I'm the department head of dance and theater at a small private college where all students live on campus. One of the weekly activities is a Friday night dance in the ballroom of the student union. The majority of the college's 800 students attend the dances, as is has become the most popular event for students to meet and socialize.

As a 31-year-old attractive and well built bachelor with years of professional dance training and performing with some of the best known dance companies in the United States before taking this teaching and administrative position a year ago, I'm often recruited by the student body to attend the dances and give them some dancing tips. I sometimes dance with the students or do a solo dance.

On this particular Friday night, we had a well-known local rock band providing the music for the dance. Near the end of the evening, the lead vocalist for the band asked the crowd if they would like to see me do a rather raunchy solo dance that required me to exercise many suggestive moves. The students were enthralled with my body moves and especially the hot swinging of my hips and ass.

When I finished the exhaustive 10-minute rather erotic performance, I received a thunderous applause.

As I started to leave the ballroom, Coy, a gorgeous sizzling hot Native American 22-year-old college senior surrounded by his many friends stopped me and said: "Professor Beau you are one incredible hot dancer. Man, you turned me on with that hot erotic dance. Your body moves in such a sexy way. I'm horny as hell after watching you swing those hips and thrust that crotch forward. I wish I could dance like that but I have two left feet when it comes to dancing. Under no conditions, would I get out there and dance. But you really rock!!"

At first I was taking back and I noticed his buddies were embarrassed and they began to leave. Soon Coy and I were alone. Coy was hot as hell, standing around 5-feet and 10-inches, weighing around 160 pounds, coal black hair with a well-groomed pony tail, deep brown eyes, very deep olive skin and he had a huge tent in his pants that looked like he had a giant cock. Shit, what was I going to do? Would I fall for the forbidden fruit of sex between a faulty member and a student. Fuck, my cock had its own mind, as it began to grow to its full 8-inches. I had no way of controlling that beast in my pants.

Here is where I partially surrendered to the temptation when Coy suggested: "Professor Beau, the night is still young and tomorrow is Saturday with no classes. Can I buy you a drink down at the popular bar known as "The Watering Hole? I would really like to get to know you better."

"Well Coy, you are of drinking age and I see no harm in having a drink or two with you before I call it a night. Yea, we can talk about your future plans after graduation this Spring. I'm rather thirsty after that exhausting dance. By the way, thanks for the compliment as to my dancing skills." (Yea, was I kidding myself that this was turning out to be an innocent chat and a couple of drinks or more?)

As we walked downtown to the bar through a dark ally, neither of us got control of our stiff cocks. With no warning as we walked along the ally, Coy began to intentionally crowd his body up against mine with his leg hard against my side. Then he put his hand around my shoulder and said: "Prof, I love how trim and hard your body is that makes your dance moves resemble the moves of a swan, that curly blonde hair, those deep blue eyes and yea that huge manhood between your legs is awesome. What a contrast between my Native American dark features and your Scandinavian blond features.

I knew if I did not want to taste the forbidden fruit, I'd probably made a mistake going to the bar. It was obvious that Coy had no intention of accepting my refusal of no sex. He was hot for me.

I interrupted Coy and said: "Coy, thanks for your generous compliments, but we are only going to have a couple of beers. Although I'm gay and I assume you are also, I can't break the college policy of not dating or having sex between faculty and students. I hope you understand. I admit you are hot as hell but we've got to get control of these animal carnal lust that we feel right now."

"Thanks Professor Beau and yea I do understand although you have me horny as hell and yes I'm one horny fucking gay stud. You would love my huge 10-inch thick cock up your ass."

That comment made my steel hard cock twitch and pulsate. Then I knew that Coy had not given up his animal lust and desire to fuck me. Wow, this was turning into a contest of wills. Man I felt so divided and even scared as my hard throbbing cock was wanting that hot dude. At least we would have those drinks until I could regain my will to say NO!!!

We found a private booth, ordered a pitcher of beer and spent some 20 minutes chatting about sports and our hobbies. But I could see in Coy's eyes that he was determined to change the subject to sex. After a second pitcher of beer, it was so clear that Coy was so fucking horny that he ignored my earlier comment that we would just hang out. I also thought he saw through me and my burning desire to have sex with him.

I noticed him taking off his tennis shoes (he was not wearing socks), he moved his hot body closer to me and I smelt his very sexy feet. Oh hell Louise, under the table, I felt his right foot began to slid up the inside of my right leg. He used his sexy eyes to look directly into my light blue eyes as he moved his foot up until he was playing with my inner thigh. As the blood rushed to my cock, I soon had a raging big timber in my pants.

Then he took his hot foot and discovered my huge boner. He began to massage my missile with his naked foot that had created a big tent in my pants. That was it as I succumbed to the temptation of a hot night of raw sex with this young hunk. I had played with fire and I'd lost. It was the weakness of the flesh. I would be his bitch for the evening. I had bitten into the forbidden fruit but I was beyond caring. I wanted this stud more than life itself. He knew he had won and my horny cock had prevailed.

I unzipped my pants, pulled out my thick hard cock, I grabbed his foot and put it against my poker hot cock and begged him to play with my cock. Shit, the next thing I knew, he had both his feet on my crotch, and he put his feet on each side of my throbbing cock and used them to jack me off. The feel of his hot smelly feet fondling my hard boner, the look of pure lust on his sexy face and his dark eyes piercing deep into my soul did me in.

