At the beginning of my senior year in high school, I began to find that I enjoyed looking at the other guys nude in the showers after gym class.

Oh, I still dated girls and fucked all of them that I could, but I still found the sight of of another guys cock exciting and erotic. I craved to see one fully boned. The only one I had seen in that condition was my own.

More and more, during that year, I found myself in the gym as much as possible just to see the guys cocks. On several occasions, I managed to see our coach nude. It was even more exciting since he was in his early thirties and much more endowed than most of the guys in my class.

It wasn't until my freshman year of college that things changed.

I packed up my car and the back of dad's truck and he and my older brother drove with me to the state college three hours away and helped me move into my dorm. Dad had said he wanted me to be comfortable and forked up the money for me to have a suite.

A suite was basically an oversize dorm room, but included large walk in closets, more counter space and storage as well as two queen size beds and two separate full size desk with chairs.

When we checked in, I was told that my room mate hadn't arrived yet so I could choose which bed and desk I preferred. Upon seeing the room, I made my choice and we unloaded my things. They helped me put my things in place before taking me out for a late lunch.

They left and I returned to the room and was in the process of putting the final touches on where I wanted my things when my room mate arrived.

He came in with his arms loaded down and when I saw him, I asked if he needed some help. After taking some of the load out of his arms we put his things on his bed.

"Thanks, bud. I'm Brad Taylor," he said, extending his hand.

As we shook hands I replied, "Nice to meet you, Brad. I'm Mark Rogers. You a freshman like me?"

"Nah, I'm a sophomore," he said.

"You need help with the rest of your things?"

"Fuck yea. I'm loaded down."

"Well, let's get you unloaded."

Before long we had his things in the room and as he put them away we talked.

He was nineteen, on the wrestling team, and was majoring in business. I told him I wasn't a sports jock, but enjoyed watching all sports. I told him I was eighteen and majoring in accounting. We talked about where we were from.

He was from a small farming town four hours to the south. He was raised on a farm and had worked at a local feed store there since he was fourteen.

"Because of my build from tossing around huge feed sacks, I decided to join the wrestling team. I figured it would keep me in shape."

"Well, you're certainly built for it. I can't remember when I last saw a guy built like you. I'm jealous."

"Hey, you can get like me if you want to. You're welcome to go to the gym with me as my guest. If you like it, you can get a membership."

"Sounds good to me," I said.

By dinner, we had become friends with a lot in common, in regards to music and TV preferences.

Shortly after sunset he asked if I was hungry.

"Hell yea," I replied. "How's the food in the cafeteria?"

"Not bad, but I know a fantastic burger joint not far from campus. Come on."

We went to his truck and drove to the burger joint and went in. We found a booth off in a corner and sat down. He insisted on paying as a thank you for my help with moving him in.

We ordered and as we ate we talked more. I asked if he had a girlfriend on campus and he said no. I said I didn't either since he was the only person I had met so far.

"Well, classes don't start until Monday so that gives us four days for me to show you around campus. You got your schedule yet?"

"Yea, it's in the room with the campus map."

"We can go over it when we get back."

After eating, we returned to the dorm and hooked up his TV and DVD player as well as my stereo.

We found an oldies country station on the radio after which he asked to see my schedule. He pulled his chair up close to mine at my desk and as we went over my schedule, he'd mark the building each class was in on the map.

"Tomorrow, we'll make a practice run on each days schedule," he said, "but for now, why don't we check out the student center."

"Brad, I really appreciate all you help," I said.

Throwing his arm around my shoulder, he said, "Hey, last year I was just as lost as you are. Someone did the same for me so I figure I can pass it on."

We walked to the student center and checked it out while sipping a soda. We shot a couple of games of pool then returned to the dorm.

Our room was on the fifth floor and as we left the elevator to go to our room, two guys passed us on their way to the common showers both nude with towels thrown over their shoulder.

I guess he saw the shocked look on my face, because when we got to the room he said, "That caught you off guard, didn't it?"

"Yea, kinda," I said.

"Well, in a dorm you tend to loose all shyness. Most guys head to the showers nude carrying their towels. A few will wrap them around their waist. And the shower room is open with multiple shower heads around the wall. The toilets have dividers and doors. That's the only place you have privacy."

"Well, I'm not really shy so it won't bother me any," I said.

It was approaching ten o'clock and he said, "I think I'll go shower. I'm bushed."

He went to his area and began stripping. when he removed his shirt, I saw his beautiful barrel chest thickly covered with short dark brown hair.

"I see you're growing your own winter blanket," I said jokingly.

"My dad and his brothers are all extremely hairy. I will be shaving mine off when wrestling starts."

