The college is one you may never heard of but it exists, it is Ramapo

College of New Jersy, it's in Mahah, New Jersey. You probably never heard

of that town either. Anyway I live in Edison and Ramapo cost was within

our family budget because it is a state school. Here I am a high school

graduate moving in to the building called The New Dorms. Not so inventive.

Those ivy covered New England colleges have dorms called like Wellington

Hall and so forth. The setup of the New Dorms is suites around a central

living room and one bathroom for the suite, and two to a room. The room I

was assigned to and am now making my way to, has two students in a double

decker bed arrangement supposedly to make more floor space. I already know

the name of my roommate but have not met him yet.

Yeah, I'm just past eighteen, I might as well admit that I am dishy as the

English say. I have corkscrew light brown curls all over, some falling

onto my forehead. I touched up those to be blonder. I just under six feet

but expect to make up the half inch this semester. I may also add a

half-inch to my dick that is seven inches plus a tiny bit more.

I am really huffing and puffing carrying this stuff up the stairs. There

is an elevator but I'm trying to it do the macho. My stuff consists of two

large soft coffin shaped bags, my laptop, books and a hot plate. I almost

fall into the room and drop most of the stuff just inside the door.

The first thing I see is a jockey-looking guy sitting on a camp footlocker

drinking a 14 oz. Beer. I think he is a little buzzed as the bottle is

almost finished and his eyes are red. He is exactly my type, shit, this is

temptation I am going to have to fight. I don't want a rep here like I had

in high school. Those bathroom graffiti saying, 'For a good hand job get

Jason Goodman.

I say he is my type because he is about 5' 9', crew cut dark hair, square

bland face with small features, a chin cleft, nice arm muscles, and

slightly hairy legs. He is the type I call generic jock--Interchangeable

and unconsciously sexy. I bet he is hung.

He looks over at me with an amused expression. He holds out and large jock

hand. 'I'm John. You gay?'

I still had one bag under my arm and I allowed it to fall to the floor, I

think I heard a bottle break. 'Why would you say that?'

'See, I knew it. If you were straight you would punch me out or at least

go nuts and deny it. Instead, you are just curious to know how I cracked

open your closet.'

'John, you're drunk and probable nuts, let's drop this.'

'You can take the lower berth as a peace offering. In that way I can look

down at you and watch you jack off.' He signed. 'I sure was hoping that I

would get a nice clean girly boy roommate to take care of me when I strike

out with the bitches.' He grabbed his crotch, a gesture I would see many

times a day during the fall semester.

The next morning it was a whole new John, now sober, he appeared to be a

serious student. He also came from a lower middle class family, the first

one who went to college. In spite of his frequent drunks, he turned out,

as the months went by, to be a serious student, and really intelligent.

He never, however, dropped his pursuit of me. He was quite frank is

insisting that his first impression was correct. He updated it frequently,

'You're too neat, that's gay. You cut your toenails every week, that's

gay. I don't peek but I bet you trim your pubes. I don't. Wanna take a


John was not the neatest guy with whom to share a room. He dropped his

clothes all over, even through some on my bed if he was drinking. He had a

special John smell that was driving me crazy. It was kinda spicy with a

little BO top note-it should be bottled and sold to gay guys. He bathed

only if he had a date with a girl. His hair was messy, as he cut it himself

with a tiny hand held mirror, usually naked. 'So I don't get hair on my

clothes.' Consequently I knew exactly how John looked naked. He was

outstanding. Big shoulders, narrow waist, hairy legs, fuzzy cute ass, six

pack, also fuzzy, and......I know you are waiting to hear, a nice fat

hooded cock nestled in the ball sack dimple and big balls.

'You looking at my ass, Jason? Don't do that. It makes me get hard. See?

Ya wanta touch? It'll be our secret.'

'Fuck you,' I said not too creatively.

'No I fuckee you after you get me ready with a nice wet suck. I shit, I

better quit this talk or I'll have to wank off.'

Yeah, wanking. That was the other thing. It said that jerking is the most

natural thing and he didn't see why it has to be secretive. Therefore he

often left his computer after looking at porn-straight of course-and

proceeded to walk around gently stroking. 'Don't worry,' he said, 'I won't

spooge on the carpet. I got good timing to make it to make to my cum rag

in time.'

