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My name is Storm, a 32-year-old good looking 6-foot, 165 pound, blond swede sports and physical therapist. Among my duties is serving as the sports trainer and therapist for a major university athletic department.

During the first week of this Fall Semester, I met with each of the universities' sports teams. On a Monday at 3:00 PM, I was asked to meet with the mens' rugby team. Upon entering the room, my eyes immediately locked onto the gorgeous young 19-year-old college sophomore that looked to be about 5-feet and 9-inches, weighed around 155 pounds, light brown hair, blue eyes, light complexion, beautiful facial features with gorgeous sexy dimples, and showing through his open shirt a sexy tattoo of the male sex symbol.

He approached me, extended his hand and said: "Hi, my name is Colby and I'm the new captain of the rugby team this year."

I took his hand and all hell broke loose. As our hands joined, I felt something like I had never experienced before, as electricity ran up my arm. I'd never felt anything this sexy or erotic before. The sexual connection had me in total lust. Our handshake continued until it was becoming too embarrassing in front of all these hot jocks with big libidos.

Our eyes locked and I knew at that moment we were both in total lust and heat for each other. I had to have this athletic rugby player above all else. Our athletic shorts began to develop a tent. I moved away from Colby before we both became embarrassed.

I did my lecture with the team as to fitness and how to avoid certain injuries through good exercises. A the jocks left the room, Colby came up to me and asked: "Storm, could you look at my left ankle? It seems a little weak at times."

"Sure Colby, lets go to my training room and I'll give it a look."

I had Colby get up on the examining table on his back and stretch out. Then I could not resist suggesting: "Colby why don't you strip out of those athletic shorts down to your briefs and also remove your shirt so I can see if there are any nerve or muscle connections running up from your ankle causing this weakness."

"Great idea Storm," replied Colby.

I began to examine and rub his ankle gradually moving my hands up his left leg. I got up to his knee when Colby took his other foot and began running it under my crotch, as he used the foot to locate my growing cock and massage it with his hot sweaty foot. Within a few seconds, my cock was as hard as steel while Colby pushed hard into my tool with his foot. I noticed that Colby's briefs were expanding with a big tent. I recognized his cock was trying to escape those tight briefs. Man, it looked big.

Colby had thrown caution to the wind when he said: "Storm, your cock is steel hard and look at the growing wet ring on your shorts. I bet your cock is oozing some hot juices."

I lost all control at that point. I'd secretly locked the door as we had entered the examination room.

"Colby, when you greeted me earlier and our hands met, I'd never felt such an erotic touch of flesh. The erotic touch had me delirious with lust for you."

"Oh fuck, Storm, I got the same shivers and electrical surges at the same time. I also have never wanted anyone like I now want you. We're two horny fucking gay men craving each other. Lets make fucking steamy sex right now."

I got out of my clothes while Colby took off his briefs. We were soon only in our birthday suits with two hot bobbing blood filled cocks. I learned that his cock was a huge whopping thick 9-inches with a beautiful big cock head compared with my large 8-inch tool.

I'd never seen a more beautiful smooth cock with purple veins pulsating down his shaft in anticipation of a hot mouth wrapped around the huge boner. His hairless shaved pink ass was also throbbing with desire for my mouth and cock.

With an urgency to have fucking sex with this hot jock, I had Colby face the table, lean his young sexy body forward, spread his hot legs and I began to lube his smooth hairless ass with my wet fingers. Before long as Colby begged me to rim him, I inserted one, then two and finally three fingers in his ass getting him ready for my tongue. As I fingered his pulsating ass, Colby began to thrust his ass back onto my fingers making my fingers go deeper into his man pussy. Colby moaned with pure pleasure.

After several minutes of getting this cute hunk ready, I got down on my knees, pulled his ass cheeks far apart with my hands and planted my face deep into his ass. I smelt his manly odors that had me so aroused. I began to kiss, lick and suck on his ass. I took my tongue and drove it past his outer ass ring. I licked and sucked his beautiful pink ass for the longest time while he moaned with joy.

Over taken with lust, Colby begged: "Oh fucking shit, eat my ass, fuck yea, suck my ass, grope my balls and suck my cock. Yea, give me your fucking hot mouth."

I began to lick his sweaty balls, sucked them into my mouth and finally I turned him around. I wrapped my wet lips hard down on his huge purple cock head and sucked the salty pre-cum from his piss slit. I took my hand and grabbed the root of his cock shaft and squeezed very hard as he jumped from the pain and pleasure. I knew he was ready for me to deep throat his throbbing and pulsating big wet cock.

