Chapter 2: Grade Change

With Ian graduating on Saturday afternoon nothing prevented me from pursuing him not only as a protege, but maybe a sexual partner. I would be in the crowd watching Ian receive his diploma and awards. He'd occupied my thoughts since he left class, most of the afternoon with a boner.

For some strange reason the mere thought of Ian's bare sensuous body excited me beyond belief. Never before had a student affected me in such a way. Both of us being aspiring writers could provide common ground on which to build a solid relationship. After a quick sandwich I called the number Ian left on the note he'd passed to me. The phone rang. The familiar lustful husky voice picked up on the third ring, “Hello, this is Ian Chary.”

“Ian, this is Professor Rumster... How're you tonight?”

“Not good Professor.”

“What's wrong?”

“You gave me an A- grade on my writing project... Why?” Ian asked. “I've never received an A- before.”

“So... You think you deserve a better grade?” I asked.


“And you want to challenge the grade I gave you?”

“Yes!” Ian exclaimed.

A one-on-one argument in favor of grade change might open the door to establishing a relationship, so I ask, “So, when do you want to get together to provide me a convincing argument? Remember I have to turn in grades by close of business tomorrow.”

“When's a good time for you Professor?”

“You're welcome to come over now.”

“How bout 30 minutes?” Ian asked.

“Sure,” I said, giving Ian my address and directions before I hung up. As I tidied up the house a bit and ran the vacuum I could only dream about what might happen that evening. I made sure liquid refreshment chilled in the fridge while I awaited Ian's arrival.

Just about the time I finished and put the vacuum up the doorbell rang. I opened the door. There Ian stood wearing that same revealing red school uniform with a riding helmet on his head. “Come in,” I said as we shook hands. Ian pushed past me into the foyer with his mountain bike.

“Can I get you something to drink or eat?”

“Maybe some water... Oh, where can I stash my bike?” Ian asked.

“Prop it against the wall over there.” I motioned towards the spot and then led the way into the living room.

I extended my arm motioning for Ian to take a seat on the couch in the living room. I got a couple bottles of cold water from the fridge, handed one to Ian, and then took a seat in my recliner across from him before I said. “Now, convince me that you deserve an A or possibly an A+ on your project. And bear in mind my A grades are few and far between...And I've never yet given an A+ grade.”

As Ian sat on the couch nervously opening and closing his legs while arguing for a better grade I couldn't help notice once again no mesh netting: the same redshorts he'd worn to class earlier in the day. With no constraint his unencumbered member began falling out the right leg opening. Each time his powerful legs splayed open more of that most perfect cock began to creep out.

While the pink bullhead circumcised glans with the prominent purple band around the base kept my visual attention we continued to joust back and fourth for a few minutes about the story. I tried to keep my eyes off the powerful one eyed trouser snake and concentrate on our conversation while Ian continued to make a forceful argument for the better grade.

About 45 minutes later I said, “Tell you what Ian, you make a good argument... Worth a second look.”

“Thank you,” Ian said. "That's all I ask... A second look.”

“Certainly, be glad to.”

“Oh by the way here's my thumb drive with the manuscript on it... Just in case you might want to bring it up on your computer tonight,” the student said withdrawing the small device from his backpack. He then handed me hisflash drive to accompany the manuscript.

“Why wait... Come on let's go plug it in and bring up the manuscript and see what we can do,” I said as the two of us got up to walk towards my spare bedroom that I'd converted to an office. On the way down the hallway to the spare room I noticed Ian eyeing the nude male photos and paintings that adorned both sides of the hallway. Once in the bedroom he continued to survey the walls while I booted up the computer.

“You got some cool photos and painting, but I don't see any females,” Ian said.

“I think the male body is a work of art created by God.”

“Really... That's cool,” Ian said. “So, I take it you're a man of faith?”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“You said created by God.”

“Yes... I was raised a Christian... Don't attend church all that much any longer, but still believe.”

I turned my attention to the computer and inserted the USB drive into the port and then opened the file. Just as in those after class counseling sessions Ian took a position behind me with his crotch pressing against my shoulder and tricep. I could feel his firm member.

Together we read through comparing the hard manuscript with the one on the computer screen. My class was not only a creative writing class, but also an information technology class – paperless. All homework and project interactions were handled by way of e-mail except the final manuscript. In prior submissions I'd pointed out where I thought Ian's story might be weak and in need of improvement by way of yellow highlight. Of course there were a couple reds that indicated grammar and syntax issues, indicating that Ian had not done a good job of proof reading.

