I was eighteen when I came out to my dad. Here is some preliminary information.

From the age of twelve, I was raised strictly by my dad. One Friday, my mother took off with another man and we never heard from her again. I became very close to my dad and he did everything he could to make life normal for me. My name is Luke Turner and my father is Mark, owner of Turner Costruction and Remodeling.

During my senior year of high school, I began to notice the guys on my football team in a totally different way. I loved seeing them nude in the showers after practice and began to wonder what their cocks would look like hard and what it would be like to suck on one. I graduated having never acted on my desires.

The summer between my high school graduation and my beginning studies at State U., I worked for my dad's company. I loved seeing the other workers on the site without their shirts and showing nice bulges in their tight jeans. My favorite was Josh Davis, my dad's construction foreman.

Josh was twenty-nine, six-two, extremely muscular, had brown shoulder lenght hair, emerald green eyes, a strong handsome chiseled face and extremely hairy chest and back. I could hardly take my eyes off of him when he had his shirt off.

I also loved seeing my dad in his swim trunks at our pool. Dad was only thirty-six, and also well built and hairy, but nothing like Josh.

When time for college, I told dad goodbye and jumped into my packed pickup and began the four hour drive to State U. Within a week, I was homesick and missed being with my dad. Dad visied every couple of months for a weekend and that made it easier. I finished my first year and headed home for the summer.

This is where the story really begins.

I had told dad that I would leave campus Sunday morning after packing up my things on Saturday. With the help of a couple of dorm mates that were staying to attend the summer session, I was packed by four Saturday afternoon. I decided to head home and surprise dad.

I stopped once to grab a burger and arrived home about nine that night. I pulled up to the house and saw dad's pickup in the drive as well as Josh's truck. I didn't think much about it because Josh was not only dad's employee he was also our best friend.

I figured that they were in the den watching a ball game as they usually did, so I eased my key into the lock and quietly unlocked the door and slipped in. As I noticed the lights in the den were out, I heard voices coming from dad's bedroom. I silently eased down the hall and heard dad say, 'With Luke coming home tomorrow, we're going to stop seeing each other during the summer.'

'I know, damnit,' Josh replied. 'Maybe you can swing by my place once in a while.'

'I should be able to,' Dad said.

I eased up to the open door and peeked in. I immediately froze.

There in dad's bed were both dad and Josh, totally nude and stroking each other and kissing. I silently watched as they got into a sixty-nine and began sucking each other. After a few moments, dad said, 'Fuck me.'

Dad got on his back and raised his legs and I watched as Josh slid hid large cock up my dad's ass as dad said, 'Oh, fuck yea!' Josh began pumping in and out of dad's ass and soon climaxed. Dad then fucked Josh. After climaxing up Josh's ass dad said, 'When you reload, I want your load down my throat. I love eating your cum.'

'I love yours also,' Josh replied.

I eased back down the hall and out the door, not believing what I'd seen. I eased out of the driveway, and went to a nearby motel and got a room. Once inside I realised that my cock was rock hard. I quickly stripped and jerked off, replaying in my head what I had witnessed.

Sunday morning I returned to the house about nine and was greeted by dad with hugs. Josh was gone and I acted as if everything was normal, still not believing that both my dad and Josh were gay. Both acted so fucking masculine.

I wanted to tell dad what I had seen and tell him that what I saw him doing was the same thing I had been dreaming of doing. Somehow, though, I just couldn't, at least not yet.

We began living our old normal lives, with me working for the company for the summer.

A week later, I still hadn't said anything to dad, but on the job,I watched Josh more intently and when he saw me looking at him I'd smile slightly.

Then that following Monday, dad was headed to the work site when he was hit broadside by a lady that ran a red light. The hospital called my cell phone and told me that he was at St. Matthews Hospital and that he was okay. They said that both arms had been broken between the wrist and elbows and other than that he just had a few cuts and bruises. I told Josh and he drove me to the hospital.

Dad had both arms in cast halfway beween his elbow and shoulder. He was groggy from the pain medicine but able to talk.

'Dad, are you okay?' I supidly asked.

'Son, I'm fine other than having both arms in a cast.'

We asked hat happened and he told us then told Josh, 'I was supposed to go to make an estimate on Mr. Jacobs' rent house over on Maple tomorrow. You'll have to do it. Take Luke with you and get it done. The house key is in my pants.'

I retrieved the key and as I did, the doctor came in and said, 'I want to keep him overnight for observtion. He should be able to go home tomorrow afternoon, however he will need someone with him to help him in the bathroom and feed and bathe him.'

'I'll get with the woman's insurance and have them furnish a nurse.'

'Just during the day,' I said. 'I'll take care of him at night and on the weekends.'

Josh and I returned to the jobsite and when we arrived, all work stopped and the guys gathered round asking how dad was doing. We told them he was fine except for his arms and that Josh and I would be in charge for a while.