"Why?" I asked.

"If I'm shaved smooth, it makes it harder for my opponent to get a hold on me."

"That makes sense," I replied, then asked if he minded if I joined him in the shower.

"Hell no, come on."

He was now totally nude and as I stripped off my jeans and briefs, he looked at me, laughed and said, "My ship may be bigger that yours, but you've got a bigger torpedo."

It took me second to understand what he meant and said, "Well, if you say so, but I've always heard

that it's not what you got, but how you use it."

"Well, so far I've never had any complaints."

"Neither have I," I replied.

He tossed his towel around his neck and I did the same as we headed to the showers.

When we returned to the room, he said, "I know we just met today, but may I ask you a question?"

"Sure," I answered, as I finished drying off.

"We've now seen each other nude, and I was wondering how you felt about nudity and going nude in front of others."

"I have no problem with it. In high school we were nude in the showers daily, so I'm cool with it. Why?"

"Well, I totally enjoy being nude. At home, When I was driving the tractor plowing the fields, I'd strip down and stay nude all day until time to go back to the house. I was wondering if you minded if i went nude here in the room? If you do, then I'll at least wear briefs in here."

"Brad, if that's what you prefer then do it. Hell, I just might join you."

"Thanks, and if you want to do it also be my guest."

He tossed his towel aside and plopped down on his bed. "I always sleep nude," he added.

I was in awe just looking at his nude muscular body and decided to go nude also. I tossed my towel aside and went to my desk to look over my schedule and the map.

When he saw me staying nude also, he smiled and after a few moments got up and came over to me and patted me on the shoulder and said, "Thanks for understanding and joining me. If you hadn't it would have made me uneasy."

"Well, I can already see it's much more comfortable," I said as I stood.

Once I was standing, he put his massive arms around me and hugged me gently and said, "I have a feeling that we're going to be great friends."

"I hope so," I replied.

From then on we lived nude in the room, always locking our door for privacy.

The next day we dressed and went out to see where my classes were with the map in hand. We laughed and joked all day.

We spent all day every day together before classes started. Then on Monday, the first day of classes, when I got back to the dorm that afternoon, he said, "Mark, I need a favor."

"If I can, sure. What is it?"

"After I shave my chest and stomach, would you shave my back and legs for me?"

"Sure," I said.

Slipping on his jeans he went to the shower room and returned with a large bowl of hot water. I watched as he lathered his chest ad stomach with shaving cream and began shaving his chest and stomach smooth.

"After this first time, as it starts growing out we can use an electric shaver," he said.

Soon he had his chest and stomach smooth and I began shaving his back and legs, starting up in his crotch and going down to his ankles.

As I began on his legs in his crotch, I noticed his cock twitch and grow slightly. It had an effect on me and my own cock began to grow.

He noticed and soon his was rock hard. Mine was quickly following.

"Sorry about my erection," he said. "Anytime someone has their hands close, that happens."

"It happens to all of us at times," I said.

"So I see. You're petty well endowed. I can see why you've never had any complaints."

"I had measured my cock before when I had jerked off and hard it measured right at seven and a half inches in length.

Seeing his I noticed that his length had increased also.

"I can't see anything wrong with yours either."


I soon had him totally hairless except for his pubic bush. He took the razor from me and trimmed it back so that there was just a small patch at he upper base of his cock.

"There. Now nothing will show when I have my wrestling speedo on."

"I thought you wore body suits?"

"Sometimes, but some matches are just in speedos."

He wiped off the remainder of the shaving cream as our cocks remained boned.

Looking at me he said, "I assume you jerk off at times."

"Don't we all," I replied.

"Well, I'm horny as hell. Care to join me?"

I had never jerked with a guy before but thought it would be hot to watch another guy shoot his load out onto his stomach. That's what I usually did.

"Last one to bust his nut buys dinner," I said.

"Deal. Start on three."

I lay on my bed and to my surprise he lay beside me and started counting.

On three we started jerking, watching each other stroke. We were both close and suddenly his cock exploded, sending the first rope of cum out into the center of his chest. Just as it landed, I shot my first rope which hit me on the chin. Seconds later both our chest and stomachs were covered in thick creamy white cum.

"You won," I said.

"Maybe so, but yours had more force behind it. It's good your mouth wasn't open or you'd be tasting it right now."

"Oh, it's hit my lips before, but never gone in," I said.

We wiped up and laughed saying we were acting like young teens just entering puberty.

"Have you ever done this with another guy before," I asked.

"yes, as a teen and with my room mate last year. How about you?"

