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It was the first day of college, my alarm went off at 6.30. My first thought getting out of bed was I can't wait for the day to be over. I didn't really know anyone who was doing my course so I was a bit nervous.

It took me about 30 minutes to cycle to college and I arrived 10 minutes early. I went into class and took a seat, a few minutes later I heard the door open, i looked up and just froze.

I couldn't believe the sight in front of me, the lad that had just walked in was absolutely gorgeous, he was dressed in skinny black jeans, a denim shirt and a black jacket, he had jet black short hair, one ear and his nose pierced and he looked well built.

He glanced my way and flashed a smile, i realised i was staring so quickly looked away and stared down at my books. I noticed him come and take a seat next too me.

He looked at me, reached out his hand 'hi im nathan' he said, i sat silent for a minute then took his hand 'rob' i said back. I probably held his hand for longer than normal but he didn't seem too mind, he smiled again and i just fell for him, he had the cutest smile ever.

Throughout the whole duration of that day we sat and talked with each other, i guessed he was straight so i didn't mention my sexuality.

The next few weeks at college were fine, we got on really well and i woke up each day excited to see Nathan again. Nobody knew about me being gay so i had to contain my excitement.

A few weeks in we were assigned a project and me and Nathan decided to work together. We arranged that after college we would go to his as nobody would be home so we could get a good start.

It came to the end of college and i was really excited that i would be going home with Nathan, we cycled back to his. He offered me a drink and then we started on the project,

As we were working Nathan stopped and looked at me with a look id never seen on him before, 'you ok man' i asked, 'theres something i need too tell you' he said.

He had me worried but i asked what's up and he took hold of my hand. I had butterflies racing around in my stomach! He slowly leaned in and pecked me on the lips, i broke away and stared at him gobsmacked.

Im so sorry! He exclaimed, i shouldn't of, but before he could finish i shut him up by kissing him back, we spent 10 minutes just making out and playing with each others tongues,

He started running his hands up my top and playing with my nipples, it felt so good! He slowly removed my top and did the same with his, i started kissing his neck while running my hands through his hair.

He laid me down on the couch before kissing my body up and down, he started to slowly undo the buttons on my jeans, after i laid there in just my boxers he started to kiss my rock hard cock through my boxers, he knew exactly what he was doing, it was driving me crazy,

He then slid my boxers down and wrapped his warm lips up and down my cock, taking most of it in his mouth, it felt amazing and i didn't last long before i blew my load down his throat!

He managed to swallow every last drop of it,

I thought it was only fair that i return the favour so we swapped positions and i started kissing him while rubbing his already growing cock through his skinny jeans,

He was grinding against my hand loving it,

I didn't make him wait too long until my mouth was over his cock bobbing up and down,

His moans were encouraging me to go faster and harder to please him!

Not long had passed before he blew all over my face, i licked what i could from around my lips.

I cleaned my face and gently kissed him,

We moved to the bedroom and kissed for ages before getting into a spooning position and falling asleep,

The project could wait.




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