"Pull your pants down and let me wet that dick with this boy pussy. " I said, while spreading my cocoa cheeks anticipating his curved vanilla cock. I leaned against the hood of his truck while rubbing my nipples as I slowly made seductive circles with my phat ass. I carefully swallowed his shaft while squeezing my ass muscles to milk his dick. Round and round, I repeated. I wanted him deep inside me until he made me his regular whore.

We met at Druid Hill Park in front of the baseball field. I was trying to make some money by expanding my business to a new area. He was driving around looking for a hook up with a black bottom. We both knew that would be hard to find since most of the guys that frequented the park wanted to stroke or get head. Once he saw me pull down my basketball shorts revealing a muscular bubble ass, he agreed to ' help ' me out in exchange for some brown eye.

" Take this cock ? You like this country white boy fucking you? I am going to give you my babies ... Make a mulatto with you. "

I knew he was ready to bust so I turned the heat up a notch. " Give me them babies...make this boy pussy cum..Yeah..spank that ass with your dick...mmm...nut in this filthy hole."

The nastier I spoke, the faster he stroked my ass. " Right there daddy. Oh, yes. " I moaned while opening a foil packet of Stroke 29 lubricant. I massaged my dick while his pole found my special place. " Give me that nut. Make your whore happy. You ready to spit ? "

He was on the verge of shooting his love juice. His sweat trickled on my back as he thrust deeper, stabbing my ass while igniting the desire that inspired me to get his money. He was the type of client that could take me off the streets.

I was putting it on him real good. He'd only been in me for three minutes and he was about to bust. " Oh, Shit ! Yeah, I'm cumming !" I squeezed my ass muscles while bouncing back and forth. I could feel his warm milk tease my prostate. He shook feverishly, collapsing on my back. I loved to take ' dates ' to the park after hours. I could be as nasty as I wanted without the threat of being arrested.

After pulling up his pants and getting back into the truck , he handed me twenty dollars. I now had enough to buy a chicken box, bus pass and the remainder of my bed rental at the crack house. Hopefully, he would want to meet me again. I was desperate to do better.



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