"First time with another guy. Actually, it's my first time doing anything with another guy. So you and your room mate jerked together last year?"

"Yea. It started one day when I got back to our room and he was jerking. I joined him and then after that on occasion we'd do it together."

I was getting more open and brave so I said, "Shall we agree that we will do it anytime we feel like it even in front of each other?"

"Hell yea. You got a deal."

So it began. Every two or three days we'd jerk together, always laying side by side.

Then one day we started stroking when he asked, "You want to do something different?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Let's jerk each other," he said.

"Sure, why not," I said, wanting to see what it was like to feel another guy's cock and have his hand on mine. We began stroking each other and I loved it. That soon became the routine.

That is until one Saturday.

"You in the mood?" he asked.

"Aren't I always?"

"Hell yea. You stay as horny as me."

As always we were side by side on my bed and began fondling each other. Our cocks quickly stiffened and we began stroking each other.

Then suddenly, without any warning, he quickly sat up, leaned over and swallowed my cock entirely.

"What the fuck?" I said as I tried to sit up.

Pushing me back down, he pulled off just a moment and said, "Relax and enjoy it."

he returned to sucking my cock and i was experiencing feeling I had never felt before. It was awesome and I was loving it.

As my climax neared, I warned him but he continued sucking my hard throbbing cock. Suddenly, my cock exploded into his mouth and he still continued sucking. Once my climax subsided, he pulled off and I watched as he swallowed my load.

He looked at me and said, "I've wanted to do that since the day I moved in."

"Man, that was my first time ad it was something else."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Hell yea! What man wouldn't!"

"Mark, I hope you'll let me do it again."

"Anytime you want to," I told him.

"I just ask one thing. Only a couple of the guys on the team knows I'm gay and I'm asking you to keep it to yourself."

"Brad, you have my word."

All day I thought about the pleasure I had received and wondered what it would be like to suck another man.

That evening we went to dinner in the cafeteria then t the student center. Upon returning to the room we stripped as usual, and I lay on my bed and motioned him over. He lay down and we began fondling each other. Once we were hard, we began stroking each other and I made my decision.

I quickly sat up and leaned over and began sucking his cock. He tried to stop me but I pushed his had aside. I gradually too him balls deep and was totally enjoying it. He soon warned me of his impending climax but I continued sucking. I felt his cock head swell and suddenly erupt, firing huge thick ropes into my mouth. I collected it all and savored the taste before looking into his eyes and swallowing his load.

"Damn, man, that was awesome for your fist time. You're a natural, but what brought that on?"

"I was curious and wanted to see what it was like to suck a guys cock. I liked it very much."

"Well, would you like to try something else?"

"I'm game," I said.

He pulled me to him and gently pressed his lips to mine. A second later I felt his lips part and his tongue work it's way between my lips. I parted mine and we began a hot wet passionate tongue kiss. I loved that also.

"Mark, would you please share my bed with me tonight?"

"Sure," I said as I contemplated the fact that I had kissed another man, been sucked off and sucked him off and eaten his load.

We eased over to his bed and cuddled together. As we held each other he asked, "Is the sex we have encountered going to be a regular thing?"

"I certainly hope so," I said.

He then sucked me off and after another kiss we drifted off to sleep. The next morning I was greeted with a hot kiss before we had our first sixty-nine.

We had sex daily and a week later he asked me to fuck his ass. i did then had him fuck me. It hurt like hell to start but by the time he fired his load deep into my ass I was loving it.

Brad ad I sucked and fucked almost daily, mostly sucking and kissing. We no longer used both beds.

Throughout the semester, we had sex and agreed to request each other as room mates for the rest of our college career.

Semester break arrived and I was now totally gay. Brad and I had been having sex with the two others on his wrestling team and it was awesome.

I went home for the break and was glad to see dad and Josh, my brother. They had visited me at school several weekends and had met Brad and liked him.

My first morning home, dad had left for work and Josh and I were at home. My room door was closed because I was now sleeping nude and wasn't sure how they would take it.

I heard Josh in the shower and after the shower was turned off I waited a few minutes before getting up and heading to the bathroom. I had to pass Josh's room and when I did i glanced in and found him laying nude on his bed holding a magazine and jerking off.

I shocked him when I stepped in still nude and asked, "May I join you?"

"Shit, Mark, I forgot you were home. I'm sorry."

"It's cool. Hell, I jerk mine every chance I get," I said as i walked up to his bed. He was trying to hide his magazine.

I intervened and took it from him. It was open to a page showing two hairy muscular guys with one sucking the other.

Josh was only a year older than me and went to the local community college. Looking at him I said, "Um, yea. Fucking hot. You into doing this?"

