The story began the first week of the Fall semester when Stu, a sophomore wrestler, enrolled in one of my history classes. I had known Stu and his family for many years. I had attended Stu's high school wrestling matches as well as his freshman college year matches.

As a friend of the family, we often spent time together at dinner or a sport's event.

Stu participated at the 190 pound weight category. He had been undefeated during his four years in high school---state champion each year. He had a 20 to 0 record his freshman year in college. He stood 6' and 2", had a rough wrestler's build, light brown hair and sparkling brown eyes, and prominent brown chest and stomach hair. Stu kept his pubic hair trimmed and a light brown fuzz on his legs. He showed a huge 10-inch cock with a shaft the size of a beer can. Stu's family is German.

I am a 32-year-old community college history professor who has taught at the college for 5 years. I stand 5' and 10", weigh 145 pounds, and work out five days a week to stay in shape as a single man in search of a Gay relationship. I have bright red hair, hazel eyes, and a smooth hairless chest and stomach. I came to the United States at age 10 with my parents and younger brother from Ireland. I still have a distinct Irish accent.


I had been giving Stu, the tanned perfect athlete tennis lessons three days a week for six months. Following a Saturday lesson, Stu invited me to his home for dinner with the family.

After dinner, Stu and I decided to go to a xxx adult movie featuring lively scenes with men and women. The movie was very steamy and erotic which made us both horny.

After the movie, we went out for a soda. Soon Stu suggested we go to my place for a drink since he was too young to go to a bar.

As we were comfortably seated on my sofa with a drink, Stu commented: ""Zack, I am having trouble with a paper for my speech class. The assignment requires the class to compare and contrast verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Could you help me understand the assignment?"

I shared several ideas with Stu. Suddenly, he turned to me and changed the subject to sex or how sex relates to communication. "I know we both are virgins, Zack. But I was wondering about the idea that sex may be the most effective way to communicate between two people. What do you think, Zack?"

"Oh my god, Stu, you might have something there but how can I answer that question since I have never had sex with another person. I could only guess if that is true. I have only masturbated a thousand times. Neither of us has had that experience of sex with someone to determine communication in that form. You know what I mean?"

My comments encouraged Stu as he looked deep into my eyes with a lust and blurted out:" I bet sex is the ultimate form of communication between two people. Do you want to try?"

I had never been more horny or hard after hearing those words. Stu noticed my now huge bulge in my tennis shorts. There was no way to hide that rock hard cock and I did not want to hide it.

Stu reached over and put his hand on my crotch as I began to leak precum in my briefs. "WOW, Zack, I feel a wet spot. Let me smell that wet spot. Hell, it smells like semen to me. You are so turned on to me, aren't you?"

He grabbed my cock through the shorts and began rubbing it hard. Soon he lowered the zipper on my shorts, searched for my cock, pulled my swollen aching cock out through the fly and began jacking me off. His hand was coated with the precum that he took to his mouth and licked it as if it were candy. I was oozing seminal fluid. I then knew this hunk was Gay and a closeted Gay just like me.

"WOW, Zack, your soft smooth cock feels so great in my hand. Zack. please unzip my pants, take out my swollen cock and jerk me off."

I obeyed this gorgeous hunk and removed his robustly endowed organ with a shaft the size of a beer can. Man, his nuts were big and hairy.

"Oh hell, Stu, how big is this cock of yours? It is so long and thick. Man look at those orange sized nuts of yours."

"Zack, my cock is 10-inches and my shaft is 6-inches around. Do you like what you see?" When I am watching a Gay porno movie and jacking off, I talk to my big cock and call it "Rocky". Let me introduce you to "Rocky."

"Hi, "Rocky". May I play with you?"

We had begun to sweat and felt so horny. Stu then picked me up with his strong hands and wrestling arms and held me face to face as he breathed his hot breath on my face. It was completely erotic.

"Zack, we are beginning to communicate. Do you lie this type of communication? I think I can write my paper after his experience."

"Oh hell yes, I love this type of communication. More communication like this please."

"Shit, Zack, you are wetting my blue polo shirt with that sloppy mouth. I can smell your hot breath as you slobber all over me. I smell our cum (precum). Just wait baby until I use my favorite wrestling moves to suck your hot cock and fuck that rosebud of yous raw."

I became very titillated by Stu's proposition to suck and fuck. We began to kiss, licked each other's neck, earlobes, nipples, and ran our hands through each other's hair. He bit my earlobes as he held me tight in his arms. Can I take all this hunk has to give me?

