan’s one night stands, but one who was actually a good friend of his before hand. I guess I felt a bit jealous at first, but I realized she was just his friend. It wouldn’t be until later that I would find out she was a water elemental. 

Ahmad ended up driving, my mother in the front seat, leaving me and Logan in the back. They had become fast friends, out of necessity, or due to some cruel twist of fate, I can’t say. It would seem strange later, considering their affinities. Logan was holding my hand, and when I leaned into his body, it was the best feeling in the world, like being wrapped up in a warm, soft blanket that you’d forgotten about, but loved just the same.

I found that I could better understand what he was feeling, thinking, while I was that close to him. His arm around my shoulders, squeezing firmly, was his way of holding onto me, never letting me go. His eyes were full of worry, wondering what I was thinking about, what could possibly be going through my head. To be completely honest, I was terrified. I was scared shitless of being in that car. I hadn’t felt that kind of panic since I was 5 years old.

Story time. It was my kindergarten year, on a bright spring morning. The snow had just melted, and everything was starting to turn green again. My babysitter and I were going to go to the library, and I was so excited. I loved books. Still do. I ran out to the car, climbing in because the door wasn’t locked. The gear shift was broken, and I accidentally pushed it into neutral. I panicked, and I almost lost my life then too. 

“I’m scared Logan.”, I thought, obviously not expecting an answer. “Cars scare me right now…” I wanted to get out as fast as possible. 

“Jason wants to get home quickly Ahmad.”, Logan said.

I look at him, slightly confused as to how he knew what I was thinking, and grateful to him for bringing up the topic in a way that saved me some face. I looked into the rearview mirror, and was actually surprised to see Ahmad looking back at me. 

“Yeah.”, he replied. “I know.”

I was getting more confused by the second. I realized my mom hadn’t even said anything about me being in Logan’s arms. Feeling self-conscious, I pulled away from him, and she winced. 

“Really, sweetheart, it’s okay. I know you know how I feel about… Your situation, but you can do whatever you want now.”

I shrugged. I didn’t much feel like talking to her. We had had a… Pretty massive fight about this very topic before I left. There was a sound like shattering bedrock.

“Damn it Porter, I’m trying to compromise here.”, she ground out. “I know you don’t like-”

“Stop.”, I said, a strange kind of double voice making me feel out of synch with reality. “We will not talk about this right now, especially not with Logan and Ahmad in the car.”

She fell silent, and I fell back into Logan’s arms, feeling much better about myself and my ‘situation’.

Ahmad and my mother left after dropping Logan and myself off at his home. He unlocked it quickly and took me immediately to his bedroom. I laid down on the bed, and he laid next to me, his hand on my waist. 

I looked into his eyes, and I could see his fears, his wants, his needs. I could feel his hunger for me, but he didn’t make a move because he respected my space. I needed him to touch me, to kiss me, to take me just as completely as he did when I couldn’t feel his body moving alongside mine in that blissful dance. I needed him to love me the way his eyes were showing me.

“Kiss me…”, I thought at him. “I need you to kiss me…”

Low and behold, he kissed me, slow, passionate, fearful. He was scared I would push him away again. He was scared that I’d run. He was scared I hated him. 

I pulled him closer. I wasn’t going to run. I definitely didn’t hate him. My tongue traced his bottom lip, requesting access to his secrets. They parted, and there was a tango of twisted tongues slowly twirling together. He tasted like heat. Like the dry summer air in a desert, tinged with the spice of sage grass and a hint of lightning. 

His moan, deep in his throat, was music to my ears, a wellspring of good faith towards me not to break his heart again. I was surprised he didn’t hate me, the way I’d acted. My hand traveled up his shirt, tracing the lines and planes of his smooth stomach, up to his pecs, where I could feel his heart beating furiously under the smooth, pale skin. 

I was much thinner than I was, not having eaten anything solid since the night of the accident. I could feel my bones poking out under my skin, and it was a new sensation, but he treated me with just as much reverence and respect like he would the bible. I wasn’t worthy of his touch, and yet, the magnetism between both of us was just too powerful for me to push away. 

His own hand went up my shirt, tugging lightly at the hem so he could pull it up over my head. At the same time, his own shirt was ripped in half, and thrown to the side. I couldn’t believe I’d had that much strength, but lust is a powerful thing. My mouth went down the side of his throat, my teeth scraping lightly against his jugular. I left my mark there, right above his collarbone so everyone could see he was mine. He was taken. 

