Chapter 1 "Puzzled"

It was the first semester of my senior year and I was so excited for it. I had just recently came out to my mom and brother and they took it extremely well. I don't know if I could have done it if it wasn't for my best-friend Thomas. Luckily his parents took his coming out well and it gave me the courage to do the same. So this year I was completely out and proud.

"Hey" Yelled Thomas from across the hall. "hello" I replied. See Thomas was one of those people who didn't care at all what people thought or said to him so everyday he would wear a different neon colored clothing. He had dark surfer hair, a light caramel tan and glossy blue eyes which was an unusual mixture. "I just got the new Sex and the City movie you should defiantly come over and watch it with me." "Of course I loved the first one, I'll be over around 4" "Okay sounds good, now lets get to French class." As we walked into class there he was sitting there in tight jeans and an H&M shirt and jacket, writing something in his notebook.

Knock.Knock. It wasn't Thomas who answered but his mom, who I never had a chance to talk to. "Oh hey Josh come on in I just took some cookies out of the stove would you like some?" She said in a fond way. "Um no thanks I'm not really hungry, So is Tom here we planned to watch a movie tonight?" "Oh yeah he's in the shower he'll be out in a few minutes" "Okay I guess I'll wait here" "So Josh how have you been?" "Good I guess I'm just a little nervous to see my SAT scores." "I'm sure you did great you're very bright, so there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about" "Okay what is it?" I said in a confused state. "So Tom talks about you a lot and I was just wondering if you guys are going out or something?" "Well, I do like your son very much but we are just friends plus I like someone else, I think I heard Tom I'm going to go up now" I left before she had a chance to say anything back?

The next day I couldn't help but to think about the conversation between Tom's mom and I. Could I possibly have feelings for him I mean I do talk to him about a lot and we do share everything? Maybe I do.

"Mom why are u calling me I'm in school." "Then how are you talking." "I'm walking to lunch but what do you want before I get in trouble." "I just wanted you to pick up some milk and cigarettes for me." "Ugh fine, okay I have to go bye." As I hung up on my mom I bumped into someone and they dropped all there books on the floor. "Oh my God I'm so sorry I didn't see you, here let me help you" As I looked up to see who it was I almost fainted, it was him the boy who I've been dreaming and fantasizing about since tenth grade. "oh no it's okay I got it, it was my fault" I couldn't speak and if I could then I wouldn't have known what to Say. I just kept staring at him and he was smiling with his perfect teeth. "Hello are you okay" "Umm yeah sorry about bumping into you hope you're okay" "Yeah I'm fine, I'm Brad by the way" he said with a side smile which showed his dimples "I. Know umm I mean um I'm Josh" "Yeah I've seen you in class, anyway i should get going I have to go to the library to study up on my History test" "Okay well I guess I'll see you in class bye" "Bye" As he walked away I couldn't realize that we just talked and that he even noticed me in class and not to mention how cute he is up close compared from a far. *sigh* and he smelt like sweet apples and chocolate axe Mmmm.

"Oh my God you are not going to believe who I just bumped into in the hallway Tom" "Who?" "Brad the boy I've been crushing on forever" I said with so much enthusiasm I shouted. "Oh really what happened?" I noticed that he changed his facial expression and sounded a little disappointed. "It was crazy my mom called me and as I hung up I ran into him knocking all his books on the floor and I just stared at him and didn't say anything then I came to and he said he's seen me in class" "Wow so what did you guys talk about?" "Nothing he had to go to the library" "Oh well I should probably get back to class I want to be early" "Um okay I guess I'll see you later."

I couldn't help but think that Thomas was mad at me for something but I didn't know what for, was it because of Brad? I don't think so why would he be mad by that I don't know but lunch was over and I had to get to class.

Chapter 2 "Unreal to Real"

Over the weekend I couldn't help but think of what Brad said, that he has noticed me in class, I mean I've never even seen him glance at me. I really wanted to talk to him again but I could never work up the courage to do it.

