My name is Kayle and I'm currently pursuing college education at the Queenstown University in South America. I get around and I am what you might consider a cool kid. I'm on the football team where I'm the average everyday jock. I have short brown rusty hair, which complements my light brown eyes. I have clearly defined abs, and stand at 6'1. My tool is about 6.5" flaccid and 8" hard. Enough about my looks, Please hear my story.

My sexuality is being put to the test everyday. I wouldn't to consider myself in the closet because what you see is what you get with me. I told only of my Closest friends about me being gay. Two males and Three females to be exact. The reactions from the females were surprising. It was like they didn't see it coming. The males on the other hand were... furious. One of them actually attempted to fight me but was held back by my best friend Sarah.It took him a while to adjust but he eventually came around after a month or so. But that is not the troubling part. I don't like all guys, and of course my best friend knows about it, but she is of the impression that I'm straight. My other friends tell me that they are not my type. I'm really opened with my thoughts towards her and I even feel comfortable enough to undress in her presence, because we both know that nothing could possible happen between us. At least that is what we taught.

Guys normally horse play around in the locker room and they are straight. Why can't a Gay guy do the same with his female Best friend. One night, I was late at her house watching a horror and we got to one of the Jumpy parts and she hugged and braced my tightly and i said:

"if only I were straight I would have held you closer...''

" ha ha.. yeah right"

And we both started to laugh.I climbed to the top of her and straddled her and ask what was she laughing at, and slowly went down to her lips making sure not to make contact.

I said "I bet you like that" but she didn't answer.

Now this might have been the dickiest move I ever made because she is currently searching for a true love. Someone who is hers and will never hurt her, and she has been through so many relationships at this point in time she is really vulnerable.

As we paused and I withdrew, she pulled her hand from my straddling and held the back of my head an d she kissed me. we kissed. Things started to get hotter and hotter and without realizing it our cloths were off. I'm a virgin and so is she. I went down on her and Vigorously tongue fuck her, as I did this she further pushed my head into her. It was wild. I read and write a lot of stories and I guess that this was all the passion I had inside being released. I slowly made my way to her neck as I Kissed and caressed her breasts. As I made contact with her lips the wild fire began to spread again, and without realizing it she was guiding my cock into her clit. I fuck her hard. She was screaming. We both climaxed about twenty minutes or so later. We cleaned up and I guess that is how our New relationship started.

We have been together for about 2 months now and I'm now starting to believe that I'm straight. I was Happy. At least I thought I was. Even though we don't talk as much or even go out or do anything fancy. I started to think at least I'm on the road to happiness. But this dream ended when I met Seth. He is a new student who just transferred from Argentina. You would think that he isn't familiar with the English language but that would be a lie. His fathers business takes him all over the place so learning English was not optional. I will tell you how I know all of this later because it will lead you to my second confession. He is well in shape. He has dark brown eyes which flows with his Hispanic features. He isn't as ripped as me but that doesn't mean that he wasn't an adonis to look at. He was trying out for the football team and he made it. Our coach has a personal vendetta against me. I think that its because he likes my girlfriend. So he placed my to team up and train with him. Now this is not a good thing. Besides the fact that I'm a recovering gay, When newbies come into play, the training with them harsh and intense. I had him doing sit ups, I ran laps with him and I was his spot. Now training normally overs at 18:00. But the coach told us to work till 20:00. This was unfair. I have a life and so does he, but we can't argue because it will only get us later.

Even though we talked a little during earlier practice, the conversations we were having now seemed a little more comfortable and that started to scare me because I am the type of person to get attached quickly and their is when I start to push people away. But I couldn't do it. He has no friends here, and I know what it is like to be a new student. We did some push ups and the last thing we did before we leaving to hit the showers were laps(again).

We stripped and were off to the showers with our towels wrapped around us. We hung our towels up and we were under the showers. I tried as hard as possible not to look at him, because I got a glance at his dick and he was packing at least 6" flaccid. Now you must be thinking, Don't I always see dicks in the showers? I do But don't if you get what I'm saying. Flaccid dicks don't turn me on but once they are hard I tend to get excited myself and begin to breathe hard so that I wouldn't get "hard". But something about the atmosphere was making me go their. I started to breathe hard to avoid the process. He noticed my heavy breathing. He turned off his shower and asked me if anything was wrong.

How could he have done such a thing? He was the problem and now he is making it worse. I have a girlfriend and he is here getting me really hot and the worst part about it is that I just can't help it. I managed to murmur its okay, just a little asthma attack. He left the shower and came back with a small plastic bag and asked me to breathe. I said that it was okay, but then I started to Breathe even more heavy since it was getting too much for me. Without noticing I had a stiff one on, I pretended to trouble with asthma. I did not feel embarrassed. I felt like I was betraying Sarah. I stopped breathing hard and said that I'm fine now. I assumed that he didn't notice my Hard on because I immediately turned away from him and turned on back the showers. There was silence, Just before leaving he asked something. Something that changed my life forever.

"Who was it for?"

I stopped and without looking back and asked "what?".

The showers stopped and he came right in front of me.

Confessions of an Author Where did it come from? I've been living a make believe life until... Seth came into being. I mean... I have a girlfriend and it just can't end like this. I would not allow it.

"Your hard on"

I was speechless. I wanted to say for you so bad. so very bad. But I couldn't. I walked away, to be stopped by the grasp of his hands. In retaliation I said

"Listen, I'm not G..."

I was stopped by soft lips. Lips that will cause my end, Lips that would Bring me down. Lips that I yearned for. What was I doing? I thought this side of me was Dead. But now I think that it is the only thing there. I pushed him away and I attempted to leave again. He grabbed my hand for the second time and I surprised myself. I grabbed him and passionately caressed his lips, trailing my hands down his soft smooth body. At this point I just didn't give a fuck. We kissed vigorously and ferociously. I grabbed his ass and he grabbed mine and we were in an air tight embrace, locking lips, cock on cock. Until he stopped and pushed me into the corner where he got on his knees and grabbed my cock and shoved it in his mouth. I held onto the bars because my knees were going. Trying to fight something I want so bad. I exploded in his mouth. Hot stream after hot stream. Then was where I realized what I had just done. He swallowed each and every drop. I came to grips with reality.

"This wasn't suppose to happen, I have a fucking girlfriend, I'm not... I'm not.." I couldn't help myself from starting to sob.

He came and give me a tight hug. One that I melted in... and will always melt for. The tears came and washed away the past 2 months. I could stand and feel his body against mine forever. It felt like an eternity. It felt as sweet as heaven, but hotter than hell.

I parted from him saying that this never happened. "It was nice knowing you but it all ends here."

As I walked away he got angry and came up to me and said.

"you may get away from it now, but I didn't do anything that you didn't want me to. Remember those words" and with that he left.

The hardest part of tonight is my decision. what do I do?

To Be Continued.




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