Two years ago Tate's college football team defeated their main college rival by a score of 21 to 17 in winning the conference championship giving them a 12-0 season. Te players, coaches, cheerleader squad and supporters went to a convention center for a big celebration party. It was Tate's last game as he was a graduating senior.

Around 10 PM with the party in full swing, Tate went over to Riley, a sophomore and the captain of the male cheerleader, to thank him for their support.

"Hey, Riley, thanks for the huge boost that your squad gave us today in helping us win. You really got the home crowd stirred up. You did a super job and thank you."

"Oh Tate, you are welcome. You guys played a hell of a game. It made it easy for us to rally the crowd. We are going to miss you next year as you are a heck of a hot stud."

"Oh Thanks, Riley! Why I did not know that you thought of me as a hot stud. WOW, thanks."

"Tate, man, you are some hunk. Oh fuck, I see that my comments have stirred a big budge in your pants. But I mean what I said. This is giving me a hard on also as you can see a bulge in my pants. You have made me horny as hell. I have got to get out of here before I get embarrassed from my rock hard cock."

"Yes, Riley. lets get out of here before we both shoot a load. I had no idea that I turned you on. Thanks for telling me. Are you coming on to me? Are you Gay?"

"Hell, yes, I am Gay and always horny. You have made me horny ever time I see you in that football uniform and those tight pants that show off that sizzling hot ass. You are so sexy. I have dreamed for the past two years of getting into your pants. I want us to fuck. I have masturbated numerous times dreaming about sex with you."

"WOW, Oh Shit what a coincident. I too am Gay and I get hard as a rock when I see your tight body in those cheerleader uniforms. You have gorgeous legs and ass. I too have masturbated many times after a game remembering your hot performances on the sidelines."

"Gee, Tate, lets go and get out of our clothes and get it on. I am so hot for your handsome body and what appears to be an awesome cock. I love those sexy eyes."


We left the party and took Tate's sports car to his apartment. I had caught a ride to the party with my roommate. Tate prepared us a gin and tonic. After a couple of drinks, we were somewhat buzzed and now lusting after each others' hot body.

"Tate, buddy, lets slowly undress each other so we can see each others' sexy body and cocks."

We took turns pulling off each others' dress shirts, undershirts, got out of our shoes, took off our socks, unzipped and pulled off our buddies pants and stood gazing at the big bulges in our briefs. We both now had big wet spots in front of our briefs from the seeping seminal fluid from our open piss slits.

Tate took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. He threw me on the bed on my back, jumped on top of me as our wet briefs made contact as well as our rock hard cocks in our briefs. As Tate began humping me, I grabbed his tight buttocks and pulled them close against my crotch. We began to feel the wet briefs rub together as Tate sped up driving his wet crotch harder and harder into my aching cock and crotch.

Soon he began to kiss me. Before long, we were French kissing as out tongues swirled around each other and we also sucked on our buddies' tongue. It was sloppy and hot. We could smell and taste the gin tonic on our breaths. We were so turned on from the slurping and gulping as well as the hard humping that we were near coming.

After about ten minutes of unbelievable steamy sex with sweat pouring off of us, Tate moved down to my crotch with his mouth as I spreadeagled my legs. He began sucking on my wet briefs. I felt his tongue lick up and down my briefs that covered my huge hard on. He was licking my cock through the wet briefs. I was in total ecstasy.

Soon he reached back and slid his briefs down his legs and off. Then he put his thumbs under the elastic of my briefs and took them off. We were now butt naked and we could see our buddies hot bodies and huge pulsating cocks. I sprouted an 8-inch cock and Tate was featuring a huge 9-inch cock.

Tate was a gorgeous 6-foot and 2-inch tall stud; weighed 185 hard pounds; dark black hair; brown eyes; smooth hairless body except for a treasure trail of black hair from his belly button to his dark pubic hair; his arms were as large as my thighs with rock hard grape fruit sized biceps; rock solid hairless thighs and legs; and a beautiful 9-inch circumcised cock that stood straight out with a big thick shaft and purple v- veins running down the shaft to the base that was filled with blood. The cock head was shinning from the leaking seminal fluid.