The next day, Josh and I went to do the estimate and I got brave. As we took measurements and expressed ideas for upgrading the house, when I had an opportunity, I would let my hand brush against Josh's crotch. I could tell he got boned and he would try to avoid me but I didn't give him a chance. I could tell he was nervous as hell.

That afternoon, he contacted the oman's insurance and they aranged for in home care Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. I took dad home, both his arms in slings. I had asked the doctor about his baths telling him we had ahandheld shower.

'That's fine, as long as whoever is giving him the shower makes sure not to get the cast wet or let water get inside of them.'

'That will be me and I'll be careful,' I said. He told us about special bags we could get at the pharmacy to put over them to prevent them from getting wet.

As we drove home, Dad said, 'Son, I can get the nurse to get me a sponge bath. You don't need to do it.'

'Dad, How many baths did you give me as I was growing up and when I boke my arm when I was fourteen? The least I can do is to do the same for you.'

'But, Luke, we're both grown men now.'

'So what? You're still my dad. Beside, you don't have anything I haven't seen before in the dorm showers.'

He began laughing and said 'Maybe not, but I bet you never washed any of them either.'

'There is a first time for everything,' I replied, knowing that I would get a chance to see my dad's cock up close and if lucky hard.

I got him settled in his recliner and was about to begin dinner when Josh caled saying he was bringing dinner. He soon arrived with our favorite meal, Sweet and Sour Chicken and fried rice.

As I ate I fed dad his. Josh laughed saying, 'Mark, you better not piss him off, or he just might let you starve to death.'

'Damn, I never thought of that,' dad replied, laughing.

After dinner, Josh left and I told dad is was time for his shower. I put the plastic bags over his cast and sealed them and we went to dad's bathroom. His shower was a large walk-in and i casually undressed him. As he stepped into the shower, I began undressing.

'What are you doing?' he asked.

'Dad, I will be alot easier if I'm in there with you. Think about it.'

'Yea, I guess you're right.'

As I bathed him, we both began getting partial boners. I could tell he was embarrased with me being his son. 'Hey dad, it's cool. It's an unusual sitution for both of us but what's the big deal. All guys pop boners and all guys take care of them. If you ever need it, let me know and I'll take care of it for you.'

'Son, would you really do that for me?'

'Sure. Weall get horny and need some release.'

'Damn, you're something special.'

'So are you, dad.'

I washed his cock and balls and by the time I was through, we were both hard.

As I dried him off then myself, he smiled and said 'Son, you got something there to be proud of.'

'Thanks, and so do you. NowI know where I got mine from.'

Wednesday morning the nurse arrived and I left for work. When I saw Josh, he asked, 'How's our patient today?'

'Doing good,' I said, then to see his reaction I added, 'He got a little uneasy last night when I showered with him.'


'Yea, he even popped a boner when I washed him.'

'No shit?'

'It was no big deal. So did I. He complimented me on what I have and I told him I now knew where I got it from.'

'Mother fuck!' he said. 'I'd never have discussed something like that with my dad. He was such a prude.'

'Dad and I are close. It's no big deal.'

That night, Wednesday, I fixed dinner ad we ate. Later I said, 'Bath time.'

'Yes, sir,' he replied laughing.

Again we got in the shower together and I began washing him and again we both got hard. After rinsing him I decided to do something I had only dreamed about. Grasping his hard cock, I asked, 'Does he need some attention?'

'Hell, son, he always needs attention. I'm not that old yet.'

'Well, then, let me take care of him for you,' I said.

'Before dad could say anything, I wason my knees and had his hard cock inmy mouth. I was sucking my first cock, and the fact that it was my dad's made it even hotter.'

'Luke!' he exclaimed, 'What are you doing?'

Pausing for just a moment, I said, 'Something I've only dreamed about up to now,' and returned to sucking his hard cock as I heard him moan softly. I soon brought him to a climax and when his load shot in my mouth I instantly loved it and eagerly began swallowing his huge load.

As I stood up I asked, 'Was that okay? It was my first time?'

'Luke, we need to talk,' he said.

After I dried us off, I followed him into his bedroom and we sat on the bed.

'Luke, was that really your first time?'

'Yes, sir, it was'

'Well, it was awesome but what brought that on?'

'Well, I guess it's confession time,' I began. 'During my senior year of high school I found that I enjoyed seeing the guys on the football team nude and wondered what they would look like with boners and what it would be like to suck one of them, but I never acedon any of those urges. I also loved seeing the guys on the job without their shirts. Then this past year I loved seeing the other guys in the common shower.'

'But what made you do what you just did?' dad asked.

'When I came home for the summer I actually got into town on Saturday night. I was going to surprise you. I sw Josh's truck and figured you two were in the den watching a ball game. I heard voices from your room and went to investigate.'

