Ryan, 18-years-of-age, was one of the most gifted and hot athletes on the college campus at the time of this story. He was the top spring board performer even during his Freshman year on the swim team. He stood 6-feet; weighed 155 pounds; jetted solid frame; and a hairless chest, stomach, abs and legs like most swimmers. Man, he had a perfect sexy voluptuous body. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, a killer smile and the face of a Greek god. He looked perfect and was very intelligent. 

Professor Owens, 30-years-of-age, was both a lecturer and the adviser to the Spanish/Latino/Hispanic studies program on campus. He stood 6-feet and 2-inches, weighed a hard 185 pounds, dark features, Hispanic, dark black hair, dark brown eyes, and a former college wrestler that had remained in top physical condition.

During Spring Semester on a late Friday afternoon, Professor Owens went to the library looking for the special bound volume describing the history of the college for a research project he had been assigned by the college president. When he approached the information desk, he said: "Young man, could you direct me to the book regarding the history of our college?"

"Oh yes, Professor Owens, just follow me to the reference area. By the way, I hope to take one of your classes next year. I hear from your students that you are a super professor. They love your classes. By the way, my name is Ryan."

"Thank you Ryan. What a nice compliment, I hope I'm deserving of those comments."

When Ryan located the book, he placed it up on a long table that we were standing behind that hide our bodies from the room and he opened the boo for me. As I began to flip through the pages, Ryan got so close to me that our arms and sides rubbed. Soon he took his hand and put it rubbing the side of my right hand. When I did not move my hand, next he placed his hand on top of my hand. The feel of his soft young velvet hand sent electric waves throughout my body. I was unable to control my cock as it began to grow harder and harder. There was no way that I could move out from behind the table as I had a huge tent in my pants. I was stuck there with this unbelievable sexy athletic stud. 

Oh shit, on great, Ryan was making a move on me. Soon I saw him glance down to my crotch and the secret was out. I was then rock hard and gee I had developed a widening wet ring, yes it was a cum ring.

I could not believe what happened next. This hot athlete had no caution and was fearless. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. Holy shit, he was rock hard and his tool felt like a gigantic sausage and his pants felt wet. Man, I was so horny and yes, I am gay.

Ryan then admitted to me that he had craved my ass all year when he said: "Ok, Professor Owens, I admit that I want you. Man, I've got to have you now. I've been wanting this moment for months. Don't forget that at 18-years-of-age, one is perpetually horny. That is how I get to fuck some of my team members any time I wish. Man, there are lots of hot man pussies on our swim team. 

You're the hottest professor on this campus. By the way, word among the students is that you are the most popular gay stud in the next town at a gay bar. There is also a rumor on campus that your ass is always available for our big football coaches monstrous cock and you milk his cock dry at least once a week. I've heard that you are the best lay ever and that your man pussy knows how to satisfy a guy's big dick. I've had a fantasy for weeks of breeding you right here in the library. Can you take my huge 9-inch thick cock up that ass. Yea, lets suck cock and let me fuck that champion man pussy. It is my turn."

First of all, Ryan, maybe those rumors are not true and second you must be out of your mind that we could fuck in the library. I'd get fired and you would be expelled. We would be arrested for indecent exposure. Are you crazy?"

"Professor, don't play games with me. You're as hard as I am. Look, I can see how hard you are. Also it is not a rumor that the football coach fucks that ass of yours. I'll let you in on a little secret. The football coach, Coach Troy, let me fuck his ass last week for the first time. We did it in his van after school and he rated on you. So get ready to get fucked man. You're mine now."

"OK, shit, you know the truth and yea, you are the hottest stud I've ever seen. I've attended some of your swim meets and almost cum in my pants when I see you in those swimming trunks. Do you know how may times I've gone home, beat off, pretending you were fucking me. But how in the heel can we fuck here and now?"

"Professor, get that dick under control and come with me to the information desk, I'll get the key for the special collections room and no one will ever catch us there. I get off of work in 3-minutes."

Ryan got the key, we went to the special collections room, we entered, he locked the door and he grabbed me with a bear hug and squeezed me until I could hardly breath. Our cocks were again rock hard as my 8-inch tool rubbed up against his pants and his 9-inch cock. My heart was pounding as if it was going to burst my chest and escaped. I'd never been this hot and lusting for man sex. Ryan was beyond any description of sexy and hot. I could smell his rich manly odors and the intoxicating cologne he was wearing. 

We began to wildly kiss as I held the back of his neck. He parted my lips with his hot tongue and soon he used his tongue to probe the back of my throat. I'd never had such sexy lips and tongue give me such an  awesome deep throat kisses. Ryan might only be 18-years-of-age but hell he was in charge of me. Shit, I was actually being his bitch. It was so wonderful. As we kissed, our cocks grew, they spit our pre-cum in our shorts and we were sweating gobs over our bodies wetting our clothes.