I had to bury my head in my books to keep from being drawn into his jerk

off dramas but it wasn't so easy at bedtime. I would settle myself in my

lower birth and soon John would stand in front of me, nude and that was his

time, just before bed to make up his bed. He's be reaching and stretching

he cock waggling in front of me. I usually turned to the wall to hide my

stiff cock. He bend down and poke his head into my bed space. 'Am I

giving you a hard on? Let's see. It's show and tell.'

I would give out an exasperated sound but often it was hard not to stare at

that delicious cock dangling there. I finally did make a move, but I don't

think he remembered it. At least that's what I thought.

It was a Friday night. Usually both of us went home on weekends but this

time we had lots of studying to do so we stayed on campus. John studied

all day and that he was at the local pub relaxing. Relaxing to John was

getting put away, totally drooling drunk. So pissed that two friends

dropped him in the door. He lay in a heap, groaning. I hoped he was not a

spewer. I guess not, I never so him throw up. He said that he hated to

waste good beer. I knew that I probably couldn't heft him up onto his

upper bed so I lifted him and rolled him onto my bed, his flip flops slid

off. Nice feet I thought. I just couldn't leave him on the floor. Of

course this meant that I'd have to sleep in John's smelly bed. I stared

down on him. He was wearing workout shorts with elastic waist and a

Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned. Interesting the way his chest was hairless yet

lower down his stomach was downy. I felt his belly. It was damp. Now I

got adventurous. I pulled his short slightly down, no underwear. Wow, he

had a hard on. Must be because I just petted his stomach. Apparently he

is very easily aroused, even when unconscious. I mentally rubbed my hands.

I was panting to have a little sex after being monkish for months. I slid

the shorts down around his hips. I was immediately assailed with his

strong odor. He had luxuriant pubic hair, the trap for most of his smells.

His cock. Oh geez, it was plumped up pretty good. The strawberry colored

head was peeking out, wet with pre cum. I leaned down. My breath most

have stirred his cock even more as he stiffed and rose higher, almost

reaching for my lips. I opened my lips and took the head in and licked the

tip. It tasted like sweet honey. Who would have suspected? His hips rose

to get his cock deeper into my mouth, probably a natural reaction that he

used with chicks. I leaned in and he pushed. Soon he was entirely in my

mouth, my head was reeling from the strong odor from his pubes. Talk about

phonemes I was getting overloaded and my own cock was pressing against my

tight undershorts. I began licking him. I think I heard a soft moan. I

let his shaft move deeper into my throat until my nose was totally against

his public hair. He began to thrust and I passively kept my position

allowing him to fuck my mouth. It didn't take long for him to grunt loudly

and unload down my throat. I looked down at him. He was out for the

count, snoring noisily.

The next morning his was cheerily bustling around the room. John was one

of those lucky guys who seemed to escape handovers. I could hardly believe

my eyes. He was picking up a few weeks of dirty clothes and putting them

into a laundry bag. 'Whatzup?' I managed to say through my parched

morning lips.

'Just taking this stuff to the laundry room. You have any stuff you want

done, Jason?'

'N-o-o-o,' I said incredulously, 'I'm good, besides I wouldn't want to mix

our germs.'

'Suit yourself, I'll be back as soon as I get the load started.'

'Er, John, don't put all that in one load. You got colors with darks and

besides it's too much......really three loads.'

'You separate your colors because you are gay. Got any quarters?'

'On the dresser.'

He left but not before throwing me an eyebrow waggle.

The weekend went really nice. John was good company and didn't go out. He

studied like a Trojan. We both got a lot accomplished. Saturday we

decided to skip the cafeteria, it was practically closed on the weekend.

We decided to treat ourselves to a real meal. There was a super Italian

restaurant in neighboring Franklin Lakes and we headed there. 'Any

drinks', the young waiter asked. John said, 'Yes Bro, as long as you don't

card us.'

I ordered a Bloody Mary and John a double shot of Bourbon. We each had a

small steak and salad. It was amazing to see that John could turn from a

denizen from Animal House to a civilized young man who could carry on an

intelligent conversation. I found myself smiling happily at him. I think

I was falling in like. The two drinks we had with dinner mellowed me out

and I felt really nice driving back. John put an arm over my shoulder as

he drove with one hand. 'Jason, I'm really glad that we ended up together.

When I see some of the weirdos around the campus, I was lucky.'

'John, I feel exactly the same way. I feel closer enough to tell you that

I probably am gay or at least bi.'

There was silence, then John began to guffaw. 'I knew that all along.

