Six years ago as an 18 yer-old college freshman at a prestigious East coast university, I made the rowing team. We competed in both sweep events as well as sculling competitions. On this given day, I was one of eight oarsmen in a sweep event-rowing regatta against our most competitive rival university.

During the 6,560 ft. race, Aiden, our sophomore coxswain, was terrific in guiding we eight oarsmen to victory. We returned to the gym, showered, dressed and seven of the guys left for an evening of partying at a local bar. They all were between 21 and 23 years-of-age. This left me, an eighteen-year-old freshmen and my roommate, 19 year-old Aiden, to find another way to celebrate.

Aiden was a gorgeous curly headed blond with bangs just above his eyebrows. He stood 6' 1" tall; weighed a slim rock hard 170 pounds; smooth hairless chest and stomach; muscled arms, thighs and legs; deep blue eyes; and a huge nine-inch cut cock with a large veined cock shaft.

I'd often masturbated fantasying about getting fucked by this college hunk. Although still a virgin, I knew I only wanted man sex. Aiden was also my roommate that I had often seen naked. He looked like a movie star.

I was in great shape. I stood 5' and 10"; weighed 155 pounds; coal black hair and deep brown eyes; dark complexion (Italian); muscled stocky looking arms, biceps, thighs and legs; very rigged chest and stomach. I was blessed with a 10-inch cut cock with big balls and thick cock shaft. My name is Tate.

I had learned from some of my rowing buddies that Aiden, now a sophomore, had a really bad breakup with his girlfriend at the end of his freshman year and that he had not dated since. He seemed bitter and cautious about getting involved with another female.

After the other guys had gone to the bar, Aiden and I went out for a pizza and Coke. On the way home, we stopped at the local video store and rented a movie about dare devil sports such as guys jumping off cliffs or mountain climbing in the Alps. We went to our apartment and began watching the sports thriller as we sat on the sofa.

About half way through the film, there was a scene of two gorgeous hunks dressed only in swimming trunks getting ready to leap off a cliff into the ocean. It was a really hot scene.

Then the unimaginable happened: Aiden moved very close to me as our legs touched and he put his sexy hand on my leg and said: "Roomy, look at that big blond stud before he jumps. WOW, what a huge package he has between his legs and in his trunks. I bet that cock is at least 11-inches. Lets pause the DVD and take a good long look at that cock. It has to be as big as a horse cock."

This set me off as I had often dreamed of getting into Aiden's pants. I got an instant rock hard cock. I felt my nipples harden and heat rising in my balls. Soon I began oozing pre-cum droplets as I starred at that swimmers trunks. I developed a wet spot in my briefs.

I really surprised myself when I lost control and managed to utter: "Yea, Aiden, that is some cock sucking stud. I bet he would split a woman's pussy wide open. I bet no woman has ever took all that tool down their pussy." I could not believe what I had just said. I felt my cock swell even more.

I became overjoyed when Aiden replied: "Tate, buddy, I bet he could ruin for life my ass with that huge python. I'd like to try and see if I could take that big boner. I bet his nuts have a gallon of thick white cum that he could dump in my ass."

Aiden glanced at my huge bulge and noticed that the wet spot had come all the way through my pants. He then took his hand and began to slowly slide it inside my pants. Hell, I'd never had such a super hot feeling. As he wore a huge naughty grin, he continued: "Tate, WOW, your cock feels as big as what that swimmer is showing. Oh Fuck, your cock is leaking seminal fluid all over my hand. Man, you are turning me own. I guess by now that you can see that I am as fucking horny as hell. I want us to suck and fuck. Look at my hard on. Take my clothes off while I strip you down to your birthday suit. I need to get at your cock and ass."

We undressed each other in record time until we stood naked with our big cocks standing at attention bobbing up and down.

Aiden grabbed me in a tight bear hug. slipped his sexy red soft lips up against my moist lips and soon he began to swirl his tongue around my tongue and deep into my throat. We engaged in a long series of hot sloppy kisses with slurping sounds, as gobs of spit dripped out of our mouths and down our chins. At the same time, I felt our huge cocks and ball sacs bounce off each other producing an unbelievable amount of sweat and heat in our crotches. Aiden had become my fuck buddy. I felt light headed as pleasure ripped across my whole body while shivers ran up and down my body.