"Uh, yea."

"You ever suck another guys cock?" I asked.

"Yea, I have," Josh said. "Have you?"

"Yep," I said as I sat on the bed next to him, my cock stiffening and him looking at it.

I reached out and began stroking my brothers cock, A moment later he began stroking mine. I looked into his eyes and smiled before leaning down and tongue kissing him. He quickly grabbed me and pulled me down so I was laying next to him in his bed. we continued to tongue kiss passionately for a few minutes before we separated. I quickly flipped around and we began a hot sixty-nine. Soon, we both climaxed and devoured each others thick creamy load.

After we swallowed each other cream, I asked, "Does dad know you're gay?"

"Yes, he does and accepts it. What about you?"

"No, he doesn't. I just came out the beginning of the past semester."

"With Brad?"

"Yea. He's gay and one thing led to another and I tried it and found that it is what I really wanted. I'm now totally gay."

"Are you going to tell dad?"

"In time."

Josh and I had sex twice more that day before dad came in from work. The next morning we started it all over sucking and fucking each other. Josh said he had been gay since he was fifteen and had always wanted to suck my cock.

"When did dad find out?" I asked.

"About a year and a half ago. You were out and he came home and found me having sex with Jim and Greg. I was sucking Jim while Greg fucked me."

"What did dad say?"

"he looked in then left. After they were gone he just said that if it was the lifestyle I wanted to just make sure I was careful and not embarrass myself or the family."

"Damn. I figured he'd have ranted and raved."


I returned to campus and resumed sex with Greg. Josh would often drive up for a weekend and would three way with Greg and I.

The semester ended and Greg and I said we'd see each other the following fall semester.

I got out of class a day early and drove home. Dad and Josh weren't expecting me until the next afternoon.

I arrived home and was surprised to find dad's car in the drive so early in the afternoon. Beside it was a car I didn't recognize.

I eased in and heard dad's voice coming from his bedroom. "Yea, suck it," I heard dad say. I was shocked. I assumed he had a lady friend over.

I eased to his bedroom door and peered in. To my shocked surprise, I saw dad on his back and another guy between his legs sucking his cock. dad suddenly climaxed into the guys mouth.

"Next time we fuck each other," Dad said.

After the man swallowed, they traded places and I watched as my dad sucked the other man's cock to completion and swallowed.

Just as dad swallowed, the man spotted me and said, "We have company." Dad jumped up as I stepped into the room.

"Son, your not due home until tomorrow."

"I got out a day early."

"Mark, I didn't want you to find out this way. I'm sorry."

The other man had quickly dressed and left. I looked at dad and said, "Dad, it's okay. I've been trying to find a way to tell you I'm gay also."

"Since when?"

"The beginning of the school year. Brad is gay ad one thing led to another and he showed me my true self. I'm happy with who I am. I must tell you now that I've seen you boned, you're hot."

"You always have been," he told me.

"I know you're my dad, but if you want it, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather give it to."

"I'd love it."

"I quickly dropped my pants as I stood next to the bed, my cock quickly stiffening. Dad leaned forward and immediately swallowed my cock. it was such a turn n to see my cock in my dad's mouth that I climaxxed faster than normal.

He hungrily swallowed and as he did I asked, "Does Josh know about you?"

"Yes, he does."

I confessed about me and Josh havng sex on semester break and him joining me and Brad when he visited.

"I wondered why he visited you so often. He never said anything."

"Dad, do you and Josh have sex?"

"Yes, we do. We're both of age and consenting."

I noticed dad's cock was hard again and i quickly took it into my mouth and sucked him to another climax. It was super eating the seed that had created me.

Dad and I set up a plan. We would both be naked and in a sixty-nine when Josh arrived home. We wanted to see his reaction. When he did arrive and find us in bed the expression was priceless.

Later that night, my dad, brother and I had out first three way. Dad was sucking Josh and pointed for me to fuck him. I did and after Josh and I both climaxed into our dad, dad smile and said, "I've dreamed of my two sons giving me their hot loads at the same time."

The three of us had sex regularly during the summer. It turned out that the man I had seen dad with was a police detective and they had been seeing each other secretly for three years and were in love.

His name was Clay and since Josh and I both now knew the situation, clay soon moved in with dad as his lover. and yes, Josh and I both had sex with them.

The remainder of Brad's college years we were room mates. By his senior year we had become lovers. He graduated and got a job with a company there in town and when he got his apartment I moved out of the dorm and in with him.

Josh met a guy three years older and after dating for a year they became lovers. When the six of us get together, it is one hot wild orgy. We're a close family.




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