I took his dripping tool inch by inch deep into my throat until my lips were down to the base of his sweaty cock. I felt his pubic hairs on my lips. I was oozing gobs of saliva. His whole crotch was soaking wet as I continued my sloppy blowjob on that remarkable cock.

After a very long blowjob on his perfect cock, Colby began begging me to let him suck my engorged cock. But as I wanted to suck him more, we agreed to get into a 69 so we both could enjoy the cock of our fuck buddy. We spent some 30 minutes eating each other's juicy ass, sucking on the cum filed balls, and giving each other deep throat blowjobs. The soft touch of our lips on each other's engorged cocks and the warm breaths on those cocks had our cocks throbbing and pulsating. The manly odors were intoxicating. When we were near coming, we stopped. We had to fuck those man pussies.

Colby asked to fuck me first. I put a big mat on the floor with a large blanket, laid down on my stomach, spread my legs far apart, Colby lubed my ass and his cock, and he got down between my legs. I felt his huge snake part my ass walls as he drove inch by inch all the way inside me. When he was ready with a perfect rhythm, he drilled my ass. Soon he laid his hot body on top of my sweat frame and used his hips to continue drilling my ass. I could feel his sweaty body on top of me. He began to lick and kiss my earlobes and neck while he said sweet things into my ears. It was beyond any sexual pleasure I had ever experienced. How could a 19-year-old jock be such a pro at fucking a man?

I begged him: "Oh Baby, fuck me, give me your big cock, my ass is stuffed with your monstrous manhood, yea, Aaaaaaaa, Mmmmmmm, oh holy fuck, you horny whore, give me your man seed, breed me raw, fuck me, fuck me, harder, drill my ass, yea that is it. Your cock feels so great inside me."

My pleas for his cock turned him into a wild beast. He began to fuck my ass with lightning speed. He must have blasted my ass for at least 15 minutes with great force before his cock swelled even more, his balls gathered up his semen as he approached orgasm. Soon I felt a volcanic rush of warm cum fill my ass. When he finally stopped ejaculating, he simply continued to lay flat on my body with his cock still in my ass. The warmth of his body on top of me, the smell of his warm cum and his hot breath on my neck had my cock in a desperate need of relief. I felt my cock throbbing and begging for an orgasm. I so needed to get my cock inside this young stud's pussy. However, I wanted him to stay on top of me and keep his gorgeous cock inside of me for ever.

Hell, in about 15 minutes, I felt his cock grow hard again inside my ass. Soon he was completely hard again. Oh hell, he began to thrust his cock up and down again. I was getting fucked a second time.

"Hell yes, you mother fucker, fuck my ass again."

He thrust his cock in and out with great speed until I felt him shoot a second load of goo up my ass chute. I was over flowing with cum in my ass. Man, I'd never been fucked twice before the dude had even pulled his cock out of my man pussy. This young stud was performing beyond anyone I had ever met. He was superman.

When he pulled his now very soft cock out of my ass, I made a quick move and threw him on his back on the blanket. I spread his legs far apart, lubed his ass, and lubed my patient cock. I could not wait any longer or I would shoot right then.

I'd never been more in need of relief or hornier. I thrust my over due cock deep into his cute pink ass. Soon I became a battering ram as I fucked the hottest guy I had ever met. I felt his soft ass muscles grip my cock and I felt his prostate pulsating against my hard cock. These feeling of flesh on flesh and the wet lube had me ready to come. Also Colby's thick cum in my ass was adding to my pleasure.

I did not last long. I felt the hardest pulsating in my cock and balls as the warm cum began to shoot up my cock shaft and soon I squirted huge gobs of my man seed into his ass. I fucked him as my cock slid so easy through the lube and salty cum in his ass channel. I had never had a more pleasurable ejaculation. I lasted the longest I had ever done before. When I finally finished, I pulled out and thrust my cum covered cock down Colby's mouth. He clamped his big pink lips hard on my cock head and sucked me dry.

We kissed and shared the nectar. The taste was beyond great. The smell too was so arousing for more sex.

We showered in my private shower while we continued to engage in deep kissing.

Before we left the training room after two hours of hot sex, I said: "Colby, I've never been so hot for a guy and you made me see stars. I'm consumed by my lust for your body and cock. I want to be your fuck buddy."

"Storm, me too. I've never enjoyed sex like this even from my rugby brothers. I want us to fuck ever day. I only want you. Lets be permanent fuck buddies."

"Colby you've got it. Lets go to dinner and then to my place for another round of ass fucking."

"You bet Storm."


Naughty Eric


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