He put me down and we took off all our clothes that were now soiled.

Stu took one of my large blankets and placed it in front of the sofa on the carpet. He had us start off in a neutral standing wrestling position. I was no match for this champion wrestler as he threw me on the blanket on my back. He grabbed both of my legs; twisted them as he turned me on my stomach. He sat down on my lower back, lifted my legs high in the air and plunged his tongue deep into my pulsating ass. He rimmed my asshole as he spit gobs of salvia. He plunged his sharp tongue deep into my ass opening. He rimmed me for the longest time as I moaned with pure pleasure. I heard his sloppy tongue and mouth eating me out.

Next he placed me on my back and put his huge legs and crotch around my head and mouth (known as a scissors hold in wrestling). He positioned himself in such a way that his monstrous cock was forced down my throat. I was delirious with sexual stimulation. I did not know how much of his big snake was down my completely filled throat. I sucked and swallowed as best as I could enjoying his sweet warm oozing precum. I loved my first man sex. I was now addicted.

Stu fucked my mouth for more than 15 minutes. Man, he had great staying power without coming. As I gave Stu a sloppy and steamy blow job, my own cock was throbbing and leaking seminal fluid. I really needed to get off bad. I never wanted to stop sucking my first man cock. My mouth was watery from both the spit and precum. I swallowed over and over as I pressed down hard on this incredible hot wood.

We had been enjoying this hot sex for 25 minutes, drenched in sweat as if this was a real wrestling match.

Stu pulled his purple head cock out of my mouth, instructed me to move into a 69 position that included both of us now in a scissor hold on our partner. We began licking and sucking each other's nuts, assholes and cocks. This was the best ever smell and heat.

After several minutes, I said: "Oh Stu, you are a nasty and naughty stud. I smell your sweaty nuts, cock and ass. WOW, I am so turned on. Yea, eat my pussy. It is yours now. Make me beg for your cock."

"Oh Shit, Zack, you smell terrific. I love the smell of man sex. Feed me your juices. I love your virgin ass. I can hardly wait to fuck that pink hole."

We moaned and grunted while breathing hot air into the ass of our partner.

After some 10 minutes, we stood up and resumed a neutral position to continue the match. Once again Stu made a sudden move and throwed me on the blanket on my back. He moved between my sweaty legs and lifted them over my head in a pinning position. He spit gobs of spit into my ass and onto his over heated cock while maintaining the pinning position. He was having lots of fun.

I felt "Rocky", the big cock, start sliding across and up my ass crack and opening. The heat from the big leaking cock almost burned my ass.

"Stu, Baby, your cock is really hot. Let "Rocky" fuck me. I want you inside me. Take my virgin ass and make me your bitch. I want to be your sex toy. Be my fuck buddy. Brand me like a cow with your cock. I want to be yours."

The dirty talk and begging for his cock turned on Stu as I felt his cock plunge with great force and speed all the way into the most inner part of my ass without any pause. Stu was mad with lust. There would be no stopping this manic now. I would just have to bare the pain of that giant of a cock but it was pleasure also.

Stu and I moaned, breathed harder and harder, felt our heart rate run wild and fucked like two pigs. He pounded my ass with powerful thrusts.

During this marathon fucking session, I continued having my shoulders pinned to the mat. I felt his cock drive in and out for the longest time. Stu used his strong legs and hips to drive deep one more time when I felt his cock head swell, his balls move up tight on my skin and a huge grunt as he exploded deep in my man pussy. I felt a river of thick cum flood me. He used his wet cum as a lube as he continued to fuck me like a well oiled piston. He pulled out and dropped some cum on my ass entrance and used it to drive back in with a slick movement. It was beyond description in pleasure.

His slick cum covered cock in my ass caused me to dump a huge load of my cum on my abs, stomach, chest and face. What a huge load I had.

Stu then pulled out and went down on my body licking my cum into his mouth which he ate. When he had finished cleaning my body, he fed me his cum soaked cock. We both had a great cum meal for the first time. WOW, was it ever good.

"Well Zack, how did you like that form of communication. Is it the best form of communication? that is sex?"

"Oh fuck yes, Stu. It is the ultimate communication. You and I must communicate often."

Stu agreed with a huge smile.

"Stu, What are we going to tell your parents about communication?"

"Zack, lets worry about that later. How many times can we fuck tonight? How many times can you come in one night?"

"Stu, I do not know but lets have fun trying."

"Oh yes, Zack, lets empty those nuts as many times as possible."



Naughty Eric


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