That's why I set up that drunk act with my friends. You came through

exactly as I pictured. I don't mind telling you that you suck a mean

cock.' He pinched my cheek.

I pulled myself to the far side of the car. 'John you are the bastard of

bastards. That was a mean trick.'

'But you liked it as much as I did. And you didn't even try to get off

yourself. You were meant to No?'

I just kept quiet for the rest of the night. When we were brushing teeth

and the usual before bed, John came up to me. I shied back. 'What you


He put his arms around me and kissed me lightly on the lips. 'Don't be

made Jason. That trick, as you call it, broke the ice and we could have

some hot times together. When I'm with a girl, I don't think that each one

is going to be my life partner and great love, no, we're there for fun.

Can't you look at it that way?'

I didn't answer but there is a part of me, the sluttish part that fuck for

fuck sake but I hated that element in my nature. I tried to triumph over


A few days went by. John was nice and friendly. I was courteous but

distant, I think. Finally the following Friday night he asked if he could

bring a friend to the living room for drinks and snacks. 'He's a really

nice guy. I think you two would get on fine. His name is Billy.'

'Is this some sort of fix up to fag with a date?'

'No, Billy is my friend. He is gay though.'

This left me perplexed. I agreed to co-host an evening and I picked up

some snacks and a small keg. Billy turned out to be a kid I had seen

around campus. He was very tall, maybe 6'5'. Nice face, sort of shy. But

after we tapped the keg and it began to be half finished, Billy turned out

to be more gregarious than I expected. He brought a guitar and he was very

good, played classical style and then some standard pops and he sang in a

buzzy baritone that caused sympathetic vibrations in my balls.

'Hey Billy, look at Jason, he's blessed out. 'Scuse me, I gotta drain it.'

Billy changed once John was out of the room. 'You really liked my singing.

You think I might earn money doing it?'

He came over and sat on the couch with me, his monster hand on my bare leg.

'Sure' I said, my voice shaking a little from the contact.

He fixed me with a hard stare. 'Jason, you are hot hot hot. Do you want

to get it on?'

'Maybe sometime, but John will be back shortly.'

'No he won't, he's already on the way to the pub.'

'You mean this was a setup?'

'What's your problem? He's just trying to do something nice for a change.

Am I so odious?'

He looked crestfallen. I began to feel like a shit. Then too, I was a

little sexy from the drink and the presence of these two hunks, now even

more intimate with one and the one completely available if only I would

reach out. I did reach out and pat Billy's arm. 'I'm really sorry for my

cranky attitude. I do like you. In fact I saw you a couple of times

around and thought you were pretty sexy.'

Billy smiled. One thing about shy guys is that a compliment is heard at

twice the force as intended. He came over close. I stood at the height of

his chest. He put his arms around me and hugged. I was trapped against

his strong chest and could smell his fresh clean odor. You must think that

I am hooked on odors, perhaps I am. He leaned down and lifted my chin so

that I was facing upward and then he leaned down and put his full lips

against mine, wasting no time, he kissed passionately. I could feel his

panting against my lips. He pushed out his long tongue and entered my

mouth. He might be shy but he sure knew how to use that tongue. In a

moment I was lost in the kiss, my dick rising hard in front against his

belly. He reached down and held in, his big hand surrounding my fabric

covered organ. He rubbed, he clutched. I was now spinning and gasping.

'Let's go to the bedroom,' he said. I nodded dumbly. He took my hand and

pulled me into through the door. We stood in the middle of the room, he

bent his knees and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. My cock sprang

up. He ended up on his knees, his face against my crotch. I was moaning

loudly. He took my cock into his mouth and held it there, using that great

tongue to swirl around the head, licking the piss slit, circling under my

hood. He had a firm arm around my waist otherwise I would have fallen.

Now he began a deep throating. I felt that in a moment I would shoot but


'You guys are enjoying each other. I knew you would. How about a third

cock added to the mix. Let me arrange this. Now I'll get in my bed on my

side facing outward. Let's see Billy can stand up. He's tall, he can

reach me fine. Now Jason, you sit on your lower bed. Okay, stop gawking!

Move! Get cracking!'

