He could feel the brush of hair against his face. He could smell the heady scent of musky cock and balls, the smell of unwashed sweaty cock and balls. He couldn't decide if he was dreaming this or if it were real as he began to stir under his bed sheets. His cock was raging hard but the confusion of where he was or what was going on still eluded him. He began to thrash his face back and forth, bumping into warm ass cheeks planted squarely on his face, the hair and the erotic male smell still filling his lungs.

Suddenly his eyes flew open and he knew for sure he wasn't dreaming. Muffled words tried to come out of his mouth as if he were trying to ask what was going on but the sweaty ass sitting on his face blocked their clarity. A familiar voice broke out as if in reply, 'Smell familiar bitch?' In the blackness he tried to recognize the voice. He now knew he was home in his bed but who knew what time it was or what was going on. 'Seems like I was taken advantage of the other day.' the voice continued. 'Thought I would return the favor and take advantage of you now.' Grant! It was Grant! 'Holy Fuck, he knows it was me!'

Handcuffs clamped one hand and then the other and he could feel himself being pulled to the corners of his headboard and locked in place. He tried to wrestle Grant from his new position on his chest but couldn't fight his auburn haired stud of a brother in law. Another clamp went down on his ankle and then the other. The pulling began again and soon his ankles joined his wrists on opposite ends of the headboard. He could feel his six foot frame break into a cold sweat and his heart began to rage wildly in his torso. He tried to fight but Grant was not to be beat tonight. His dark hairy ass was now fully vulnerable and exposed to Grant's fury.

'Look who's wearing the handcuffs now!' Grant chided. 'Not so fun now it it?' 'I'll be the first to admit that fucking your ass was amazing' he continued. 'I just don't appreciate finding out that it wasn't your sisters ass that I was fucking.' He regretted the whole lousy thing now. Three days had passed and he thought he had gotten away with it. Seems like that wasn't the case now. He kicked himself for sharing keys with his sister and her husband. Grant had now gained entry to his place and there was no one to come to his rescue. Revenge was about to be taken and it was clear from his now cuffed position just how that revenge would be played out.

Suddenly the terror of the pitch black room was filled with overhead light. There Grant stood with his pants shoved down below his waist and his flaccid hairy auburn cock hanging long and low with his balls. The beginnings of Grant's strong hairy legs protuded where his shoved down pants and briefs still held up against his spread stance by the light switch. 'Well look at the little sex pig now!' Grant mocked. 'All strung up and ready for market!' 'What does that mean?' he said. 'Well' said Grant smoothly. 'Market is where most people shop.' 'Seems like you are about to become the market special of the day little pig' Grant spat. 'Come on in boys.' The door swung open and in walked three of Grants friends. He had seen them before and had been equally lustful over them like he had been over Grant.

'The boys didn't like my little story of what happened the other night.' Grant shared. 'They all agreed that it could only have been you that pulled this stunt on me.' 'I'm sorry' he stammered. 'Too late for that.' volleyed Grant. 'Tell it to your sister!' 'She was livid when she found out what had happened and what I had thought had been her.' Grant yelled. 'Be glad she hasn't done the deductive reasoning that I have you bitch dog!' He could feel himself growing sore from this awkward position and knew it was only going to get worse. 'You only got a taste of what I can do to a tight ass' trumpeted Grant. 'I'm not in handcuffs now so you are gonna get the full force of my wrath you fucking pig.' 'My buds thought it would be a good thing to help me teach you a lesson about messing with me.'

With that they all began to strip out of their clothes. His cock sprang up into instant wood as buff bodies began to appear. All of Grants friends were baseball league buddies and had the bodies to prove it. He couldn't squirm or break away in any way to protect his vulnerable hole. These guys weren't here to be hospitable. They were here to exact revenge and get their nuts drained of any cum that might pleasurably find it's way out. Two of his buds were shorter stocky Italian looking guys, 'Italian Stallions' to be sure. The one was a smooth dark haired, bubble butted catcher for the city league and the other was a hairy brick of a brunette with the whole razor stubble shadow and the dimpled chin. He recalled him playing the outfield. Low hanging balls and limp cocks swung between their legs as they continued to strip down. The other bud was the pitcher from the league. He was blonde, curly headed and hairy in all the right places. Blonde curls emerged that matched his curly head as his briefs slipped easily down his legs to reveal blond hairy balls and the longest flaccid uncut cock he had ever seen.

Grant, was his usual hot auburn haired self. He was poetry in motion as he finished taking off his pants and socks. He could immediately feel the weekness and lust for this man that had got him in this trouble to begin with. It was like watching a muscled lion ranging in the safari. Red hair shimmering everywhere under the overhead lighting. Grant wasn't a big hairball of a bear kinda guy. He seemed to be blessed with ample hair but in all the right places. He was a buff muscular guy like his buddies and every bit a man.

The hairy brunette was the first to finish stripping and he immediately placed one hairy topped foot on the bed and stepped up unto the mattress. He ambled the uncertain terrain of the mussed up bed until he was squarely planted in front of him. His thick hairy legs straddled his torso. He then dropped to his knees. His ample muscular ass plopping down on his chest and his slowly rising cock and balls directly in his face. 'Suck it pig.' Joey commanded. He did as he was told and let the growing cock slide into his now open mouth. the manly aroma of his groin filled his lungs. Glancing over at the side table he could see that it was 3:30 am. These guys probably hadn't even been to bed yet so that explained two out of four smelling like they were fresh from a gym or a game.