It was too late to stop. I felt the surge build up in my nuts and in an instant the warm cum squirted out my cock head and drenched his feet, as well as both our pants.

Coy slid his cum covered feet back into his tennis shoes. I managed to get my still semi-hard cock back in my pants, zipped them up and asked the waitress for several napkins that we used to clean our pants as best we could. We slipped out the back door and rushed to my apartment. We had lots of sex yet to enjoy--the night was still young.

We had barely closed the door to my apartment when Coy grabbed me, put his hot body up against mine and said: "Beau, I'm wild with lust for you. Be my bitch tonight and let me dominant that gorgeous body of yours. I'm a very aggressive fucking gay man that loves to control the sex. I've never been more desirous to dominant a man and fuck him raw. I have a fucking "A" type personality. You can see how I was determined to make you my fuck buddy tonight. I knew you could not resist me. Man you are hot. I want to feast on your cock and that sculpted bubble ass. Lets get out of these clothes and suck and fuck."

We soon stood naked facing each other. Coy had taken the clamp off his ponytail and let his coal black hair flow over his shoulders and part way down his back. Man he was beautiful with those dark eyes, olive colored skin, long black hair, dark pubic hair , bubble ass, thick red juicy lips and yea a monstrous fat 10-inch uncut dark cock with low hanging swinging big balls. Man, I was so glad I had given in to this temptation. Man I'd never wanted sex more.

I stood in direct contrast with blue eyes, blonde hair and very white skin. But I had an impressive 8-inch cut cock that had grown hard again as I looked at this incredible stud's physique. Yea, I was having my first interracial gay fuck.

I delighted and surprised Coy when I became so fucking horny that I grabbed one of his fucking cum filled tennis shoes, put it up to my nose and sniffed the cum. I was so turned on that I took my tongue and licked the inside of the show gathering up the semi-dried cum and swallowed. This so turned on Coy that he put me in an embrace with our naked sweaty bodies melted together, as our blood filled cocks rubbed together like two fighting swords.

Coy parted my cum flavored lips with his long red tongue. He began a long series of French kisses as his tongue explored the back of my throat. We wildly kissed and humped until we were dangerously close to a climax.

After a short break, we got into a 69 and began the hottest blowjobs on each other. I felt Coy's lips firmly stretched around my meat. He began to suck my cock as if it was a calf after his mother's milk. Man it felt awesome.

With great effort, I managed a mouthful of his thick long cock deep into my throat. I took turns deep throating that manhood and also I slid my tongue up and down his fat fresh meat. We both serviced our buddies' hot balls by sucking on them and taking them into our mouths.

After several minutes, Coy stopped the blowjob and took control of me. The aggressive cute American Native stud was going to have his way with me. I was now going to be his obedient bitch.

He placed me on my back on my king sized bed; spread my legs as far apart as he could across the bed; he got between my legs; surveyed my very accessible cock, balls and asshole; he lubed my entire crotch and ass with my favorite scented lube; took a finger and began to widen my pulsating hole as he massaged my throbbing prostate; used his mouth and tongue to suck my pulsating cock, balls and eat my ass; my blonde pubic hair pressed against and up his nose; I felt his hot breath on my entire crotch; he spit gobs of his spit on my cock, balls and asshole; my tire iron hard cock hit the back of his throat; and from time to time he shoved one of his juicy fingers in my mouth so I could taste all those pre-cum proteins.

The level of testosterone for both of us was off the chart. I began to beg Coy to fuck me.:

"OH Baby, please fuck me, drive that snake of yours deep into my ass, your bitch wants you to stretch that hole wide, I want a pool of your cum deep in my pussy, give me a deep hot fuck with that stick of yours, plow my pussy, breed me with that big timber of yours, I'm your bitch, please give me that cock now and make me your fuck bitch buddy."

Coy, a wild fucker, needed no more encouragement. I felt his cock twitching as the head began to part my outer ass rings. His stiffened dong plowed all the way into my ass with a huge hard thrust. He had no mercy as he fucked me raw. He used his strong athletic body to drive his beast in and out of my ass with such force that my whole body moved up with each thrust of his monstrous cock back in my ass. I began to scream as he used his huge tool to stretch my hole wider and wider. I might not ever have a normal man pussy again. I'd never been hornier and felt more aroused than at that moment as that big Native American dark cock devoured my ass for at least 20 minutes. Coy was breathing hard and moaning like some wild beast. The bed was rocking like it might collapse any moment. I begged Coy not to stop. My body was reeking from Coy's whole body driving on top of my sweaty frame.

I knew the time had come when I felt Coy's cock head actually expand, his nuts drew up hard against my body and he yelled: "Here I come you little bitch, yea, that is it. Mmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhh, Fuck yea take it all."

As Coy dumped a huge or monstrous load of his sticky thick cum deep into my ass, I felt like a drenching rainstorm of cum. The feel of that pool of warm cum in my man pussy caused my cock to grow even harder and I shot a stream of cum about a foot covering both Coy and me. We were soaked in all that cum serving as a sexy perfume.

We played around in the shower. Coy gut dressed and before he left for campus, he kissed me and said: "Well Professor Beau, I finally got into your pants and man it was as great as I thought it would be. I guess I'll see you next Friday at the dance. Maybe we can have another beer at "The Watering Hole."

I hoped so but again that was that forbidden fruit. How would I ever say no to such tasty and hot fruit?


Naughty Eric


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