Ian was not only a great writer but a vivid story teller. We went back and forth with additions, deletions and corrections. Over an hour and we finally finished. Once finished I hit the printout button and handed the manuscript to Ian. I said, “Read the story aloud.” As he read, I stared at the semi hard cock lying dormant in the right leg opening of his red shorts.

After reading I said, “Great read. Now,because you had the balls to come forward and challenge my grade, avail yourself and rewrite I'm going to give you a solid A on your project” I made the grade correction on the titlepage of the rewritten manuscript. “As promised, I'm going to call my friend in Hollywood to see if he'd be interested in giving it aread and maybe pick the manuscript up as a screenplay.”

“Thanks Professor,” an excited Ian said.

“In fact,” I said looking at the time, “you know it is only 10:30pm in California why don't I give him a call.”

“Should I wait with you or go home and wait for your call?” Ian asked.

“You're welcome to remain here,” I said. “It'll take me a few moments to get the e-mail attachment ready to send.”

“I really need to get back to my apartment for a shower... You know, kinda freshen up and change clothes... Maybe come back a little later if the guy Allen calls.”

“You're welcome to shower here while I call my friend... Go ahead,” I said pointing towards the main bathroom. “Besides, I may need you to answer some questions before I send the e-mail with your story attached.”

“Oh, I don't want to be a bother, you know, about using your shower.”

“No bother, there's clean linens on the rack in the main bathroom, have at it while I put in the call.”

I picked up the landline to call my friend; in the meantime, Ian sat on the love seat, he complimented me on the piece of furniture while he kicked off his worn sneakers. Then he sauntered off down the hall towards the bathroom, dropping his remaining pieces of clothing along the way. He pulled off the jersey first. I could his blemish free cut back. Then the red shorts came off. Damn, what a fine looking ass. Beautiful glutes I said to myself as he disappeared into the bathroom. The phone continued to ring and then went to the voice mail. I left amessage before I hung up.

Within five minutes my phone rang. Lucky me, Allan retrieved the message. We chatted and then I told him about the story I wanted him to read. I heard the shower cut off, so as Ian emerged from the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his slim waist I asked, “Do I have your permission to e-mail your story onto Allan? He's my producer friend in Hollywood.”


I told Allan to watch his computer for an e-mail with attachment. He said that he'd read it and might call back later in the evening, if not early in the morning. I told him I'd be up for a while and then hungup. I hit the e-mail send button and then glanced over at Ian with a smile before I asked, “Do you feel like a pre celebratory beer or glass of wine while we wait?”

“Sure," Ian said. "What do you think?”

“Allan said he would at least read it... That's a start”

“Let me get dressed,” Ian said.

“No need. May I suggest we take our celebration out to my hot tub and relax while waiting for a call back.”

Ian looked at me with quizzical surprise before he said, “I don't have anything except those nasty ass shorts I wore over here tonight.”

“Rule number one, no swim attire in my spa... Nude or nothing” I said with a seductive tone. “Unless you're embarrassed to be naked in front of me...Besides, you're not my student any longer. Already gave you your well-deserved grade for the semester and you graduate on Saturday.”

Oh My God, I thought to myself, I'd made the first overt move. I stood there for a few seconds to admire Ian's upper torso. What great pecs. His chest and abdomen looked much better without the jersey, and those protruding pink nipples were to die for.

“Hell, neither one of us got anything to be ashamed of Professor... I've seen you at least a dozen times at the school fitness center workin out. You got a hot-looking bod... For a professor.”

“Thank you... Now, what do you drink for erection, I mean recreation?” I asked trying to conceal my Freudian slip.

I opened the fridge to display an assortment of beers, juices, sodas and water. “Of course there's wine in the small wine refrigerator if you dare join me for aglass.”

“What are you going to drink?” Ian asked. “I don't drink sugary soft drinks.”

“Good for you. I'm going to indulge in a glass of red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon,” I said as I withdrew a bottle from the wine chiller.

“I'm not much of an alcohol or wine drinker. Kinda beer guy once in a while, but I'll give the wine a try.”

“Great choice. I like wine because it takes the edge off... It warms a person up and mellows one out.”

I opened the wine, poured it into two 20 oz. stemmed glasses about three quarters full, passed one to Ian before I held my glass out to toast. “To an acceptance of your story and many more Ian.”

We clicked our wine glasses together and each took a sip. “Come on let me show you my hot tub and fitness room.”

We walked out onto the enclosed patio where my spa was located. We sat our wine glasses down along with the bottle of wine. I asked Ian to help lift the lid off after folding one halfback. “This is a four person tub... A little larger than the average spa but with a few more amenities. What the hell, I got agreat deal on it... Damage to the exterior, but I repaired it.”