'Oh shit,no!'

'Yea. I heard you telling Josh that your get togethers would have to stop during the summer and him suggest you going by his place ocassionally. Then I saw you two kiss and get into a sixty-nine for a while then fuck each other. I also heard both of you say how much you loved eating each others loads.'

'Damn son, I'm sorry. I never wanted you to find out. Can you forgive me?'

'Forgive you for what? Doingthe same thing that I've been wanting to do? Dad, it's something else we have in common. I makes me love you even more.'

'Damn, I don't know what to say.'

'Just say that you will help me exlore my yearnings.'

'If you really want me to I'll do whatever you want.'

'First, I want to kiss you.'

I leaned toward dad and we had our first kiss, our tongues exploring each others mouth. It lasted several minutes and my cock again stiffened.

Dad saw it and said 'May I return the pleasure to you?'

'Sure, I want you to be the first to suck me.'

'Stand here in front of me.'

I did and dad swallowed my hard cock as I moaned in pleasure. Working his head back and forth, he gave me my first blow job. I soon told him I was close and he sucked even more energetically. I soon emptied my built up load into his mouth and he eagerly swallowed. When he finally pulled off he said, 'That was the best fucking load I've ever tasted.'

'Better than Josh's?'

'Oh, yea mainly because it was your's.'

'Dad, if you talk to Josh, don't say anything to him. I want to tell him in my own way.'

'Tell him or show him?' Dad asked.

'Whatever,' I relied.

'Son, I love you so much.'

'I love you too, dad.'

The next day at work I made an excuse to stay after the others left and had Josh stay with me. I supposedly was going through delivery receipts on the desk in the consruction office.

'Looking for anything in particular?' Josh asked as he sat on the edge of the desk still shirtless.

'Nah, just seeing what's here and possibly needing to be paid.'

I got upfrom the chair and walked arouond to stand right in front of Josh.

'And I wanted a few minutes to be alone with you.'

'Really? Why?'

I quickly placedmy hnd on his cock and said, 'Because you have somehing I want.'

'Luke, what the shit is wrong with you?'he said removing my hand.

I began rubbing his hairy chest saying, 'You know you want it also.'

'Luke, damn it, calm down.'

'Either you let me have your cock or I tell dad and all the guys you made advances to me.'

'Luke, you wouldn't,' he said.

'No, I wouldn't,' I said, 'but I do know you like sex with other men.'

'And just how do you know that?' he asked.

As I continued to run my hand over his hairy chest I told him about seeing him and dad in bed.

'Does your dad know about you seeing us?'

'Yes, he does, but he doesn't know I'm trying to get your cock in my mouth.'

'Have you sucked cock before?'

'Yes, I have,' I said not saying that it had only been once and that it was dad's cock.

I leaned forward and we kissed then I soon had his pants down and was on my knees sucking his cock. As i sucked him I removed my shirt and slipped my pants down. As Josh moaned I brought him to a climax and eagerly swallowed his huge load. We kissed again and afterwrd he smiled and eased down to his knees and sucked me dry.

Afterward I said, 'Any afternoon you want this just say so.'

'Don't worry, I will. I bed Mark wouldshit if he knew i was sucking his son.'

'Who knows.'

For two weeks Josh and I would suck after work, then dad and I would suck that night at home.

Then I started fucking both of them seperately. I soon told dad I wanted him to fuck me.

'Son, it's gong to hurt like hell your first time and with me not able to use my arms it might be difficult.'

I confessed to him about what Josh and I had been doing and suggested we invite him over to lend a hand.

'Good idea,' Dad said.

'But we won't tell him why we want him here. We'll just both be naked when he ges here.'

'It's your game,' Dad said.

We invited Josh over Saturday afternoon and when he arrived I let dad watch me suck him off. We told him we needed his assistance in helping dad take my virginity and pop my cherry.

He gladly assisted and after much initial pain, dad seeded my ass and I loved it. After dad pulled out, I had Josh fuck me. Watching Josh pumpmy ass turned dad on.

Sex between the three of us continued several times a week even after dad had his cast removed.

I returned to school and dad AND Josh came to visit me every other weekend getting a room for us to play in.

During summers when I was home Josh pracically lived at our house. If they happened to be in bed when I arrived, I'd immediately strip and join them.

During My senior year of college, Dad and Josh became lovers. Then after graduation, I joined the company, handling the books.

Then one night at a gay bar I ran into one of our workers, Todd Rivers, and went home with him. Dad and Josh were totally shocked when I tld them that Todd was gay also.

Todd and I dated for just over six months when he asked me to be his lover and I readily agreed. I movedin with Todd but we visit dad and Josh every weekend and have a great time.

That was all over ten years and the company has grown and we now have offices in three ciies. Dad and Josh are planning on retireing nd turning the company over to me and Todd.

Am I ever glad I caught my dad.



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