Tate glared at my body that featured blond curly hair that circled around my head and down to the back of my neck along with bangs just above my eyebrows. He peered into my deep blue eyes; I stood 5-feet and 9-inches tall; weighed 155 pounds; slim chiseled body; hairless body except for my crotch pubic hair and underarms; and a big 8-inch cut cock with a 6-inch round shaft; and my balls were above average and hung low.

"Riley, lets get into a 69 position."

We began to spit on each others' huge cocks, licked up and down the cock shafts, licked and sucked on each others' hot balls, ate each others' ass as we thrust our tongues into the assholes, and fingered our buddies' asshole. We then took our buddies' cock deep into our throat as we began a long series of deep-throating the cocks. The blowjobs became very sloppy and wild as we went up and down with increased speed on the hot cock in our mouth. The smell of man odors was exotic and ravaging to our aching cocks.

After a long time of sucking and kissing in the 69 position, Tate got flat on his back on the bed and had me put my ass on his chest and he directed: "Riley, please drive that big wet cock of yours down my throat. I want you to face fuck me. I love sucking cock."

I kissed him with several big wet sloppy kisses and made him more hunger for my cock. I plunged my cock to the back of his throat and began a long series of fucking his mouth while using my hips to drive hard in and out of his sexy mouth. I felt my balls gather a huge load of my white thick semen that would soon be flowing down his throat. If he only knew what a river of warm cum that he was about to receive, he might have asked me to pullout. But I was in no mood to stop as i was overtaken with lust.

My pubic hair was tickling his chin as I drove in and out with greater speed. I had never fucked any mouth as forceful and rough as I did Tate's beautiful mouth. His overheated cock was jerking wildly at my back. I reached back and began jacking him off as I continued to face fuck him. His cock was feeding my hand a good supply of precum. I must have face fucked and jacked him off for some 7 minutes when I went over the blue line. It was now too late as my balls and cock took charge. I began to grunt as did Tate. His ass came up to meet my hand on his cock, his toes curled as did mine.

Then it happened. My nuts tightened up against his chin, my cock head swelled even more, my cock piss slit opened and I drenched his mouth with the biggest load of warm cum ever to flow from my balls. He gagged as he could not swallow fast enough to catch all the river of my hot cum.

When I was spent, I pulled out and kissed him to share the cum meal. I jerk my cock to give him the last drops of my juice.

When Tate recovered from all the cum, he said: "Oh my god, what a great cock and supply of cum you gave me. Thanks. I love eating cum. I am now going to pay you back. I am going to fuck that gorgeous pink ass of yours until you beg for mercy. My huge cock is going to rip you man pussy apart. You are now my bitch."

I got on my back on the bed, put my legs in the air as I became spread-eagle, held my ass cheeks apart with my hands, had Tate put a big pillow under my ass, he lubed my ass and his pulsating ass, and he entered my now very available open ass. His huge cock instantly filled my ass to the brim. I felt his wet slick cock rub against my soft ass walls, rub past my prostate and plunge deep into my enter ass. His hot wet cock against my ass walls was awesome. He began to thrust in and out as he used his very athletic body to drive deeper and deeper into my man pussy. My experienced tight ass could barley accommodate his monstrous cock. The pain at first was so severe but soon my ass adjusted to the most pleasurable fuck of my life. His cock felt terrific as it filled my hole over and over.

"Oh Fuck, Oh my god, Oh Shit, it feels so good. Yea, give me that big snake, Harder, harder, and harder. Make me come again. I love your cock in my ass. Make me your bitch. Don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me. Oh, yea, it feels so great. Dump your huge load in my ass. I want your seed, Baby."

Tate fucked me for the longest time. He had great staying power. But then I felt his cock swell inside me, his balls tightened up against my body, his faced became drawn as blood ruched in to his face and he let out a loud grunt. Then all hell broke loose as he filled my ass with burst after burst of very hot thick cum. I was soon drenched in his lovely juices.

He pulled out after he was spent and fingered my ass to collect his seed that he feed my mouth. We kissed and I sucked on his cock to get the last few drops of his cum.

We embraced as our hot cum soaked sweaty bodies were intertwined.

"Riley, I love sex with you. Can we get together for sex often for the rest of the year, suck and fuck?"

"Oh yea, man lets fuck often. You are the hottest stud on campus. I love your cock and love you fucking my ass."



Naughty Eric


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