After a long time of kissing and humping our crotches together, we got down on the carpet into a 69. We put our tongues and mouths around our buddies leaking cock, ran out tongues up and down the cock shafts, licked and sucked on each others' balls, took the balls in our wet mouths and licked up and down each others' ass crack. We began to rim our roommate's asshole. The sexy routine lasted for about 15 minutes. The musty smell of cock, salty cum, sweaty balls and wet asses were very intoxicating that had us ready to come. As we neared an ejaculation, we stopped.

We had never been more horny or eager to fuck what would be a man's pussy. Aiden knew what it felt like to plunge his cock into a woman's pussy but not me. I was about to no longer be a virgin and get a big cock in me. WOW, I was so horny.

As we both felt a wave of heat from our crotches and wild hormones, Aiden said: "Tate, Baby, let me be your bitch first. I want your big cock up my ass. Let me have my first cock up my man pussy."

As Aiden laid down on his back on the sofa and put his legs up on his chest, I took a bottle of lube and poured gobs up his ass, on my cock and on my fingers. I finger fucked him for a minutes. I began slowly driving my condom free pulsating cock inch by inch deep into his virgin ass. I felt Aiden push down with his ass muscles to allow my cock a wider entrance. I also felt his hard balls rub up on my skin. I began to wildly fuck his ass as I sped up my thrusts. As his legs were up against his chest, I had a clear path to his man pussy. I had never felt anything more pleasurable than my cock driving in and out of his pink rosebud. Aiden was breathing hard, moaning loudly and panting as he used his hips to thrust upward and meet my swollen cock.

"Oh Fuck Aiden, I love my cock in your ass. Do you like my cock inside you? Does it feel good? Do yo like man sex?"

"Oh, yaaaaaa, Mmmmm, oh shit, oh fuck me, your cock is so hot, it feels so great. Harder and harder, give it to me. Make me pay. Your cock feels like a horse cock. Aaaaa, yea, fuck yea."

I began to play with his hard nipples as I continued to pound his ass with no mercy. Then I leaned down and drove my hot tongue in his mouth as I continued to fuck that man pussy. The heat of our bodies, the wet sloppy kissing and my cock deep in his ass had me ready to cross the blue line. Soon I felt a stirring in my loins, my testicles began to tighten, the veins in my cock shaft started experiencing spasms and I felt my cock stiffen even more.

I yelled: "I'm coming, I'm coming. Oh fuck here I come. Get ready for my big load."

I felt a river of warm cum rush out of my cock head piss slit and shoot deep into Aide's ass. I must have blasted at least eight spurts into his ass.

When I was spent, I pulled out my shrinking cock, put my face down to his ass and sucked out a huge load of my seed. I went up to his mouth and fed him my dessert. We deep kissed and enjoyed the cum candy.

It was now my turn to get my first cock up my asshole. Aiden had me put my upper back, neck and head down on the carpet in front of the sofa; put my legs and ass up against the front of the sofa; he got up on the sofa with his knees boring into the sofa seat; he pushed his feet on the back of the sofa; lubed my ass and his cock; and slowly lowered his crotch and cock to my ass entrance.

I felt his throbbing cock slide all the way into my ass. WOW, it felt great. He began to pile drive (jack hammer) his cock all the way in and back out of my ass over and over. I could not believe how opened my ass was to take his entire boner all the way down my ass chute. He was so turned on as he had a clear view of my ass, abs, stomach, chest and face while he fucked me. We grunted, moaned and breathed rapidly. I loved the feel of his huge hot leaking cock deep in my no longer virgin man pussy.

"Oh fuck yea, your ass is so good. It feels so soft. I love your man pussy. It is so much better than a woman's pussy. Take my cock you big hunk. How does my manhood feel inside you?"

"Yea, Yea, fuck me, fuck me. Give me all your cock."

After some ten minutes, I felt Aiden's cock stiffen in my ass, I saw a change on his flushed face of pure ecstasy and I felt his balls tighten up against me. I knew he was ready to come.

"Oh shit yaaaa, oh fuck, here I come."

He surprised me as he pulled his big tool out of my ass and began to jerk off wildly. Soon he shot a monstrous load on my ass crack, stomach, chest and face. When spent, he took his hands and gathered up the big load of cum and fed it to me. He licked his hands clean and we kissed enjoying more cum dessert.

We embraced for the longest time as we savored the man odors of cum and sweat. Then we showered and agreed to become fuck buddies as we continued to be members of the rowing team. Lots of hot sex lay ahead for us.



Naughty Eric


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