The teacher told everyone to get into groups of three so I grabbed Ashley so we would work together, as we were trying to get another partner I noticed a shadow getting closer to our table, it was Brad, I couldn't believe he was coming over here what did he want? "Hey do you mind if I work with you guys" Ash and I both looked at each other wide eyed and nodded, as he sat down I was shocked and confused at why he wanted to work with us, before yesterday we never spoke and I thought he didn't think I even existed. "So what do you guys want to write about for the essay?" I was speechless I didn't know what to say. "We should write about the betrayal between the two main characters" Ashley said breaking the awkward silence "Sounds great" Brad said gaily "What do you think Josh?" "Uh it sounds good to me" I finally said breaking my trance. "Good, so how was you guy's weekends?" He asked trying to start a conversation. "Good" I said involuntary I think he noticed cause he laughed when he heard me gasp. "Mine too I visited my cousin in California" Ashley said almost eagerly. "I didn't do much myself since my girlfriend broke up with me" He said while looking down at his paper disappointedly. That tore me apart because reality was finally sinking in and I know I will never have a chance with him. The bell rang and school was over

As I walked home I could not stop thinking about Brad, his course brown hair, rosy cheeks, perfect smile and those eyes. I walked through my front door chase was sitting on the couch playing Xbox as usual. "Hey Josh, some guy called asking if you were busy tonight" he said not looking away from the TV. "Was it Thomas?" "No, it was Brad he left his number for you to text or call him if you're free, here" he handed me the note, I grabbed the paper so fast I lost my balance. Why was Brad suddenly talking to me? Why was he giving me his number we barely know each other "thanks" I said happily I went to my room contemplating calling him now or later? I decided I would call him in an hour.

The hour seemed to pass quickly I was reluctant to call but I did anyway. I sat on my bed the phone ringing waiting for him to pick up, he finally did "Hello" "Hi Brad it's Josh I'm just returning your call" "Oh hey, yeah I was just calling to see if you wanted to come to a pool party I'm having?" Oh god a pool party that means I'm gonna have to wear a bathing suit and have to watch him surrounded by girls wearing barely any clothes flaunting themselves like show-dogs, great. "Uh sure but do you mind if I bring Ashley?" "Of course I don't mind the more the merrier I'll see you on Friday around seven okay?" "Okay sounds good"

"Hey Ash you wanna come to a pool party with me on Friday?" "I don't know, who's place?" "Brad, please come I need someone there to talk to, he already said you can come" "ugh fine I'll go" "yay love you" Friday soon came and we arrived at the party and as I suspected there were girls all around him laughing loud, clearly not at anything amusing and touching his arms and twirling their hair, flirting. "Okay I think we've seen enough how about we leave, what you think Ash?" I couldn't look at this like I planned I grabbed Ashley heading for the gate but it was too late "Hey you guys made it awesome, here have a drink and socialize" "thanks" he gave both of us a cold beer "I don't wanna be here" "you made me come to this thing we are staying I don't care, just talk to him what's the worse that'll Happen?" "I make a complete fool out of myself in front of him and others" "you'll be fine, I'm gonna go to the bathroom see you in a bit" As she walked away I went and sat down in the house observing everyone quietly sipping my beer which was gross I don't get how people drink this stuff.

"Are you okay you look upset?" Brad asked sitting beside me now with his arm around me. I could feel his muscle squeeze me giving me comfort "I'm fine" I said shrugging his arm off my shoulder "are you sure 'cause you don't look it just tell me. "No really I'm fine" I started to get teary eyed so I ran to the closest room, his, he came after me "why'd you run away we were talking?" "It's nothing, you wouldn't understand" "try me" he said with a smirk on his face. I didn't know what to say I couldn't possibly tell him what was really bothering me "It's just I..I." "You what, go on" "I just really like you a lot and I know we will never go anywhere or do anything but I can't help how I feel. I think It'd be best if I left" I said so fast I didn't think it was even English. As I went to grab the doorknob I felt something tight on my wrist. It was him he grabbed me and pulled me into his face our lips almost touching. "I've never done anything with a guy before" Brad said starring into my eyes "Neither have I" we looked into each others eyes for a few seconds until our lips finally touched and we kissed passionately getting faster and faster, tongues wrestling in our mouths. We were so into the kiss I could swear we were kissing for hours until finally we unlocked gasping for air, my dreams had became a reality.



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