The blonde one was the next one to step up unto the mattress. He waisted no time in squaring off in front of his raised up fuck hole. He watched as Grant's blonde buddy Steve began stroking himself to a full hard eight inches of solid blond cock jutting out from a bed of blonde pubic ringlets. As soon as his stiff cock was ready he spit on his ass and massaged it in and around his hole until it was wet and ready for the taking. With no gentle entry he forced his full cock deep into his ass until his hairy blond balls were flat against him and there was no where else to go but back out and in again. He screamed through a muffled mouthful of hairy cock from the dark haired outfielder that had been the first to his mouth. In earnest, the blonde began pumping his cock agressively in and out of his captive ass. Pain soon gave way to pleasure as his handcuffed ankles and wrists screamed against their bondage. He thanked himself in his own mind for having the good sense to place his mirrored dresser exactly where it was. There in the mirror was the miracle view of this blonde studs muscular legs and rippling ass contorting and relaxing as he pumped him like a piston.

He glanced again at the clock. It was now 4:39 am. He was now the posessor of three loads of cum planted vengefully within his gut via his very well used fuck hole. He was also the sloshy possessor of at least one load of hot piss from the bubble assed catcher and one mouthful of cum from the hairy brunette that was first in line for head and then ass for his second helping. All this time, Grant watched with a sneery grin. He was naked in all his auburn splendour, spread with legs over the arms of the lounge chair that sat off to the side of his bed, his big sexy feet swinging in rhythm to the sounds of his pals cock pounding abuse of his brother in law. Grant would bark an order from time to time to his buddies on what to do next or throw a jeery remark toward his captive brother in law.

The bubble assed catcher now positioned himself to take his ass for the second time. Watching in the mirror as his cheeks flexed into his exposed hole he could feel his own cum begin to build up to a climactic explosion as his insides reveled with the in and out action of the catchers cock nailing him like a drill looking for oil. The blonde positioned himself in front of his mouth and demanded a tongue bath of his cock after finishing his last fresh load of cum into his shackled fuck hole. He could smell his own scent all over the curly sweaty pubes of this still hard blonde cock. The catcher was now breaking into short quick breaths as his second load of cum would soon blow up into his gut. 'Hang on Joey' said the hairy brunette. 'I wanna try something.' With that said he layed beside him and then began lifting him off the bed and sliding under his back until he was positioned with his cock flapping inward against the hole that the catcher now occupied. 'Pull out for a second' said Brock. Joey reluctantly pulled out and Brock shoved his cock in. 'Now slide it in with mine' said Brock. Joey broke into a lustful grin and soon the in and out slide of two cocks were working his stretched hole to it's limits. Brock and Joey moaned with the pleasure of not only having a good hole to fuck but the sensation of their cocks rubbing in and out against each other. They each shot a load within seconds of each other into his well used ass. The blonde pitcher soon followed and gushed into his mouth with a hot creamy load of jizz.

The three guys all pulled out of respective holes and began to unravel and exit the bed. He could feel the hot piss and cum trailing down his crack and unto his back in rivlets and making a hot wet puddle beneath him. 'Ok Grant, he's ready for you.' Joey said. With that, the guys all leaned naked against the wall and waited for Grant to bring in the firework finale. Grant climbed up out of his reclined position with a raging hard on jutting out from the hairy mass of red pubes that covered his groin. He stepped up to the side of the bed and practically whispered to him. 'I bet you won't take advantage of me again.' He was then climbing unto the bed with his hairy auburn legs and calves rippling as he stepped up and postioned himself over his brother in laws well used fuckhole. 'This is for you Beth' he announced. She would probably want to do this herself if she had a dick to do it with!'

He could feel his head spin as Grant then slammed his cock without warning into his waiting hole. Luckily enough the other three had opened him up or this would have been a painful entry. With relentless fury, Grant fucked and fucked. When he finally released his pent up sperm he drove each spasm with the force of someone trying to knock in a locked door. He could feel Grant's cum as it joined the loads of seed his buddies had deposited before him. Watching Grant's beefy hairy auburn ass drive into him was more than he could take and his own load finally blew from his cock and shot up into his own face and hair. Grant stood relaxed but still locked into his brother in laws ass. Soon that familiar evil grin broke over Grant's face and he knew what was coming next. Torrents of piping hot piss began to jet into his already full hole from Grant's deflating cock. With a final shiver and a last piss spasm, Grant pulled out and presented his cock to his brother in law for a good tongue cleaning.

When he was finished Grant bent down in his face and sneered. 'Don't you ever assume your sister's identity again with me.' 'It's now official and confirmed' continued Grant. With that said Grant reached down to the floor and jostled through his jeans pocket. He pulled out a sharpie pen and began to write in bold script across his brother in laws torso. 'Now I'm gonna leave you exactly like you left me.' Grant spat. He reached up and unlocked the handcuffs that held his brother in laws ankles to his wrists. His legs flopped down and relief immediately waved over his lower body as he began to relax. His hands remained shackled to the headboard just as Grant's had been left days earlier. The four buddies then began to dress. Soon they were striding out of the room with Grant taking up the rear, the clock now readying 5:29 am. Grant stopped, turned back and looked one more time at the lean muscular dark haired frame of his brother in law. 'See you later pig!' He then flipped the overhead light switch and plunged the room back into darkness. Just before the lights went out he looked down unto his body to read the writing now sprawled acrossed him. 'Confirmed Identity: Bitch!'


Matthew Barrett

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