My mouth latched onto one of his nipples, making it hard and pointy before moving to the other one. The way he panted and moved… It was hypnotizing. Soft kisses down his stomach led me to a softer patch of blond fuzz under his belly button, and I ran my fingers through it, looking up at him, fearing I was going too fast. 

He shook his head. “Please, Jason, I want you to. God, I want you so badly…”

It shouldn’t have been a surprise to hear those words come out of his mouth, but it was. “Okay, Logan. Get ready for the ride of your life.”

He chuckled but it turned into a high pitched moan when I took his pants off and swallowed his entire eight inch cock. I’d had more practice than I care to admit at this point, and taking him was nothing. My mouth bobbed slowly up and down, from tip to base, his head sliding into and out of my throat. Deepthroating is one of the best things you can do if you plan on riding someone bareback without lube. 

He growled low in his throat, a feral sound that only made the scene hotter, more intense. “Turn your ass up here… I want to eat you out.”

I sat up on my knees, flicking the button on my jeans so that just a hint of bright red underwear showed, and gave him a look that said, “Oh really?”

He growled again, playfully this time, and pushed me over gently , turning his own body around so his cock was dangling in front of my face, and my ass was over near his. I quickly took his massive appendage into my mouth again, and his sighed with pleasure that only one who’s had one of my blowjobs can sigh. I raised my hips for him so he could pull my pants off my body, wincing a little as the motion made my legs hurt.

He didn’t notice, or didn’t care, and just kept doing what he was doing. We were now both fully naked, and I couldn’t help grabbing his ass and pulling his cock down further into my throat. His low moans were perfect, and I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to hear them at last. He kissed the underside of my dick, and ran his tongue down my balls and into the dark crevice of my ass. I was just lucky I’d been in the hospital, so I was completely clean. 

He gradually loosened me with his marvelous tongue, swiping it over my hole and making me pant. At one point, he pulled away, and then there was a firm finger pressing against my hole. He slid it in slowly, carefully, and I nearly came on the spot. It was like heaven and Elysium and the Garden all at the same time. 

I couldn’t suck correctly anymore, so I just kept running my tongue across his rod, my fingers making small rivulets in his skin. Eventually, he turned around, kissing me hard, letting me taste myself on his lips. We stayed lip-locked for a few moments, just enjoying the feel of the other person, the heat of his skin. He reached over to the side drawer, getting out a small bottle of lube that I wasn’t sure would cover him completely, and a condom. 

I frowned, wanting to feel him skin on skin. He smiled softly and kissed me again, eerily knowing what I was thinking again. “I don’t know if I’m clean or not Jason… I know you are because they tested you while you were in the hospital… I promise to get checked as soon as possible okay?” He looked down, a small frown on his face and I felt his worry returning. “If there is even an us after this.”

“Logan, if you want me, I’ll be yours. I could have sworn I’d proven that by now.” Then I winced because I remembered where I just was, what I’d done to him. “I’m yours Logan. I won’t run away again.”

The smile returned to his features and I felt his elation. He kissed me one more time, pulling the condom onto his length and poured some lube onto his fingers to slick himself up. He used whatever was left on my hole to get it slick for him to push in. He positioned himself at my hole, and looked into my eyes while he entered, looking for any hint of pain. 

Luckily, I’d done this several times. I knew exactly how to relax my body, to let him into the deepest, most intimate part of my being. I took a deep breath and let it out as slow as I could, concentrating on pushing my sphincter muscles down and around his shaft. It was slow going, but eventually he got his entirety inside and let me adjust to the sudden intrusion. He was throbbing along his length and it was hitting me in just the right spot. I knew I wouldn’t last long once he started. 

Our second session was slower, more relaxed, more open than the first. I could still only remember it with fuzzy details, like looking at a mirror right after you get out of the shower. This time, I was recording the entire session. I would never be able to forget this moment, and as far as I was concerned, this was supposed to be our first.

One of my legs was wrapped around his waist, the other held up by his arm. He was leaning over me, his eyes locked to mine while he pushed into me and pulled himself out to the tip before pushing back in. 

It was perfect, so amazing. So perfect, and so amazing, I started having doubts it was-

I woke up.




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