After some 5-minutes of heavy kissing and breathing, Ryan released me and had me follow him between two book shelves. I just about lost my load as I saw his ass. His pants fit smugly and perfectly around his bubble tight ass and crotch. Oh how I wanted to suck and let him fuck me. It was about to happen. He unzipped my pants, pulled them down to my feet, lowered my now very wet briefs, lifted my pullover polo shirt up and behind my neck but left it on. He ordered me to unzip his pants and lower them to his feet, next I lowered his wet briefs and he left his polo shirt on.

Our cocks were like hot pokers. They were oozing precum dangled on the tip of our cock heads. The blue veins in our cock shafts were pulsating and these two huge cocks were bouncing up and down needing relief. We could actually feel the heat radiating from our cocks. The smells were making us experiencing pure pleasure.

Ryan took both of our huge cocks in his hands and rubbed them together, Now we could actually feel the heat that was almost burning our dicks. For several minutes, he used his hands to rub then together that produced even more pre-cum dripping on to his hands. This little mischief jock took his hands and fingers up to my mouth and ordered me to suck the delicious cum. He grabbed my neck and kissed me to join in the cum taste. I loved this guy already. He was just what I had been looking for in a young hot aggressive jock. Sex could not be better.

He had me get down on my knees and said: "Ok Professor, give me your best blowjob. I want you to suck me as if I were a pop sickle. Give me your hot mouth. Make me so hard before I fuck that experienced ass of yours---the best ass in the whole region I've heard."

This turned me on like never before. I took hold of the base of his huge cock, I began kissing and licking his cock head, spit all over the monstrous dick, took one hand and went wild rapidly going up and down the spit covered stiff cock masturbating him like he had never experienced before. He began to bulk his hips forward in a rapid motion. I could tell he was in pure lust.

After several minutes of jacking him off, I began to lower my lips and mouth down that vein filled purple and red dick. I was hyperventilating as I took his entire pulsating cock deep in my throat.  I began to come off and down his big shaft over and over. I had to be careful not to make him come as he needed to fuck my ass and I so wanted that huge cock to drill my ass.

He began to buck like a wild horse and said: "Oh fucking hell, oh holy shit, suck my cock. You're the best cocksucker ever. Yea, that is it. Suck me, suck me, Baby that is it. Mmmmmmm, Yea, baby."

When I felt his cock increase in contraction, I came off immediately so he would not shoot that load. It was for my ass.

Then hot Ryan got down on his knees and without any foreplay on my big cock, he put his lips firmly stretched around my meat and began to suck hard. I had never had anyone with such powerful lips and sucking strength. He sucked my cock until I was about to come. He released his lips and came all the way down on my cock until my tool was at the depth of his throat. Man, he knew how to use his tongue to massage my big dick. He could feel my pubic hairs up his nose as he deep throated my eager cock. I only lasted a few minutes when I released a torrent of hot rich semen deep into his mouth. He stuck his tongue out so I could deposit some sticky cum there for his taste buds. He pulled off, came up to my mouth and spit part of my cum in my mouth. Again the manly odors were powerful.

It was now time for me to take his big cock down my ass chute. I said: "Baby, I'm ready to take that big cock inside me . Fuck me now."

"Yea, Professor, I've waited so long to fuck the best man pussy in the county."

He had me face the high bookcase and put my hands in one row of the bookshelf. He spread my legs far apart to expose my ass, put his hands on my shoulders and I felt his huge sausage began to spread my outer ass ring. Soon he went inside me inch by inch until I felt his balls up against my body and his pubic hair rubbing against my ass. He started slowly moving his cock part way out and then forcefully back in for several minutes. When the lust over took him, he began to violently and rapidly fuck my ass. He pounded me so hard that the bookshelf began to rock. Hell would the bookshelf turn over on us. He was beyond worrying about that possibility. He had found his best man pussy ever. I felt his cock explore ever inch of my ass chute and man he knew how to use his cock to massage my special spot, my prostate.

He must have fucked me for some 10 minutes before he said: "Oh fuck, holy fuck, this is the best man pussy ever. Yea, the football coach was right and the other guys, you have the world's best man pussy. Oh, shit, I'm about to come. My cock is wild and you ass is milking me."

I felt his load burst out of his cock and fill my entire man pussy. He must have shot at least six major eruptions before he stopped but stayed in my ass for a few more minutes. When he pulled out, I got down and sucked him dry.

We deep kissed and then pulled our briefs and pants up. As we left the special collection room and locked the door, shit, we ran into the football coach.

He looked at us, smiled and said: "How was it Ryan? Professor, did you enjoy it?"

With red faces, we smiled and just kept walking.


Naughty Eric


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