Jimmi was in the back of a truck with several other college freshman all of whom were cramped together in nothing but their underwear with their wrists bound they were all going through the first part of their initiation. Jimmi was pondering what kind of hazing he was going to be subjected to, he thought about what his older brother who'd graduated from the same university told him; about how hazing you meant a bare ass spanking or running through the campus naked and painted with the fraternities symbols. Jimmi was an attractive young man with jelled up blonde hair and blue eyes it worried him the way the frat brothers leading this little field trip oggled him in particular.

The truck came to a hault as one by one the men in the back had their blinfolds removed. They were quickly brought into a cabin where one of the frat brothers initiating this event was awaiting them.

"Welcome potential frat brothers of Tesla Phi. this is boot camp" announced the man as several other frat brothers whooped and howled.

"while you are here you are not to speak unless spoken to, you are to do exactly as the frat brothers and i say, you will be refered to as cockslut,queer,fag,homo,cum bucket, and more. when we call out to one of you faggots all you little cocksuckers are to listen"

His speech went on a little while longer and then all 12 of us were shown to our rooms. Jimi was shown to his room by a tall well built man who was running his fingers through Jimi's hair it was an uncomfterable caressing touch until Jimi tried to pull away an found himself being dragged to his room by his hair. Once he was in his room he found a pair of pajamas hanging on the bathroom door handle it was the only clothing he could find, but while searching he did find a book on his bed labled

"Istruction Manual"

"Every faggot is given ONE set of pajamas to wear for the week, everytime said faggot breaks a rule or disobeys an order he will be stripped of an article of clothing from those pajamas. If you have no articles of clothing to give you will be forced to play a penalty game with another pajamaless participant, OR senior Frat Brother official if no participant is available".

there was more after that but he could stnd to read another syllable. he layed on the bed for a couple minutes before a large ringing sound filled the cabin, and sudenly a voice replaced it.

"dinnertime queers".

As everyone sat around the table eat very well long and thick shaped foods the announcer who welcomed them stood on the table and dclared.

"I hope everyone found everything accomadating, just know that today will be the most comfterable day of your week long stay here which by the way doesnt begin until monday moring tomorrow"

one man began snickering about some inside joke he and another shared and the announcer quickly demanded he select an article of clothing and hand it to him, but the man refused and replied with a sarcastic douche voice.

"Fuck that ya queer"

the announcer paused for a moment to flash a quick smirkbefore saying.

"mark keisner of redwood apartments on rio street 22076 right".

the man ergo Mark apparently, paused in stunned, as the announcer began speaking again.

"ill spare those of you who have neglected to read the entire manual the embarrassment of retaliation and just say that weve acquired all your information from those fraternity applications you all filled. and stashed a huge ass amount of drugs in all youre homes, if at any point you defy either the fraternity leaders or I I'll be forced to give a little anonymous tip to the authorities... now Mark choose an article of clothing".

Mark froze up and angrily snarled as he took off his shirt and threw it at the announcer.

"now lets all go around and get to know each other and oh yes i know lets get in the campy spirit and give out some nick names... you guy without the shirt"


The guy with out the shirt average height black short hair with a short green mowhawk name Mark nickname "Mowhawk"

Rico-very short and thin latin boy nicknamed "spit Fuck"

Tyrone-very tall and muscular black man nicknamed "Thick Wad"

Thomas-Average height decent build brunette with blue eyes nick name "6-Incher"

Absalon-I dont really know what ethnicity possibly persian i dont know but he had a great build nick name "Abs"

Tyler-an asian guy very petite stature they were gonna nickname him Chinky twinky but he made some coment about that being racist so his nick name is now "Lee Tau Wang"

Jack-an australian im guessing by his accent Nick name "Aussie Dingo" which when pronounced by the announcer sounded like i see dingo but i dont find it that clever anyway jack's got spiky redish orange ahir hes kinda tall with a great build and an australian symbol tattoo on his right shoulder.

Keith-longish medium length blonde hair and a goatee chin tash total surfer douche look but cute none the less Nick Name "Alice" im guessing on account of his blue eyes and long"ish" hair

And finally Jimi nicknamed "Blondi" with an I instead of an ie i guess to be ironic.

after dinner they were escorted back to their rooms now wit the sudden realization that this was serious.

stay tuned for the next sexcapades.

"shits going down and cherries will be popped"





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