I staggered over to my bed and sat on the edge. My shorts were still at my

ankles and my cock standing up out of my lap. Billy got in front of me,

his long slim circumcised plum headed cock in perfect position for me to

suck it. Billy could reach John's cock, still soft but lifting with

interest at the proceedings. I leaned forward and took Billy's cock in my

mouth. He called out a curse of pleasure. Meanwhile he was using his

superior moves on John who soon was crowing with excitement. I totally and

quickly swallowed Billy's cock. I was in no mood to be tender, I was hot

and pushy. I continued sucking Billy, the shape was very pleasing and I

was experiencing lots of passion but a part of me realized that I possessed

the only cock in the room that was not being serviced. Meanwhile I could

hear John who kept up a stream of sex chatter. 'You fucker Billy. Why

didn't you tell me you could suck so good. Oh, that tongue, you ought to

be in Kiss. I'm going shoot cream pretty soon. It's hard to hold back

with your vacuum. Ooh.'

Billy was heading for a cum soon. I could tell, his body was swaying in

and out and I put a hand under his balls and they were way up, each ball on

the side of the shaft. He was dripping pre cum so hard that I thought he

had already shot. But suddenly it took his avid mouth away from John for a

moment to howl out that he was 'fucking cummin''. Geez, he sure did cum.

Heavy spurts propelled down my throat and my swallowing motions massaged

his cock into more frenzy. I put my arms around his slim warm back and

slid down to his excellent ass and held him from shaking and sliding to the

floor. Apparently he didn't lose a beat in sucking John and now increased

the pressure and speed. 'Oh shit,' John called. 'You are about to be

flooded, get ready, ooooh, ugh, shit.' I peaked past Billy's long body up

toward John, looking up past his hairy legs to the under view of Billy's

sucking mouth. John was bobbing and I could feel the shaky bed vibrating.

One more 'shit' and more crooning sighs the boy must have finally


I and Billy continued a gentle sucking to glean all the remaining cum as

the organs deflated. John was the first to speak. 'Hey lil' Jason. You

must be hard as a bastard. You were left out of the feast. Would you like

a nice cum?' I nodded vigorously. 'Okay, Billy, front and center. You

ever been fucked?'

Billy said he had once of twice that probably meant ten times that. John

told reassuming his directorial role told me to sit on the floor my back

against the lower bed. 'Now Billy, you face him, put your legs outside of

his and slowly lower yourself onto his freshman cock. It's hard as steel,

it should be easy.'

Billy followed the instructions. I was breathing heavy. This was

exciting. Billy was one hot hunk. He closed his eyes and slowly allowed

his ass to envelop me. Finally he settled down, his eyes still closed, a

slightly pained expression on his face that soon cleared up and his eyes

opened to slits and he smiled crookedly at me. 'You're in and you are

right against my hot spot. I getting hard again. I think I can cum when

you do.' He bent his long body forward and pressed his lips against mine.

We made out for awhile, still no movement but the mental image of my cock

up his steaming hole was as potent as fucking, but soon he rose slightly.

I gasped, he moaned.

'That's it boys,' said the voice of John standing near us. We had

forgotten him. I noticed that his cock was half hard. 'Now Billy start a

real fuck. Unless Jason here faints from cumming, this'll be a waste of

effort. Get to it boy.'

That was all both of us needed. He rose and I fucked upward, it felt so

good to both of us that we repeated it........many times. I could see that

Billy's eyes were turning upward, he was really feeling it. He was

breathing with a heavy rasp. I knew after all the hot stuff this evening

that I couldn't last too long. My cock seemed to grow longer and my knees

began to shake. Billy knew I was soon about to cum. He stroked my face

lovingly. At that moment John moved close and lifted his cock with his

hand and offered it to me. I opened up and took it. There I was slurping

on John, Billy was moaning with his long cock standing up between us and me

my mind whirling. Believe it or not, hot John was the first to shout that

he was cumming and he delivered a nice load into my waiting mouth, then

Billy's cock spew cream on our chests and belly, hot slippery cum. That

did it for me, my cock long denied a strong release suddenly spew a strong

spurt into Billy, a moment pause and the second volley was stronger then it

settled down to four smaller spurts. Billy must have felt each one as he

cried out each time.

We all sat together on the floor. Billy was the first to get practical.

'Guys it was so good I can't find the words. I gotta go. I have a study

group and I am already ten minutes late.'

He came over and gave a little hug to each of us and dressed and left.

John and I were quiet a moment. 'Hey are you gay?'

'Could be,' I answered, 'But consider this: the suckee is probably just as

queer as the suckor.'

'You mean I'm going to have to take daily showers and wear clean clothes?




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