“Looks great to me as well as the rest of the room. What a great exercise machine,” Ian said. “No wonder you're ripped.”

I dipped a test strip to check the pH level before I started the unit to make sure everything checked out. Once the chemicals checked out I turned on the jets before telling Ian he could get in. He pulled his towel from around his waist, revealing the most mouthwatering male body and appendage I'd ever seen. As he stepped into the tub my eyes scoured his cut body as he slid beneath the bubbles. “I'm going to run and take a quick shower. I'll be right back... Listen for the phone,” I said as I laid the phone on the edge of the tub close to Ian.

Before I departed I poured more wine in Ian's glass and then I left to shower. Once finished I put on a white terrycloth robe and grabbed an extra for Ian before I returned to the patio. On the patio with a new bottle of wine I shed my robe, filled our wine glasses again and then stepped into the tub in a most seductive manner. I could see Ian's eyes scan my body as my waist slipped below the waterline. We toasted again sipping our wine while making small talk. Ian spoke up, “This is great wine Professor... Never had this before.”

I sensed that maybe Ian might be somewhat nervous. Hell, we were both anxious.

“I really enjoyed your class this semester Professor Rumster and appreciate all you're doing to help me with my story.”

“Please, don't call me Professor Rumster any longer... Randy's fine... And I've enjoyed you in my class also... You're a terrific story teller and writer.”

More awkward silence before I broke silence, “You're aware that your concealed cock's made its presence known many times in my classroom this semester?”

“Really,” Ian said with an evil smirk.

“The fucking bulge drove me wild all semester and then this afternoon in class you wore that pair of red shorts with no mesh netting... I didn't know if I was going to make it through the end of class.”

“So, Randy did you enjoy the view?”

“Oh hell yes,” I said. “What I saw is an opulent work of art.”

More awkward silence before Ian asked, “So, are you gay? I mean, you know, I don't see any female photos hangin on the walls, only naked guys. And there's no female stuff around your house, so I assume you're not married or in a relationship with a girl.”

“Not married and no relationship,” I said. “I don't know if I'm gay... Maybe.”

“What do you mean maybe. You ever been in a female or male relationship? I mean doin the math and to be a professor you gotta be at least twenty-four maybe twenty-five and still not sure,” Ian said.

“Twenty-six,” I said. "I did some experimenting with girls and guys in high school and college, but nothing serious... Never been in a serious relationships... What about you?”

“Twenty-three workin on twenty-four next month and all I got to show for relationships are a couple dildos,” Ian said with a laugh. “I think maybe I lean towards bein a gay man. Cause like you, I guess I just enjoy looking at great naked male bodies... Maybe that's what drew me to athletics... You know, being around guys.”

“Yeah, I hear where you're coming from... Couple dildos?” I asked.

“Another story for another time,” Ian said. “I've concentrated on education and athletics most of my life... No time for serious relationships. Now it's time to let my hair down and enjoy life.”

“I understand.”

“Same as you, played around in high school both ways, however gymnastics and wrestling kept me occupied... Maybe that's why I'm hooked on male bodies... My folks wanted me to become an Olympian.”

“What happened to the Olympic goal?”

“Long story. You know, I made the college gymnastics team, but just not good enough for the U.S. Olympic team.”

“Sorry you lost out, but now you got a shot at fame as a writer, maybe a screenwriter. I think you've got what it takes... I should know something in a few hours.”

Ian's foot brushed against my genitals. I jumped letting out a squeak. He apologized. I said, “No need for apology.”

We both wanted more that night, but didn't know how to go about making the next noticeable move. Ian stood up with a semi erection to stretch and twist. I almost lurched towards the treasure; however, before I could make a move Ian sat back down. More awkward silence as we both sipped our wine eying each other while making small talk. I stood up, semi erect, grabbed the wine bottle to pour the last of the wine; however,before I could lean forward to pour into Ian's glass, in hopes that Ian might make a move towards my manhood, the phone rang.

I got out of the spa to answer the phone. As I did so I pulled on the white robe to cover my burgeoning member. “Allan how're you tonight?”

Ian got out of the tub and stood next to me listening as Allan delivered the much awaited news. He told me to talk it over with Ian about the soonest he could be in Hollywood.

“Hell, I'm free after graduation Saturday afternoon.”

Allan asked about Ian's literary agent. “Me for the time being.”

Allan said, “Call you back in the morning to make arrangements for us to meet in California for a one-on-one meeting. You guys talk it over tonight,” I hung up and let out a whoop.

Ian grabbed me. We hugged, dancing around our bodies touching. I could feel his semi erect penis against my body. I wanted him that night, but graduation and taking care of business was front burner.


Randall Rumster

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